Watch: Christina Aguilera Performs ‘Just A Fool’ Live On ‘Ellen’

Published: Friday 7th Dec 2012 by David

[Image Removed As Requested]

…and the ‘Lotus’ promo run continues!

This morning, Pop powerhouse Christina Aguilera arrived at ‘The Ellen Show‘ to shed fresh light on her new LP ‘Lotus‘.

Now, minutes after she performed her budding hit ‘Just A Fool‘ alongside Country megastar Blake Shelton, fans can watch her live serving right here on That Grape Juice, below.


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  1. Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

    Queen !!!

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      get over it kids, you have to learn how to appreciate real talend

      • Common Sense December 7, 2012

        B**** please. She was a strained mess.

    • mr.m December 7, 2012


      • all4u1 December 7, 2012

        @ common sense

        You’re a strained mess!!! Now have a seat!

  2. jason December 7, 2012

    This duet just doesn’t work for me at all but I guess they sounded nice.

    Blake is such a gentleman at the end where he knows its her promo moment and he just steps back! Very nice!

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      you are saying that it doesnt work, but you think that they sounded nice.. hmmm I´m confused

    • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

      I don’t like him in the song. UGH. Maybe the rascal flatts woulda worked better or something. He has no soul in his voice. Just a stupid accent.

    • Eric December 7, 2012

      I agree. Their voices don’t compliment each other very well.

      • irene46 December 7, 2012

        i disagree. imo they compliment one another just fine.

  3. Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 7, 2012

    That pic is Photoshoped for the gawds….

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012


    • VAMP ORA CULLEN December 7, 2012


  4. christinastherealtalent December 7, 2012

    I really feel this song can propel her back to the top where she deserves to belong if RCA will f****** promote her!

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      hopefully,people should preciate real talend

  5. jason December 7, 2012

    In other news, Mariah Carey’s Jimmy Fallon video has already almost tripled the number of views of Christina’s Falon video. In two days Mariah has already gotten 3 million views while Christina never even hit a million!


    • MC December 7, 2012

      It has nothing to do with this though girl…..

    • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

      Shut up. And check “Your Body” views compared to “Triumphant”

      • mr.m December 7, 2012

        YOU KILLED IT xD

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      Yeah, thats because of the many editors who have put out so many versions of the same video from Xtina. You have to count every viewer number of each video on you tube

      • MC December 7, 2012

        Girl, are you serious? There are also many versions of Mariah’s performance as well… stop clawing for excuses, its isn’t even important.

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        honestly no, there are not …

      • MC December 7, 2012

        There are not what? More versions of Mariah’s performance on YouTube as well? MCLAMB4LIFE1 and multiple Mariah stans/fans have posted different versions so…..

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        ok, you it´s your view

      • MC December 7, 2012

        Its not my view, it’s a fact.

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        for you maybe …

      • MC December 7, 2012

        That makes no sense, an opinion in an opinion and a fact is a fact, it doesn’t vary from person to person. Are you delirious?

  6. YAZZZ MZ HUNTY December 7, 2012


    • VAMP ORA CULLEN December 7, 2012


    • mr.m December 7, 2012

      SLAVE NEGRO B is more like it, h**

    • Benji December 8, 2012

      yeah you would hit the snooze button on Be-YAWN-ce…. Who is she getting “inspiration” from on this album….

  7. MUSICHEAD December 7, 2012

    Now who in THEE HELL believes Christina looks like that picture in the year 2012??? They must have erased 50% of her actual body!

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      Oh please, is that so important ??

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      get over it

      • MUSICHEAD December 7, 2012

        I don’t have to get over it but I do think it is quite hilarious!

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        sure …

  8. Christina Aguilera December 7, 2012

    WATCH ME FLO…..I mean SLAY! 🙂

  9. MUSICHEAD December 7, 2012

    Now let’s talk about the performance. Christina looks like Sally Struthers in that wig! LMAO!

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      She looks quite beautiful. I think, better then the last few times. She is wearing less make up

      • MUSICHEAD December 7, 2012

        She does look a lot better

  10. LEXIS December 7, 2012


    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      I´m so tired of these typ of comments … get over it

  11. XtinaRebirth December 7, 2012

    Let the promo begin! Christina looks great! Get “Just A Fool” on iTunes!

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      She does really

      • skintightjeans December 7, 2012

        She looks like a Jenny Craig reject. Stop lying to yourselves.

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        No, I´m honest. I really don´t like it when she puts so much make up on, but in this she looks very beautiful

    • JER December 7, 2012

      B**** you couldn’t give that s*** away

  12. Saetana December 7, 2012

    Well, she started off okay but got screechier and screechier as the song went on, I don’t think their voices work together either. I couldn’t listen to all of it, her voice hurts my ears when she starts shrieking like that. And what the f*** is she wearing? I honestly think this woman tops Nicki Minaj for dire fasion sense ;o)

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      hmm …

  13. MC December 7, 2012

    Her actual performance wasn’t great (she was straining + screeching). She looked nice and Blake sounded really great. I wish she would cut back while singing, she basically overpowered Blake’s part. Anyways, I hope she continues to promote and I hope this song does well on charts for the album’s sake. So she is NEVER EVER going to perform “Your body”? Gurl……

    • MUSICHEAD December 7, 2012

      Not for promotional purposes. The song was a flop and a poor choice for the 1st single.

      • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

        The song peaked at #34 on billboard. IT was hardly a flop. If she woulda performed the f*** outta it it woulda done just as good as Alicia Key’s “Flop of fire”.

    • MUSICHEAD December 7, 2012

      Correction…it underperformed. Just a nicer way of saying flop.

      • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

        Not underperformed for someone who hardly promoted it. one was feeling that song from the getgo if you gonna call anything a flop better call that song one. And the lead single WAS a good choice if it was able to peak high as it did. What DID underperform however was the whole album.

      • MC December 7, 2012

        What does “Triumphant” have to do with this? You can never keep it out of your mouth. ch…..

      • ronnoc December 7, 2012

        it underperformed because she did zero promotion. i wanted it to do well but her and RCA got what they deserved. it could have been top 5 if they’d cared enough to promote.

      • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

        Because i know b****** will keep comparing MC on a xtina post so it is what it is…I woulda kept quiet about her today but that earlier post ruined it. @ronnoc you can keep saying it underperformed blah blah but the numbers still show it didn’t flop that hard. Hot 100 is still relevant. Not it’s not a top 10 hit but it still wasn’t a flop either. It performed moderately.

      • MC December 7, 2012

        “Because i know b****** will keep comparing MC on a xtina post so it is what it is” Just like Xtina fans come to Mariah posts and compare Mimi to Xtina you mean? Plus this person was not the same as (@jason) who posted the video comparison so it was really pointless to being Mariah into it. Also it always puzzles me you use Triumphant as an example for flopping and not other singles……it is what it is like you said.

    • mr.m December 7, 2012

      Still killin’ Mariah Vocally .. #DEAL h**
      Xtina’s tone+soul = Mariah’s hole career

      • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

        @MC Mimi fans And Rih fans keep hatin on xtina. So yeah. That’s y. And I keep using triumphant as an example cuz it’s such a let down of a song for a legend. It didn’t even chart when that’s all MC has done her whole career is make great song so it puzzles me AS WELL….

      • MC December 7, 2012

        Well Rihanna fans for the most part attack any body who’s breathing and the Xtina fans and the lambs have a mutual fighting tendency so its on-going thing, its sad because I really don’t want to say mean things about her (or anyone) but the stans just get out of hand sometimes. I like Triumphant (much better than the mess that was “Loverboy”, “Obsessed”, “Touch my body”, etc imo but I see where you are coming from.

  14. diob December 7, 2012

    I think they sounded great together. The song already has a rough vocal tone to it so with that said she nailed it.

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012


  15. skintightjeans December 7, 2012

    Miss Piggy!!! OINK OINK OINK!!!

    • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

      Can’t wait til she loses weight to shut you fuggin haters up.

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      you are a sad sad person boo 🙂

  16. mob December 7, 2012

    Why do you keep posting those obvious photoshop pics of this chick? 0_o

    Her voice was on point though he in walked that S*** BUCKET who left his wife for COUNTRY MUSIC’S PUBLIC PROSITUTE MooRanDUH Lambert. It’s funny how “certain” ppl can f*ck up in life but the media says nothing about them.


    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      I never seen this pic before…. maybe Sam photo shoped it

      • MC December 7, 2012

        No, its the promotion pictures form Xtina’s team. You tried tho.

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        I never seen it before …

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        yap, i did not say that you are lying though, but I really never seen this pic before

  17. istierra December 7, 2012

    I love this song and Christina looks really nice on here. I like when she tones it down and doesn’t put all the colorful make up and extensions on. It makes her look so much younger and smaller. She doesn’t need all excess stuff save all that clownary for the chicks who cant sing like Britney, Rihanna, and Nicki,who need it to distract people from the fact that they have no talent. Its a shame that really good singers like Christina don’t get as much recognition nowadays then the Rihanna,s and Britney’s of the world do

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      Britney WAS very popular, but it´s over !! And Rihanna can sing, maybe not as good as someof thebig names, but she is waaaaaaay better then Britney

      • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

        Britney isn’t impressive anymore. Only reason she might outsale Xtina in the future is because of people’s mindsets of her from 2001. 2001 Britney was SICKENING.

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012


      • irene46 December 7, 2012

        britney will outsell christina because the media are britney ‘lovers’ and christina ‘haters’ why else would britney still be getting hype and praise when she puts out such poor sad ass performances?

        even the x factor show is many times a big gut retching homage to britney.

  18. Aishaaguilerakeys December 7, 2012

    About damn time for her to start promoting during interviews instead of just yapping. Nice perf, though not her best.

    • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

      she has to work, her album sale numbers are miserable

      • ronnoc December 7, 2012

        i’m gonna need you to get a hobby. nobody’s checkin for your 58 comments fool

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012

        obviously you do boo 🙂

  19. Shawn242 December 7, 2012

    ……more like “Just A Flop”

  20. King B>Rihanna December 7, 2012

    She sounded better than her last couple of outings.

  21. NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

    Definitely better than those other horrid performances on the AMA’s and The Voice. Not my favorite song but it’s a nice ballad sorta.

  22. QueenB December 7, 2012

    Christina’s voice has always been so throaty and overdramatic. It’s sometimes PAINFUL to listen to! My case in point,this performance! * out of ***** stars.

    *goes to get gauzes for my bleeding ears*

    • mr.m December 7, 2012

      LOL! More like DEEP.UNIQUE.DOPE
      That’s the tone Negro.B wish she have
      Other that her n****** church voice

      • KING RIH>BEYFLOP!!!!! December 8, 2012


      • all4u1 December 8, 2012

        Yeah, the level Christina won’t be on is stealing ideas from other people, trying to get credit for it!!!!

        The song “Irreplaceable” is a prime example!!!


  23. Rasika December 7, 2012

    Its funny how all the negative comments have more likes and the positive ones have dislikes. The performance was amazing. The vocals are raw and pure.

    • mr.m December 7, 2012


    • irene46 December 7, 2012

      that’s the truth. and this is nothing compared to how many dislikes for postive comments and likes for negative ones on the ‘watch: word on christina aguilera’ post.

      the haters all craweled from under their rocks to kick her when they were pretty she was goin’ down.

  24. kjsjkl December 7, 2012


    • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

      Haha. Uses Nicki Minaj’s qoute! But it’s the same for Lil Kim tho. Only thing is Christina isn’t performing at local bars and strip clubs…

      • Girl007Bond December 7, 2012


    • jazzy jazzy jass December 9, 2012

      Nicki Minaj flopped harder that ‘Lotus’ lately so shut up

  25. JER December 7, 2012

    The voice and her hair are both serving thin strained mess while her body is serving thick fat mess. Get it TOGETHER

    • NFG (No f**** given) December 7, 2012

      You ppl stay pressed about her body image. She’s not a stick and she isn’t morbidly obese either the way you ppl like to overexaggerate. Just shut up already. Damn. She’ll tone up. Don’t worry about her. Worry about your own faves if u say they are so much better….

      • KING RIH>BEYFLOP!!!!! December 8, 2012

        You must be a fatty!!

  26. lola December 7, 2012

    Christina really lost her voice. I agree that her voice got “screechier” the more she sang the song. I can’t take all that damn screaming. It sounds like her vocals are damaged and it’s not pleasant to hear. I mean, she still has power, but the technique sucks. And Blake Shelton… his voice does not blend well with Christina’s and vice versa. They can’t even harmonize together. This song has a nice meaning, but it’s boring and Christina career is over. I believe she lost many of her fans because she tried so hard to do the Techno-Pop and Dance-Pop again, also, she was such a B**** on The Voice. People don’t like that DIVA attitude. That photoshop pic is pathetic and if you fans don’t like people talking about her photoshop pics and weight, get over it because she should have never put her body and s** out in public throughout her career.

    • mr.m December 7, 2012

      LOST her voice? No she didn’t h**
      now YOU get LOST

    • irene46 December 7, 2012

      christina and blake’s voices sounded good together. her voice has declined some but this performance was just fine.

      she wasn’t anymore of a b**** than any of the other judges. she came off as caring and really interested in the contestants and gave useful tips. she just seemed to change since her album sales have flopped.

      i love this song. it’s kinda sad though because it seems to describe what’s happening with her career.

      • all4u1 December 7, 2012

        This hating ass pressed b**** need to get lost!!

  27. Ayo December 7, 2012

    The backing singers ruined the performance and Christina schreeching didn’t help

  28. all4u1 December 7, 2012

    Actually, this was a very good performance. Christina’s voice will be in tip-top shape soon. Mark my words!!

    • mr.m December 7, 2012


      • irene46 December 7, 2012

        i hope you’re right! hope that body will be in tip-top shape too!

      • all4u1 December 7, 2012

        I bet you, she still looks better than your ass on her worse day!

    • MRDIVABITCH December 8, 2012

      Delusional b****, Christina was tense the whole way through and was under pitch during all the belting, and at 3:18 her throat closes and the note doesn’t come out. Tip Top shape? Hardly.

      • all4u1 December 8, 2012

        Well, let Christina be tense. Why is it any of your concern? Are you that pressed that you have to comment on everything I say about her.

        What you need to do is keep sucking d*** and collecting food stamps for a living!!!

        Psycho B****!!!!

      • irene46 December 10, 2012

        all4u1 Replied:
        December 7th, 2012 at 11:27 pm

        I bet you, she still looks better than your ass on her worse day!

        @ all4u1…

        even if that was true my ass ain’t a singing star and in front of a tv camera twice a week. if i was i’d be bringin’ my best that’s for damn sure. christina’s too pretty not to do the same. she’s got a lot of haters out there. lookin’ good is the best revenge.

  29. mr.m December 7, 2012


    • all4u1 December 7, 2012

      yes, yes, yes, …She did the damn thing!!!

  30. mr.m December 7, 2012

    Why’s everyone mad about the picture????
    It’s not even a real one .. it’s drawn a fan-made!!! GOD
    DRAMA QUEENS .. She’s beautiful in all her conditions

    • KING RIH>BEYFLOP!!!!! December 8, 2012


      • mr.m December 8, 2012

        At least she’s not a n***** .. like negro.b 😀

      • irene46 December 8, 2012

        i don’t agree with what ‘king rih’said about christina and the name ‘beyflop’.

        only ignorant trash bigots like you it’s better to be a disgusting flop than a “negro”.

  31. MRDIVABITCH December 8, 2012

    Tense, under pitch, screamed, her throat closes at 3:18 and the note doesn’t come out…G3rl you a mess.

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