Hot Shot: Rita Ora ‘Connects’ With Rob Kardashian

Published: Monday 13th Aug 2012 by David

Get into this snap of close friends Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora, showcasing their latest ‘artwork’ on Twitter last night.

Uploaded by the Reality TV Royal, the pic sees the pair flaunting mock tattoos of the other’s name days after he touched down in London to be with the chart topping gem.

His tweet below…


Side note:

TGJ were fortunate enough to have heard Rita’s debut piece ‘ORA‘ in full last week, and believe us when we say you won’t be disappointed at the surprises she has in store.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Owen August 13, 2012

    This is so stupid, they’re not gonna be together forever.

    • That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 13, 2012

      Those aren’t real tatoos.

    • HALF AMAZIN August 13, 2012

      This is stupid, period. If Rita, or her handlers were smart they’d leave a gimmick like Rob Kardashian OUT of the equation. I’m really searching for a reason to be interested in this girl but she just doesnt have “it” for me…and stupid s*** like this….I’ll pass

  2. The Lacefront Chronicles August 13, 2012

    Rita should talk to Ciara about what happens to your career when you hang with the Kardashian Klan.


      does she even have a career to begin with :/

      • FAF August 13, 2012

        LOOKS @ UR NAME… STOP trolling

        Ciara has wayyy more than u’ll ever had, bigheaded FLOP…

  3. Kreayshawn August 13, 2012

    Im putting my foot down I’m tired of being call all types of name when I come on blog sites f*** that I will not be disrespected anymore you hear me I’m tired of this s***. Black people think they can just get away with any f****** thing they think hip hop is only for them… WELL NO IT AIN’T! S*** f****** tired of n***** always hating on me and I’m just trying to put out my debut album but you n***** always trying to hold me back well I’m done with these n***** always in my face talking bull s***.

    N***** is gonna respect me & buy my f****** album even if you don’t get KFC the day before my album drops don’t blame me.

    • HALF AMAZIN August 13, 2012

      You HAVE to be paid for trolling and these stupid ass posts. I refuse to believe you say this on purpose.

  4. CHILE PLEASE!! August 13, 2012

    How the hell Rob get Rita??? Rob is such a soft c*** box that needs to man up!

  5. That Bajan Juice August 13, 2012

    She needs to dump Rob and date somebody who can actually raise her profile. If she wants to be famous, hanging with that doofus won’t help.

    • I69 August 13, 2012

      you are the doofus

  6. Kreayshawn August 13, 2012

    S*** everytime I turn around a black person always hating calling me a cracker trailer park b**** then they always wonder why they get called ignorant by white people.

    That’s what drew me to go on a racist twitter rant a few months back I got tired of keeping my mouth close to ignorant people who love chicken. F*** that I got fed up and took my madness out on a few tweets. Then once I got some ATTENION I said my account was hack to make it seem it was. I’m a slick person

    Since I’m on here ranting.. I should get a little promo my debut album somethin bout kreayshawn drops next month steptember 18.

    • MJ Lover August 13, 2012

      Shut. The F***. Up.

  7. WTF August 13, 2012

    Rita needs a knee wax.

  8. ENOUGH ONIKA August 13, 2012

    Huh…..This chic…everything she does just REAKS of desperation to get people to notice her. My countdown til the new year when she’s weeded out like the rest of the flops starts now…I seriously will never support Jay again for bringing this girl to the industry and out the woodworks…

    • FAF August 13, 2012

      Just like Rihanna… LOL

      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 13, 2012

        Ok….I don’t stan for her so……

    • Rita Slays August 13, 2012

      Ane everything you do REAKS of desperation. Example: commenting on EVERY Rita Ora post even though you claim to dislike her.

      • I69 August 13, 2012

        Hell everyone dose that….. your point being?

      • Rita Slays August 13, 2012

        No bew, only the pressed people do that. I don’t like Rifund so you won’t see me commenting on her post unless its to defend Rita.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 13, 2012

        The fact that your name is “Rita Slays” is enough to prove you don’t deserve much of a response due to your disabilities being a fan of RIta Oral. But whether I state truth or not, majority of the comments on Rita posts will, hence it’s a blog site. If you hate it, scroll you ass of to her fan site..oh that’s right, she don’t have one….Guess your s*** outta luck along with her career :/

  9. Letruth August 13, 2012

    I don’t get why they wont admit to going out but will post pics like these.

  10. Honesty August 13, 2012

    Rob acts like a child but I still like him better than the other Kardashains. Kardashains are really trying to infest Jay and Kanye.

  11. Quetta August 13, 2012

    Both of them are dumb af!

  12. DOSSOME August 13, 2012

    YAWN..Slow news day…you had to dig up 4 the most irrelevant celebrity clan THE KARDASHIANS…even azeLIAR banks & breezy had nothing 2 post on twitter…lmao

    • FAF August 13, 2012

      Irrelevant? They got 3 more seasons of a show for 30 Mill Kim is worth hundreds of millions herself…. they have a successful clothing line… U MAD?

  13. DOSSOME August 13, 2012

    YAWN.Slow news day.even TGJs own azeLIAR banks had nothing 2 post on twitter leaving samantha 2 go fetch news from the most irrelevant celebrity clan the kardashians.lmao

    • FAF August 13, 2012

      SHUT THE F*** UP…

  14. nunu August 13, 2012

    Ewwwww Rita seriously if u want to save ur career BREAK UP WITH ROB the kardashians can ruin ur life

  15. jasmine August 13, 2012


  16. My hip, my back August 13, 2012

    dis woman done stoled my man

    but they do make a cute couple

  17. Rita Slays August 13, 2012

    They need to admit they are dating

  18. kelly August 13, 2012

    Hmm? How we do tanked in America and yet it going straight to number 1 in the UK? I am sure Roc have bought all the records to make it appear Rita has huge buzz. You see…..I checked Radio 1 playiits and MTV UK playlist – Rita’s HWD barely got spins, so for it to just fly into number 1 is suspect!

    I know they are gonna buy all her LPs to make her have a UK numbe 1. After that, then what’s next?

    • FAF August 13, 2012

      Ummm she’s from the UK, dumbass of course she does better in her homeland.. Just like Kylie Minogue>Madonna except in the U.S.

      • kelly August 13, 2012

        UMMM no, dumbass! What about Adele sales in America or Rihanna owning the UK chart, idiot?

      • kelly August 13, 2012

        Kylie Minogue has been huge in England for 20 years and she is Australian you ugly ass dumbass. Don’t attempt to come at me without facts.

      • kelly August 13, 2012

        Does every America hit the big time? NO, What about Nigerian born Brit Sade, who is an icon for 25 years in America? STFU, c***.

        ROC nation do payola ( pay radio to play rita ) and they bought her song to go number 1. End of story.

      • kelly August 13, 2012

        One thing is clear, she will only be a UK singer like Tinie Tempa or Dizzie rascal, she will never be a global superstar like Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake.

        So f*** u!

    • SdotB August 15, 2012

      did u say “or justin timberlake?” …

      excuse me, but where the fukk has justin been in the past 5 years??

      yeah, thought so…

      and Rita’s 1st album hasn’t even come out yet, so how the hell are u forcasting what the rest of her career will be? get off her damn nutz…

      ur a troll!!

  19. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 13, 2012


    Rihanna is laughing her bajan ass somewhere !!!!!

    • SdotB August 15, 2012

      why is she laughin? at least Rita got a man…can’t say the same for Rih-Rih, who wishes she was back with her ex…

      btw, I love Rih-Rih…i just thought ur comment didn’t make any sense

  20. WOLVERINEGIRLS August 13, 2012

    I see Rob has an all seeing eye tattoo on his wrist
    It’s an illuminati match made in hell ha ha ha ha

    best man at the wedding kayne west sales of holy water expected to soar

    • BAPS August 13, 2012


  21. Suicide Blonde August 13, 2012

    I thought she was smart, really_____________No brain.

  22. BAPS August 13, 2012

    Really, now she has a tattoo the same place Rhianna has a tattoo on her fingers which say “Thug Life”. This is r***** and im already for Rita to disappear. JAYZ IS A F*** ASS!! Rhianna should pay attention to the signs. The elite the run the industry has a clone as your replacement!!!

    • SdotB August 15, 2012

      OMFG…ok so now she’s copying Rihanna b/c she has FAKE TAT on her fingers that says ROBK??

      so is ROB copying Rihanna too for having RITA on his fingers??

      u h*** find anything to say about someone copying rihanna…


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