Hot Shot: Sugababes Strike A Pose In New Promo Pic

Published: Tuesday 14th Jun 2011 by Sam

It looks like Mariah Carey’s Photoshopper has gone global – if this new Sugababes promotional pic is anything to go by.

For, while looking great, the trio (especially Heidi) look almost unrecognisable. That said, Jade (centre) does look stunning, though.

The ladies are gearing up for the release of their brand new single ‘Freedom’. As reported, the song and the album it’s lifted from are set to be released via Sony Music, after the group were dropped mutually agreed to part ways with longtime label Island/Universal Music.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Haiku June 14, 2011

    Heidi looks out of place.
    Jade and Ammelle could have a good group on their own.
    love these females though.

  2. stefan June 14, 2011

    i heard a sample of freedom,and its great!
    best wishes!

  3. F*** YOU June 14, 2011

    in the words of GaGa…EW! Seriously, why are the legs so f****** skinny? Why do they think that looks good?? Lay off the airbrushing and it would be hot!

  4. nice_gurl June 14, 2011

    Nice…but they look really thin.

  5. rebeccablackstan June 14, 2011

    wow, hate against mariah on TGJ.. never thought I’d see the day.

  6. Dev June 14, 2011

    I miss the original girls…..
    Anywhoo, it would be strange that the record company would drop them after assisting the exit and solo signing of Kiesha. They don’t need good luck, they need good music. The sweet 7 album was generic, lacked personality in style and vocals and stripped away what made the group unique making it a album of songs that could’ve been sung by Kylie to girls aloud

  7. EDIDION June 14, 2011

  8. Dev June 14, 2011

    and the pictures horrible

  9. MissKellys June 14, 2011

    They look terrible, why the childrens legs?

  10. G.dee June 14, 2011

    I hope the original girls do a come back. War of the bands. It would be funny. Neither do I like nor hate these girls. I don’t see them as sugar babes. Get a new band name to get ur identity. jade u should have remained solo. U had started to do well. Amile cant make on her on. She looks like someone who has attitude problems and it’s had people to hate someone like that. Heidi, well not much really.

  11. Fop Fop June 14, 2011

    they look GOOD, but are they
    ..They already sending out Free test models of iPad 2..but ONLY if you live in United States..i got 2..sent 1 to my mom house & 1 to my

  12. YOOSONDALOOSE June 14, 2011

    Look good, hope they sound good!

  13. curtains June 14, 2011

    The ‘Other’ Babes

  14. deirdre June 17, 2011


    IM NOT COMING BACK TO THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ellie June 19, 2011

    I love the sugababes, i’m their number one fan and they’re the best pop group ever!

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