J-Boog Slams Michelle Obama’s Interview with Zaya Wade As ‘Demonic’ & Proof of ‘A New Agenda’

Published: Saturday 6th Mar 2021 by Rashad

B2K star J-Boog has made clear his stance on 13-year-old Zaya Wade, the daughter of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade.

The teen is no stranger to topping headlines for the transphobic criticisms she has endured over the course of her journey to self-acceptance.  Now, Boog has joined the list of detractors who is being slammed for his insensitive comments toward the young Wade.

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Zaya nabbed the interview of a lifetime when First Lady Michelle Obama joined her for a virtual Q&A session Thursday (March 4).

On hand to discuss advice for teen readers of her New York Times’ best-seller, ‘Becoming,’  Obama praised the young interviewer for living in her truth so early in life.

“I am just so proud of you, you know, being just an amazing role model and embracing your truth,” Michelle said before later continuing, “At your age, or in the teenage years and probably through your 20s, you’re gonna be experimenting with so many versions of yourself, right? “All young people are trying on different versions, different voices, they’re learning more about their intellect, they’re learning about what they love, what they’re good at, what they like. This is the period of exploration.”

As the interview made its rounds, Boog took to Instagram to make a statement that’s landed him in hot water.  The 35-year-old said:

“This is not cool. Very demonic. Using this child for their new agenda. Take away the man, make the women the new man. And no more reproduction. This child shouldn’t be the front runner of the movement.”

That’s not all he said.  See his full response below:

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  1. Me March 6, 2021

    He’s so right 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  2. Truth Hurts March 6, 2021

    He’s right, they are indoctrinating the children with this sick agenda. If you want to be trans and start hormone therapy or have a s** change, you should be an adult. LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE!

    • Blackfilm March 6, 2021

      Exactly they could’ve picked some kids from schools and other child actors not fuckng Zaya Wade!

    • IJS March 6, 2021

      Until you have a trans child, you don’t have a say in the discussion. The public only sees one side of the coin. The issue is way more nuanced and intricate that those who aren’t experiencing it could ever imagine. You think this is an easy decision for any parent? Do you know the torment a parent goes through knowing their child will pretty much be considered a pariah, a demon, a freak of nature and there’s nothing that they can do to really protect them from the evil thoughts and actions of random strangers who only see their kid as a binary gender that they for some reason don’t conform to. It’s not easy!! And no one would choose this for their kid. But GOOD parents would try to understand and provide a safe space that the world is unwilling to.

      • Ok but….. March 6, 2021

        Its not easy you are right! However, please stop the if you don’t have a child going through it that you won’t understand mess. Its clear through the TV everyday that this is being pushed upon children.

        We should teach children that everyone is different and that we all have different beliefs BUT we shouldn’t force anything in a child’s face. Doing this takes away their ability to decide and become who they are on their own. There are many agendas in motion centered around various things not just this topic. Think to when you were a child was programming this aggressive with messages as it is now? We all can say no to this. Even as adults watching the news there’s a push to get certain things out to us as the viewing public.

        If we want acceptance to be the goal then cool but they should also know its ok to disagree with certain lifestyles. However, show each person respect because that is still another human being. Someone please tell me what happened to that?

    • IJS March 6, 2021

      It’s not being pushed on children. It’s being publicly acknowledged that trans kids exist, which can be helpful for other families who’re experiencing it too. They should not have to hide, navigate through life in silence, or made to feel shame just to make you comfortable. It’s respectful to allow them to speak on their lives and to be seen and heard. A lot of people who don’t have trans kids or loved ones appear to think it’s a simple black & white issue and don’t acknowledge all of the gray, which is why they shouldn’t be a part of the decision making process. And for those concerned about an agenda, please remember that the greatest influences on a childs life are their immediate family and surroundings.

      • Ok but….. March 6, 2021

        There is very much an agenda for the world we live in. Multiple ones at that and let’s pause for a min………over 10k years of humans on this earth and only in the last 40 years trans men and women have been a public discussion. 10k years of humans and in the last 50 years it went from just ” the gay community” and went to LGBTQ…. soo let’s take a deeper look at how aggressive things have become. You may see progress others will see the opposite. Let’s look at how divided the gay community is these days. Why must there be soo many identities to begin with? That is what being “comfortable ” is sir/ma’am! It shouldn’t be about being “comfortable” it should be about respect of differences

        Yes you’re right it starts at home but if a family or individual doesn’t accept something, then they don’t accept it. And because they don’t agree they shouldn’t be told they’re spreading hate or transphobic. They’re beliefs are their beliefs. Its a matter of how we conduct ourselves on the matters and treat each other that the issues exist or can be appropriately addressed. Bottom line we’re all different so let’s learn to acknowledge and respect that.

  3. Clarks0o0ñ March 6, 2021

    Who is jboog?

    Omarion = Camila cabello
    Lil fizz- lauren
    Raz b- ally
    J boog- normani.


    • Ace Blanks March 7, 2021

      I like how Raz B is matches with Ally because he’s the best performer in B2K. He slaaaaaayed the stage on their most recent tour while the rest looked basically an old mess up there dancing lol So in my opinion he’s in the best shape out of everyone when it comes to performing. Ally is my favorite from Fifth Harmony. She the only one whose music I find myself weekly singing. Her music was the most consistent compared to the other 3 (N, L, and D). Of course Camila would match with Omarion since they basically were both lead but neither are all that to me. I’d take Ally over Camila and Raz B over O. Can’t nobody take away is stage abilities PERIODT! Omarion sucks now live!

  4. Justme March 6, 2021

    Everyone is stupid.. its up to parents to raise their child. Don’t let the media do it. Also what agenda? Why call out a child? Y’all forget that’s a child. Other parents let their children do what they want to do doesn’t mean yours have too. He is in entertainment where the look first started. Call them out not a child.

  5. Jamal March 6, 2021

    Please don’t call yourself a Christian if you support this new trend of wickedness, As they say B*** cheeks are the new b******, And stop calling that BOY a she, your helping to perpetuate this evil doing when you do,

    • Adele March 6, 2021

      If you don’t support this you’re not a Christian. A) you’re being judgemental as hell b) we are supposed to love everyone according to the teachings of Christ and you’re looking like a big ol hater. Let this child be themselves and keep it moving. How does any of this effect your day-to-day life outside of you being a bigot?

      • Realchristian March 6, 2021

        You are definitely not a Christian if you support this satanic agenda! An abomination! God will not be mocked!

      • Na March 6, 2021

        Your right God teaches us to love. But u forgot the other scriptures in the word calling this abomination.if ur going to quote the word… listen to the whole word.

      • Isha March 6, 2021

        Shoe me in the Bible where it’s that says yeshua came to divided . God made man in his image not the image you want to be Blow the dust off your bible and read not what some tell you

      • No Hate Train March 6, 2021

        God loves everyone and this interview was beautiful and needed!

  6. Gary Frye March 6, 2021

    I agree 100% with Blog, and I commend him for his courage to say it. There is no “your truth vs. my truth,” there is only TRUTH. What is going on today with this “Transgender” movement IS domonic and wrong.

    • IJS March 6, 2021

      Courage? He’s been a public figure for almost 20 years and out of all of the critical issues he could speak on to help raise awareness, the first time he chooses to use his voice/platform it’s to attack a helpless child for being herself ….and he’s courageous. Sounds more like a coward to me.

      • eric March 6, 2021

        He’s not attacking the child. His words are directed at the people who are “using this child for their new agenda.”

      • Nomeena March 6, 2021

        It’s an indirect attack on the child (“men looking more like women by the day” etc).

  7. Realchristian March 6, 2021

    You are definitely not a Christian if you support this satanic agenda! An abomination! God will not be mocked!

  8. Nomeena March 6, 2021

    His views seem outdated and out of touch with reality. They’re also transphobic, homophobic and even more harmful to society than his argument. Children transitioning is nothing new, and why endure years of confusion and trauma as a child to wait until you’re an adult to live your in truth? Live and let live is what I say.

  9. J March 6, 2021

    In ALL HONESTY…we don’t need more men or women in this world. Folks already don’t know how to act. Too many lol. Let these people live in their happiness.

    On the flip side JBooger hasn’t had a hit in 20 years so I guess I’d be pressed as well if that was my situation…

  10. IJS March 6, 2021

    Meanwhile, people are dead silent on the violent hiphop culture that’s left a trail of blood and dead kids all over this country. If there’s any agenda here, it is to allot people who may different the space to exist as themselves in peace and to protect their right to pursue happiness.

    • J March 6, 2021

      Gen Z got f***** so hard it sucks. The music industry itself is demonic AF AS A WHOLE if he wants to talk about it

  11. J March 6, 2021

    Also this good people is what we call PROJECTION.

    Where was Boog in 2002 when B2K was prancing around half nude, twisting and braiding up their hair like school girls? What about y’alls manager luring and molding young boys into what he was looking for on stage and in the bedroom?? Y’all had a hand in this!

    but go off sis

    • Nomeena March 6, 2021


  12. Fancy BISH (FCK Sewer Queen, Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 March 6, 2021

    J-Boog is so wrong for this! He knows what Chris Stokes did to him and his group and never healed ✅ He needs to heal and be honest about his OWN trauma in the music industry! Now that was demonic for real 💯 Be brave and expose THAT! And for the ones saying these are adult decisions, are you a robot? You must be, because anyone growing up had real feelings…some don’t make it to adulthood because of those feelings, did you ever stop to think about that? Boog, you know you struggled in your youth and you’re struggling now as an adult because of that sick man! Keep it REAL…we all have to deal with something at some point in our lives, so have compassion at all times…he’s coming from a wounded place and trying to protect, but this isn’t his issue…talk about the one you know about and expose THAT for REAL deal evil! 💯 Don’t attack this child for having the courage many grown adults STILL don’t have, including Boog! Life isn’t easy for any of us, as we see time and time again!

    • Nomeena March 6, 2021

      It’s an indirect attack on the child (“men looking more like women by the day” etc).

      • Nomeena March 6, 2021

        Ugh replied under the wrong comment

  13. Wapping and Up March 6, 2021

    I’m Gay and I totally agree with him. I understand that it’s not easy having a child who is different, but stop forcing it on people

    It’s a process, don’t just expect everyone to be ok with it. I’m no Libra

  14. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) March 6, 2021

    Please can someone help. My ass is really sore, it’s been like this since last night and it’s starting to get this odour to it like rotten fish and stale milk. Has anybody else ever had this issue and how can I fix it?

  15. Adina…+Adina…+Say+Adina March 6, 2021

    Completely agree with him 💯

  16. LM March 6, 2021

    He fine as hell

  17. Keith March 6, 2021

    WHAT AN IDIOT. I think the best idea is to NOT give comments/posts/tweets like J-Boog’s any traction by talking about them at all. I guess the only way he could have his voice heard is to criticize someone famous. Michelle is HISTORY, Zaya is paving the way for kids everywhere who are figuring out WHO they are and J-Boog? All I can see is a two-bit player in failed boy-band. Somebody tell Omarion “come get yo’ boy”…

  18. Swifter2020 March 6, 2021

    He’s right!!

  19. Jeremy Johnson March 6, 2021

    A long time ago I was taught opinions are like assholes; we all have one! Understanding this helps me more and more to not become so heated about other’s opinions. We do not think the same! Feel the same! Believe the same! We each are endowed with the ability to accept another’s opinion while maintaining your own position. As for my thoughts on Zaya, I was once told to “Mind the business that pays me,” and I’ve been working on this ever since! Cheers 🥂

    As for

  20. Jay March 7, 2021

    Man this dude has a lot to say…wasn’t he in an entanglement with Marques Houston , Chris strokes, and Raz B. Back in his Bent2Knees days? I mean now he got a lot to say?

  21. kameo March 7, 2021

    Whats the agenda? People living in their truth? Simple Your homophobic and transphobic. To say that this is a new agenda is dumb, trans and homosexual people have been around since the beginning of time. But heres another black with his “agenda” talk lol. Im sure Zaya wade parents didnt force him to be trans, its was his choice. thank God she has parents that fully support her!!!!!!!!

    • cula March 25, 2021

      he wasn’t raised right, 13 and already trans.. crazy.

  22. Roberta FlackSabbath March 7, 2021

    Given the chance, white Christians would enslave black people, enslave underage girls, etc. Murder anyone LGBT, etc.

    Never trust white Christians. Black Christians just believe in something next door to the Easter Bunny and act like fools in church with fake crying and hysterics. Weak minded and easily led.

  23. Guy Bryant March 8, 2021

    So what do we do with Trans kids? Hide them in the closet? Or continue to watch them commit suicide because they are so sheltered and unhappy in their own skin. “It is what it is” times have changed and so have people I applaud Michelle for exceptance and inclusion. I also applaud Zaya for her strenght, determination and courage in the face of adversity.

  24. True Tea March 9, 2021

    So you guys actually believed Michelle Obama was chosen to ride or die for the Most High, lol? Michelle & Barrack Obama more than likely work for the same beast whom BTW will usher in the Anti-Christ according to scripture.

    Their sole purpose is too garner enough trust & grab the attention of individuals who otherwise showed no real interests in political agendas prior to their presence.

    • Chris April 20, 2022

      You better repent and except Jesus as your Savior. This is an abomination according to GOD’s word. You can’t change the scriptures to satisfy your perverted and evil ways!

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