Evelyn Lozada Responds To ‘Basketball Wives’ Chaos

Published: Wednesday 11th Dec 2019 by David

Turmoil is running wild in the world of the ‘Basketball Wives.

However, Evelyn Lozada is determined to rise above it.

Full story below…

Lozada’s public image has taken an irreparable hit after the last season of the TV series saw her lead an lengthy attack on her Nigerian co-star OG Chijindu.

An attack, OG– and millions of viewers- say was rooted in colorism, featurism and the show’s long-running problem with cast mates who refuse to fall in line with what some say is Shaunie O’Neal’s tyrannical reign.

Last week, a production insider spoke to the blind items website ‘Crazy Days and Nights’ and stunned readers by revealing that VH1 intends to put an end to said reign by draining the power out of O’Neal’s position as a producer while letting her keep the credit to protect her reputation from shame and embarrassment.

Read the allegation here.

Unfortunately for her, no one at VH1 has stepped up to deny the claim, giving many reason to believe that their silence on the matter confirms that is true.

After OG gave an interview giving viewers more insight into the bullying she faced and how much of it may have been edited out to appease O’Neal and her posse, Evelyn used Instagram to encourage her fans not to be alarmed by the drama as she intends to overcome it.

When things are going really, really well in your life, whether it’s motherhood, career, personal relationships, just life in general, the devil has a really sneaky, funny way of trying to come in to really throw you off your path with negativity, BS. It’s so clear to me, and I’m always baffled because I’m like, um, I see what you’re doing. I say this all to say, do not ever let negativity, people, anything, throw you off your path and your mission and the things you’re trying to accomplish, because the closer you get to that goal, the devil is going to try and come in and steal your joy. So that is my message for today.

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#MorningMotivation: Don’t let the Devil ruin your day.🙏🏻#BasketBallWives #BBWLA #BBW #RealityTV

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She delivered the motivational message after facing claims that her recent baptism had more to do with fame than faith.



Shaunie, who has worked with VH1 to launch three TV shows, insists that she is still in control of the ‘Wives’.

Hit this link to read her response.



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  1. Detruth December 11, 2019

    She should have made a statement a long time ago why is she just now making a statement? She also never really addressed the situation at hand. Dont talk in riddles Evelyn we want you to address this head on!

  2. IHATE ALL YALL December 11, 2019

    I am so sick of her. Evelyn. They don’t give anybody jobs they just ride the backs of black people and whites. I am biracial but when they have something ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo.

    • Detruth December 11, 2019

      Good point when latinos have businesses all they hire is other latin ppl. Same with Asians. Hmmm

  3. only facts December 11, 2019

    Bye b*tch! Go message Chad some more and blame OG on Taunting you with him.

  4. High Price December 11, 2019

    I believe it had EVERYTHING to do with fame. She’ll be back to acting a damn FOOL next season. Bet.

  5. Swells December 12, 2019

    Door closed! Bye BBW yall overplayed your hand with your unlady like antics (Evelyn) and drama! Acted like a bunch of hood rat bullies.

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