Ryan Destiny Pens Open Letter To Black Actresses

Ryan Destiny hopes to inspire her Hollywood sisters with a moving open letter penned this week.

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The ‘Star‘ wrote the letter as a number of black creatives speak out about anti-blackness and the way in which it permeates every corner of their experiences in the business.


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This message is to my fellow Black sisters in particular… This goes for any career or work space but I’m speaking from my own experience. If you are just now entering Hollywood in any form or plan to… and at some point experience discrimination, appropriation, racism, colorist, microaggressions even if sometimes sadly by your own people… speak up for yourself. I didn’t do that. Not nearly as much as I should have. Educate yourself even more. I didn’t do that. The times I wanted to perfectly articulate exactly how I felt but didn’t know how, frustrated me. Do not continue to ‘brush it off’ to keep a ‘job’ or to not piss off ‘powerful people. You. Hold. Your. Own. D**m. Power. KNOW. YOUR. WORTH. You do not NEED anyone who contributes to the ongoing passive, tolerated behavior of this white favored industry.

It’s easier to stay silent because we’ve all seen what happens when Black people hold people accountable. We’re the “problem.” We lose deals. We lose industry relationships. We lose roles. We lose opportunities. We lose support. All because companies and people don’t want to be held accountable. I refuse to be compliant….I will stand up for me and the ones that need it in these rooms and spaces…Social media support is not going to cut it. KEEP THIS SAME ENERGY IN REAL LIFE. That is the only way true change will happen.


Her thoughts and feelings were published as her fellow actress Gabrielle Union goes to war with ‘America’s Got Talent.’

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  1. Nippian June 5, 2020

    I guess her letter would be more meaningful if she had a real resume behind her. She literally is just a pretty face she can’t act.

    • Calico Kidd June 6, 2020

      @Nip…- hahaha

  2. XYZ June 5, 2020

    Who? Why do all the girls today have names like drag queens or stripper?

  3. FK that bish YE June 5, 2020

    she just got here… its way too early in her young career to be out here actin like MoNique

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