Hot Shots: More Snaps From Jennifer Lopez’ ‘Papi’ Video

Published: Thursday 25th Aug 2011 by David

Take a gander at more hot shots to surface from the set of ‘Papi‘, the latest video to be released by Jennifer Lopez.

Seen to be enjoying the company of a troupe of casually dressed male dancers, it marks the entertainer’s latest effort in boosting the sales for her album ‘LOVE’? which has already spawned the hits ‘On The Floor‘ and ‘I’m Into You‘.

More shots and some   footage which includes a dance break down below…

Many thanks to Lovely Lopez .

Your thoughts?

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  1. eloise August 25, 2011

    the dance break looks sick! love it.

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  2. onyx August 25, 2011

    Love me some J.Lo can’t way 4 the video.

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  3. KD August 25, 2011

    I think the tag of the left hand side of the video says it all…”TOO FAB”. I’m still not a fan of her music but the video looks like it is going to be hot TAMALE.

    Side Note: Jennifer Lopez Love?: sold 3,601 this week bringing total sales to 248,239.

    Hopefully the song helps bolster sales.

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  4. KD August 25, 2011

    of = on

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  5. J to the L O, Hello! August 25, 2011

    baddest b****. hands down.

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  6. JJFAN1814 August 25, 2011

    That looks awesome. Not a fan of the song though.

    Big brotha was getting down…

    and I’m glad she didn’t fall, that would’ve been scary!!!

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  7. Those That Cannot Do, Stan August 25, 2011

    I’m sorry, I love this song but the pics and still shots make it seem like it’ll me a hot mess. Not sure why she didn’t go for something sexier with her culture as a starring role (Papi) oh Well, hopefully it turns out good.

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  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 25, 2011

    It looks pretty great.If it’s shot and executed properly, it could be really hot!Something with the choreo seems a bit off, but we haven’t watched it in its entirety yet, so I won’t judge.I really hoped that there would be one more set/scene/outfit, but this looks amazing, granted that she didn’t have a huge budget.

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  9. mhud August 25, 2011

    i love it.queen jlo,n queen kelly rowland 4eva.

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  10. YEABEY LOVES AALIYAH! August 25, 2011

    i hate this SONG!UGH! But the Beginning makes me want to dance though….

    I prefer One Love, Starting Over, What Is Love and I’m Into You!

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  11. YEABEY LOVES AALIYAH! August 25, 2011

    Did she almost fall? 😆

    She can still dance wonderfully for her age….

    But the Big Boy was getting on!!

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  12. crazyfan jlo August 25, 2011

    omg omg omg i i cant wait anymore for video show your power j.lo this video is gonna be a smash best video for this year plus commercial for fiat

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  13. AaronMichael August 25, 2011

    Didn’t this album flop enough already? Why are they still trying to sell it? Clearly all 3 people that wanted it have it already. However, J. Flopez can still get down for her age.

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  14. pop royalty (MUSIC OF THE SUN) August 25, 2011

    i love this b**** !

    she is the strongest artist ever !

    what a woman *hands down* ! what an immortal ass 😆 !

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  15. LOL August 25, 2011

    I was expecting better choreography especially from Jlo. She’s not the same Dancer from love don’t cost a thing days. The song is a total rip offof Kat DeLuna’s “whine up”!

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  16. Sammi August 25, 2011

    WTF is that and what is she wearing?!? That jumpsuit makes her look like she gas chicken legs and disproprtionate for her body shape. Her style is all wrong just like her dance skills.

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  17. The Truth August 25, 2011

    Its funny how thereslike 10 comments complimenting her vid but only 2 Facebook likes lol Must be the same person (creating diff avatars) and writing diff stuff. Omg Stans are soo silly

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  18. Flopez August 25, 2011

    This video n song wont help sales. Who cares about this hasbeen?

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  19. pop royalty (MUSIC OF THE SUN) August 25, 2011

    @LOL :


    🙄 !

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  20. Robier August 25, 2011


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  21. crazyfan jlo August 25, 2011

    i cant stop watching this video omg hot hot britney 30 years and cant dance like j.lo 42 years

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  22. ray August 25, 2011

    This video looks amazing …
    jennifer is really good at dancing and this beat looks sick
    so I’m anxious for the final product


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  23. noflyzone August 25, 2011

    @ the truth creating different avis like u did with sammi & lol how can u be so DUMB BYTCH WE CAN ALL SEE U HAVE COMMENTED 3 TIMES IN A ROW (same avi) & THEN SAY STANS ARE SILLY?1?! #dumbbitch

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  24. Bey’knight August 25, 2011

    Really? I thought she was sellin 30k weekly ww lol her fans are too much

    I cant watch the clip but from the comments the choreo will be kick ass. I live for her dance interludes – if u had my love, get right, love dont cost a thing *sigh* used to be so into her

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  25. JUDAS666 August 25, 2011


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  26. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 25, 2011

    @BEY’KNIGHT That person posted the US numbers.Worldwide it is still selling quite well.

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  27. Beyonce and CB fan August 25, 2011

    Go J.Lo Can’t wait I just hope we actually get to see this whole dance sequence unlike On the floor video, still love but that whole dance video we saw a clip of was missing from the video.

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  28. honeydip August 25, 2011


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  29. Word August 25, 2011

    A flop dancing in the parking lot. oh wow so epic……..

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  30. ruffnsweet August 25, 2011

    Who the f*ck is writin’ all these compliments??? This b*tch is a has been. Ain’t nobody feelin’ this ish! GTFOH!

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  31. hotnews August 25, 2011

    yes yes .,.. just cant wate!

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  32. VFB August 25, 2011


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  33. Cray August 25, 2011

    Fing Haters Stay Mad!

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  34. jesse lopez August 25, 2011

    stupid commenters scared? I’m glad she ain’t trying to be something she ain’t to make an “epic” video motherfuckas riding coattails and ideas to be hot while jlo being simple and jenny from the block.but I hope there is more to the vid then this parking lot chasing and dancing.

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  35. Sarah August 25, 2011

    @JUDAS666 I don’t know what u are lookin at but she is not getting chunky. Haters are gonna hate. Can’t wait for the video!

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  36. nice_gurl August 26, 2011

    From the clips, it looks like this video is going to be really good. Can’t wait. Don’t really like the song though.

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