Report: Shaunie O’Neal May Be Fired From ‘Basketball Wives’?

Published: Wednesday 18th Dec 2019 by David

Another day.

Another ‘Basketball Wives’ leak.

Hit the link below to find out why many of the show’s fans believe production insiders are gearing up to take a stand against Shaunie O’Neal in defence of the beloved African athlete OG Chijindu.

Full story below…

Two weeks ago, an unnamed VH1 insider revealed that the company was unhappy with O’Neal’s management of the ‘Basketball Wives’ empire by telling ‘Crazy Days and Nights’ that bosses were planning to reprimand her for failing to take a stand against colorism by turning her into a lame duck producer.

Hit this link to learn more about that.

A number of tweets celebrating the news went viral and highlighted just how many viewers were in favour of the move.

It now seems, if these reports are to be believed, that the general public’s response and Shaunie’s refusal to hold Evelyn Lozada accountable for comparing a black woman to a monkey are why VH1 may have plans to fire her from the series.

A new story claims…

VH1 appears to be trying to “fire” Shaunie from Basketball Wives.

The insider explained, “VH1 is forcing [Shaunie] to give up being a producer, if she wants to remain on-camera.” If she agrees, O’Neal will no longer be able to call any shots, even if she’s allowed to retain her executive-producer role (although she won’t have any power in that role either).They added: “Once Shaunie gives up her producer [power], she’ll be fired. They’ve been trying to take her show for years.”

This report inaccurately claimed that VH1 fired ‘Love and Hip Hop’s Mona Scott-Young from the platform’s Hollywood arm as part of efforts to freeze the black women it works with out of power.

The truth is that the mogul stands an executive-producer on all ‘Love and Hip Hop’ shows via her Monami Entertainment production outfit, and works with VH1 to delegate roles to producers when she cannot physically be in a city in a ‘Hip Hop’ show is being produced in.

Unlike Mona, Shaunie does not own the company charged with producing her series, which is why she may find herself at risk of being removed if her employers feel that she is a liability…even if she is an executive-producer.

VH1 is yet to confirm or deny any of the reports that have emerged in the last month.

Quite interestingly, all of these reports surfaced after O’Neal is said to have infuriated fans and frightened advertisers by scolding viewers for being “too invested” in the show.




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  1. Juju December 18, 2019

    Are people really watching this show? TGJ goes from never posting about BW to posting all the time. I am sure there are better news articles than this

  2. Fancy BISH December 18, 2019

    Go to and watch the clip called “Brandi calls Shaunie a bish”…get your laughs and rewind the clip! ? ? ?

  3. Diora Couture December 18, 2019

    i don’t understand how it is that Roseanne lost and entire EMPIRE over her comment, yet here we are with these reindeer games with these heiffers.
    What’s good for the gander should be just as good for the goose, is what i say

  4. IHATe. Blaccvvv n whyttee December 18, 2019

    I see why Shaquille dumped her. 1st no hair in 20 years.

  5. DENEEN WILLIAMS December 18, 2019

    I’m not the one who would say that I want anyone to lose money, but in her case it’s time for her to live on! She only took her friend side . She created men unhappy lonely women that was so jealous of the other women doing things. I use to love Malaysia, was very unhappy ad mean girlish I had stop watch years ago and tried to watch the last two season and it was the worst !!! Waste of film ever

  6. JUST SAYING December 18, 2019


  7. Lakquisha December 18, 2019

    No one cares that you aren’t watching. Sick of you people thinking that everything is about you. Get over yourselves. OG is hideous. I hope Shaun is and Evelyn are still on the show.

    • Lakquisha December 18, 2019


    • Hair Hatted Qweans December 18, 2019

      OG isn’t a victim. She will always be a girlfriend. Kramer probably cheats with women who look like Evelyn. lol

    • Sharon December 24, 2020

      Yes I feel the same OG is really a beast how dare she threaten ppl on the show I’d killu wit my bare hands n s*** like that she shldve been let go she act like she can beat the world. And Shaunie I always said she’s an undercover trouble maker she says s*** wanting Ev to say thgs n she sit bck even Jackie does the same thg their too old for that they have kids I’m sure that watches the show I won’t lie n say I love me some BBW but they need to slow dwn a bit so come in ladies get it together it’s ok to use ur words but throwing chairs n tables wtf n Jen needs to b removed from the show she comes on to be a bad ass but punk b**** has nothg to say when approached.

  8. Hair Hatted Qweans December 18, 2019

    Kwame….sheesh autocorrect hates these types of names.

  9. Martha December 19, 2019

    I used to like Shaunie O’Neill, but he she has changed in the years. She has become less athletic and more phony and fake. She shows favoritism among the the cast Members. She always throws rocks and hide her hands. She is Phony and she’s nobodies friend. One minute she’s friends with Tami Roman and the next minute she turns on Tami and is friends with Evelyn Lozada.she’s no better than everyone.she is not all that. Karma is a b****. Enough said.

  10. Alexis December 19, 2019

    Y’all try an make er thing out of racism this chick stupid always wanting to break someone face or kill them with her bare hands come on this b the bs

    • Shaa September 17, 2020

      It definitely wasn’t racism those are issues i feel OG had within herself . She was super angry but was definitely done wrong Shaunie wasn’t fair at all

  11. Elaine Wardell December 19, 2019

    people need to STFU stop complaining and just watch the show if you don’t like what said turn it off and let the rest of us enjoy it I don’t want to see Evelyn go and I love Shaunie and those other women need to get a grip.

  12. marie3548 December 27, 2019

    Slimey Shaunie behavior is not new stir up chti and then miss couple of episodes of filming so it looks like she wasnt aware of what was happening. This has been her M O every since this show has aired. Always standing around when wrong has been done and airing on the side of wrong by either being silent or laughing.

  13. Zozo January 29, 2020

    i have been saying this for far too long. fire shaunie and see evilina being a sweet lamb. shsuni is covering for eveline as if there is something hidden in their friendship. funny how malaysa behaves while not too long ago, she was not shauni’s favourate. i m not saying anything about this oversize teeth feby. jacqui must grow a bone, she is so spineless and very scared of the collective.

  14. Leah Nyambura May 18, 2020

    Shaunie needs to get fired!i cant stand her for even thinking that her best friend wasn’t referring to OG when she posted that m***** comment as though she ain’t black!

  15. Liz December 6, 2020

    I believe Shaunie should not have been on the show anyways because of her title. She is clearly taking Evelyns side on everything she does , because of that she kicked 4 good cast off. Shouts out to Tami, Jennifer, Royce 😘

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