Twitter DRAGS Terry Crews Over “Black Supremacy” Comments

Published: Sunday 7th Jun 2020 by Sam

Terry Crews is feeling the wrath of Twitter and all centers on comments about he just made about the on-going race debate.

Full story below…

The death of unarmed Black man George Floyd after a police incident has seen protests sprout across the globe. So intense is the fury at racial injustice that riots have broken out too.

Responding to the situation, Crews took to his page and wrote:

“Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth.”

Suffice to say, the blow-back was instantaneous and intense:

With that, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. eric June 7, 2020

    We know from his comment who will hold the torch when we build another Black Wall Street.

  2. Peter Piper June 7, 2020

    These celebrities need to learn how to STFU

  3. Ugghh June 7, 2020

    We already knew he was an Uncle Tom/c***. Trying to be inspirational and deep when all his depth is surface level.

  4. Chileplease June 7, 2020

    I’m tryna understand how this makes even a little bit of sense to him in his head

    • A&R June 7, 2020

      Lol yo.. I’m seriously trying to find understanding. Like frfr

  5. Hmmm… June 7, 2020

    Deserved. Tf was he even trying to say? I know the internet expects celebrities to get involved, but it’s clear that some people have NO BUSINESS participating in these conversations. It’s too much for them. Ask them about their favorite Starbucks drink or who they’re dating for the week. Other than that, they just need to shut the hell up. And Terry is one of them.

  6. Yo June 8, 2020

    He is right, black people always wanna be like how oppressed and play the victim. But let’s be real, black people are the most confident race of people.

    • Truth June 8, 2020

      Black people have never ever in the history of man, oppressed another race of people or even thought were wore more Supreme than any other race of people..although we should..since we are the first people on the planet and other races came from us…

      • Dear Black People June 8, 2020

        They just do it to each other even better.

  7. del June 8, 2020

    the sad thing is hes another black celeb saying something black people dont like i bet he might get close to no longer having a career. Since when was it a crime to be black and have a different opinion

  8. Bluebird June 8, 2020


  9. tyty June 8, 2020

    Celebrities are not leaders or gate keepers to black culture most of them are not bright by any stretch of the imagination and they’re definitely not in touch with reality. If this fool had any form of knowledge he would know that black moors once ruled Europe and never practiced any form of supremacy. There is absolutely nothing about the black agenda that resembles black supremacy.

  10. Adonis June 8, 2020

    We knew he aint isht since he enticed that old white man with his trouser snake and then cried r*** when the white man touched it 😂

  11. ME+YOU+US June 8, 2020

    The enemy of the blk community is a blk man who loves burn in the sun beckys..🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  12. tays June 9, 2020


  13. tay June 9, 2020


  14. Mike June 15, 2020

    I feel this was taking out of context. I believe he was trying to say is if us white folk don’t step in to help then it becomes a different one sided battle. White supremacy is a bunch of white racist dudes. If the non racist white people don’t help the cause then it “appears” as a black supremacy party and delegitimizes it to the other side. Everyone has to stand together for it to work

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