Michael B. Jordan Calls On Hollywood To Commit To Black Hiring

Michael B. Jordan is determined to empower the oppressed.

Find out how below…

The actor stepped up to protest against anti-blackness with members of the general public hours ago and called on Hollywood to do more to dissolve the racist barriers which block black creatives from opportunities they are deserving of.

See below…


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@MichaelBJordan spoke out at the #blacklivesmatter protest in LA yesterday. (vids: @producertommy) #upscalehype #michaelbjordan #michaelbjordanuh #georgefloyd #blm #justiceforgeorgefloyd

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He leads by example.

For, his Outlier production company recently implemented practices which ensure that artists of colour are given a fair shot via inclusion riders.

Anybody that deals with me, if you have racist beliefs, if you have a racist bone in your body, if you’re not with me, if you don’t stand with me and people that look like me, you don’t need to be with me. I use my power to demand diversity but it’s time that studios and agencies do so.


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  1. Clarks0o0ñ June 7, 2020

    Says the rat who only dates white women

    Gurl SHUT UP.

    • Detruth June 7, 2020

      Has he ever dated a black woman tho?

    • Bogus June 7, 2020

      Says the rat who insults blAck women on here daily. You stfu! I was at this protest in Beverly Hills of course you can only spew negativity because that’s all you are a negative space on this planet

  2. Naïme June 8, 2020

    He doesn’t demand diversity, he demand more black people. He is hypocrite, stupid and fragile.

    He would never stand for Latinos, Arabs, Asian etc…

    • tyty June 8, 2020

      They can stand for themselves tired of you punks…. always attempting to ride on the coattails of black people stand up for yourselves, better yet how many blacks on them Latin/Spanish soap operas or how many blacks in Asian media? Stfu you

      • Dear Black People June 8, 2020

        tyty why are you always mad? Oh by the way how much have you donated to blm or how mant protest have you been to? I’ll wait for my answer.

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