‘Empire’ Spinoff Starring Taraji P. Henson Greenlit for FOX

Published: Thursday 23rd Jul 2020 by Rashad


Fans who thought they’d seen the last of Cookie Lyon (portrayed by Academy & Emmy Award-nominated star Taraji P. Henson) when FOX’s ‘Empire’ was abruptly ended this year should think again.

Details inside:


“The independent broadcast network is re-teaming with Taraji P. Henson for an untitled Empire spinoff, with the actress behind Cookie Lyon reprising her role in the potential series.

The offshoot, which is in development, is the first project to stem from a newly signed two-year, first-look deal that Henson has signed with Empire producers 20th Century Fox TV. Henson’s newly launched production company, TPH Entertainment, will also produce the Empire spinoff, which will follow what’s next for Cookie. Former vp television at Working Title Christine Conley will partner with Henson to run TPH.

Danny Strong — who co-created Empire with Lee Daniels — will be joined by the franchise’s Yolanda Lawrence and Stacy Littlejohn to co-write the series. All three will serve as co-showrunners. Sanaa Hamri is also attached to direct. Henson will also exec produce alongside Strong, Daniels, Littlejohn, Lawrence and Hamri.”


The series rebirth will likely give a proper end to ‘Empire’ and answer fan questions.

Elated at the news, Henson issued a statement to say:

“I believe that normalizing stories around stigmatizing matters will make them more palatable for audiences to embrace,”  Henson said. “Art can change perception and I plan to develop projects that can help further the conversation. I also aim to help cultivate and establish new young talent and their stories because they are our future and deserve a voice and a platform to be heard. I’m so excited to have 20th, led by the talented Carolyn Cassidy, support me in this new endeavor!”

As of time reported, there is no tentative release date attached to the project and no confirmation if any of ‘Empire’s other main characters will be joining her on the new venture.

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  1. Jackx July 23, 2020

    Yayy I love me some cookie

  2. Jay+Jay July 23, 2020

    I haven’t watched empire since season 3. I’ll watch this

  3. ERIC July 23, 2020

    Let it go.

  4. Danyboo July 23, 2020

    She said she’s not bossy. She’s the boss!

  5. chilepleaseee July 23, 2020

    Did they kill off everybody else?

  6. Drinkmybussyjuice July 23, 2020

    Im gonna watch this cause i love her? But i dont think Daniel’s needs To be attached to this.

  7. Susan July 23, 2020

    Did anyone ask for this? Empires decline was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Just start fresh with something completely new.

    • Fatatin July 23, 2020

      No, ratings flopped for a reason. Let cookie do another show.

    • Porsh July 23, 2020

      Im so for it. Hope to see all main cast members including jamal. I miss the lyons so much Ive been binge-watching Empire now on season 5 I dont want it to end. Bring back empire.

  8. Fatatin July 23, 2020

    I say let it go. I love how it ended. Put Taj in another show. Shes a good actress, let her spread her wings.

    • Happy+n+Rich July 24, 2020

      I agree totally. Empire had a pitch-perfect ending, though it was not what was intended.

  9. Roger Stone July 23, 2020

    Please bring back the great Terence Howard as well.There is no Empire with out him

  10. J July 24, 2020

    AWESOME! I am glad she will have control. I watched the end of Empire. Wasn’t too terrible.

  11. Marquis Lee July 24, 2020

    Yazzz taraji we want to see that shes great in everything so yes

  12. Brittany Murphy July 24, 2020

    Like empire is good movie love it add come no fox tv love this movie this show good show ever come no

  13. Valerie L. July 24, 2020

    I’m so glad that this is in the works! Taraji is incredibly talented, and I’m sure this show will be a hit as well!

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