Watch: Wendy Williams Gives Fresh Update On Talk Show Return

Published: Monday 13th Jul 2020 by Rashad

A glowing Wendy Williams recently took to Instagram (July 10) to announce the plan for her triumphant return to a live studio.

The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of All Media’ has royally decreed on more than one occasion how she is not exactly the biggest fan of broadcasting from her apartment in light of the global health crisis, so – thanks to positive signs of the pandemic’s impact slowing in New York City – she’s gearing up to make a grand return to what used to be.

Hear her update inside:


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Longtime fans of the show remember Williams decided to take a break from the hosting duties due to complications from her Graves’ disease.

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  1. Ugghh July 13, 2020

    She looks great! I actually miss the show haha

  2. MessyBoots July 13, 2020

    Word on the street is that her cheating ex husband turned their son against her and she had an emotional mental breakdown that ended her very brief Hot Topics from home situation.

    It’s mostly speculation courtesy of You Tube gossip blogger Tasha K who is notorious these days for providing major scoops on black celebs such as R Kelly, Diddy, and Wendy herself.

    I believe Wendy’s days are likely numbered at thid point but good luck anyway.

    How YOU doin frfr?!!!

    • Alison Hansford July 14, 2020

      Wendy, I think you are a strong, successful, compassionate overcomer. You deserve and have EARNED the right to be exactly who you are.
      I’m so glad you’re coming back. I don’t really care about celebrities or their lives. I don’t watch ‘reality tv’, most of the people you talk about i have no idea who they are. But I love you. I watch you because you are you.
      Stay loud, stay bossy, and stay classy!
      God bless you, lady!

  3. Rhonda Smith July 13, 2020

    Too many disappointments and let Downs with Wendy have no interest in her or her show anymore hope she is cancelled soon

  4. Andrew Williams July 13, 2020


  5. Vickie Hamilton July 13, 2020

    Who cares. Replace her. Give her slot to someone who cares. She only gives news that’s already out there. Big deal. Talks about herself too much and most she sounds delusional. Give her job to Norman. He doed her show anyway.

  6. Jeanne farley July 13, 2020

    You are a phony. Thats why karma got you.

  7. Olive July 14, 2020

    Does she really have to return. After a hiatus from her, it has made me think that I never really liked her show. She’s loud, bossy, interrupts her guests. It’s always about her, even though she lies about situations and always starts thing with other people. Having her ego off the air has been refreshing.

  8. Janice Ingram July 14, 2020

    So happy you are feeling better. You look great! Missed you lots. Can hardly wait for your return.🤗

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