Lupita: “Diversity In Hollywood Shouldn’t Be A Trend”

Published: Monday 18th Nov 2019 by David

Lupita Nyong’o hopes that the celebration of minorities in Hollywood is far more than a trend.

Speaking at the Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable the Oscar winner revealed that she hopes that the business will still be interested in opening its doors to fresh faces and new stories once the trend is over.

Her dream? That diversity will be the norm.

Watch below…

The actress is still riding high on a critically acclaimed wave fuelled by the movies ‘Black Panther’, ‘US’ and….


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  1. Fancy BISH November 18, 2019

    And by ‘diverse’ she means ‘black’, me , the whole trailer park, my inbred cousins and every pure white blood are so sick of the number of characters getting blackwashed or gender changed. Simply because ‘diversity’. Hollywood should stop forcing blacks down our throats. Just a month ago was devasted by cat woman casting and I will boycott it.

    • INAMAD November 18, 2019

      You should’ve been swallowed!
      Kill your self!!

    • XYZ November 18, 2019

      I get what you mean. And thats Part of this so called trend. Except of creating diverse casts, they are just making old movies and exchange men with women or are making the movies all black. And personally, I think its the wrong route. Hollywood simply needs to start casting black actors, cause they are good and shouldnt make a trend out of black movies. And dont get me wrong, as I think the psychopathic commentators on this page will, black movies are no wrong. But all those remakes simply to make a black/female/Latin cast are wrong and the actors wont get the shine they deserve (e.g. that charmed remake no one asked for). The movies Lupita was in are all original and the black casts did not seem forced.

    • Fancy BISH November 18, 2019

      TGJ, come get this troll and mark it as SPAM.

  2. King Khia November 18, 2019

    Diversity shouldn’t be exclusive to Caribbean and African people playing Black American characters. American Descents of Slaves must fight for more diversity, inclusion and power — not for women or people of color, just Black American Descendants of Slaves. ADOS

  3. Davon Fryar-Frazier November 18, 2019

    Except Catwoman has been black and white since the beginning. Eartha Kitt!

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