R&B singer Kelly Rowland is set to star in NBC’s ‘Clash of The Choirs’ special airing throughout the holiday season. The show pits Rowland against stars such as Patti Labelle and Michael Bolton to create a choir that will go head to head with the other choirs led by artists on the show. It looks pretty interesting and it’s good to see Kelly still keeping her name out there.

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ThatGrapeJuice.net wishes all of our US visitors a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re enjoying the day with your family and friends – stuffing yourselves too!

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Ashanti performed the US national anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ earlier today at the NFL Thanksgiving Game (The Dallas Cowboys vs. The New York Jets). For the record, I like Ashanti and know she can sing, but that was a mess. Just horrible. Aside from the fact that it was real pitchy, that last high note…what the hell? Here’s hoping she steps up her live performing game by the time she drops her new album ‘The Declaration’ (due early next year).

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Superstar songstress Mariah Carey stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show on Wednesday to promote her new fragrance ‘M By Mariah Carey’. She also briefly touched upon her forthcoming album which is due out ‘at the top of next year’. Mariah’s always entertaining to watch and came across well.

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Supermodel-turned talk show queen Tyra Banks took an exclusive behind the scenes look at ‘The Beyonce Experience’. The special, which aired yesterday, was filmed at the Philadelphia stop on the tour. Tyra and the ‘Deja Vu’ singer spoke on everything from pre-show rituals to costumes (including the now infamous ‘Ring The Alarm’ fall outfit). Tyra had me in hysterics with her wacky ways and it was good to see Beyonce show more of her character outside being a ‘superstar’. Tidbit: you can’t knock the Knowles’ hustle factor – Matthew was selling them items hard at the end.

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Check out the new iPod commercial featuring Mary J. Blige. ‘Work That’ is playing in the background. The track will apparently serve as her next single.

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Check out this steamy photoshoot Rihanna and Robin Thicke appear in for GQ magazine. This is kinda random, but I can’t deny that it’s a great shoot. You can read their joint feature, in which they speak about the success they have enjoyed this year, by clicking here.

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R&B songstress Alicia Keys has surpassed initial sales expectations for her new album ‘As I Am’. Whereas the LP was forecast to sell in the region of 600,000 copies first week, Billboard has it’s final sales at 742,000 – a career best for Keys. ‘As I Am’ now stands as having 2007’s 2nd highest opening week numbers behind Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’. {Source}

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As some of you may have heard, Ne-Yo was dropped suddenly from R. Kelly’s ‘Double Up’ tour a few couple of days ago. Whilst, at the time, ‘contractual reasons’ were cited as the reason, the ‘Do You’ singer has spoken out about the situation on a Washington radio station. Check out the report below via Natasha over at YBF:

…But Ne-Yo now says that he was told to tell people his being dropped was due to financial and contractual issues. But actually it was because he challenged some of the goings on behind the scenes of the tour. And that may or may not (he purposely remained vague on the issue)have led to contractual obligations not being fulfilled. He discussed how simple things like a dressing room were not given to him and his dancers because R. Kelly wanted all 7 of the dressing rooms to himself. He also said that R. Kelly and his people were quite unprofessional and demanded Ne-Yo’s rehearsal times be cut short. Basically he wasn’t feeling the respect level given to him and said “No” to many of the unplanned and slightly disrespectful changes. And apparently, after Keyshia Cole threw a fit and threatened to not perform on opening night because she didn’t like that R. Kelly’s people slated her to go on before Ne-Yo, they didn’t drop her for challenging their decisions. And Keyshia still ended up not performing that night. Ne-Yo says all that wasn’t cool and he’s being treated unfairly.

He says he definitely still respects R. Kelly musically, but not as a man. Sounds like The Kells’ divatude is back in play…reminiscent of the Best of Both Worlds Tour with Jay-Z. And we all know how that ended up. Ne-Yo was asked about whether any lawsuits would come of this and he responded with the typical “We’ll see what happens” response. He also says now that he has all this free time on his hands, he’s trying to put something together on his own for his fans.

Whatever the real reason, it was pretty messed up to drop him from the tour – especially after Keyshia Cole’s rumored behaviour. all of this makes me question R. Kelly’s logic; I mean, with his trial coming up soon, he’s gonna need every bit of good press he can get and this definitely isn’t a good look.

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In what comes as, somewhat, of a surprise, it has been announced that Solange Knowles has signed a new recording contract with Geffen Records. The deal, which sees Knowles move to Los Angeles, is a joint-venture between Geffen and Music World Music. Geffen is home to major artists such as Mary J. Blige, Fergie and Keyshia Cole. ‘Solange and The Hadley Street Dreams’, Knowles’ debut for the label, is set to hit stores early next year. {Source}
That’s what I’m talking about! I applaud her for being the first in the Knowles camp to spread her wings and do her own thing. What I’ve heard of her new material has been promising and I’m anticipating the record even more so now. Kelly Rowland, take notes…

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R&B star Chris Brown premiered the video for his new single ‘With You’ on his official MySpace page yesterday. It’s ok, I guess. My lack of enthusiasm probably stems from my view that there is much better material on his ‘Exclusive’ CD that should have got the single treatment i.e. ‘Take You Down’, ‘You’ and ‘Damage’. Now on single number three, it’ll be interesting to see how much more they squeeze out of the album.

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I know it’s short notice, but I’ll be conducting a phone interview with Chingy tomorrow (November 21st). The DTP star is gearing up for the release of his fourth album ‘Hate It Or Love It’ on December 18th. So, please drop any questions you may have for him in the comments section. Remember, only genuine and appropriate questions will be considered 🙂