Rita Ora Talks New Video, ‘Rita Bots’ And Permanent X Factor Spot

Published: Tuesday 28th Aug 2012 by David

With a new album out, a single to promote and an episode of X Factor UK on the way, Rita Ora continued in her promotional efforts with an appearance at the UK’S KISS FM.

Dishing on parties with Diplo, her upcoming video and her ever loyal Rita Bots, peep Ora’s interview with the show’s upbeat hosts below…

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  1. Crow LeNs August 28, 2012

    Must be a slow news day

    • Kaimo August 28, 2012

      she look like beyonce in the first pic… tricked me

      Lace Front Wigs R the Leading Cause of Forehead Cancer in African American Women ..”snatch a wig, save a life”

  2. ENOUGH ONIKA August 28, 2012

    Who would call themselves “Rita Bots?” No Rita……

    • Nyy94 August 28, 2012

      Lol Right? it sounds cheesy and stupid I would of gone with “Oracles”

      • Rihanna Navy August 28, 2012

        even chess-ier lol

      • GURL August 28, 2012

        or ovaries.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 28, 2012

        @GURL LMAO!

    • JER August 28, 2012

      What about the Rhita Navy!? That would very fitting for her. Very original.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 28, 2012


  3. Nana Applehead LovesSwift August 28, 2012

    Rita is the best!

  4. THE GAME August 28, 2012

    Could you guys please stop with these rita posts? It’s too much and no one cares.

    • jwk August 28, 2012

      Well this is their blog if you don’t like it than simply leave if it’s bothers you that much than why click on the post dumbass YOU DON’T RUN S*** UP IN HERE

      • THE GAME August 28, 2012

        Hmm sweetheart imma need u to take several seats. Call me a b**** cause i speak whats on my mind.

      • J August 28, 2012

        DEAL with it Flaming f**

      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 28, 2012

        If they were smart and wanted hits AND a good reputation, they’d post what’s hot aka PUBLIC opinion…and Rita ain’t it…#SorryButTrue

      • J August 28, 2012

        But yet you flames still visit here ya’ll keep coming back time and time again so who’s really smart here you or them? i doubt they care about reputation yet they still get views mmmm k

      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 28, 2012

        @J you sound like a fat pressed and depressed b*tch. Who the f*ck runs a blog site and doesn’t care about their reputation? You sound dumber than Rita calling her fan Rita bots. Ignorant c*nt, go jump. #ThatIsAll

    • JER August 28, 2012

      B**** IT’S CALLED CLOCKING!!!!!!!! CLOCKING THE B*******, CLOCKING THE FAGGTRY AND CLOCKING THE FAKE S***. We can go to whatever pop culture/music blog we want to and give an opinion. I USED TO be nice with my Rhita Whorea shade but now it’s just STFU because it’s so beyond tired that tired dont took a nap on itself

  5. Monstarebel August 28, 2012

    Man YALL over do it with this girl, she doesn’t need a post every hour F***! I hope the check you get for this girl is FAT cause YALL stay on this trolls nuts,

    Btw her album sounds like a bunch of Rihanna rihjected songs put on to one album there’s like 5 or 6 songs that are some what decent , radioactive is the best song on the album tbh!

  6. DOSSOME August 28, 2012

    I PITY HER…She’s gonna flop & plz don’t bring up the ILLUMINATI BUYING HER ALBUM crap becoz illuminati is just conspiracy theory these superstars feed on to stay relevant when infact it doesn’t even exist…COZ IT DID & WAS AS POWERFUL AS YOU COWARDS PLACE IT,THEN BEYONCE WLD HAVE GONE DIAMOND WITH 4 ALREADY…

    • J August 28, 2012

      SHUT THE F*** UP C*** IS NOT A conspiracy theory YOU ASS WIPE clearly you don’t know s***

    • Lax August 28, 2012

      with that, but so true.

      • J August 28, 2012

        Oh look it’s @Laxative the s*** that keeps on shitting don’t you ever get tired of sucking d*** sore mouth

      • J August 28, 2012

        @Laxative you should really change your name boo boo you such and easy target

  7. Luis August 28, 2012

    “Rita Bots”?! LMAO! WHO the f*** on earth came up with that? Big fat LOL!

  8. Nana Applehead LovesSwift August 28, 2012

    OMG! She is so adORAble. I love her!!!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 28, 2012

      clever…… -__-

      • JER August 28, 2012

        more like WHOREable. Easily able to be whored.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 28, 2012


  9. Jamie August 28, 2012

    Ora will be Whora aftef her 15 are up. She’s boring just like the others.

  10. JER August 28, 2012

    Why everybody’s stans gotta have a name? The first pop fan base that actually had a name was Mariah Carey’s fans, the Lambs. Then years later suddenly everybody’s stans gotta have a name SMH

    • HALF AMAZIN August 28, 2012

      Exactly, if your fans don’t get a name by default from one of your songs – Rihanna Navy; cuz it flows with your name – Bey Hive; you gave it to them and it just stuck – Lambs, Monsters….just leave it alone! It comes across as cheap PR trickery. I’m on the fence with “Barbz”

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 28, 2012

        For example, why cant everyone from now on be like TEAMbreezy and call themselves TEAM (Insert artist they support). And Trey’s Angels are the worst name-wise, they sound like overweight, hideous prostitues.

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