‘Basketball Wives’: 5,000 People Sign Petition To Have Evelyn Lozada Fired Over Racism Horror

Published: Thursday 12th Sep 2019 by David

The ratings dump that has been ‘Basketball Wives‘ latest season has been rocked by more unfortunate news.

News, that may force VH1 to fire one of its stars Evelyn Lozada.

Lozada has been accused of bullying and harassing the black women who appear alongside her on the TV series.

Learn more here.

Now, big wigs at VH1 are under pressure to pull the plug on its relationship with the Reality TV royal after she racially abused a Filipino cast-member by calling her ‘Lee Lee’….a clear reference to cruel Asian stereotypes.

A petition named Help Relieve Ms.Lozada Of Her Services from Basketball Wives appeared on Change.org and has been signed by over 5,000 people around the world.

It reads…

If Evelyn is brought back for another season, I don’t see myself (Jia-Jiselle Dominique) and many other people supporting these group of ladies, and some of their great business ventures anymore. It’s disrespectful to the consumer, which is us. The people. We fund their checks, so this is our simple request. Remove her, she must be held accountable, just like Roseanne Barr, and everyone else in 2018.

Evelyn’s attempt to apologise fell flat.


VH1 is yet to make a decision.


Your thoughts? 

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  1. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 12, 2019

    Don’t she suck black d*** ..she will f*** an ugly hideous man for the $$$$$$$$$$, I see why Chad split her forehead open and spit in her face.

    • china September 12, 2019

      Evelyn Lozada is the ONLY interesting one on the SHOW. and Beautiful also.

      • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 12, 2019

        I disagree with that. Jacki carries the “interesting” component of the show. She is the most entertaining. In terms of beauty, its a reality show not a beauty pageant! Looks are subjective anyway. I think Jennifer is the most attractive woman on that show.

      • Kim September 12, 2019

        Shes not the black women on their let her think thing however Jackie and Tami wasn’t with that b******* Shaunni on the other hand is a fake b**** as wrll

      • Deyzz September 13, 2019

        Foul mouth Evelyn is NOT attractive, as she used to be, neither is she that entertaining. Her comments are below the belt.
        I agree with Jasmin. Jennifer is the true beauty. She and Cynthia (of RHOA) are cut from the same cloth. And Jackie is way more entertaining.

      • Tracy September 13, 2019

        Wow can’t believe she did that but know what should not be surprising. I doubt it after that if she should have a place in the show. That’s not right

      • Karen Bartlett September 13, 2019

        No she is not

      • Merlene October 17, 2019

        evelyn should never call anyone animal names since she look so very much like MR ED!! the talking horse. She should only go to the jungle to pound her p**** for s** like she did on the show. She should just get fired for being the sh-t she is!! She pick on everyone and Shaunie just make excuses for her. They must be sleeping with each other. Evelyn is the ONLY animal that have been aggressive on camera to the other ladies and Shaunie, you should not keep speaking on her behalf. OG you are bold and the rest of these fake ass women cant take it. This show need all new ladies, except for Jackie!!

    • Robin September 13, 2019

      I personally don’t think she should be fired I think all the ladies called each other names so why single her out America get with the program people call people names every day of their lives stop the crazinessit’s okay for other people to fight pick up bottles and hit people and knocking out scratching in the face like Tammy Rowland did Tammy Rowland was fighting everybody that was fine but let let Evelyn call somebody a few names and they call her name and you want to get rid of her you want to fired woman has a right to live and get paid for her services stop the madness people

      • Rachel Dean September 13, 2019

        Yes get rid of her shes just a mess all around the table all she do is stir up s*** call people out their name talk down on them and gets upset when they call her out and wanna fight let her ass go by Felicia

      • Tamika September 13, 2019


  2. 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 12, 2019

    EVIL-Lynn aint going anywhere cause she kisses Shauni’s ass. Shr is also the reason Tami left. VH1 should have cancelled this show years ago. Bunch of narcissistic women with no husbands. I think Jacki is the only one still on the show who is married.

    • Tracy September 13, 2019

      that is funny

  3. Ughhh September 12, 2019

    Everybody stays offended these days. When something offends you, remove it from your life. Just simply stop watching smh I’m so over this new era and sensitive culture. By the time we are done canceling everyone that offends us, we will have nothing

    • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 12, 2019

      If you are offended you should stand up against it. Racism can no longer be tolerated

      • Nativebeauty68 September 13, 2019

        Racism 2ill never end….EVER!!

    • Jay Jay September 12, 2019

      Lol the funny thing is people who are offended by this laugh at their own stereotypes or others.

      Ev is still trash though.

    • Rhue2 September 14, 2019

      Well stated! The “everybody gets a trophy” generation is ridiculously sensitive. Flag on the play for her Lei-Lei comment, but really, is it a fireable offense… I acknowledge it may be offensive, to some, but not fireable.
      Here’s a question… If Jackie had called OG a monkey would it still be racist?
      If Jennifer called Jackie a cockroach would it be racist?
      The whole show is predicated on a group of women whith a warped sense of friendship, treating each other like garbage, while throughout, making offensive comments about one another.

  4. Only Facts September 12, 2019

    The show needs to be canceled. Not one of them has a storyline.

    • Jay Thats Me September 12, 2019


    • Jen September 14, 2019

      Agree with you 1000%.

  5. High Price September 12, 2019

    Evelyn ain’t sh!t! I really don’t wanna say she’s there for the money. But I know for a fact it’s for the fame. She wants to be seen and known and she’s really a nobody and is only known for being with multiple ballers. BUT the crazy thing about it is that it’s no shame in her game. Tami called that fun fact out and Evelyn actually laughed and owned it. So to me, the only thing next to do IS humiliate her by beating her ass on national t.v. I was hoping O.G would be the one.

    • Jacqueline D Holloman September 12, 2019

      Evelyn thinks she is better because she’s mixed race but little do she knows her mouth makes her ugly as hell! Putting people down all the time is not a good look for her at all I personally can’t stand her carrying around gossip all the time putting people against each other please remove her 😡 I hope OG would tap that ass!

      • Arlene September 12, 2019

        Mix race, but her parents are Puerto Rican.

      • Lala September 12, 2019

        So True it is not becoming of her at all it almost makes you want to spit or vomit when you watch her and that’s sad

      • Dee September 12, 2019


    • Sharon Reap September 13, 2019

      I believe OG eas the one they cut out when of pushed Evelyn ass in the bushes that’s why they had her sitting in a room by herself

  6. Darron September 12, 2019

    Where was the lie????

  7. Deangelo September 12, 2019

    Shut up smh I don’t care for her personality but it’s reality tv TF what you expect

  8. Danny Bey September 12, 2019

    I used to be an Evelyn fan but she’s been making it hard to stand by her lately so I’m indifferent. But WHERE TF DID SHE CALL SOMEONE A MONKEY!??? OG be SOOOOOOO damn extra. That reach is annoying AF.

    • Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) September 12, 2019

      She put a monkey meme in the post she wrote about OG stupid!

      • Danny Bey September 12, 2019

        You’re an idiot bc you’re so easily triggered. Every time someone uses a meme or picture of a monkey why do you automatically equate that to racist sh*t?? How you know she even meant it that way? You don’t. If she used a meme of lizard you wouldnt be saying Sh*t. She most likely used that meme bc if the expression the damn monkey is giving not the fact is a monkey. Y’all get so easily triggered and wanna cry racism at every turn. That’s why whypipo don’t take us seriously when we’re really advocating for BLM. Bc n***** be crying the race card when it’s not called for. Do better.

  9. Oh plz September 12, 2019

    Can we start a petition to boycott TGJ until Clarkson is banned? I love this blog BUT for that troll asshole.

    • Nicky September 12, 2019


      Clarksdaughter is a fat btm that can’t get D

      Poe thang!


    • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 12, 2019

      AMEN I cosign. Clarkson got to go!

    • Clarkson September 12, 2019

      I’m still here here here

      I’m still here here here

      Haters dont want me to speak the truth about their flopping faves.

  10. Julie September 12, 2019

    I can’t stand OG and think she is also a bully. There are types of bullies such as one th at uses racial comments but OG can go too. All she adds is drama and calls out other people’s business. She needs to mind her own and stop looking so desperate to get her 15 min and a man.

    • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 12, 2019

      I thought she was already let go when they did not let her film with the other cast at the reunion because she is dark skin. I like OG. Producers paint her out to be a bully bit i see through that. She is the type that will not tolerate BS. She stands her ground. What you might perceive as verbal bullying I dont because ALL of the cast do that!

    • Kim September 12, 2019

      Shes not the black women on their let her think thing however Jackie and Tami wasn’t with that b******* Shaunni on the other hand is a fake b**** as wrll

  11. Mini Luv September 12, 2019

    Black girls need to stop! Since black lives matter black girls and people in general have been trying to cancel every Tom, D***, Harry, Jack and Jill.

  12. Sandra September 12, 2019

    Evelyn should be removed from show. She’s gone to far with her racism. That’s why I don’t watch the show anymore

  13. Tina Hill September 12, 2019


  14. Jay September 12, 2019

    This is some b*******. They sr3 j3alous of Evelyn and Shaunie relationship, so Toe-G, and Cee-Cee miss us with that crap.

    • Darknluvly September 12, 2019

      Evelyn is fake, she don’t like Shaunie. Shaunie is clueless and she needs to dig deeper about the rumor of Evelyne sleeping with her ex. Shaq.
      She asked him was it true and he told her no SMH, why would he tell her yes they slept together. She’s not to be trusted. We have to remember that she slept with Tami’s ex, and that’s why they really don’t like each other. Evelyn lips looks like she keeps them wrapped around a pickle, polish, or a banana. Their friendship is not real, at least it’s not for Evelyn, Shaunie is too blind to see it.

  15. DEE McK September 12, 2019

    Waste of time and effort. She’s toxic albeit but good for ratings on a reality show that thrives off of ratchetness! PLUS SHE’S BESTIES WITH THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Shaunie O’Neal!

  16. Lavern Mckoy September 12, 2019

    Evelyn is messy..what an example for your children..I see no problem with OG.. strong black woman..I really wish OG drag her…they like talking behind each other backs instead of being grown ass wonen….A bunch of hypocrites

  17. Angela Jones Edwards September 12, 2019


  18. Samantha Roberson September 12, 2019

    I really don’t feel she is racist because she dates black men and why fired her you didn’t let Tami go when she bullied a new cast member she took her purse went through put the person glasses on and went to her room and bullied her some more. OG needs to keep her mouth close because if she can’t take the heat get the hell out the kitchen. She is a s*** starter (OG) . Please keep Evenyln because without her there is no show.

    • Ebony Johnson September 13, 2019


  19. Nancy September 12, 2019

    Oh puleeeeeze!! This is ridiculous. Evelyn and Shaunie are the real “OG’s” I won’t watch if she’s not a part of it. You guys just don’t understand NY humor.

    • Sandra Bland September 12, 2019

      I like OG cause she keeps it real,she not scare of Evelyn neither is Jackie,Shunnie and Evelyn belong together ,is Evelyn part of the production cause Shunnie and Evelyn blocked OG from coming on the reunion and put her in a room by herself ,now that’s wrong and some bulls***,Evelyn scare

      • Ebony Johnson September 13, 2019

        That was low down and dirty. Racism at it’s finest. It’s sad to see racism in our own culture. Does Evelyn Lozada know that her descendants come from black people.

  20. Sandra Bland September 12, 2019

    I agree Evelyn do needs to go ,she’s the s*** starter on the show,and Shunie never says anything to her let’s her do whatever she want to peoples,that’s the reason why Tammy leaving ,if Shunnie was a friend of Tammy she would not be like that towards her,they just needs to get Evelyn off the show and let Jennifer stay on there and bring Tammy back,Shunnie like drama,fired Evelyn

    • Deangelo September 12, 2019

      Most of these h*** are s*** starters

  21. Carlette jones September 12, 2019

    I think Evelyn and shaunie are fake! Og is real. I think Evelyn is jealous of her.

    • Ebony Johnson September 13, 2019


  22. Mary ZYLEMA September 12, 2019

    Sign me up she needs to go and I wish Shauna could go to. It just makes your stomach sick the way those women are.

  23. Tyty September 12, 2019

    Evelyn only bullies the woman with jobs and money outside of whoring and chasing after ballers. She is miserable and ageing like milk with that big ass head of hers. She is definitely colourist and racist which is funny considering she has very black features especially her nose. She is simply miserable cause her barran womb can’t produce 18 year checks and she to old for Instagram modelling , she done ran through all the sports players. She is a prime example of why you don’t rely on looks and men for a lifestyle.

    • Ebony Johnson September 13, 2019


    • Mimiknows September 13, 2019

      Who TF got a job on that show? If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. When there’s nothing going on and nobody doing anything except playing with their grandkids and grocery shopping then what. Will that make it a better show? GTFOH!

  24. Jennifer Grenz September 12, 2019

    OG you just madd because nobody wants to film with you Man monkey sit down. Your a hater find something else to do. You shouldn’t have retired football.

    • Ebony Johnson September 13, 2019


      • Jen September 14, 2019

        You got that right!!

    • Delia September 13, 2019

      Hell, you calling some one a man monkey and your ass probably look like an ape.m yourself..you are a disgusting person, and no better than Evelyn whiting ass, girl bye with your racist ass

  25. Marie September 12, 2019

    Y’all want her off the show because she made that reference? OG is always talking about she wanted to put her hands on somebody. Malaysia has Stone a chair Jackie has thrown a chair plus all the numerous drinks they been throwing on each other. But it’s okay for them to call each other b****** and h***. And Tammy she’s always been a bully but she’s trying to be straight now that she’s married and if you ask me OG is a boy but ain’t nobody going to put up with her s*** nobody scared of her because she plays football.

    • Jo Rhodes September 12, 2019

      The subject is race.

    • Ebony Johnson September 13, 2019


    • Makhosie September 13, 2019

      But Tami never used any racial names though so does OG….Worng is wrong and she has done it 3 times now because she thinks she can do and say the whatever the hell she wants because it’s her friend’s show(shaunie).

  26. Neat September 12, 2019

    Yessssss get rid of her NOW!!!!!

  27. Jo Rhodes September 12, 2019

    This is old news she’s been a racist for several seasons. Never cared for her.

    • Margaret Headley John September 12, 2019

      Jo you hit the nail on the head, she was always a racist.

  28. ALLISON CATHY STEPHENS September 12, 2019


  29. Margaret Headley John September 12, 2019

    Evillyn is a racist don’t know why she is still on the show. She is a bully and I can’t stand bullies. When will the producers see that their ratings has dropped. Tami did the right thing and leave. I guess is because Shaunie is Executive Producer and she and Evillyn is besties.

  30. Tan September 12, 2019

    If Evilyn is fired I wont watch anymore, Ling ling and Toeg are not exciting enough for reality tv.

    • Ebony Johnson September 13, 2019


    • Gina September 26, 2019

      evelyn lozada is such a trouble maker. She sets a very poor example for women/mother. Damn, get a life and stop instigating trouble with EVERYBODY. They all take things way too far and go overboard insulting each other. Phoebe is new to the scene and she has lost her mind. I hope Jackie knocks her OUT!! How did she come on the show and start clowning acting childish after only 4-5 episodes? She has no history with anyone. Go back where you came from

  31. Marcus September 12, 2019

    Thats OG b******* Evelyn is not rasist OG is a s*** starter running back and forth telling s*** trying to fit in jus like she trying to make it seem like she threw Evelyn in bushes when she grabbed Evelyn from behind to defuse the situation with CeCe shes so full of s*** Evelyn lost her balance an tripped and fell cause Og grabbed her from behind OG is a trouble maker Evelyn been a BBW FROM day one f*** OG

  32. Denise Giv September 12, 2019

    I’m down for it i wish they would let OG kick her ass! She think s she’s all that ! Glad Chad trapped that ass!

  33. Debra September 12, 2019

    Evelyn needs to go. Evelyn has always bullied all of the other women throughout each and every season that she’s been on Basketball Wives and she has always thought that she was better than everyone else and Jennifer has always flocked behind Evelyn like a little scared puppy. She probably has always been like that a bully. Get rid of her

  34. DENEEN WILLIAMS September 12, 2019

    Please take her off! She isnt happy with her self! She is very jealous, lonely, hater, she looks so immature when she jumps up and yell at people!
    We know she cant fight at all!!!
    I’m not claiming to be a thug , but I’m from chicago and that not tuff at all!!! She would have been dealt with

  35. Pamela F Bostick September 12, 2019

    This is B*******!!! Calling Someone a Monkey does not mean Someone is Racist!!! I’m Sorry But Og! Called Evelyn a B**** First!!! So is Evelyn a Female Dog? Hell NO….I don’t like OG- SHE’S ALWAYS STARTING S***, LIKE HER ASS CAN’T BE WHIPPED!!! NOW SHE IS NOT THE MOST ATTRACTIVE PERSON ON THE SHOW! BUT HER PERSONALITY IS UGLY ASS HELL!!! SO I SAY SHE CALLED EVELYN A B**** AND EVELYN CALLED HER A F****** MONKEY!!! TIT FOR TAT!!! PLEASE DON’T FIRE EVELYN FOR THIS DUMBASS S***! ALWAYS A FAN!!! OVER OG’S MONKEY ASS😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Lala September 12, 2019

    this is so true about Evelyn this she didn’t even say too much yesterday when I watch the show but when she kept picking on OG about her tell I was like why does it seem like she’s always picking on the dark skin are brown skin women it just really reaps from her pores that she is racist and it’s f***** up and I really don’t like her presence on the show anymore because she’s just always poking and poking and poking and some way as if she’s better and I feel like because she has this relationship roshani she feels like she’s Irreplaceable a girl goodbye we are done and her own words I’m done and I really don’t like to just find something to say cuz everybody got their own little thing but everyone is just very very extra with her she puts it on heavy to the point that you just don’t want to see her because I have gotten to the point for the last four or five episodes was when they come to showing her I just change the channel and I feel like when her step daughter will Ex step daughter I guess came in it was almost like she really wanted us to feel sorry 4 her situation because I don’t even see the purpose of her bring her on the show just to talk about her and her ex relationship. I did not see the purpose and really was somebody just don’t like you and really despise of you and some type of way or just really down down down deep inside don’t like you of course they will look you from head to toe to find anything that they can find to talk about you about so that’s why she seen her toe it’ss funny how nobody else notice it but her I mean how hard do you have to be looking at someone to notice their toe sticking out this is crazy.

  37. Gina Royster September 12, 2019

    I feel racism should be banned by all means possible…what gives her the right…she should be FIRED!!!

  38. Cynthia Mitchell September 12, 2019

    Evenly is really a bully. She keep up so much drama but the hard part is to see her call some of the lady racism remark. She need to removed . She is miserable and love to see others miserable.

  39. Cook Wilson September 12, 2019

    She definitely needs to be removed. With all of the anger and madness going in the world, here comes this foolishness. So Shaunie is cool with all of this??? She is condoning this type of behavior??? What does that say about her???? Sad!!!! #TeamOG# #REMOVEEvelynNOW#

    • Suzanne September 13, 2019

      I completely agree!

  40. Anastasia September 12, 2019

    I agree she has really show her true colors. She not a good role model for us women period…

  41. Rebecca Jefferson September 12, 2019

    This behavior of making at someone because of their ethnicity and culture is unacceptable in every level. The EP management must see this as problem. At what point will the EP and O’Neil realize Evelyn’s disgusting behavior towards OG and CeCe shouldn’t be allowed. It’s evident she has issues within herself. Tammy was smart enough to walk away from disputing with stupidity. Enough is enough, this is not cute. Evelyn and O’Neil must cut ties for the betterment of the Show.

  42. Mary Sanders September 12, 2019

    Evelyn need to go if you keep her you will lose slot of fans and rating will probably go down. The names she called those ladies were racist period.

  43. Lovely September 12, 2019

    Let’s be Real, ToeG does look like a Monkey! And why are Brownskin females always grouping themselves together , but get upset when other race of people does so or better yet our Men( I guess it is only right when we group ourselves)??? My point is: Evelyn never said all Brown skin females are Monkeys.

  44. Maryann bostick September 12, 2019

    Goodnight to some good morning to other’s why should Evelyn get fired this didn’t start with her we should look at the bigger picture the one’s that been watching for how ever long it’s been on the air what about Shaunie it’s her friend her ideal but she has know problem getting a bag on there misery Mona’s the same way you didn’t see those ladies getting anything on black girl Rock’s know Oneal getting know clout we are doing exactly what some white people said we would do destroy each other and it’s working so sad I hear my kid my children but you are on that show knowing that someone will show them one day kid’s suicide rate is rising because of bullying get off TV and petition to get all that stuff off television thank you blessed

  45. Hazelscott September 12, 2019

    Get rid of her

  46. Lovely September 12, 2019

    Why are Brownskin females vouching for ToeG when those must Africans Hate anything that is Brownskin in America! I say Fire that Ugly-Duckling-Monkey from the show! As for messy Ling-Ling, all she needs is a Ring- Ring and she could care less.

  47. Miss Jones September 12, 2019

    She is a #Racist she called Cece Ling Ling Jackie a cockroach and now OaG a monkey and the sad part is her bff Shaunie a black woman with black daughters supports her behavior. Shaunie will constantly call OG aggressive and hold her over the fire for comments, meanwhile Evelyn has attacked former castmates thrown drinks in their faces, threw #WINE BOTTLES at a another woman, took off her shoes like a hoodrat and ran across a table to fight someone and threaten to beat them up everytime she saw them, yet Shaunie says nothing but protects and condone her behavior. As a black woman Shaunie should be a shame of herself aligning herself with somebody like that!

  48. Arlene Speller September 12, 2019

    Miss Evelyn ur with African ancestors..u needs to be fired quickly..and stop bringing cockroaches on the set. And the worst person is shaunie she is two faced…..sue the show and all its b******* O.G.

  49. Eden Gilet September 12, 2019

    I am so over Evelyn and her superior mean girl complex. Someone needs to knock some sense into her cause Chad clearly didnt. And Shaunie enables all of Evelyn’s behavior. Malasia is an airhead for not defending Cece when it was said. Kristen is a fake ass follower. Febi is a bird.

    • PATRICIA HOWARD September 13, 2019

      You ain’t never lied, you read all them simpletons like a book, its so sad watching them. EV been low rent, and that can’t be changed, shaunie is pretty stupid to be led around by this trifling winch. EV don’t realize, beauty ain’t forever honey, and because she targeted the others, we will soon see her physical ugly on the outside, we can clearly see her inner being ain’t nothing, there’s nothing cute about this mid aged grownup lil girl. She’s pretty pathetic, and the rest of them follow. Hackie the only one married.

  50. Teresa September 12, 2019


  51. Betty Brooks September 12, 2019

    Yes please get Evelyn off the show she is no good loves drama she is no good to any one and she is very mean and hateful.! I will no longer watch the show if Evelyn is going to still be on it. I love OG,Jen ,Jackie And Tami And CeCe but hate the rest they are hateful and petty!!

  52. Nancy Corado September 12, 2019

    She’s so stupid put her out, she not deserve any attencion ignorant b****.

  53. A jackson September 12, 2019

    If she go I will not watch it anymore o dont like og and cece

  54. Mrs. 203 September 12, 2019

    Evelyn is not racist! She’s a New Yorker and New Yorkers are rude mothafuckas when you pissed them off. OG is not the only dark skinned woman on the show nor will she be the last so enough with that colorism s***. When females don’t get along, all bets are off and insults are at all time high. Stop making it more than what it is🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  55. Tammy Perkins September 13, 2019

    Let her alone it’s all about rating

  56. Katie September 13, 2019

    Agree, most racist cast member Evelyn needs to be fired for the long term hate and anger that fuels the negativity of colorism. Shaunie O’Neal should be banned from having a show that promotes negative support of women of color as well.

  57. Arlene September 13, 2019

    I feel they shouldn’t allow anyone to refer to another as B****. This is disrespectful and sometime escalates a reason to say anything. It’s still name calling. But sometimes it’s about show ratings and peaks ones interest as too what’s next.

  58. Ebony Johnson September 13, 2019


  59. Brenda Marshall September 13, 2019

    I can’t stand her!!
    I agree FIRE HER!
    But it won’t happen..
    She’s talking about OG’s toe…
    What about u always talking thru ur nose? Girl bye…

  60. Makhosie September 13, 2019

    She’s a bully and a racist…I don’t want to see her on my screen

  61. Delia September 13, 2019

    Fire the ugly w****, Evelyn ass need to worry about that split on her big forehead calling someone an ape,,b**** you be [email protected]@@@ done been all around LA. Evelyn look like she dam sparrow with her poor ass, someone gonna crack that head again,,😂😂😂

  62. Benny September 13, 2019

    The comments that Evenlyn have made about black woman and of races on the show is sad because she need to be check and fired.

  63. Sandra September 13, 2019

    I am so proud of my black sisters for standing up against this racism and bullying. Let’s show VH1 we are not going to stand for this if they won’t do anything we will hit them where it hurts that pocketbook.

  64. Sharon Reap September 13, 2019

    I really like OG she really with it but VH1 and the producers can’t take her behind so real they cut a lot out of this season most of the women have no storyline at all Shaunie had no storyline,Evelyn had no storyline she just want to be seen ,feby had no storyline except talking about Jackie age no singing little b****, Malaysia had no storyline I use to like her but she has become a real fake b**** Jennifer no storyline, this show has become a hot ass mess

  65. Karla September 13, 2019

    Yep let her goooooo….

  66. Denyse Hoffman September 13, 2019

    Was sick of the bullying on this show since Tamibullied a cast member to the point of tears and no one assisted the young lady or came to her rescue.

    Evelyn has been a hater since day one
    She has a holier than thou attitude and she sickens me!!!

  67. sheila September 13, 2019

    I feel that Evelyn and Tammy over the years have both been given carte blanche to say and do what they want in regards to being violent an ugly with cast members. Evelyn has been forgiven for every harsh , rude and violent thing she’s ever done including throwing bottles and walking on tables as have Tammy. These things are degrading and for them to be so mean and hateful to Jennifer now for saying things years ago but not ever putting a hand on anyone in the cast shows that Shanie is true only to her friends and is not very objective or fair. Years ago when Evelyn was acting a fool and being rude on TV and doing the most no one said a word and let that behavior continue it’s no wonder that anyone would be angry enough to say and do stupid things after having been humiliated on TV. Everyone expected Jennifer to apologize but nobody asked Evelyn to apologize for her behavior. Not saying that anything is ever right with talking about people’s kids as I don’t condone that but damn when people are angry and estranged they say stupid stuff. to be so mad use later for things said when nobody was speaking to each other is Ludacris at best and for Tammy to bring that up at this particular point in time shows jealousy. I have followed the show since the beginning and sided which Shanie most of the time but it is clear now that she plays a big part in the division that goes on in this group. It’s sad and unfortunate that everyone is not treated with the same objectivity and some are singled out because of the same things that others have done and are still doing right now. Malaysia throwing tables and Jackie being loud and obnoxious and wanting to fight everyone on the show. If Shani had treated everyone the same way when they screwed up or made a bad decision there wouldn’t be such negativity on the show. To ban someone from being on the show because they are perceived as violent (OG and Dominique) would mean that Malaysia, Jackie, Evelyn and Tammy would not be allowed to tape the reunions either. Open your eyes Miss Shawnee stop playing favorites and give everyone their comeuppance.

    • Dianne Richardson September 13, 2019

      Well said

    • Browning September 13, 2019

      I agree with you. 100%

  68. Vickie September 13, 2019

    I don’t think she’s racist at all. If the truth be told they’re all messy and keep the gossip going. No one is bullying these grown women. Cc is a sneaky woman and lies quite a bit and so does Jackie. It’s strictly entertainment. Not one of these women are racist.

  69. Falice September 13, 2019

    I agree with removing Evelyn!. She’s a bully, a s***💩💩💩 starter, a liar, has a freaking foul mouth and racist against others.

  70. Cyd’Sharisse September 13, 2019

    Im glad that Tami and CeCe left the show. I like Shauni ( But) She be on both fence and Evelyn gonna bite her Ass. I know Jennifer done some things but let it Go. And to talk bad about OG is Wrong . Bulling is against the LAW…. Get rid of her ir Shauni your ratings gonna Drop. Did we 4get that her show didt last on OWN🎤🎤

  71. CeeCee September 13, 2019

    Folks Go Get A Life,She Didn’t Lie When She Said That Toe G Look Like Monkey More Like And Ape!!She’s Ugly As Trump!!

  72. Vanessa Smith September 13, 2019

    Never did like her. She thinks she is better than everyone. She talk about toes, she talked about Tammy she is a disgrace to the black race.I stopped watching because I cant stand looking at her and talking down on everyone. She needs counseling. TAKE HER OFF THE SHOW NOW!

  73. Ana Bermudez September 13, 2019

    Leave Evelyn alone! All of the women have done and redone a lot with their insults and now their feelings are hurt…get out of here and keep it moving. KEEP EVELYN AND GET OVER IT!

  74. Gwen September 13, 2019

    Evelyn is evil she’s not happy with herself so she keeps lies going to make herself look good and Shaunie is dumb when it come to her so call friend

  75. Renae Maurizzio September 13, 2019

    Evelyn is a bully! Time for her to go. Feby scary ass is a trouble maker. She need to go.

  76. Patricia McCoy September 13, 2019

    I ABSOLUTELY DON’T AGREE that Evelyn should be fired!!!

  77. Marge September 13, 2019

    Evelyn and a few others should not even be on the show, the show is called basketball wives and she has never been married to a basketball player. Now if they changed the name to basketball wives, h***, girlfriends and side pieces she would have a rightful place on the show.

  78. Claudia September 13, 2019

    YES!! Evelyn needs to go bottom line, no ands ifs about it, SHE NEEDS TO GO NOOOOOW!! The show will still be without her. If the EXECUTIVES Don’t do anything about Evelyn BEHAIOR, she will continue to display this form of behavior which she has continue to display because NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING!! This needs to stop and the only way is that EVELYN BE FIRED!!!

    • Claudia September 13, 2019

      YES!! Evelyn needs to go bottom line, no ands ifs about it, SHE NEEDS TO GO NOOOOOW!! The show will still be without her. If the EXECUTIVES Don’t do anything about Evelyn BEHAIOR, she will continue to display this form of behavior which she has continue to display because NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING!! This needs to stop and the only way is that EVELYN BE FIRED!!! Shaunie needs to think about her FAMILY first instead of Friendship. Evelyn is making Shaunie’s franchise look BAD. If the EXECUTIVES Don’t do anything about Evelyn this shoes what kind of people they are and that they enjoy putting Evelyn out there because they think she bring in VIEWERS but what it does is that it put a distaste in Viewers Mouth of the show!!!

  79. Mary Howell September 13, 2019

    I don’t think she meant it to be racist. Yes, she was angry 100%. That’s why she spouted off. I run my mouth a lot when I’m pissed off. Like I’ll say I wish you were dead, but I don’t mean it literally. I would never wish someone dead. Everyone in TV land knows she owes her an apology for the name calling she said. But not get fired. Everyone of those girls are good people. If anyone should get put off the show then why hasn’t someone canned Jennifer? Please!!!

    • Tion Morton September 13, 2019

      Get rid Shaunie and Felix too

  80. Dianne Richardson September 13, 2019

    Once a fan of the show. Now, not so much. The colorism and bullying this season more than I want to be a part of. Evelyn is by far the worst. Her entire story line is being a mean girl. Her interactions with CeCe and OG is cruel. Ms. O’Neal is ok with Evelyn’s antics. But want to hold OG to a different standard. Meanness is never ok. Without your fans you don’t have a show. Do better!!!!

  81. Wonderland September 13, 2019

    I didn’t even watch Basketball Wives this season because everyone seems to bring up things from 20 years ago just to have a storyline it’s not worth watching anymore

  82. Rita Williams September 13, 2019

    Where do I sign the petition. ELia very mean to all the other women on the show as tho she is better than.

  83. Taylor September 13, 2019

    If they ignore their viewers, and allow her to make racist comments. Then they will have a lot to lose in the long run trust that. This isn’t the first time she has done this.

  84. Colleen September 13, 2019

    Haters gon, hate… Evelyn is clearly not a racist! However you folks on the other hand are Angry Birds… She’s surrounded by minorities and is herself a minority. Stop acting like we don’t speak to each other in derogatory terms. Come back and see me when we stop referring to one another as Nigg*** and Bitc***

    • GA September 13, 2019

      I for one do not use the ” N”word or the “B” word. No woman of any race should be called that. Evelyn has disrespected several cast members with racial names and it needs to stop!!!

  85. Steve September 13, 2019

    Where do I sign to get rid of this ugly ass pig !!!! She should be shot at and missed then s*** at and hit ! She is a no talented thirsty star chaser . I will admit that she had a kind face ….the kind u want to beat with a shovel !!
    No class , no fashion just an idiot !

  86. Ms. B September 13, 2019

    Please FIRE that woman!!!
    I’m very disappointed with with her! She plays all righteous like she’s better than everyone except Shaunie, because Shaunie is the BOSS!!!

  87. GA September 13, 2019

    I am in agreement with everyone Evelyn has not been held accountable for the racist remarks she has made against 3 other cast members . I for one likes the show but I will not continue to watch if no action is taken against her and I have talked to a lot of friends, associates, relatives they are saying the same.

  88. GA September 13, 2019

    @ Steve I for one do not use the ” N”word or the “B” word. No woman of any race should be called that. Evelyn has disrespected several cast members with racial names and it needs to stop!!!

    • Mz.Sharon B. September 13, 2019

      Yeah me too

  89. Be for real September 13, 2019

    She needs to gooooooooooo she is a none factor to the show sense her return to the show her man less behind is so empty an void of inner substance all she has is her hate for beautiful black women including OG who are rocking in their own lives she need them they don’t need her get rid of her Shame on you Shaunie she think she better than you to

  90. Cheryl September 13, 2019

    Yes those were racist remarks. She should be fired!! I would like to know what the executive producer Shaunie Oneal has to say!!

  91. Cecelia Lewis September 13, 2019

    Evelyn needs too grow up she always gets upset when shanie invited them other women she don’t like and shanie needs too check her about that it’s her trip how you going go and support someone’s event than turn around and says Jennifer should not come on they trip

  92. Liz Mellon September 13, 2019

    She’s always bullying people she needs to be fired or stop watching that show.

  93. Karen Bartlett September 13, 2019

    No she is not

  94. Mz.Sharon B. September 13, 2019

    Yes, she is VERY RACIST, she should be fired!!! What if they called her pepper belly me I can or a spit! What do she think of Shaunie? She’s a black woman. Evelyn has no story line anyway.If she returns I won’t be TUNING IN!!!!! LONGTIME COMING!

  95. LaTrina Johnson September 13, 2019

    Fire Evelyn those comments are very,very racist.

  96. Kitten September 13, 2019

    I feel Evelyn is beyond rude and disrespectful. Furthermore she is one of the main reasons I will not continue to tune in. Yes we know all the ladies get into some form of altercation, but Evelyn has been the meanest bully on the show. I do feel as if she believes she’s the best looking one of them all but in reality that attitude can make the most Beautiful woman look extremely unattractive.

  97. Tion Morton September 13, 2019

    Fire Evelyn

  98. Joyce September 13, 2019

    I am with removing Evelyn’s Crying, S*** Starting, Bullying, Racist Ass! Tammi gone I’m Out! OG find another outlet to shine on because this isn’t it!

  99. Kimberly Payno September 13, 2019

    I was also disappointed in Shaunie this season. I turned the channel as soon as Tami got up from the interview chair, and started watching another show. And Mzz OG, I love you. Stay true to yourself, just like Mzz T, (Tami), and like her, you too will go far.

  100. KATRINA JENKINS September 13, 2019

    Take her off the show!!!!!! NOW….

  101. Sylvia September 13, 2019

    I think the ling ling was racist a lil but Jackie is a roach and OG looks like a monkey

  102. Candy September 13, 2019

    Please terminate her service… Thank you! She’s a sad lady. Coming from a beautiful dark skinned woman.

  103. N Penny September 14, 2019

    First of all Jackie is a roach! Yall didnt get in a uproar when ling ling called og ugly. And the way OG acted and threatened ppl I dont blame her.. Yeah I said it and what? Jackie has said some crappy things as well. Its a scripted tv show. U dont like dont watch. But trust OG did what she did, because she needed a story line. They all do. Stop it.

    • Mine your business September 14, 2019

      Yessss thank you these FOOLS need to have all they receipts before they try to ruin someone’s livelihood

  104. Mine your business September 14, 2019

    So how many of these 5000 people have not gone to a Chinese restaurant or hair shop and mocked them, or mocked some black person and used those exact words that they looked or act like a monkey, all 5000 are GUILTY. SO GET THE [email protected]#K out of here with that BS. Go petition to have #45 out of office then go have a [email protected]#KING seat. 😤

  105. DACIE HOSKINS September 14, 2019


  106. Betty Holloway September 14, 2019

    Reality television that depicts women of color in a negative manner and relegating personal sexual exploitation should be banned from television. This representation is not a true picture of all women of color.

  107. Adrienne smart September 14, 2019

    They need to just cancel the damn show.period

  108. Koko September 14, 2019

    Awful . Wveltn Lazado is a big mourh bigot
    She is embarrassing, ignorant, and toxic. The shows is trash. Shaunie is now a dope dealer. This show doesn’t shed a good light or role model for anyone.

    • Koko September 14, 2019

      Correction : Evelyn Lazado

  109. Paula Blair September 14, 2019

    OG does like a monkey a gorilla to be exact. Evelyn was right on point!

  110. Gigi September 14, 2019

    I never liked Evelyn since she started. She is a old golddigger who played out. She is jealous of other women and never want other women calling her out but talks bad about other women. She is really a very ignorant person. Shaunie allows her behavior and let her bully other women on show.Tammie, OG are the ones that stand up to her and she tries to say things like she looks better than them when she is really not all that. She is not about nothing and came from nothing and have use men to try to get ahead . She is very Fake no education and all she has is bringing drama on this non acting reality show!!!!!

  111. Tanya Bullock September 14, 2019

    Evelyn is really jealous of anyone that Shani is friends with. Any new person that joins the group she tells them things about the other women that’s very hurtful. She is showing signs of hurt ppl hurt ppl. All of the girls have awesome business ventures up and in motion and myself as a fan am proud of each one of them. I really enjoy this show and would definitely hate it if one bad apple spoils the bunch.

  112. Leslie henegan September 25, 2019

    Evelyn Lozada brings nothing to this show but ignorance and ratchedness and Shawnee surprisingly co signs this bigoted b****. I will no longer watch this show unless Evelyn is fired. Shawnee who came on representing herself as a classy lady has joined in with such phoniness and calling Evelyn her ace. Notice that Evelyn has been up her ass every since she was accused of having s** with Shaq which I would not put past her afterall she has been with three different sports. What’s next hockey??? I think not, no one would want her. This show has lost viewers not only due to bigotry but to see the director showing her true colors has angered people and made this show look unreal. Every time there is a trip we know there is going to be such ignorance. Really making women of color looking so ignorant. The women who do show some class on this show the director shuns. Is Evelyn your girl because you think she keeps viewers watching the show. I think not. She left once and rating did not go down until this really filthy mouth bully came back. Tammi I see exactly why your leaving. Leave before your on a show that will have the title of the most Classless and unreal so called reality show. Shame on you Shaunee!!!

  113. Puchun October 2, 2019

    I don’t agree with name calling, putting people due to their skin color or race but i do also strongly believe that you should not threatened to kill a person or break their jaws. Everlyn definitely need to get consequences. But that OG girl she is into everything. OMG I have never seen a supposedly a grown woman that is saying I’m want to kill you or break your jaw is insanely crazy! I wouldn’t be comfortable around someone that is thinking those horrible thoughts. It will scare the s&@&@ out anyone. And Cece stop talking so much crap when Krstien, Evelyn or Mylaisa is not aroumd. If you can dish all the hate when talking with your homies, dish it when those people are around. I just think Cece is fake that why she always walks away. If ithe man that Im marrying has kids I will definitely push him to always have a relationship with his kids! She doesn’t want that because it will benefit her in many ways not to have anyone else with her and (who cause I never heard of him) ooh wait Byron. Byron you need to stop kids come first no matter how grown they are. Whipped Byron! OG mind your business and that’s family matter not yours!

  114. Mrs. Powell October 3, 2019

    I have always considered Shanie Oneal to be indifference and fair but I do not like what I am seeing on this season, seems to me she is particularly iin favor of light skin women, or nice looking dark skin women one can’t send that type of message for to me all black women women are beautiful. Shanie you need to make an executive decision for no one lady is better than the ohter, also Evelyn is the main one who is keeping up mess yet you don’t call her on any of it I am disappointed and if your dhow fails remeber it is your on fault.

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