Nene Leakes Bemoans Being Offered Just 6 Episodes For #RHOA Return / Reveals Husband Urged Her To Accept Deal

Published: Monday 5th Oct 2020 by Sam

Nene Leakes isn’t turning down the volume on her gripes with the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

As reported, the franchise original departed the show after negotiations broke down with execs.

At the time, grace and gratitude defined her frontwards sentiments. However, that quickly eroded and has been replaced with vitriol.

Leakes’ claims of discrimination were touched upon in a teaser of her interview on the Tamron Hall Show.

Now, the full sit-down has arrived and it sees the disgruntled reality star lay bare even more of her grievances.

Details below…

Speaking with Hall, a tearful Leakes claims there have been attempts to oust her from RHOA for over four years.

Of the deal offered to her, she shared that it was for just six episodes (despite the show running for 18-23 episodes per season). And while husband Greg advised her to take it (presumably given the enormity of the platform), she didn’t.

Watch her unpack a “tale” of what she deems a lack of loyalty and appreciation below:



Echoing earlier sentiments, our sympathy is non-existent.

Being an original does not come with lifetime privileges. The show has to entertain and there has to be a natural chemistry with the cast.

In Nene’s case, she’s brought more toxicity than anything else.

Unfortunate, as her wit, warmth, and sass are what helped establish the platform in the first place.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Moose’s Wig October 5, 2020

    She is a joke, and a bully. Why would she ask a plastic surgeon to do that to her face?

    • LeShawn October 5, 2020

      She’s been a bully. Now she’s playing victim. It’s always been her way or the highway. Girl Bye.

    • Sleepy Brown October 5, 2020

      It’s better than what Michael Jackson ended up with, at least she still has a nose!

  2. Nicky October 5, 2020


    Her face. Karma is a B I t C H

    Only classless people go around saying they’re rich

    • Joe Ann Rivers October 7, 2020

      Yes remember I’m Rich B****
      I knew her day would come

  3. Happy+n+Rich October 5, 2020

    Greg is her voice of reason. She should’ve taken the 6 episodes.

    Let’s keep it real. Bravo is cleaning house across its franchises. They’re not going to keep paying millions for rehashed storylines. Nene has been more interesting in the wake of her exit from RHOA than her last two seasons.

    Originally, I think Bravo planned to either let Cynthia go or scale back her role. But Cynthia’s upcoming wedding was a gamechanger, b/c Bravo loves a big splashy wedding. So, since Nene didn’t have a storyline last season, and there was no need to pay her MILLIONS to recycle the same beefs and arguments with the ladies as in years past, Bravo offered Nene a 6 ep contract at the same money per episode.

    Nene played herself. This isn’t personal or racial like she’s making it out to be.

    And mark my words — another long-time Housewife (likely Cynthia) will be phased out next season.

    • Only Facts October 5, 2020

      Agreed. But I wish they would finally get rid of Ramona. She’s the oldest housewife out of ALL of the cities. Who wants to see a 65 year old woman yelling on TV every week? Not to sound ageist, but 65 years old is too old to be acting like that on TV. Bravo clearly wants to aim younger with the housewives, to keep the show fresh and interesting.

  4. Only Facts October 5, 2020

    They offered her a friend role (because she clearly has not had a storyline for the last 3 seasons). She rejected. End of story. Vicki was a friend of the wives on the last season of RHOC. Sometimes, you run your course. Stop talking about it. It looks PATHETIC and shows you have NOTHING going on besides this show. All she’s doing is burning her bridges. Why would ANY network want to work with her after the accusations she’s made against her bosses? Why would ANYONE want to be friends with her if she eventually turns on ALL of them? She is a lost cause. Bye girl.

  5. Meme October 5, 2020

    I mean, that’s all you needed was 6 episodes. You walk out half the time when they give you full seasons. So what’s the difference?

    • Only Facts October 5, 2020


      Hey Meme!!

  6. Only Facts October 5, 2020

    Can we address that she did this skype interview in a hotel lobby?! LOL! Look at the people walking around in the background. I’m DYING!!!! She’s in a hotel because she cant pay for that house without a bravo check, honey.

    • K October 5, 2020

      Because she was in Miami at Peter birthday dummy! Check your facts first. And another thing if it wasn’t for Nene you wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Now who going to check boo. Bloop!!!

  7. Sandra October 5, 2020

    Tamron said that Nene was the secret sauce, but she was only an ingredient.
    Tamron said that people watched it for Nene, but that’s her opinion and not the case.
    The issue is that Nene’s chest was too high. She was not the executive producer. Of the show, so her longevity made her better than the next housewives on the show.
    Nene was negative to other cast members, and sat on watch what happens live taking about who and who should not be on the show.
    She’s humble now because the check is absolutely cancelled, but she had already burned the bridges at both ends.

  8. BONITA JONE October 5, 2020


  9. Ceecee October 5, 2020

    I am sick of nene and her hind site.Now she want to play the boohoo po me role after kickin up mess and strutting around like a over blown chickenhead peacock.She thought it was all about her but noooo baby gurl you have no talent just a BIG mouth and most of us glad you gone..Byeeee Mf

  10. Ceecee October 5, 2020

    I am sick of nene and her hind site.Now she want to play the boohoo po me role after kickin up mess and strutting around like a over blown chickenhead peacock.She thought it was all about her but noooo baby gurl you have no talent just a BIG. Mouth..Byeeeeee.Now giit and most of us glad you gone..Byeeee

  11. Elizabeth Craighead October 5, 2020

    NeNe, I’m TEAM NENE All the way!!!!! I would do exactly what you did, because you are the meat and potatoes of the show. After a while, they start to take the advantage of you. I hope you sue them up one side and down the other. You will win, because you have that spirit, and God’s got something way better for you!!! I love you, girl and you’re going to be just fine. The only ones I like on that show is you, Phaedra and Porsh!! Stay strong honey, because you have people Praying for you, and I’m Praying for Greg also. Be Blessed.

    • Bev October 5, 2020

      BUT only 6 shows for the same salary??? That’s a vacation! She blew it!

      • Nippian October 5, 2020

        No what she said was misleading. She was getting the same fee per episode (the housewives are paid per episode) if she is only getting 6 episodes then she is grossing 1/4 of her usual salary of 24 episodes (rounding up 1 episode for the reunion). She should have listened to Greg and kept her foot in the door as a friend now she is never coming back.

      • Phyllis October 6, 2020

        Don’t like her, but I agree with you.

      • Evelyn smith October 7, 2020

        I totally agree with Nene, I believe everything she said about discrimination and Andy letting those women gang up on Nene. What all the other messy that happened on the show, where was the cookie lady, where was the messy Kendra and her cheating husband storylines. I guess nothing was more important than Nene. Kendra should be kicked off forever. I knew she was no good when she was always up in somebody else husband face.
        I hope rating go down to zero, the proved is in the pudding.
        Andy is a dirty dog and Karma is always a b****.
        Good luck Nene in whatever you do and I hope you continue to elevate yourself from that messy show, HWOA

    • Nah October 5, 2020

      Sue them for what? What legal argument can she present? She’s not an owner, she did not come up with the concept, she was compensated for her work/appearances, and was willing to return if her demands had been met. So exactly what would she be suing for? She over played her hand and lost. Being a disgruntled ex-employee isn’t going to win her anything in court. She’d wanna save those attorney fees and go job hunting.

  12. Nippian October 5, 2020

    Nene was so busy being intimidated by Kenya that Kandi came and took her favor from the Bravo execs. When Nene closed that laptop and Andy was pissed I knew he was about to oust her ass. Nene lost her peach and her pride wouldn’t let her come back as a friend of the show. Which is cool if you feel it is beneath you move on. The same thing happened to Kenya at the end of S10. They reduced her role offered her a friend of the show contract and she said thanks, but no thanks. She left with dignity and class. Then Bravo realized they made a mistake when Kenya’s presence heavily influenced beefs in S11 and she wasn’t even on the show. Bravo came back with that $$$. Nene probably could have came back in a season or two but she acted a fool and called Andy racist now she will be blackballed from Bravo like Phaedra. She did this to herself she got the big head and thought she could treat people horrible and do whatever she wanted to. Now she has no income because all her stores closed and C**** won’t allow her to do appearances, hosting and “comedy” shows. So yes she is crying now because that mortgage on that 2M house is still due on the first.

  13. brotha14 October 5, 2020

    sometimes you have to know when it is time to leave she did not…… If Nene was the one that brought the people in she would be the one that would be getting all the outside things like Kandi the difference between the two is KANDI IS A TRUE BUSINESS WOMEN nene is not

  14. PinotNoir October 5, 2020

    Kenya had you lose your cool until you made black women wince at the idea YOU represent them on TV. Your ROHA reel is too full of ratchet proofs for you to claim Bravo asked you to give up your bus seat before throwing you under it. #DriestCrocoTearsEver

  15. Lofty Dixon October 5, 2020

    Sure Greg wanted her to accept the deal-IT’S MONEY and they have none. I give them another year together and then that’s all over with. Remember all of the fans she would disrespect? She’s already forgotten. NEXT !!!

  16. JUST LOVING ME MRSTEE October 5, 2020


  17. Sharron Golson October 5, 2020

    I began watching RHOA because of because of Mrs. Leakes. She, Phadra, and Porsha are the “total stars”, Although Bravo is clearly partial to 2 of the most VULGAR, never left the GETTO females Candy & Kenya Moore gets a pass. Cynthia is Flakey!

    • Sharron Golson October 5, 2020

      Every one was vulgar. Stop hating. None was no worse than the other cast members. But I guess you side with Candy because of financial status. How disloyal. What about Kenya and the comment she made to Porsha about having a penis in her mouth.

  18. RABJ October 5, 2020

    This makes no sense. Its clear she’s upset because she never received the spinoff show she was “promised.” Its clear Bravo is going younger and replacing OG housewives whose storylines have gone nowhere. Also, lets not forget she was upset because they bumped Kandis pay up to match hers last season, and she feels that she should be the highest paid housewife. Kandi has been there since season 2, pretty much an OG so she cant say “they replaced og’s because Kandi, Kenya, Cynthia and even Prosha has been there for more than half the shows run.

  19. Valentina Wilson October 6, 2020

    Even though nene can be a pain in the ass, i cannot imagine the show wilwithout hee.

    • Happy+n+Rich October 6, 2020

      Well, Nene was gone all of season 9 and only appeared for the cast trip in season 8. The show has survived w/o her before and will again.

  20. Valentina Wilson October 6, 2020

    Even though nene can be a pain in the ass, i cannot imagine the show without her.

  21. Just saying October 6, 2020

    Who cares move on its a reality show. You didn’t get along with any of the cast anyway. Bravo doesn’t owe you anything. Bye girl !!!!!

  22. Yvette October 6, 2020

    Who cares. Never was a fan of NeNe. She’ll pop up somewhere else to annoy again. As we say in the hood, ” She be aight ” lol

  23. Carolyn Lee October 6, 2020

    Being rude to castmates and Bravo staff was so not cool viewers like myself was tired of this behavior from women of color. It’s been time the self bproclaimed HBIC BE after the incident in the closet with producers Watched the decline of NeNe and didn’t find it appealing actually hard to watch grown women act this way,so step down gracefully and continue life’s journey,fighting with Bravo is only opening wounds you should be trying to heal!!!

  24. Larrette Reese October 6, 2020

    She is definitely a big joke and a bully now she scrapping for episodes wouldn’t give da queen no play periodt

  25. Annette Johnson October 6, 2020

    Nene is and was too toxic for that show. She was very messy and that is why I stopped watching the show.

  26. kandice October 6, 2020

    NeNe is and will ALWAYS be the originator!!! They are ousting the WRONG PERSON!! The focus should be on Kenya Moore!!! She has brought MAJOR NEGATIVITY and Negative alliances to the group!! She is a jealous bitter biotch who is envious if NeNe fame, fortune and marriage to Greg. Let me go down the line: Phaedra – Jealous of her marriage and family; Portia: Jealous of her looks, ex-marriage to Kordell, and family connections; Cynthia: Jealous of her engagement to Mike — which she PURPOSELY ruined and the wine business — which she checked Cynthia for. I dont blame Marlo for saying her own damn momma didnt even want her. Kenya is an EVIL BIOTCH!!! U can look in her eyes. She is bitter and a damn hater. OUST HER PLASTIC ASS AGAIN! SHE NEEDS TO GO!!!!! PHONY BIOTCH!!!!!!!! #igivestwofucksabouther #foreverfakeassstorylines. #blackkaren #runtelldat

  27. Charli Cheer Up October 7, 2020

    Its definitely pay related which is why she’s not returning. After Kandy won The Masked Singer her market value rose a bit and she got a raise on RHOA. This put NeNe in an awkard position not to be offered a raise and out of embarrassment she opted out of the show. Its showbiz sis.

  28. Evelyn Smith October 7, 2020

    Nene haven’t bought no more drama to the show as some others. I won’t name names.
    That show let those women jump on her at that reunion like a pack of hungry dogs. What about all that drama going on in Kendra Moore life? She is one of the meanest people on the show, but we didn’t hear nothing about her unfaithful husband. Nothing about Kandi disgruntled husband.
    That whole reunion was about Nene and Andy let it happen. Chythia is bolder than a cartoon character. We heard nothing about Any body else but Nene.
    When Nene was not there, all they did was talk about her. What will they talk about now? Kendra is so thirsty to be on the show, her husband call it right.
    I will not be watching the show and I have loss all respect for Andy.
    I believe the discrimination is most definitely there. I do not believe she was treated fairly, we all just want to be treated fairly. I hope the rating go down to zero.

  29. Robb October 7, 2020

    NeNe Leakes needs to put her grown woman on and gracefully walks away! There’s no reason for her demand of longevity credits by staying 18-23 episodes on the show (although I feel that they did show her loyalty by keeping her on this long). Her discrimination claim is a stretch, is absurd, and conflicts with the truth! Girl, get it together.

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