Claudia Jordan DRAGS Nene Leakes For Mocking Her Alleged Abuse

Published: Wednesday 28th Oct 2020 by Sam

Neither Nene Leakes or Claudia Jordan currently star on the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ anymore, but the ATL alums aren’t short on drama.

Having originally sparred on season 7, the pair appeared to be on more cordial ground in recent years.

However, that all changed today.

Find out why below…

The drama began when Leakes addressed suggestion that she lobbied for payment to attend “friend” Cynthia Bailey‘s wedding.

Speaking during the panned pilot for her web series ‘The Read Session,’ Leakes revealed she was invited but decided not to go. As for the money, she added:

“If I said I turned down an offer that I had on the table which was way more than $125,000 dollars, which is what they said I asked for. So now I’m going to turn that money and ask for $125,000, what for?… I would have taken the real money. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Jordan – who was in attendance – took to the comments of a social media post about the matter made by our friends at The Jasmine Brand. The media maven wrote:

“It didn’t benefit any of the guests to come- if we didn’t care about Cynthia and Mike. But when you care about someone it “benefits you” plenty to see them happy and smile and you “get” something outta that. I love seeing people happy. Even people I don’t rock with anymore . Let’s not be so busy trying to show how unbothered we are that we make a fool outta ourselves. Bad answer. Just say you couldn’t make it or felt u comfortable going. Too many people making this wedding about THEM.

And I’m well aware I’ll get dragged by some people or called a hater for simply having an opinion on this but I really don’t give AF. The right ones will get where I’m coming from. Let’s all do better in 2021.”

When a fan mocked Jordan over alleged domestic abuse, Leakes replied with a series of laughing emojis:

Suffice to say, Jordan did not hold back and read RHOA OG all over again:


This isn’t the first time the ladies have clashed. Who could forget this epic moment:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lol October 28, 2020

    She hasn’t been on the show in 6 seasons yet she’s still bitter. One season wonder lol.

    • Nicky October 28, 2020

      How is she bitter?

      She stated what the majority of people are saying.

      NeNe is disgusting, ugly, dumb, ghetto trash. No money will buy her a new pretty face. She’s the bitter one who’s always jealous of beautiful black women.

      That nose is chopped and screwed

      • Meika Baby October 28, 2020

        They say the same thing about Claudia. But I don’t see anybody talking about the home wrecker. BLOOP!!!

    • Meme October 28, 2020

      Bitter? Did you ready anything she said? All facts.

    • Holliewuud October 28, 2020

      Definitely NOT about that. NeNe tried it and Claudia gathered her

  2. Moose’s Wig October 28, 2020

    Well damn. She didn’t tell one lie. Nene is a miserable human being. Ugly inside and out.

  3. Meme October 28, 2020

    Yassss. That’s my dam* girl lololol. Mark my word, when I say no one is as sharp and fast in the tongue like Claudia. She will gather a bish quick. I still don’t understand why she’s not on the show.

  4. K’’man October 28, 2020

    That’s w**** Claudia Jordan is one to clap back at nene, didn’t Claudia say a few years ago she didn’t like dark skinned women!? Girl bye hurry up before you next meal ticket runs away!

    • TToka October 29, 2020

      Bring her back to the show shes a trip! And bring Eva back also shes good to look at

  5. Tokyo Vanity Fan October 28, 2020

    Isn’t Claudia the woman that got caught for lying about being assaulted by Medina when he provided proof of her lies.

    Wasn’t Claudia the woman who, along with Kenya, went along with a storyline to start dating Porsha’s ex husband and year after they divorced. Hell, even as a full time cast member she got less camera time than *friend of the show” Porsha

    Wasn’t Claudia the woman accused to being a home wrecker when sleeping with Jamie Fox.

    Wasnt Claudia the woman who said she never watched the show but somehow knew everything about Nene when she “read her”. Oh yeah that’s right, those “reads” were straight from MTOs comment section.

    I’m not even a big fan of Nene, but the fact that people are bigging up a pathetic attention w**** such as Claudia is hilarious.

    • Nicky October 28, 2020

      Tokyo Vanity Fan

      Your comment is moot before it started.

    • Audreyherbsburn October 28, 2020

      I don’t think they are big upping Claudia, but the facts that are being spilled. Claudia being trash doesn’t cancel out that nene is and has been a trash persona. Trash taking out the trash at its best.

    • Your Name October 28, 2020

      None of this affects the flawless WELL DESERVED read that Nene received. Claudia told no lies. Nene’s fall from Grace has been hard & it’s no ones fault but hers.

    • Theouyb October 31, 2020

      You are DEFINITELY a fan of you’re hilarious, bro. Also, its kinda hard to speak on rumors and lies created to defame a person. Sometimes, when you don’t know what’s what, its best to just mind ya business.

  6. Gee October 28, 2020

    Claudia has always been, and continues to be corny. Nene’s comments regarding attending Cynthia’s wedding she not bother anyone if Cynthia herself is not bothered. Also Cynthia could speak for herself if she felt any kind of way.

  7. Gee October 28, 2020

    Claudia has always been, and continues to be corny. Nene’s comments regarding attending Cynthia’s wedding should not bother anyone if Cynthia herself is not bothered. Also Cynthia could speak for herself if she felt any kind of way.

  8. RCW October 28, 2020

    Claudia GATHERED that ass 😂😂😂😂

  9. Connie D Douglas October 28, 2020

    I have to save this is really bad. So much hate for another person. A person can laugh when they want to laugh at any one at any time. Why so hate for someone that you never like and you not in their circle. Why give them that much power over you – WOW! for you to say all those bad things, that mean you do care about what they think of you. Why Care? You do not like the person and the person do not like you. I used to watch Claudia on House Wives – I thought she was a beautiful lady – and knew how to hold her own in any shade throwing Tea.

  10. #WAP October 28, 2020

    GIVE CLAUDIA HER PEACH 🍑!!!! That was the read of the century!

    • Meika Baby October 28, 2020


      • Meika Baby October 28, 2020

        Read of what century…lol
        Am laughing at all the comments. Claudia reading someone NO what Nene said was true. If you quit a job why come back. Bravo was suppose to film at the last minute decided not to. So, Nene had already decided not to come because of that. And as far as Claudia she was there for fame like other guess thinking it was going to be filmed.

    • Meika Baby October 28, 2020

      No!!! For what and why?

  11. HELLOKITTY November 6, 2020

    Say what you want but I think NeNe handled those purported “reads” just fine.

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