Nene Leakes To Kenya Moore: “You Will Be Called A B*tch Every Time I See You”

Published: Friday 8th May 2020 by Sam

Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore have sparred all season long on the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ – but they seem to have saved the fiercest fireworks for the reunion.

This Sunday brings with it part one of the virtual taping and the ladies did not hold back.

In a freshly released clip, the foes get into it from the get-go.

Leakes was especially spicy, informing the former Miss USA: “I will call you a b*tch every time I see you.”

Check out the footage below…

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#NeneLeakes & #KenyaMoore clash within the first minute of the #RHOA Reunion catch Part 1 Sunday at 8pm 👀🔥🍑

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The Season 12 RHOA reunion premieres at 8pm ET on Bravo.

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  1. Lala May 8, 2020

    Kenya is so unbothered

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH May 8, 2020


      • Jamon_84 May 8, 2020

        That’s false. Eva makes less than Marlo.

    • Nippian May 9, 2020

      Kenya got a raise to come back. Nene planted those stories to the blogs that Kenya took a paycut that never happened. Kenya wasn’t fired S11 she was demoted to a friend of role and she DECLINED it. Her cameo on the finale was a HUGE hit and dominated S11 reunion and she wasn’t even on the show. It was a no-brainer Bravo brought her back. Kenya is good TV hate her or love her. Nene is nasty and vile and very jealous of Kenya’s beauty, class and her position on the show. Nene is “the one” “the queen” “the threat” but Kenya has her acting a childish fool by just being present. If Nene was smart she would be going back to the fun Nene everyone loved this vile nasty ghetto woman is embarrassing to watch being 55 years old.

      Whorsha continues to come for Kenya and Kenya continues to ignore her. She is inserting herself in Kenya and Nene’s mess. Whorsha hates Kenya she wasn’t reunited with Nene 5 minutes before she conspired with Tanya to come for Kenya–its really sad. And why is Whorsha mad at Eva for saying her baby look like Dennis with a bow. Whorsha knew that man wasn’t cute and it was a chance that baby would come out not so handsome.

      Baby Brooklyn is gorgeous and happy as ever while PJ looking depressed and slobbing everywhere. All the cute men Porsha had and she chose to get pregnant with a 1 night stand with that ugly fat man. Chile… in the words of Cynthia Bailey to Porsha: You’re dumb but your ass ain’t that damn dumb! LOL

  2. Section8DaGreat May 8, 2020

    Nene knows she can’t keep up with Kenya, that’s why all of her reads are rehearsed and written down that she payed some drunk gay men to write.

    • Lanafan1 May 8, 2020


  3. NawNaw May 8, 2020

    Didn’t nene reveal the show out her in therapy after the reunion? You’re not a victim nene. We don’t like you. You’re dismissed. Thank you for your services

    • Lanafan1 May 8, 2020

      She is a ratings magnet. Hence the hefty check.

      • Jamon_84 May 8, 2020

        The ratings were the same when she left the show, thinking she was going to be this big Hollywood Actress.

      • Lanafan1 May 8, 2020

        They really weren’t lol.

      • Nippian May 9, 2020

        Lana this is an ensemble show one m***** has never stopped the show. Nene doesn’t bring in major ratings when she was gone the show was still doing the same numbers. Nene is a liability for Bravo just like Phaedra was before she left. She is nasty, vile and desperate for storylines so she made up snake-gate and is riding Kenya’s coat tails to be relevant. No one cares about her and Gregg’s tired ass marriaged or those gorilla looking sons she tries to hide. At this point they need to give Nene the axe bring Sheree on back and give Marlo the boot as well. It would save Bravo a nice chunk of change. I really think Bravo dropped the ball by not giving Carmon and Shamea peaches…they both are entertaining as hell. Carmon won me over when she was about to fight Mama Joyce..she bout it bout it LOL. “You are EVERYBODY!” “Look at you acting a FOOL old as u are!”.

        Nene overstayed her welcome. In S6 when Kenya came she was all but ready to hand the show over to Kenya because Ryan Murphy had her thinking Hollywood was checking for her because he gave her a few roles on his shows. That b**** thought she was finna be Viola Davis. She came running back to Bravo with the quickness trying to destroy Kenya after Kenya picked up the ball she dropped and ran with it.

        Kenya has carried this entire season on her back! Every episode she is trending. Nene is dumb because if she were smart she would have paid Kenya dust this season. She only gave Kenya leverage to get another salary boost and getting herself fired. Nene is really clueless. Now with C**** all her other streams of income have come to a halt so she needs this Bravo check to pay that $14K a month mortgage in her house she “built from the ground”. Nene tried to come for Kandi’s foreclosed homes she purchased but Kandi leveled up purchasing two foreclosed homes for a steal renovated them both and making it one estate. And the gag is Kandi’s crib is PAID FOR. Kenya’s crib is PAID FOR. Sheree’s crib is PAID FOR. Nene is one season away from being downsized right out of her gated community while she running her mouth. BLOOP.

  4. Lanafan1 May 8, 2020

    I love Nene! Hahahahhaha

  5. Lana Del Slay May 8, 2020

    Twitter said it’s official – Megan and bey are #1, drake is #2, and say so is #3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When will billboard confirm chart positions?! I’m ready for nickis meltdown!!

    • mhmm May 8, 2020

      this has absolutely nothing to do with this post. your life can’t suck this bad. sad

  6. Justmeeeee May 8, 2020

    Love Nene!!!!
    She is the queen of the show
    No Nene = No Show
    Them broads should be THANKING her for their employment…

    Kenya was in obscurity / broke$ville before RHOA
    She comes for Nene to get attention for herself
    BUT y’all see who Bravo is truly invested in uh- huh Team Nene

    It’s just a matter of time before Nene has her own talk show
    That is WHY Wendy Williams is nervous & scared
    All Facts

    • Jamon_84 May 8, 2020

      How do youExplain the ratings being high when Nene left for a couple seasons?

    • Nippian May 9, 2020

      Nene was gone for a season and a half and the show did fine. Hell she was not in half the episodes this season. The show is an ensemble show people watch for them all not just one. Nene is vile, nasty, ghetto and probably everything that is familiar to you. That is the only way to explain how people connect with her. Kenya is smart, beautiful, educated, classy, sophisticated and a well spoken woman. Nene is dumb and so is her “peoples” “fisses” “bridemaids” etc. Nene is being PHASED OUT. PERIOD. Bravo demoted Kenya to a friend of S11 as punishment for marrying Marc off camera. Kenya turned the tables on their asses and declined the friend of position.; This shocked Bravo that a beautiful black woman would know their own worth. Kenya came back with a raise not a pay cut stop beliving Nene’s planted lies. Kenya carried this show this season and here comes another raise. I bet Nene is offered a friend of role and I bet she takes it!

  7. I Hate Blllacck n Whyyyte May 9, 2020

    Kenya Moore needs to quit the show… She is rich enough to do more

    • Nippian May 9, 2020

      Kenya is using the show to promote her businesses and flourish financially. Kenya’s home is paid for she has her own thriving business and this Bravo check is money in the bank for Brooklyn. Kenya lives below her means as well. Even when she was in relative obscurity in the years prior to RHOA you never heard of her owing anybody anything! Nene was getting cars and homes repo’d before she was on TV. Sheree spilled all that tea. “Didn’t your car get repo’d out of Home Depot parking lot? You better get to running b****”! Shout out to She by Sheree

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