Rihanna Reveals ‘Where Have You Been’ Single Cover

Published: Wednesday 11th Apr 2012 by Sam

Rihanna‘s ‘Talk That Talk’ may not be charting that chart, but that hasn’t stopped the model from churning out more singles from the set.

The next to be lifted from Fenty’s stack of audio-Mozzarella? ‘Where Have You Been’ – the cover of which was unmasked moments ago.

Without doubt or confusion, ‘Where’ is easily one of the best single choices Camp RiRi could have conjured up in some time. Whether she’ll be able to deliver with the all-important video (which was shot recently) will be interesting to see. Indeed, such a pulsating song calls for more than crotch grabs and lazy struts. She’s 24, not 64 – here’s hoping she finally serves up a performance  that reflects that.

Your thoughts?


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  1. YOOSONDALOOSE April 11, 2012

    Omg -.- how crap!
    It could have been so fierce, Rih needs to show the fierceness she has with her single covers!
    The video better be hot, coz this single cover is crap and the song is amazing!

  2. Lax April 11, 2012

    Love this Song!

  3. BEDSTUYFLY April 11, 2012



  4. Sleazy April 11, 2012

    Pls don’t expect rihanna to throw Ciara or bey dance moves Cus she can’t BUT I love this song and I’m hoping for it to have an epic video Cus all her great songs all seem to have wack videos (rude boy. What’s my name etc) s*** single cover

  5. xoxo April 11, 2012

    the song is okay but forgettable. same as the whole TTT era. what message did she get across with this era? just seems like a bunch of shallow music for kids.

  6. Lax April 11, 2012

    Te Amo! Man Down! Ckb! S&M!!!! RR! Live your Life!!!!

  7. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 11, 2012

    wow , this look so arabian and gangster at the same time. me likeyy 🙂
    *ignores the failed shade as usual* :mrgreen:
    finally !!!! just on time , things been dead lately ! the navy’s prayers were answered.

    now we gonna have fun 🙂

    super XD !! will be a #1 in billboard MAIN chart no time 😉 !!! rihanna need to give us a snak peak of the music video or telling us more about it cuz her promo is “ZERO” this era so far. i miss the LOUD era , she was every f*****’ where 😡
    all i want is a music video that show us a f***** energy and stamina as that was in her grammy’s performance 🙂 , that’s all what i ask for me and the navy. the real members 🙂

    U go riri 🙂 !!

  8. therealhonesttruth April 11, 2012

    Adele has really made the music industry check themselves. People who don’t have talent are really starting to fall. Before Rihanna could top the charts without even trying. Now the only thing she can top is the iTunes charts for a few days. Go look at the top 5 on the hot 100’s charts. It’s all people with actual talent. Live performers.

  9. Angel987 (BEYONCÉ STAN) April 11, 2012

    What the hell??

    this cover is amazing…has that arabic vibe.

    Love the cover, love the song…waiting for the video.

  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) April 11, 2012

    I’m actually excited. I hated ‘YDO’ and some of the songs on the album are pure unfiltered FILLER! But ‘WHYB’ is amazing! I hope she delivers with the video. And she doesn’t really have to dance either, don’t moan about it, it’s not her lane.

    I just wish she’s readying a full-on media attack for this single and its follow-up because this era is pissing me off. ‘YDO’ was weak, it should have been an album track, ‘TTT’ had potential and after 3 months, it’s still doing a decent job on radio, but there’s no video or promo and ‘BC’ is slaying urban radio but her team hasn’t capitalized on that. I hope ‘WHYB’ gets the treatment it deserves. And I wish her team found the happy middle. Neither overexposure like the ‘Loud’ campaign nor lack of promotion…

  11. therealhonesttruth April 11, 2012

    Rihanna fans feel how Beyonce fans feel.

    Sorry but we can’t control what decisions they make in promoting an album. Either way i’m still proud of what Beyonce has done. You guys are just pissed that people are not dishing out #1’s to Rihanna anymore.

  12. Teacher April 11, 2012

    LOVE it!

  13. kingphoenix9 April 11, 2012

    Seriously, if this doesn’t go to number 1 i will be shocked….But Titantic i have a question, no shade or nothing like that, but do you think that since Rihanna kind of abandoned her urban audience With the releases of Only Goat in the World, S&M, and Where Have You Been, it is the reason she couldn’t get a #1 with U da 1, TTT, BC Remix, and also Cheers, and Man Down? I mean even on the urban blogs it doesn’t seem like she isn’t getting many comments or anything like that either, while though Beyonce had a setback in sales with 4, she still gets alot of attention from both urban and mainstream audiences…So will Rihanna have to go completely pop from now on? And what will that mean for her career overall? Just Wondering.

  14. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare April 11, 2012

    LOVE this song! One of my favs from “TTT.” Hope the video delivers. 🙂

  15. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 11, 2012

    @sleazy :

    being a ke$ha fan yourself , you had no room to talk about wack videos or dance moves , cuz your opinion will be automatically invalid.

    and b**** don’t come for the LOUD era , the videos had the “lOUD” theme , simple yet efficient and just ” do the job” .

    just don’t come for the LOuD era if you want to keep your glittery ass not whipped the S&M style , k ke$ha’s Animal ?! 😉

  16. Teacher April 11, 2012

    NO…Im not mad at all…but this does prove to y’all that getn a #1 single isn’t as easy as y’all say..

  17. MaZ April 11, 2012

    This b**** is still on the One Eye crap!

    Keep promoting those who put her on the top. Muppet!

  18. therealhonesttruth April 11, 2012

    #1’s are easy to get. Now to stay number 1 is a different story. They are not dishing them out to Katy and Rihanna anymore because their records are starting to challenge the greats. People who actually have talent like Mariah Carey and Elvis Presley are starting become backseats to Rihanna and Katy when they actually have talent

  19. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 11, 2012

    @kingphonix :

    when you stop talking like a hating basic b**** with a wipe filled of s*** in your hands then i will talk with you as civilized individuals do it and i will tell u what’s up with her and her urabn fans. cuz just see what you are doing and you beyhive members get pissed off and get angry when we troll your posts like u do.

    things like that make me stop respecting some of you guys 😡 , stop acting childish 😡

  20. kingphoenix9 April 11, 2012


    What happened to our truce sweetie? That was a serious question? And how am I actiling like a basic b****, because i question the “talent” and gimmicks of Rihanna? How am I hating? I think Rihanna is a gorgous women, just with questionable morals and mental capacity….How is this offensive to you, and why are you so angry? Because i am speaking my truth? You couldn’t even answer the question like an adult…you should be ashamed of your self.

  21. Teacher April 11, 2012

    If it was so easy then how come….nevermind!

  22. Lax April 11, 2012

    Hmmmmm i feel that if i was in the game and could get through
    the winner gate with a number one album, to only have it flop and
    die right before my eyes, would be sad. Then if i could make the
    top ten and then go #1 World Wide with that album and turn around
    and have some Off spring become Hits around the world i would
    feel good kind of like cooking with gas.

  23. Lax April 11, 2012

    People opinions about her talent especially when they call her talentless
    they or the one who look like the Looney tune they or because if she did
    not have talent then she sure in the hell would not be where she is. And
    as much as Jayz and the Kaaaaang love money, like a Hog Love Slop,
    do you think they would be still catering to the “Caribbean” who laid the
    Golden egg, Idiots????See ” You all look so dumb right Now”…..

  24. therealhonesttruth April 11, 2012

    It’s easy to steal money from an illegal immigrant who can barely speak English. Go look at the live performances. My mom can sing better and she just had thyroid surgery.

  25. PrettigurlrockD April 11, 2012

    One of the only decent songs on the album. This will SLAY.

  26. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 11, 2012

    @Kingphonix :

    i didn’t like that ‘ titanic” part of your comment , the same goes to the “only goat ” part , i can go on and call you the H** and shade beyonce , do u like it ?! of course you won’t , so , when you are in a NON-beyonce post , try to put your comment in a nice way , this will prove you are classy at least. and why i’m telling you that , because you are the first one of the hive, so far , to shade.

    we still cool , but please stop playing 😉

    to summarize it and to answer your question :

    whenever rihanna get mature , her casual bandwagon fans ” the gGGB and Loud band-wagoners” stop supporting her cuz they like her when she do those usual rihanna tracks u know. they refuse to take her maturity seriously !! as simple as that , and because most of her mature material is mostly R&B , and considering the fact R&B fans don’t support their favs financially as the pop folks do , then now u know it. the navy knows that and we do realize it , that’s why we get XD when she release a basic pop song 😉 😉 , it is good when you know your fav’s weak points and try to deal with it. take note Beyhive. 😉

  27. Lax April 11, 2012

    @Navy and people with working brains: Why is it that when Rihanna get
    a number 1 single its talked bad about? When Nicki and the Kaaaang
    got # 1’s recently they or praised to high heavens, why is that?

  28. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @LAX :

    HI buddy 🙂 , the queen of the navy is back to the “SLAY” MODE again 🙂

  29. Lax April 11, 2012

    Why is it that with all of the many different times that she have went
    #1 or did something that have not been done in the History of the
    Charts or she did something no one have done in the 53 year History
    I Wonder why do the HATERS, TROLLS Always fine something to say
    to some how try and say that singles isn’t nothing, when people know that you or only as good as your last Hit. Who can prove without s shadow of a doubt that Rihanna’s Music is all Micro Wave, and Gimmicky as compared to what the Kaaand
    and other drop???? See you b****** and witches will forever and a day keep clawwwwing and pawwwwwwin away at your =screen and key board because you feel tht you will just keep trying “TO KILL RIHANNA THROUGH YOUR KEY BOARDS!!

  30. Lax April 11, 2012


  31. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    no , it is not easy to get a #1 in Billboard main charts , ask People beside katy perry and rihanna , it is so hard !!! some people realesed album in 2011 didn’t get a single #1 out of many singles they released. which proves it is hard !!!

    but i agree , Rihanna make it look so effortless 😉

  32. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012


  33. Lax April 11, 2012

    Rihanna’s Haters or Blind, Deaf and Dumb
    from Jump Street….

  34. kingphoenix9 April 11, 2012


    But were you not in the Beyhive months ago?lol. Does Rihanna not sound like a goat, seriously, like for real?
    The H i V does not offend me because, if anything it shoes the Tit…i mean Navy’s in ability to spell. That shade wasn’t even that serious for you to get your panties in a bunch..especially after the horrible things the Navy say’s about Beyonce, which have no credit at all.

    And Rihanna is not acting mature. Her behaviour of lately has been at its most erratic and childish. Her music has not grown…critics claim that TTT sounds like loud “Extra’s” Rated R was her best music, but did not succed because the label was using gimmicks and did not release the best songs of the album lik “Fire Bomb” and “G4L” R&B fans do support when they are giving quality and consistency, look at Usher and Confessions, and when he went pop…well you know the rest. Beyonce fans are the first to admit her weak pts, but Rihann fans are in denial of her’s (i.e. Singing, dancing and all live concerts and performances, 360 deals, overall networth (where is her money? seriously, like Gaga has surpassed her, and Gaga doesn’t have that many products and deals like Bey) No one is mad that Rihanna is pop, honestly she has never been R&B, always urban pop really and some hip-hop when she features, but she abandoned that route for the trendy dance-pop and when its over what will happen…

  35. Lax April 11, 2012

    @POP,,,,Rih and Katy Is Unfazed and Unbothered by’these small minded folks who don’t have a pot to p*** in or a back yard to pour it out in, so they can all keep them
    claws and paws pounding away because hey we know rihanna and her navy loves the hound dog hell out of these small minded,,,,,folks who think the sun rises and set on certain folk and to hell with the likes of artist like Rihanna and Katy. Wht is great is even though they or killing their claws and paws rihanna and katy or still sitting pretty in the top five of the money musicians on forbes so screw the lames…

  36. RichnBlack11(Beyonce keep em MAD) April 11, 2012

    Yass the girls are going at it mmmmmmmmmmm
    :-). 🙂
    Cute cover riri

  37. Lax April 11, 2012

    Rihanna+gimmicky +micro wave music to the Lames
    Yet she has made His-to-rih in her Digital sales and she is
    still charting on the itune with her album “gggb” and the Lames
    or still trying to lie and say her music is Gimmicky, Amazing!!!!!
    If Gimmicky and Micro Wave Music from Katy & Rihanna can make
    you as rich as they or then tell me what kind of music do others need to
    be making to make their s*** sale like their is selling? Other then Adele who
    caters to a entirely different group of people than Katy & Rihanna does. People
    like who they like and people like Rihanna have got her fan/stan who love her
    work and will keep supporting her and we will support her more with all of the
    Undue hate, slime and lies that or spread on and about her every move…..Therefore keep your hate going and see what is popping at the end of the year.

  38. CITYPLAYBOI April 11, 2012

    Damn yo, I live for ♛ POP Royalty ♛ comments! LOL, he keeps my day here at the office entertained. No one drags like he does!!!

  39. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @Kingphonix :

    i have always been a rihanna stan , but i’m not gonna lie , i rolled with other fanbases as well in the past , the hive was one of them , but i didn’t like it tBH , i like Beyonce , but i am not so fond of her stans and their attitude. SORRY !

    anyway , back to topic ….

    – i do think Rihanna is maturing as a woman , she’s just capitalize on the “rebell’ image just for her fans , like showing us that she’s gangsta and stuffs like that , but her fans know the real her , and trust , it is nothing like what she’s showing us , this image she is sporting is what her label tell her to be. her next challenge is to be herself again. and TBH , her fans make it hard for her to be herself. just look at her twitter page , the amount of hate she’s dealing with is enoremous , then why do u think ppl like beyonce are not on twitter , cuz trolls are just mean and hateful , the only one who knows how to deal with them is gaga , maybe cuz she’s showing her fans how to deal with the haters as part of her message , but to stay on it , rihanna has to give us that rebel image cuz this is what her label and majority of her fans like about her , me myself i like the ” a grl like me rihanna” the most. but it is what it is , i have to like what she’s coming with everytime 🙂 , i love her.

    – unless i see them checks and papers she’s getting and getting a percentage of them , i’m not gonna talk about someone is getting money or being rich , IDGAF , but the b**** ain’t poor , she’s Rich 🙂

    – at this point , YES , rihanna can sing , she has a unique voice which suits her songs , she don’t scream in every track till your eras bleed like certain artists , and she is not celine dion either , but she’s good.
    and she’s not that great as a performer , she’s a mood-dependent performer so sometimes when relaxed , she give a good performance :

    and she’s allowed to explore different genres ” the same goes to usher” !! that’s not abandonment !! LOud had different genres and the same goes to TTT. i don’t see what you are saying can be applied to those albums !!

    and RR was not what her fans ” the bandwagon i’m talking about ” wanted from her , but it is her best album to date , and critics liked it ! that’s what i’m talking about , ppl don’t want her to be mature or to show maturity , they want her to keep going on that ” rude boy” and ” S&M” route !! not her problem , it is their problem ! 😡

    it is your choice to like her the way she is or not , but get real , girl has something special about her. jut because you are a beyonce stan you have to dislike her , you can like them both , actually i do like them and they , coincidentally , complete each other , they are filling each other’s gaps !!

    so …..

    and listen to ” we all want love” , “drunk on love” , “fool in love” and “farewell” , if those tracks are not showing maturity , then miss me already !

    Bye . 😉

  40. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @CityBoi :

    thanks Boo ( *_________^) !!!

  41. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    well my last comments has typos like DAMN 😳 , but i won’t bother correcting them , so … 😆

  42. Girrrl April 11, 2012

    This is not one of my fave tracks.from TTT but I expect it to do well because the Navy loves it. I only want Rihanna to do some dancing in the video like she did at the grammys. I want her to be the Janet of this generation a pop superstar who can dance.

  43. ecchi April 11, 2012

    nice cover.

  44. ImJustsayin April 11, 2012

    “Hmmmmm i feel that if i was in the game and could get through the winner gate with a number one album, to only have it flop and die right before my eyes, would be sad” I am assuming this is shade at 4.

    Her number 1’s aren’t talked about bad, it is her album that is talked about. Singles are suppose to push an album. $.99 Single vs. $10.00 album. The Navy only sees the Billboard 100 apparently 200 does not exist. She had a number 1 for 10 weeks why is her album not passed 1 mil yet. But 4 is a flop? No number 1’s and over a mil.

    Well others will get number 1’s if they pulled every trick in the book like Rihanna and Katy, remixes to the remix and 3 for 1 singles. That is a gimmick to get number 1’s. But it all shows because 5 number #1’s from TD and she still has not passed I…Am which only had 1 number 1.

  45. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @Girrl :

    everything will be on time 😉 , we still gonna see what she’s serving for the ” TTT” Tour 🙂

    and no one can touch Janet’s ” or ciara” dance skills , but yes , Rihanna was like DAMN in that grammy’s performance 🙂 !!

    just be patient 😉

  46. kingphoenix9 April 11, 2012


    First of all I am not a Beyonce stan I am a fan…and second how can you say that its not her problem when she is catering to them….A lot of what you said contradicted it self, but then again thats the conundrum of Rihanna’s whole career.

    I guess the real question is taste and what we all individual define as growth…I have heard those songs you mentioned and honestly just because she is singing about love and heartbreak doesn’t mean she is growing. The lyrics have no real depth, the production is basic, and her vocals are almost non-existance. And as for the performance…i’ll just leave it at that…

    Allah’s speed and good luck with that.

  47. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @I’m just sayin :

    i didn’t know releasing remixes of your songs is something against the law !! so since this theory is that well-known ans so easy to do , why it doesn’t work for other artists who remix their songs and still don’t get #1’s ?!! 🙄

    gimmick or not , as long it works and cost less than releasing multiple music videos to get a #1 then it is GOOD !!!

    business is business buddy !! u gotta do what makes you get what u want and cost you less 😉 !

  48. kimberly April 11, 2012

    The navy said that that talk, cake and you the one would be #1 or top 5. ummm well it didn’t work. now they say where have you been. I swear everything and all the shade is coming back to bite the asses but the sad thing is so early?
    Anyway I like the cover

  49. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @Kingphonix :

    a beyonce fan who goes hard for her and shade Rihanna always are the basic signs of a beyonce stan , if you didn’t realize it , you do know ! congratulation , you are a beyonce stan 🙂

    as i always say , i won’t make you like rihanna and it is up to you to like or dislike her !

    and yes , it is not her problem if what she do is not fitting their ” what rihanna should be like” list.

    like her the way she is or leave her alone , as simple as that , like when there’s a bad show on T.v , you got the remote control , easily change the channel , why you waste your time watching it and criticize it , just change it and move on and watch something you like and be satisfied with it. U like Rita , right ! go watch her !! maybe she will give you what u want and leave the reductive rihanna alone. if you are that good of a person and willing to be one of the few sane , civilized beyonce fans , u will do that. no need to go back and forth with her fans , if anything , rihanna fans ” not the beyonce haters turned rihanna band wagoners” are usually peaceful and they are not trolls. so ……..

    take her as she is or leave her !! and we will still be cool regardless 😉 😉 😉 !!

  50. ImJustsayin April 11, 2012


    Because that is meaningless. You don’t throw someone on a remix just to get a number 1. You throw them on to add their artist touch to the song. It is not good because it does nothing for the ultimate purpose to sell the album, because more than likely that remix will not be on the album. So it backfires and doesn’t help their album sales. I mean yeah the single will sell something but again it is $.99 you want ppl the spend the $10.00. Honestly sometimes the song is better off without the remix Rihanna and Britany’s S&M and BC with Chris(This song would have been so much better with just her extended version IMO).

  51. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @kimperly :

    Rihanna non-pop and non-dance music which feature no one of the hot at the moment acts usually don’t go to #1 !!! it is a well-known fact , nothing new in what u said !

    and i explained why it happens earlier 😉

  52. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @i’m just sayin :

    usually i don’t go back and forth with ppl when it comes to their opinions , but i believe adding an artist to a song will of course add to the song , it depends on who’s being added and what he/she add to the song. so …..

    and who said Remixes are meant to sell the actual albums ?!! remixes are either released as a Remix album ” like GGGB- the remixes” for example or Eps in iTunes and physical promo CDS !! or maybe in a special package for the fans ” like the deluxe version of 4 , it had 3 remixes to RTW ” !!! so they are not Mainly to sell the album , they are mainly to increase the song probability to chart well and go to #1. that’s why they always feature the ppl who are hot at the moment , but of course quality comes at #2 , not the first priority ! but as i say , it is business 🙄

    K ?! 😉

  53. likane April 11, 2012

    lol you’re a pop silly here a few months ago you said not to be a fan of rihanna and be a fan of Beyonce and here you are now being disparaged the pathetic beyoncé beyoncé fan does not need someone who do not know if he wants any ways

    and when you talk about number one you made ​​me laugh rihanna had a number one we found love with for ten weeks but the album did not exceed the million and you still talk to reign but what kingdom seem to stop the greatest what do nicky is in two-year career and also known as rihanna has more big contra advertising that rihanna has the number one single and a number one album and it just started same for katy pery who has 5 also already number one single of the problem is what is lacking in talent and that if a girl comes with pop song that radio enjoys spending it will also have its number one because it is replaceable without talent is proof that rita ora you already afraid I’m a fan of Beyonce and she told me nothing I do not support her story but you will see this girl will bring competition to rihanna like nicky pery ect just because how do the same generic pop music and as for their fans only 100 hot story
    Nouveau ! Cliquez sur les termes ci-dessus pour voir d’autres traductions. Ignorer

  54. WHUT April 11, 2012

    It’s coming.

  55. kingphoenix9 April 11, 2012

    Oh @Pop Me loving Beyonce, and disliking the way RIhanna acts and stands for are too seperate things trust me, I was one of Rihanna’s biggest supporters when she came out, yet i knew that she could not sing live and she was limited all around…It wasn’t till S&M, specifically when she brought Britney on stage and did a remix, when i say that I was like okay Rihanna just don’t really give a f*** about her career she will do anything for a hit….And when TTT era begin i just couldn’t deal anymore and the truth set me free….Hopefully you will see the light. Too…

    And yeah we will still be cool, just watch your mouth in reference to me…Matter a fact I probably take a hiatus from this site for awile, my life is going through some changes and i need to stay alert. Adios Amiga….

  56. Lax April 11, 2012

    @IAMJUSTSAYING,,,NO SWEETS That is not shade i am just calling it like i see
    it, that was a generalization of artist who have dropped albums in general. If you read me you do not see me waging war about Beyonce’s 4 think back, i don’t have an opinion one way or the other about “4” when i am talking i am speaking in general.
    Since people have bragging rights when their fave does something that is good, why is it that they can get their party on and then when Rihanna don’t go #1 with her albums they tries to stomp her wheels off? And when Beyonce have been at it longer and have the tickest to show all rihanna is quilty of doing is working her ass off and getting torn to shreads by her haters and many or from the Bee Hive and me and you both know that is the truth.

    What Beyonce have done with “4′ and her accomplishments like making 35 million sitting on her ass as her Bee Hive Brags open about is good with me because she beat Rihanna and Rih worked her ass off. That is all good , but at the end of the day no matter how much the Bee Hive and the outsiders tries to bash the hound dog hell out of Rihanna shes is still standing tall aganist all odds, and you and me and the world know this.

    You guys need to realize that just like the navy all know that there’s the navy and you know basicly who we or and then there or outside forces all up in the mix trying to keep s*** stirred up, now don’t we. To me i see Rihanna as the yound Super Star she is, i see her working and still learning as she goes along and i also see her name mentioned many different time with the big girls names, also.
    I Have never typed that Rihanna was the best, and no one will ever be on her level, because i know that Rihanna isn’t at the top and at the same time shes dam sure not at the bottom. And another thing, why do it seem to be a nit picking special for your bee hive to always pit Rita aganist Rihanna each and every time theres a post on Rita? Tell you what when people Blatant tries to tear Rih to Bits and pull Rita or any other artist to the Forefront that is just lkie is the Navy was saying and screaming that Rihanna was the best, we don’t do that we tries to project and convey to others that Rihanna is a human being and she is just as good as the next pwrson, all be it she might not can hold a tune as long and as hard as beyonce, Jasmin or Jennifer she can still hold a tune and her VOCAL AND VOICE She was born with it and you all make it a point to poke fun at her voice all of the time.

    Whe people keep doing the nasety dirty thing like many has done over a period of time, you do set back and try to figure out what is the cause, But you and i know that its not only Rihanna taht the Bee Hice goes after, they go after anybody with their asses pointing to the ground, now don’t yah? And just so you’d know it was shameful and so hurtful the way the BEE HIVE Went in on Aaliah, just saying.

    Every one in the navy or not 8 or 10 years old Sweets, many of us or mature and full grown ass women who have got a life and we still love rihanna. See even though rihanna isn’t from the US, She is from the Caribbeans and she have got “Next Of Kin” and that is a fact, we or happy to see her come to america and do well for herself, and REMEMBER Sweets i know that Rihanna isn’t the best but you can bet your sweet ass shes not the Worst either, Love Sweets, Remember i am speaking in general and not intended for BEYONCE BECAUSE AS YOU KNOW I HAVE NO PROBLES WITH WORSD MY PROBLEM IS WITH ENGLISH AND SENTENCES IN GENERAL, SWEETS…..lOVE AND NOT HATE, GOES THE DISTANCE, SWEETS…

  57. likane April 11, 2012

    and fans of Beyonce sil please you stop to have discution Sterile with these last year seriously its not worth beyoncé we may not like his music but his behavior is an artist first and foremost an artist is because s having her sing and she sings and dances at the same time it is a swoh yesterday he had a girl here on discution Aaliha and it was quite ridiculous but at least was a great artist Aaliha incredible just the opposite of rithard it is a shame for this beyoncé comparison with that girl who did not respect herself no class and no dignity to go do a duet with her ​​assailant who hit who and publish picture of her naked on the net and more a song which is really sexual connotation riducule Alore please stop

  58. ImJustsayin April 11, 2012

    “that’s why they always feature the ppl who are hot at the moment” This is the very reason why I said if others pulled the gimmicks and tricks that Rihanna and Katy have pulled they will have number 1’s too.

  59. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @Likane :

    Only time will tell ……………………………………………………………………………………

    but in the age of “bootleg” and ” illegal downloading” , torrents” , etc …, ppl who buy physical albums are decreasing day after day , so only digital sales indicate what’s going on really. so iTunes charts and Billboard main singles chart is what can be trusted nowadays. they give you instant overview about what it is hot at the moment , what’s the best song at the moment !! maybe it won’t be the best to you , but other maybe liked it more than you !

    and selling 2 millions WW in 2 months are something GOOD and prove Rihanna is a great album seller. and her getting #1 hit and stay right there for consecutive 11 weeks indicate she’d doing something right when it comes to making songs which ppl like . 😉

    @kingphonix :

    anyway , i will still like you regardless , it is your choice and it something about “personal taste” !! s&m is a naughty song , she just did it that way. like when beyonce did “video phone” !! U remember ?! 😉
    u shouldn’t be that annoyed , guess u liked it when beyonce did it in VP and hated it when Riri did the same with S&M !! odd 🙄

    it is up to you , but i find it weird !!

    adios 🙂

  60. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    April 11, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    “that’s why they always feature the ppl who are hot at the moment” This is the very reason why I said if others pulled the gimmicks and tricks that Rihanna and Katy have pulled they will have number 1’s too.


    Mmmmmm , what about a NO ?! :mrgreen:

    it didn’t work for Beyonce and gaga , who were the hottest thing at the moment back then , when they did an extended remix for ” video phone’ !!! and it was so over-hyped and had buzz like damn !! but it wasn’t a#1 last time i checked.

    it doesn’t work for everybody buddy 😉 😉 ! even if you were so hot !! it is something about appealing to the masses i guess.

  61. CITYPLAYBOI April 11, 2012

    LOL!!! I see my man POP is still slaying the clowns that come at him! Give it up. #UCANTWIN

  62. likane April 11, 2012

    ho pleas pop

    it proves the contrary sue his success is not determined at all rihanna’s career has never been constant over 6 album Both work well and loud GGGD GGGD and still had a reissue is a loud and 5.356 copy has not even 6 million fire as we want fans to believe is you can go all the verified sales

    you said that sales of his album and it was not true but it’s still adel has sold 20 million and Beyonce at least she has already sold 12 million dangeresly in love again I voupouvez go vériffié not making this up but with all that is necessary is an issue not even managed to sell two million album together is deplorable state it had just emerged from a tour and we founde love singing during his tour there is video to prove it ten weeks in united state and every day lol if anything it sold millions dx is jutement because what has and continue with loud loud ttt the single from happening again in radio and television and still her she did not even do much to stop lying to you but yourself if you like me to continue her what your problem is when a song is insipid rest will have a number if in ten years people will sing again we found folio or chanterosn example rud boy has american idol

  63. ImJustsayin April 11, 2012


    Calling it how you see it ok, and so are we. That is a problem when you are 6 albums in a none have touched the top spot. It is problem when your CD releases 3 #1’s well 2 I guess since S&M remix was not on LOUD yet you don’t do more than 2 mil. This is a problem you have a number #1 single for an extended period of time but your album is not doing a damn thing.

    That is a problem to sit on your ass for a year and do nothing while Rihanna is out killing herself show after show and promo and not make more than Bey is a problem. Instead of trying build the Rihanna empire so she can also do the same what does she do? Release a CD full of Rated R and LOUD leftovers. It is time for her to grow up and make Rihanna name go down in the books at this rate she can have 20 number 1 numbers but she will not be crowned with the title of Icon or legend.

    In the AAliyah post majority of those ppl were not HIVE members, but the Navy can’t understand just because someone gives someone props does not mean they are a fan or stan. The ppl were telling you they are not a part of the HIVE or stan for anyone. This is why ppl go in on the Navy.

    I don’t stan for Bey because I think no one is better than her. Whintey will always be the greatest singer, MJ will always be the greatest entertainer. However, Beyonce understands her talent and always gives u 1 million%, hell and even looking at someone who can’t sing Britany, she still gave it all in her performances from 99-2005

    I say this to say, I don’t hate on Rihanna, She has a nice studio voice, and catchy hooks, but let’s be real she doesn’t even care to try.

  64. Illuminati Jay Z Corrupted Rihanna April 11, 2012

    Yeah yeah yeah

    Illuminati WE GET IT

    Single all seeing eye Yeah yeah yeah we know illuminati
    take the illuminati and shove it im sick of having illuminati shoved down our throats and that goes for Rita ora as well
    (ripping of beyonce’s look from Best thing i never had”)

    the best thing Rihanna can do for her career is get as far away as Jay z as she can and if you want to know about the Real Jay Z watch the music documentary “Backstage” with Damon Dash

    Yeah I KNOW what im talking bout.

  65. Lax April 11, 2012

    But if Rihanna isn’t hot how did they pull whos’ hot i mean Eminem
    wrote a song with Rihanna in Mind, Coldplay wrote his song with
    Rihanna in mind, and any ways if Jay, Eminem, Gaga, lil wayne,
    chris, nicki, and many other can do collab. why can’t Rihanna do it?
    Don’t be sore loosers because Rihanna’s collab, with Eminem has gone 17x Platium the fukkkkin bottom line is all that count, and if you don’t believe me ask Rihanna’s manger Jay-z?

  66. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    adele still selling album is more of a statement than actual slaying ….. it proves ppl support who they believe in , and they believe in adele the most now. can’t knock adele , she’s #MAJAH !! love her , but everyone compared to her is a flop , so putting adele aside………..

    @Likane :

    who said “TTT” peaked at 2 millions WW ?!! it is only 2 singles were released and it sold 2 millions in 2 months , that’s pretty good , and going with that rate , then it gonna be just perfect for us the navy 🙂

    and ppl are still playing songs like ” rude boy” and ” don’t stop the music” !! so her songs are pretty timeless and great.
    and don’t bring up names of other artists , keep it all about rihanna 😉

    @City :

    CHEERS , i drink to that 🙂 !!

    U r cool BTW 🙂

    @LAX :

    i put it in a simple form and supported my thing with a living example , now they get it that it is not easy to get a #1 !! no need to over-slay them , we did what we want regarding this topic , now we can have fun 😉

  67. Lax April 11, 2012

    @Iamjustsaying,,,,and at the end of the day it still don’t matter about how many albums she have dropped. The fact of the matter is Jayz did a album a year for ten years straight and if you want to get polical explain that to me? It does not matter how many albums she have dropped to me, why does that matter to you and the Hive? I mean it shows us that shes working and she made paper last year nd this year just what is the problem? Imean #1’s don;t fill your pockets by themselves because after all since the BEE HIVE Swears that her music is GIMMICKY It seem right for her to keep trying to get it right for the bee hive sakes Right? I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH HOW MANY ALBUMS SHE HAVE DROPPED AND NOR DOES THE nAVY BUT IT’S CLEAR THAT IT DRIVES THE bEE hICE nUTTS, AND IT SHOWS, That is the reason you all tries to dissaprove of her so hard. The best thing about Rihanna’s caree is the FACT THAT SHE DO NOT DEPEND ON HER HATERS FO JACK S***, AND THATS THE GOOD THING ABOUT THAT, FOR REAL ALL YOU HATERS GIVE RIHANNA AND HER NAVY IS “LIP SERVICE AND LIP SERVICE DON’T PAY ANY BILLS, FOLKS, NONE AT ALL. See nicki went #1 and she seem to have did it effortless and thats great, on the same token less see how well shes doing at the end of 6 months into this album, and trush she will collab and do what ever she has to do to sell music.

  68. Lax April 11, 2012

    @pop i hear you Ofc…..

  69. Lax April 11, 2012

    If Rihanna and her team or devil worshippers, i wonder if the rest of them or too?????lol

  70. likane April 11, 2012

    and then just because rude boy is playing on the radio does not mean that it is timeless lol mya is playing here on fraçaise tion and on TV as it is for her single did not you timeless dreamers I said you wanted rihanna am so great artist in his field but it does the cuckoo’s not that she has focused at least learn to sing better she would earn at least the respect of people but she thinks that the controversy and to buzz will sit his popularity or notoriety but is not the case

    coldplay and I do not know if you read the interview where he said I had to send the songs Beyonce has first and she and her team are therefore refuse duo you can put it where I think the song is nice but nothing timeless it will make a nice clip and you’ll go buy their album because it is well known now that rihanna fans making fun of calité long as its number one and am eminem chosen because the victim was and how that a is the moment everyone was talking of the case rihanna chris he also said in an interview you can cherhcer interview on social networks

  71. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @likane :

    your last comment is cute , are you french ? 😉 !! if it is the case then i’m gonna be cool 🙂

    to just summarize it , what’s your problem now ?! rihanna is doing her thing and we will all deal , c’est la vie , we can not do anything about it. but i’m happy for her 🙂 !! she was just an island girl and now BOOM … look at her. WINNING 🙂

  72. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    for the record , i don’t take anyone who’s believing in s*** like “illuminati” seriously ..

  73. Lax April 11, 2012

    While i respect others view point i still say this, and that is
    if Rihanna isn’t your cup of tea and she don’t deliver in the singing
    and performances department for many then leave her to those of us who love and support her and call it a day. Because rehashing it over and over again isn’t stopping or slowing down jack s***.
    Eho did what and when and whos o this or that level isn’t about s***. You have many new people coming to the stage and they or praying for a hit and a #1, best believe that. And they will take a #1 album or #1 single. If RIHANNA DON’T HAVE NOTHING ELSE WE KNOW SHE HAVE GOT SOME #1 NOW DON’T WE?

  74. Lax April 11, 2012

    6 #1’s in the UK, That made His-to-rih since it haven’;t been done since Elvis di it.
    She have sold 15 Million records in the Uk, Amazing to say the least. Now many can try and talk that down but that is posted in the History Books, Folks

  75. Lax April 11, 2012

    There is something called the Fairness Doctrine!!
    And it applys to all and that is if you or the best screamer in the
    game or Rita Ora, just saying!!

  76. Roc flop April 11, 2012

    Illuminati is used in the music business as a fancy word for the freemasons
    not all freemasons are into the occult
    but the ones jay z and most power people in the music business are connected to
    blood sacrifice etc
    the all seeing eye is not used by the illuminati for protection for bad spirits like in some cultures, the eye as shown in the photo is about big brother watching you at all times-you see now in the everyday news goverments are watching people day and night reading their emails

    the reason rihanna is shown with one eye in the picture is to show that roc nation supports and believes in the new world order.big brother agenda where people are watched all the time and become slaves because of lack of money

    in Rihanna’s case it seems they are trying to push her out with Rita ora, Rihanna has an alcohol problem and if roc nation cared for her they would be trying to push her out with rita, they dont care about rihanna
    they care about how much money rihanna’s name can make for them

    which exploits both Rita and Rihanna both of these girls are being exploited by Roc nation but sadly either don’t care, or wanted or needed the money the fame so bad they have turned a blind eye to it.

    Nearly every video which has a roc nation in it has either subliminal, demonic imagery promoting satanism, war, or slavery (as in slavery by lack of money)

  77. riri April 11, 2012

    so her songs are pretty timeless and great.



    I dont here people play those songs anymore. And it was few years ago, give 10 years then you can call these songs timeless.

    Anywho, the cover may be an indication of how the video will look like 🙂

  78. riri April 11, 2012


  79. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @Roc Flop :

    feel sorry for you son. 😡

  80. kingphoenix9 April 11, 2012


    I didn’t dislike her featuring somebody, I am mad that she used Britney, to get a hit knowing Britney was not up to par. Did you not see that performance at the AMA, and the song was useless as a remix…and did i personally tell you that i liked Video Phone? There you go assuming….

  81. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @Kingphonix :

    yes , i hated that S&M remix , sometimes i wish Rihanna feature no ONE. but ugh .. what can i do about it ?! 🙄

    Britney simply sounded as if she had a flu when they recorded her verses , the original song is waaaaaay better 🙂 , and the performance sucked big time , was just not right , Beyonce’s performance was simply the highlight that night , def one of her iconic performances of all times !! ” see , i give credit ” !

    and it is a rare thing to find a Beyonce fan who don’t like VP ! so … so sorry if it didn’t apply this time 😳

  82. kingphoenix9 April 11, 2012


    I dont dislike it i just like it more seperate….but then again i really like Gaga’s verse, but i just dont know if i like the whole thing together…and the video was only good when Gaga and Bey were together, other than that it wasn’t really memorable.

    While i loved Telephone, and was suprised that Bey outshined Gaga on the Track and the Video cause it was so pop and so Gaga…Those two are a strange pair i must say, cannot wait to see them perform together live.

    With S&M i was so not here for it because i felt like Rihanna was trying to be funny or something like girl, you are known for your collabs…but i guess she wanted to use somebody she knew couldn’t out shine her but it didn’t work. Rihanna she just not collab with women…Maybe with Katy, Bey, or even Rita (That would be the hottest)…but other than that no!

  83. commanderofthedancefloor April 11, 2012

    why is everyone stuck on riri not having a #1 album in the US??

    lets look at it like this! OUT of all the #1 albums in 2010 only one outsold LOUD! that was eminems recovery!! Loud was #3!!
    out of all the number ones in 2011 only one has sold more than LOUD, and that was of course adeles 21!!!!

    so to put it more bluntly out of every #1 album in the past two years which there was over 20 #1 albums only two outsold LOUD!!!! so how can you tell me that having a #1 album is that important??? it makes no sense!!!

    ps there are several artist that have never gotten a #1 album like pink! so does that take away from her as an artist? but for rihanna it does?

  84. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been) April 11, 2012

    @King :

    i co-sign with almost all of your last comment ” especially the part about gaga and beyonce” that’s also what i think , like the same opinion of mine , except for ;

    1. rihanna is not known for her collabos , maybe her looks , maybe her fashion style , but not collabos. she has hits with only her name on it. 🙂

    2. beyonce outshined gaga only in the video , maybe cuz everyone was amazed how beyonce got adopted the elements of gaga’s world that quick ” that paparazzi’s sunglasses for example ” , but not in the song.

    3. rihanna is all about Fun, she’s always fun and that’s itself one of the reasons i love her 🙂

    the two R will be cool together ” Rita and Rihanna” 🙂 , i’m all for uniting and not for comparing artists 🙂

  85. Lax April 11, 2012

    @ROC ,,,,All you need is the “King James”Version of the ‘Holy Bible”!!
    So you or saying that you believe what Youtube preaches and not the Bible,
    grow up, kid!!Learn to think with a brain, if you have one that’s working. And another thing or you leaving these same comments on every one Post all over the Net???If
    not tell me who’s the dam fool in this????

  86. dang April 11, 2012

    She WILL ruin this LEGENDARY song with a S*** music video

  87. Teacher April 11, 2012

    ♛ POP Royalty ♛ ( where have Rude Boy been)
    April 11, 2012 at 12:09 pm
    April 11, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    “that’s why they always feature the ppl who are hot at the moment” This is the very reason why I said if others pulled the gimmicks and tricks that Rihanna and Katy have pulled they will have number 1’s too.


    Mmmmmm , what about a NO ?!

    it didn’t work for Beyonce and gaga , who were the hottest thing at the moment back then , when they did an extended remix for ” video phone’ !!! and it was so over-hyped and had buzz like damn !! but it wasn’t a#1 last time i checked.

    it doesn’t work for everybody buddy ! even if you were so hot !! it is something about appealing to the masses i guess.
    I just had to add that while Lady Gaga n Queen Beyonce (Two huge stars)were sittin at #2 on the Hot 100 w/ Telephone….Queen Rihanna was sittin pretty at #1 w/ Rude Boy(5 wks @ #1) 😀

  88. Lax April 11, 2012

    @ESTERZ,,,Thanks Hun, i had saved that earlier, but thanks anyways, and know
    that i don’t have a problem with Rih and Chris because i have seen how both of them have worked hard to get this behind them. They have both moved on and we all should too. Chris deserves a chance just like all of the rest of them. What
    happen is oer done they have buried it in a “Undisclosed Grave” To never be visited again. Now let us all move on and Remember that if any of us make out beds hard , then we or the one’s who will have to sleep in it, Thanks again Hun!!!
    The have just charged Zimmerman for the death of the 17 year old, it’c rolling accross the screens at work, you all!!!!

  89. Lax April 11, 2012

    Hmmmmm Kayne is saying that “KK” is his Beyonce
    he fills that he and Kim is the next Beyonce and Jay, Amazing!!!

  90. esterz April 11, 2012


    U R welcome

  91. Richnblack11(JUST LIKE BEY) April 11, 2012


  92. Kayla April 11, 2012

    OF COURSE! OF MUTHA FUCKKIN COURSE TIS TALENTLESS B**** WOULD! that’s all i’m gonna say and you know what i’m talkin about!!

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