Report: Shaunie O’Neal To Lose Producer Position On ‘Basketball Wives’?

Published: Friday 6th Dec 2019 by David

Shaunie O’Neal‘s supposed mishandling of the ‘Basketball Wives’ TV empire has given VH1 cause to pause.

Full report below…

As the ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal, Shaunie bagged a role as star and “producer” of ‘Basketball Wives’...a TV series following the lives of women linked to the lucrative sport.

A spinoff named ‘Basketball Wives LA’ was born shortly after and eclipsed O’Neal’s version of the show in popularity thanks to storylines fronted by Draya Michele, The Govan sisters, Brandi Maxiell, Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo.


When Shaunie’s series was quietly cancelled, she and her Miami cast mates made their way to Los Angeles to colonise its thriving spinoff and push any Wives who were opposed to the takeover out of the picture.

The sum of the move?

A crossover project fronted by Wives from both shows.

Today, well-placed sources allege that VH1 may be set to dissolve any power O’Neal holds as a producer because it feels she is to blame for running two ‘Basketball Wives’ shows into the ground.

Via Crazy Days & Nights:

Decision time for this former wife of a permanent A+ list athlete turned nonstop spokesperson for any company that will write a check. The former wife is now a reality star but also a producer. She is going to have to give up that producer title (or at least all the power she had with the title) to stick around for another season.

Simply put, the report claims the entrepreneur will be forced to relinquish the power she has off-camera if she intends to remain on-camera, and will be unable to call any substantial shots in the show…even if she is allowed to retain her executive-producer title.

Videos like these are said to have inspired the decision.

VH1 is yet to confirm or deny this report, but O’Neal fans have good reason to believe it is true because the platform it emerged on, Crazy Days & Nights, is renown for breaking stories accurately long before they are acknowledged by mainstream media outlets.

Its biggest “win”?

Lifting the lid on Harvey Weinstein a decade before his victims went public.


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  1. Funke December 6, 2019

    So THAT is why OG is coming back. Shaunie was gonna fire her in that scene where she told Jackie that she didn’t fit in with the group and spent the whole season trying to isolate her but now suddenly she’s coming back? It took VH1 long enough to put their foot down. I guess this is why Miss Ancestry got baptised. She knows she won’t be getting a good edit anymore now that her friend lost her job. ????????

    • Fraises December 6, 2019

      The biggest problem
      She has is that VH1 are going to let her keep the production credit so even if she says it’s not true it won’t matter because we already know the truth and that she has no real power. She really sat back and watched her non black friend attack her fellow black women with racist tropes. Then she acted as though she felt sorry for OG but now we know that she was faking because she hasn’t called her since the reunion. Bad all round.

      • Honey Bey December 6, 2019

        I feel like VH1 is only doing this because she was silly enough to tell its viewers that they care too much about a show it makes money from. If they cared about colorism they would have given OG her own special where she could have addressed her experience. They didn’t do that because they were trying to protect Shaunie but I have a feeling the backlash Evelyn got scared them because it was starting to affect their advertisers. Another reason I know this development is true is because I think they started filming recently or at least started talking about contracts because we know Feby was fired and OG has been hinting that she was asked. No coincidence that this comes out around the same time Evelyn decides to get baptised. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to let her keep the EP position without any power actually did her more harm than good because now we know that Her name being on the credits means nada.

    • Trendy Wendy December 8, 2019

      After watching the interviews with OG and Kristen I should have Seen this coming. In the interview Kristen did with Here for the Food she flat out said that As far as she knows it Shaunie has to go through several people before any Casting decision she would like to make gets the go ahead. Then OG does her interview and infers that Shaunie edits the show in a way that makes her and anyone she likes good. Really don’t think it’s a coinkydink that they’re saying this stuff around the same time Pitbull Lozada gets baptised. Basically, they’ve all been asked to come back and know that Shaunie has lost her EP power which is why all of the mean girls are suddenly seeing the light and “ready to listen and learn” from last season. BOGUS! You don’t like OG and went after for months but now you’ve had a change of heart a few weeks Before filming starts? Nah. Now you know you’re not going to be given a good edit so you’re trying to rebrand before the cameras start rolling because Shaunie isn’t allowed in the editing suite anymore. She can deny it all she wants but her own friends have exposed her and now we know why we haven’t had anything more about those lawsuits Evelyn tried to file ???.

    • Walkin on Sunshine December 8, 2019

      Everything yall are saying is true but what you’re missing is that even if VH1 releases a statement defending Shaunie we will know it’s only because she’s given her power to the REAL producers they hire. I suspect someone from the production company leaked this story and I also think it’s pretty damn telling that none of the other Wives (not even the Child Support Snatcher) have said anything about it on social
      Media. Another thing I wanted to say that is almost every tweet and video I’ve seen about this has basically celebrated the fact that Shaunie is keeping the name but losing the power. If VH1 comes out and tries to defend Her it will look like they are condoning her actions (Bullying, colorism, biased editing) which is why i once again think either them
      Or someone from the production company leaked this to say “hey please don’t boycott us. See, we got rid of her like yall wanted.” They put the story out to win us back but leaked it to credible blind items page WEEKS before they start shooting so their hands are clean and so they can look like they’re taking a stand against bullying in front of the advertisers they were going to lose. The same thing happened with Miami. There was drama. Advertisers left. Shaunie lost her power so the show was cancelled.

  2. Darlia December 6, 2019

    She basically called us stupid for caring about the show so I’m not shocked and I knew this was coming as soon as I read OG was coming back because we all know she would have been long gone if Shaunie had her way.

  3. Bravo!! December 6, 2019

    Now bring back Brandi for she can really set that h** right..

    • Alice December 6, 2019

      She sealed her fate when she fired Brandi. The BBWLA was doing fine before she took over.

      • Bravo!! December 6, 2019

        Yup!! I use to watch L.A basketball wives faithfully. Once Shaunie and the golden girls moved over, I watched on and off. Now I really don’t watch once I seen that they was Insecure with the L.A crew. The last episode i watch was with Brandi.

  4. Mrs305??? December 6, 2019

    Giiiiiiirlll! You know the tea is hot if CDAN got it first. I’m actually gagging because she thought she and ESPN Lozada Thought they could get away with Bullying OG. I don’t even think this is happening because of what happened on the show. I think it’s because she tried to defend Evelyn comparing a black woman to a monkey in a tv special about colorism. Like? For real. Then you tell the viewers that we care too much as if your advertisers wouldn’t see what was going on and panic . I cannot.

  5. only facts December 6, 2019

    About damn time. Just cancel the whole show and give OG a spinoff of her own.

  6. Darlin Nikki December 6, 2019

    For me the problem wasn’t that she had power but more with how she used it. Conflict and resolution is a part of reality tv but she would literally fire anyone who disagreed with her ??. Can you imagine how dry RHOA would be if Nene had the power to fire Phaedra after they argued during Phaedra’s first reunion? Or if Kim Richards had the power to fire Lisa Rinna on RHOB? It’s so dumb and counterproductive. The show missed out on so many good stories because all the brave girls were pushed out. She and her minion EV are so insecure that they can’t even see that girls like Brandi and OG are good for the show because the back and forth keeps viewers engaged which means everyone wins. The true tea is that they haven’t achieved much in life without a man and don’t have the range or wit to spar with women who aren’t afraid of them .Now look. A damn shame.

    • Marc December 6, 2019

      Finally it was way overdue. She has been the biggest bully mean girl on tv. She raned the Hoban sisters off, she raned Brandi off , Duffy, host of all the other girls who came and never lasted if they didn’t agree or kiss her b***. They played Jennifer for seasons it’s just to much. Bye Shaunie

      • Charmaine December 6, 2019

        Everyone talks about Brandi but the one who really got it bad was Duffy which is why I don’t sympathise with Tami. She was a part of the mean girls brigade and only saw sense when Shaunie took sides with Ancestry.Com. Remember Keisha? Remember Meeka?

  7. Da’Veed December 6, 2019

    It will succeed. The Miami show was cancelled for all the excessive bullying that was happening. If they take her off it will succeed.

  8. Charmaine December 6, 2019

    Two things. Someone at Vh1 has it out for Shaunie if they gave this tea to Crazy Days. 2. You know it’s true because they made a point of saying that they may let her keep the position even if she can’t do
    Anything with it. Why go out of your way to specify that if it wasn’t true? I don’t take delight in other people’s misfortune but I hope yall see that is what will keep happening until you learn to give black people the respect you give everyone else. I really believe that the generation of kids between the 60s and 90s have a deep issue with race and self hatred and still think they can get away with the kind of coonish anti black jokes they used to get away with in black comedy in the 90s. That’s why Evelyn felt bold and brave enough to say Chad looked like a big black circle and why Shaunie thought they’d get away with labelling OG the aggressive one. Also the same reason Taylor knew the media would believe her when she lied on Kanye and didn’t know what to do when Kim hit her with the secret recording. You may have gotten away with it before but you won’t get away with it now. Shaunie’s loyalty to Madame Child Support Has bitten her in the booty once again.

  9. Steven December 6, 2019

    Mob Wives had the same problem. VH1 let Renee’s sister produce the show so any women Renee had a problem with got a bad edit. I’ll never forget when the pretty Delicious girl whooped Karen’s b*** and they tried to make us think it was the other way round even though we see the fight with our own eyes. ?. Or the time they tried to rewrite history by saying Drita was the reason the girls turned against Carla as if we forgot Karen already said she didn’t like her because she made a racist comment about her dating black men which had nothing to do with Drita. It was a shambles. ? I want to see more black women who actually know how to produce produce these shows. I know there are so many out there.

  10. Deangelo December 6, 2019

    Thank you for your services

    • Fancy BISH December 6, 2019


  11. William C. December 6, 2019

    Good! Her self-righteous, holier-than-thou, straight up bully attitude is exhausting to watch. She’s the reason why we’re continually being forced to watch Ev sleep her way through 3 professional leagues. Bye, trash.

    • Lizzy (Queen of England) December 6, 2019

      That woman has seen more courts than a litigious basketball.

  12. Shunny December 6, 2019

    She needs to go period! She is extremely biased and unfair

  13. High Price December 6, 2019

    As she should. Brandi, and Royce would still either be on the show or lasted a little longer if it wasn’t for Shaunie. I think she had something to do with Draya leaving too.

  14. Sade EsKing December 6, 2019

    This show has been “tired” since it came to LA it’s was entertaining when Draya was on it for a minute. Ratings has been sinking and the Producers, Creators are making excuse. Just cancel it! All the women on the show are bullies! Enough with the horrible portrayal of our black womens.

  15. The truth always comes to light December 6, 2019

    Thank goodness!!! I’m so glad she no longer will have that power to control the narrative of the show & do as she pleases! Now the ladies on the show doesn’t have to walk on egg shells thinking they will get fired bcuz they stood up for themselves!

  16. Tyty December 6, 2019

    Dead now what reason does her minions have to follow her lead now ? they will turn on her the leash been removed.

  17. Shaunie December 8, 2019

    I’m not surprised. I watched this show all seasons from beginning til now and I was very disappointed in her actions honestly throughout the entire last season. I see why Tammy Roman finally left. Good for her. If Malaysia had any since she’d get away from them too. She was definitely a totally different person when she first came to the show. Now she some kinda of bully in alot of ways. She was always the humble one who was picked on ig it’s someone else’s turn now huh?

  18. Barbara Haley December 8, 2019

    Op is full of s***. She provokes people. People using skin t poi ne against other black women are weak. They blew her head up n watch her be the biggest flop.

  19. Sogreer December 11, 2019

    I just love that Evelyn has met her match. She has bullied and attacked many women she felt she could whoop, but dat ass is scared of OG. Come on ms afro Latina come for OG and bullie her like you did Jennifer or Royce. Lol

  20. Lioness January 5, 2020

    Its about time shaunie allowed her friendship with hoevelyn to interfere with the show. Evelyn is a toxic person and a gold d8gger. She sunk the miami show and dragged down the la show. I am glad shaunie lost her power she should review her friendship with Evelyn. A real friend wouldnt do the things evelyn did. If evelyn or shaunie are on the show i will not be watching. Shaunie wanted to fire og but check out who got fired. Vh1 made the right choice Evelyn thought she was running the show because shaunie was up her b***. Shaunie destroyed herself for eve. friends like that she dosent need enemies.

  21. Karla Palmer January 11, 2020

    Its sad because og’s ugly spirit and masculine ass is the reason Shawnee had to make certain decisions. And she was the ugly one once again by telling Evelyn that she wasn’t black. I don’t think she should be on the show. She hasn’t had any type of history with any of these women. Trying to physically fight for a grown ass woman….get back on the field where you belong linebacker. Og is really jealous and wishes chad showed her beauty challenged ass real attention.

  22. Charlene January 14, 2020

    I am soooo happy that Shaunie’s role will be diluted. I always thought that she made African American women look common. She plays the women up against each other leading to swearing, fighting and just using the most vile words. She always must look well and if anyone dare to speak out against her, she has that attitude of threatening the person. They took off Brandi that stood up against Shaunie’s bullying. Shaunie’s

  23. Charlene January 14, 2020

    I am soooo happy that Shaunie’s role will be diluted. I always thought that she made African American women look common. She plays the women up against each other leading to swearing, fighting and just using the most vile words. She always must look well and if anyone dare to speak out against her, she has that attitude of threatening the person. They took off Brandi that stood up against Shaunie’s bullying.

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