Heidi Klum Under Fire For Tweeting “All Lives Matter”

Published: Sunday 31st May 2020 by Sam

Model and TV host Heidi Klum has fallen foul of public favor and it centers on an ill-conceived tweet.

The world at large is in heated debate about racism following the death of George Floyd – an unarmed Black man who lost his life after a Minnesota police offer knelt on his neck for seven minutes.

A growing list of names have spoken up and out, aligning with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

And yet Klum, who was notably married to singer Seal for seven years and shares three children with him, took a different approach.

See what we mean below…

Tweeted and now deleted, she posted an image of her hands with that of her family and added the caption “United in diversity #AllLivesMatter.”

Suffice to say, in light of the heightened sentiment at present, Klum was lit all the way up on social media. And rightfully so.

A lot could (and should) be said, but we’ll just say that we hope this is a teachable moment for her. Because it’s all kinds of concerning that a mother of children who visibly look like the George Floyd‘s, Trayvon Martin‘s, and Michael Brown Jr’s, hasn’t herself grasped the nuance, necessity, and specificity of BLACK LIVES MATTER. Again, we could say more, but will leave it at that.

More than anything, do better.

Your thoughts?

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  1. tyty May 31, 2020

    Does she think her kids have the complexion for protection cause they don’t, instead of Educating her children on the very real racist encounters they’re going to face in life she decides to all lives matter them…. good luck with that. “Those who don’t hear must feel”

  2. Cody+s May 31, 2020

    Y’all are maddddd stupid. Everyone does not have to see the glass half empty like y’all. All lives do matter. Cause when black on black murders happen y’all don’t care. Give me a list of names of black people That have been killed by blacks that is well known. Thank u. You all don’t really care so stop acting like you do.

    • tyty May 31, 2020

      black on black crime 😂😂 is you’re another baffoon whose fallen for that clap trap. It’s called crime of close proximity people tend to live near their race . Black people commit crime against each at the same rate as white people against each other. Do you know how to read statistics maybe you should visit the FBI website and learn a thing or two you fool.

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 31, 2020

        All I see are excuses from a dùmb buffoon

        U have seen the statistics but u are pretending

        In 2013, African Americans accounted for 52.2% of all murder arrests, with Whites 45.3% and Asians/Native Americans 2.5%. Of the above, 21.7% were Hispanic

        Remember african Americans are only 12 percent of us population.
        If this doesn’t scare u, I dont know what will.

        Black killed by blacks is 97 percent also.

        Continue pretending the black race doesn’t have issues

    • Pat May 31, 2020

      Wtf is black on black crime.

    • tyty May 31, 2020

      You’re a self hating idiot with identity issues stick to trolling for attention and leave grown up adults to people with an IQ higher than yours. You’re dismissed. You’re not even African American so go f*** your self.

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 31, 2020

        U had no receipts, so u resulted to name calling
        Very mature of u.

        Of cause u will question my blackness. Very typical. That’s what they alway do when u give them receipts.

        That’s the problem right here.
        They hate to hear facts.

        Statistics and data dont lie.
        Black people are naturally violent, that’s why law enforcement is always on our àsses.
        Its everywhere

        Black folks are a problem.
        Until we address these issues , this problem of police brutality will never stop

        Now they are looting shops.
        Even tho they’ve caught the killer, they are still looting.

      • tyty May 31, 2020

        No I just don’t like you it’s as simple as that. You’re not even mentally stable what f*** i look like debating with someone who can’t even recognise they suffer from severe mental health issues but somehow think they have a grip on race relations? like I said dismissed.

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 31, 2020

        U have no point, so shut up
        I gave u receipts now u quiet.
        U talk a bunch of crap in the comment section all the time but today I decided to check u real quick.

        U are the person that needs serious help.
        Spreading fake news and misinformation is a mental problem
        Mental illness is real
        Seek help


        3 mentally sick people always coming to TGJ to display ur mental illness
        I will pray for u
        Love and light.
        Stay blessed. RAT

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 31, 2020

        “No I just don’t like you it’s as simple as that”

        As if I give a f****
        Yall really think it’s that serious

        U were talking bullshìt and then I hate u with statistics, now u quiet, now u running.

        A fùcking loser
        I use to think onlyflops was the most pathetic worthless piece of shìt in the world but I was wrong, u are the most worthless piece of shìt ever created.

        Now cry.
        U better check that mental illness out.
        See a real doctor
        Cause ur behaviour ain’t right.

        U are going thru some deep serious issues.
        Coming of TGJ to attack me isnt going to solve it.
        Stay blessed

      • Shaniqua Moniqua Jefferson July 26, 2020

        We ain’t got time fo facts you whitey! Stop makin sense about us black peple. We not violent! Don’t Make me come Violate yo rites!

    • marcus May 31, 2020

      white on white crime is that a thing when we all know it happens?

  3. Clarks0o0ñ May 31, 2020

    Police brutality is not a race issue

    Police brutality is a human issues.

    Police brutality is everywhere.
    Its 10x worse in other parts of the world.

    • Memejo May 31, 2020

      No surprise you’re an idiot.

    • Pat May 31, 2020

      It’s even bigger than police brutality tho. You sound like one of these fake 911 callers or bbq disrupters
      And wtf does worldwide have to do w America’s issue

  4. #TheTruth May 31, 2020

    People are so negative.
    There’s nothing wrong saying all lives matter.
    Whether you’re black, latino, asian, arabic, indian, white or mixed, yes, all lives matter.

    That being said, we know damn well such a situation would have never happened with a white person, in a racist country like the US.
    So all lives matter yes but don’t make it sound like there isn’t a specific issue to address in this country.

    • Memejo May 31, 2020

      If all lives mattered we wouldnt be having these issues. STFU

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 31, 2020

        Black people kill more white people every year

        Black people kill more black people every year.

        Make that make sense.

      • #TheTruth May 31, 2020

        You clearly haven’t read my whole message so STFU.

        Do you know Mongolians are being killed by Chinese officials right now ? And it’s just one example among others.
        You need to be a bit more educated beyond what the medias accept to talk about.
        That’s one of the reasons why I’m saying all lives matter.

  5. Dear Black People May 31, 2020

    Heidi Klum told no lies, this is why no one wants to help black people out. You can try and sort this out by yourselves if you can.

    • Fancy BISH May 31, 2020

      Shut up Karen 😂

      • Dear Black People May 31, 2020

        Fancy Shaniqua Bon’Quisha La’Quishraniqua Sha’Nay Nay Elephantisha you need to stop asking other races to help with your problems, if all you do is take and sell drugs then you are bringing the problems to your own doorstep so be prepared to deal with the consequences.

      • Fancy BISH May 31, 2020

        White people shoot each other for moonshine, meth and who’s gonna smash Mama June next 😂 They blast Lose Yourself in Walmart parking lots and they shop for clothes but still end up looking like the Walking Dead anyways 😂 They hang pictures of Marilyn Monroe over their fireplaces but look like Gollum or Dobby from Harry Potter…woo chile! They think Donald Trump is the richest man on the planet 😂 Food is void of seasonings…crazy kids like the ones on Wife Swap lol…and the white people with actual flavor ALWAYS leave for Hollywood 🚗 🤣 💯 See how easy it is to be dumb and ignorant as you? 😂

      • Dear Black People May 31, 2020

        Fancy Shaniqua Bon’Quisha La’Quishraniqua Sha’Nay Nay Elephantisha Boo Boo just so you I am not white but I doesn’t mean i’m going to let you be racist trash. You are scum and will always be scum. Your that Jasmine troll that has been exposed so many times over.
        How many protest have you been to for George Floyd?

      • Dear Black People June 1, 2020


      • Fancy BISH June 1, 2020

        You are not black lol 😂 Bye Clark 🤣

  6. Fancy BISH May 31, 2020

    I really can’t stand when white people blatantly take from black people and run with something, get delusional with it, THINK they’re cute with it, somehow new and original, AND think they IMPROVED on something just because they’re doing it 🤣 #BlackLivesMatter IS inclusive of ALL people..PERIOD…it’s been that way from the jump! But the emphasis and the image of the words together are powerful and DIRECT…white people always feel some type of way when they even SENSE they are not included by black people 😂 They FEAR it chile, for some reason….they also directly and indirectly downplay black efforts knowing GOOD and DAMN WELL that they’re paying THE MOST attention and are ready to SNATCH up every idea! 😂 There wasn’t one Karen tweeting #AllLivesMatter UNTIL they saw #BlackLivesMatter and felt so excluded when WE are ALWAYS amazing with our creativity and even included your white asses in our hashtag when our black asses are getting killed by your white hands! SMH! So Heidi boo, here’s a little shade for YOU too…watch the GOAT ❤️😂🤳🏽

    • Rainonme May 31, 2020

      All lives matter and every race counts black white asians Latino etc. I have black family members. Latinos go through the same crap as blacks etc. only thing I see that’s wrong with the protest is the fires and everything else. Is that George Floyd would have wanted? I don’t think so like his wife or girl friend said theirs other ways to go about protesting. Some people are just plain stupid.

      • Oh plz May 31, 2020

        Clarkson, STFU. Your only method of getting your point across is to create multiple accounts agreeing with yourself.

  7. Hfh May 31, 2020


    • Hfh May 31, 2020


    • Kevon May 31, 2020

      And people act like they don’t see those f*** up actions

    • Paulo May 31, 2020

      if there is homophobia in any racial community is because dumb f**** like you invest in this logic of simply labeling minorities and dividing them. there are black lgbt and q**** people out there and in fact if it wasn’t for black q**** folks and trans women none of us q**** folk would be standing here with as much rights as we have now. we still have a long way to go but shut the f*** up and grab a book before you type such nonsense again.

      • Paulo May 31, 2020

        oh and f*** TGJ for censoring the word Q*U*E*E*R yet allowing the comments to be riddled with hateful trolls.

  8. Kevon May 31, 2020

    Who vex the spoil them own face … all lives matter ..f*** who’s mad

  9. Justmeeeee May 31, 2020

    Many white femalrs who date black men sre most definitely still racist.
    Heidi is in that group.
    On the one hand she is saying all lives matter.
    What she is leaving UNsaid is that
    Black d!cks matter….

    She foolishly believes thst her money will shield her “colored” kids from racial BS.

    She could’ve just said nothing
    But nope! Her hidden racism/ sense of superiority came right on out.
    Not shocked at all…

    • Carlitos May 31, 2020

      All black lives and black d**** do matter, soooo…

      • Justmeeeee June 1, 2020

        The truth of my comment triggered you annnnnndddddd ????

        I said what I said

  10. Donatella May 31, 2020

    Y’all know Heidi Klum is blonde. She dumb as hell, poor thing doesn’t know what she tweeted.

    • Fancy BISH May 31, 2020


  11. Teon Iyce May 31, 2020

    Even if you want to arrogantly bring up black on black crimes, it still doesn’t change the #blacklivesmatter narrative. It isn’t just a slogan blacks are saying to whites, but to their fellow blacks as well. But the issue at hand here is, white police killing blacks.

    • Mike June 1, 2020

      You do know in this case the main dude is white and married to a Hmong Immigrant, the other 3, one is black, 1 is hispanic, and 1 is Asian. Sometimes when a white person does something bad to a black person , they can just be an individual a**hole.

  12. Johnson June 1, 2020

    You conveniently left out the part that , that same 13% commit roughly 50% of all violent crime and thus get the attention they deserve from police to stop the crimes. Still though having to be arrested at the same rate as whites they account for only 25% of all fatal police shootings. That’s the whole story, from a black man tired of lies told by so called leaders in my community.Blacks kill black at roughly 6x the rate of whites per 100.000 people. That is the problem , the rate of murder!!!!

  13. johnson June 1, 2020

    You probably get a lot of racist encounters because you are a racist yourself. All you do is harp on it, white people don’t talk about race as much as black people, they are too busy trying to do other things like go to space. Black people keep getting into trouble for doing dumb s*** and getting involved with poorly trained, overworked police who are probably frustrated repeatedly arresting the same kind of suspects. Its wrong, they should quit but they probably need the money, now they are F **d because they done killed a dude. I know I could not do the job. I would shoot too quick. No one is going to want that job and people will get guns and police themselves as the country spirals into lawless chaos, don’t calll the police when that street gang rapes your mom or sister, cops willhave become a bunch of politically correct pansies.

  14. MJ June 13, 2020

    Every person in this country knows that if Black Lives really mattered to blacks, they would parent their sons so they wouldn’t go out shooting and killing each other by the thousands every year and would abide by Christian principles. It’s pretty obvious that black churches are failing them – look at the 10 Commandments. https://www.gotquestions.org/Ten-Commandments. They make money, sports starts, Nikes, rappers – all those things into idols and worship that and $$$. We don’t even need to go into misusing the Lord’s name – just listen to their speech, their movies, their rap songs for about a minute. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Well, we all saw them out looting, beating, and killing on 5-31 and 6-7. Which also takes care of the not murdering and not stealing. Thou shalt not covet or give false testimony – they are saying they will take everything whites own because they covet it and don’t want to work for what they get, and they claim police are slaughtering them in the streets when the real slaughter is black against black, including abortion. Thou shalt honor mother/father and not commit adultery – that’s a laugh. 70% of births of blacks are out-of-wedlock…many do not even know their fathers and they have multiple children with multiple partners. Oh, but shame on Klum for saying every life matters. Shame on YOU, Black America, for actually denying in deed the Christian faith you claim.

  15. N C July 3, 2020

    BLM I UNDERSTAND and I agree with the killings. However, look at statistics Dr Frye at Harvard who has been studying the plight of the black culture. If you study them you’ll find blacks kill blacks alot more often. However it does not make the manner in which he was killed of less importance. There’s no doubt there are some bad apples needing to be removed from duty and dealt with. But GF BEING KILLED THERE WERE 22 OR 23 BLACKS KILLED BY BLACKS. CONCLUSION the problem runs much deeper than the police. We need to be introspective with in the family. I know this will be met with anger…Woody and Buzz say people don’t want to hear you they want you mimic their opinions. Listen and good chg will happen in Time that’s not in 2 or 3 months

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