Colin Kaepernick’s Attorney Claims Jay-Z Lied About Telephone Call / Jay’s Fans Strike Back

Published: Saturday 17th Aug 2019 by David

Jay-Z‘s decision to partner with the NFL is creating unnecessary trouble for his brand.

An update on the story below…

Jay partnered with the National Football League to create exciting new opportunities for his company Roc Nation and help the organisation learn more about the issues many have said it has turned a blind eye to.

When news of the deal broke some were led to believe that Colin Kaepernick, the athlete who was blacklisted by the NFL for speaking out against the problems Jay hopes to solve, had spoken to the rapper about it before he was announced.

Now, reps for Colin say that Jay-Z set out to deceive the world if he gave anyone the impression that he had considered how the lucrative deal would affect the unemployed athlete and his social justice causes.

He told reporters that he had spoken with Kaepernick.

“I would never tell you what me and Kap’s private conversation was about, but we spoke, yeah,” Jay-Z said, according to Variety.

Camp Colin says that that is a greasy lie.

TMZ explains…

Colin Kaepernick’s attorney, Mark Geragos, says despite what Jay claimed in the meeting, Kap did NOT talk to Jay-Z prior to partnering with the NFL.

Jay loyalists struck back.

Others feel differently.

How do you feel about it?

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  1. Lmfao_Hoe August 17, 2019

    Anyone with common sense can see Jay for who he is based on his history. Check all his business moves and you’ll have your answer on whether you can trust him or not. Just observe his moves and you decide from there on facts and information no bias belief but MERE FACTS

    • Jamie August 17, 2019

      His history proves his disloyalty.

      • Felicity Formation August 17, 2019

        He cheats on his wife after he miscarried. He sabotaged a pro black business deal by telling Lyor Cohen (you know, the dude who threw up the white power sign in Kanye’s MAGA pic) about it. He did business with a company (Barneys) who targeted a black man as he was shopping because they didn’t think he could afford the items he was carrying only to find out that he had more than enough money to buy them. Jay is a social climber from a generation where success as a black person is predicated on how acceptable you are to white people. We were all fools to think he had changed. I just feel sorry for Beyonce and wonder what secrets he must have on her because there is no way she is staying with this shoddy excuse for a man for love.

    • Jasmine August 17, 2019

      Yup and he is the only artist to record not 1 but 2 albums with R. Kelly after the Aaliyah fiasco. He even dated Aaliyah after R. Kelly. He also joined the Illuminati with Beyoncé and he worships Satan. He also has a long history bedding trannies and selling crack cocaine. He did Dame Dash dirty by doublehanded deals and squeezing him out of Roc a Fella records by partnering with Def Jam. He stole Toni Braxton’s 2003 hit song Me and My Boyfriend too. He is not a good person.

      • Lana Bey Fan August 17, 2019

        He also charged Mya big $$$ for the verse on Best Of Me because she rejected his advances towards her

    • Rosy August 17, 2019

      This is not new jay z is a self serving punk he used Colin movement as a way to line his own pocket why anyone trust him look at barneys and dame dash jay z will sell you out for money karma is next for him that’s a wicked move and it’s no excuse black people will find excuses for him this is why blacks will never get ahead because your own will turn on you to make a buck whites stick together no matter what the nfl dangle money in his big lip face and his sorry ass caved it’s like Colin kneeled for nothing blacks will never thrive the white people outsmart jay z bring him aboard and all is well with the black community y’all going to be shot down in the streets still by cops nothing going to change this punk sold his soul to be in charge of entertainment really jay gtfoh

    • Cingwitma3rdi August 17, 2019 mamma use to say “it’s not what a person says that reveals their character, but what they do.”

  2. Tyty August 17, 2019

    So can the man Kap speak for himself? Is a mute or something… Cause im yet to hear him say anything.

    • High Price August 17, 2019

      Probably due to legal issues, it may be best to keep quiet.

  3. Arjun August 17, 2019

    I dnt know why people are schocked
    This couple are know to have sold their soul to devil for money
    They are know as disloyale,they dnt care about everyone,they are fake as pregnancy
    Do if anyone think they care one time about black people,they use black card when its there benefitd on the same time work with white racidt just for power and money
    They run to be the power couple of holliwud and they will do anything for that

    • Tyty August 17, 2019

      Black people don’t care about themselves the majority back players are still on the field playing. Stop boohooing it’s ??

      • Rosy August 17, 2019

        They have no choice and the league knows this majority of these black players grew up poor and this is all they have the system can change when black parents instill in their children that education and becoming doctors lawyers scientists anything other than ballers will decline the amount of black players in the league whites know black people have no option but to cave and jay thought he look good sitting with godell the Uber wealthy laughing behind his back all the other races stick together but black people they will stab you in the back

    • Rosy August 17, 2019

      The blacks fell for Beyoncé making a song about black girls jay made a documentary about Treyvon these two are the most disloyal people greedy blacks and y’all fell for the bull when will blacks realize that these celebrities don’t give two cents about y’all causes at least Kim doing real s*** for the black community I don’t even like Kim I would take her over jay and Beyoncé fake greedy ass any day

      • Tyty August 17, 2019

        No choice you think when they were boycotting buses with rosa park they liked to walk everywhere??? No, but action requires sacrifices just a bunch of worthless excuses. Y’all get killed by the police and do nothing but complain instead having a high volume of blacks applying to enter police forces, instead of infiltrating every single aspect of the justice system in order to change it you prefer placards and marches.

  4. Arjun August 17, 2019

    jay and be use every knew stars until they dnt care
    Just see how they treat kanye after use him

    • Rosy August 17, 2019

      I hope Rihanna take note because jay is a snake ?

  5. Caleb August 17, 2019

    People keep saying Jay Z is just “looking at the bigger picture.” What bigger picture are they talking about exactly? Nothing has changed, and real change is not created from “within the system” and never has been. More often than not he will just become a part of that system instead of changing it.

    • Rosy August 17, 2019

      Real change is when you stand up for your rights and together why do you think white people keep winning example one trump as much as he is deplorable his own still supports him jay z was bought by the white man all the celebrities are talking behind his back for what he did he tried stopping Travis Scott from performing and look at him no excuse no one will trust jay after this and if they work with him then it’s their fault when he punk their ass

    • Fancy BISH August 17, 2019

      The Matrix 4 starring The Good Sis Solange ?

  6. The Brazen One August 18, 2019

    I can understand that he is making a business deal, granted. A couple of things here… why make a deal with the same people you tell other celebrities to stay away from?, how would you address police brutality, racism and other forms of discrimination through the Super Bowl Halftime show when they have made no attempt on addressing these issues publicly? And lastly, would anyone one of you still trust a person celebrity or not, who plays both sides just to make a dollar?

  7. Bpositve August 18, 2019

    If there’s a bigger picture he should have as t least explained it. Granted he doesn’t have to but if he’s the astute businessman you all say he is, he should have anticipated questions regarding Kaepernick would be asked. But he’s counting on his fans and friends in high places to cover for him. Yes he’s done some great things for the community but does he get a pass when he does f***** s*** to the community too? If he gives your family money do look the other way if he shoots your brother?

    The reason Kaepernick kneeled and Kaepernick getting blackballed for kneeling are not the same issues. The NFL were in the wrong for firing him. That was proven by the fact Kaepernick won a settlement when he sued and was forced to keep quite about the details.

    Jay Z is capitalizing on what Kaepernick started. The cool thing to do would have been to at least talk with Kaepernick about strategy. If you’re both fighting for the same cause why wouldn’t you join forces or at least consult with other parties. When King planned the March on Washington leaders fighting the same cause were invited.

    The NFL is trying to save their collective asses and Jay Z is helping. Hey at least he got a team out of it. Black ownership no matter what. I’m curious to see what ideas he and the NFL has planned to combat police brutality.

    I wish him well but I’m also disappointed. Kaepernick is a smart man he’ll make this a win win for the community too.

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