Lil Kim Snubs Biggie Smalls’ Mother/ Announces ‘Tell All’ Documentary

Published: Wednesday 11th Apr 2012 by David

After a number of false starts, Lil Kim is finally ready to make her long overdue comeback.

Kicking things off with the fan favorite ‘Keys To The City’, the Rap original took to ‘The Morning Riot’ yesterday to reveal details on her future plans.

However, as you will hear below, she found herself revealing more than initially intended when quizzed on Biggie Smalls‘ mother, Ms. Wallace and a certain Rap nemesis.

Listen below…

On forthcoming projects, she explained:

I’m going throw some new singles out there so people can get familiar with my new sound.  You know, I have a documentary that I’m gonna put out so that will explain a lot of things, so people can stop asking stupid questions. I still have my book deal with St Martin’s Press which is solely about my time in prison.

On her relationship with Ms. Wallace, she hissed:

I have absolutely no relationship with that woman.

The conversation also saw her speak on long time nemesis Remy Ma (who is currently incarcerated), admitting:

I’m very sensitive to women in jail. Anyone who really knows about Hip Hop knows me and Remy had our little thing, but if she needed anything I’m the kind of person to reach out and help her- like if she needed something for her son or something. 

Your thoughts?

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  1. Abdi April 11, 2012


  2. trucieb April 11, 2012

    Kim’s a clown!

  3. Nico April 11, 2012

    Everyone knows that miss wallace is a witch.. Her son is dead and she’s still holding grudges, like.. Let it go and get over yourself. Mommas boys are the worst; it seems like their moms want to be their wife. Keep ya head up Kim.

  4. Roman April 11, 2012

    Uhhhh kim really???

  5. RATEDXXX(TEAM RIHANNA, WHO’S MAD?) April 11, 2012

    I listen to the whole thing..I’m failing to see the point ur trying to make..

    everybody and their mamas knows, biggies moms cabbot stand kim…so why the hell should kim kiss her ass..get the f*** out of here..

    we all know biggie was a man w****, even when he was married to faith..but he cared alot for kim, thats why his mom couldnt stand kim so much….

    and i see ur slick ass trying to start a stan war…….she didnt say anything negative

    about any rappers

  6. Lisa April 11, 2012

    Sam trying to steer sh*t up cause Nicki flopped.

  7. olivia April 11, 2012

    All she said was they don’t have a relationship which is true,so whats the big deal.

  8. Tiana April 11, 2012

    Ms.Wallace is a bytch and every-one in the industry knows it too..

  9. MRB April 11, 2012

    Sam your an asshole! Kim is an legend! Her career might not be what it use too but she is the reason Nicki walks in her shoes!!! im sure this site will fall off! Necolebitchie is way better anyway!

  10. joey blanco April 11, 2012

    I swear, I logged on TGJ and as the page was loading up… in my mind I was thinking, I wonder what they will post about Kim today…and damn sure the first post I see is about Kim. Well I guess you all deserve a kudos since you didn’t include half the shade you normally give her….

  11. April 11, 2012



    Ms Wallace is indeed a damn B****.

  12. Spunkypoop April 11, 2012

    KIMMMMMM PLEASEEEEE TAKE A SEAT ON THE DOCK OF THE F****** BAY! You are Washed like Christopher BOSH! (Nicki VOice)

  13. Saladin April 11, 2012

    Lil Kim trying to kiss Remys ass now. GTFOH. I won’t hold my breathe waiting on the documentary or the book. She said this was coming out for over 7 years

  14. Black Madonna April 11, 2012


  15. Bey Fan April 11, 2012

    I dont think Ms. Wallace is a b**** …..thats just sounds so disrespectful. Esp since everyone calls her Ms. Wallace. lol

    I think Kim is just one of those chicks who prolly has a hard time getting along with females, but really has a good heart.

    But the next time Lil Kim is doing an interview, she needs to bring some new music. I been wanting Lil Kim to bring the heat for 2 yrs now…..

  16. Nats April 11, 2012

    Kim ya need to stawp! No one is checking fo ya except your 10 fans. Both you and that pornstar Eve needa take a bow cause your play is over!

  17. Say Whaaaaat! April 11, 2012

    I know someone who worked with KIm, Faith and other artist. When she loss a family member and KIM was the only person to reach out to her. so, if Kim says she will help Remy she will. I really think the unkind words Ms.Wallace had to say about her was unnecessary. She’s a JW but she doesn’t act like one.

  18. Wow. April 11, 2012

    …In away the b**** already kisses Ms. Wallace’s ass.. I mean she actually gives money to B.I.G’s estate which goes to Ms. Wallace.

  19. 54321 April 11, 2012

    It’s quite simple. Kim was the mistress, she had no kids with Biggie; she was just his most famous jump off. So WHY on earth would Ms Wallace entertain her? There is no need for a relationship.

  20. BEEZ IN DA TRAP April 11, 2012

    WAIT… You don’t band-wagon-ride Kim? oh really? But you tried to catch a ride on Nicki’s wagon when she came blazing past yo ass. These are your words Kim—->(I SAW HER COME UP IN THE GAME SO I WENT OVER THERE WAVING THE WHITE FLAG). And you also said this–> (I NEEDED THAT EXPOSURE) now, if that’s not being a BAND-WAGON-RIDER then what is? So you really should be feeding Nicki grapes. Nicki gave you that (EXPOSURE) & (RIDE) that you so baddly needed when she dropped yo ass off at the first radio interview you’ve had in years cus you know they was’nt playing your music and you damn sure could’nt get an interview to save your life…BAND-WAGON-KIMMY

  21. Lax April 11, 2012


  22. GetChoLife April 11, 2012

    Kim is the only person I know that can change ethnicitys. She went from African American to Asian. The shade of Kim calling Ms. Wallace “that woman” I just can’t! It seems like all the people that once knew Kim, don’t have her back anymore. The artists she once made music with have hopped on the Nicki train. Diddy, Xtina, Keyshia Cole, & even Mary said she’s not taking sides! The man who was gonna sign her to his label & later dropped her, Jay-Z made a song with Nicki! Matter fact, he let her perform with him & Kanye at Yankee Stadium making her the first female rapper to ever perform there. I won’t be surprised when Missy does a song with Nicki. Loyalty towards Kim is nonexistent, wonder why.

  23. Young Firestarta April 11, 2012

    Mrs. Wallace is one of those mothers who knows her son is dealing but looks the other way cause there is so much money involved. Biggie used to pimp. Let the girl sleep at his moms crib after she finished tricking for him. Volletta did nothing but talk about the girl like dirt. But heap praise on that no account son of hers. I don’t blame Kim for disliking that woman. Big is the one that twisted Kim’s head space by dumping her for every light skin girl that passed by. Not to speak ill of the dead and his moms, but Kim is better off without the both of them.

  24. Rasta Boi April 12, 2012

    Lov u Kimmy nCant wait 4 new video etc

    Follow me on TWITTER: DaRealRastaBwoi and Check out my videos and PLEZ Subscribe+Like :

  25. antertain April 12, 2012

    The torch has been grabbed and taken by the new brand genre Hip-Pop artist Nicki Minaj because the door for a female MC to get back in and impact was left wide open like a open goal in soccer by Missy, Kim etc.. for reasons some have explained.
    With that lane of Hip-Pop taken thats mean Lil’ Kim “Kimme Blanco” can still do her thing and keeps it more hardcore.

    Missy is Missy so she can go where ever she wants and Eve best body of work was mainly features rather than her albums (not on the levels of Kim & Fox days REAL TALK)

    Always had a soft spot for Da BRAT so I hope she just make hot music really that fits her style because to me she is a really skilled rapper.

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