Mathew Knowles Opens Up On Beyonce Relationship: ‘I’m Proud’

Published: Saturday 23rd Feb 2013 by David

Billed as the backbone behind her career, Mathew Knowles handing of Pop megastar Beyonce is undoubtedly the biggest reason behind her meteoric rise to the top.

Of course, while it isn’t as obvious today as it was then, Knowles’ branding of the star as a Premium Pop’n’B singer saw her outperform and outshine girls who she once deemed competition. Girls, by the names of Ashanti and Jennifer Lopez.

Now, two years being cut loose from her camp, the music mastermind has spoken out on his relationship with her.

A relationship, that turned sour after he was reportedly accused of assigning funds from her cause to himself without her permission.

Watch- via HLN– below…


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  1. HOWYOULIKEIT February 23, 2013

    Chile. You are not good talking about Beyonce the mom, because she’s not letting you in her life anymore. You cheated on her mother and now she wont let Blue meet your sidechick’s baby boy

  2. BeyWhoUWanna February 23, 2013

    Shame shame shame.
    You cheated and stole from people all your life and now your own ways bit you in the ass when you stole from your own child and cheated on your wife.
    You won’t speak about Beyonce and Blue because you can’t. She won’t let you near them for long enough to have anything worth talking about and it’s a shame. Go back to your concubine and raise your son with her. Damn fool.

  3. Draggin4MrsCarter February 23, 2013

    This thief is still talking about the Queen. Sit down in thieves alley sweet heart. What happened to you was karma and all of us should learn from it. Think of all the song writers he f***** over just to make Bey happen and all the pain Mama Tina felt when he cheated on her.

    You separated Bey from her friends because of greed and because of greed, Bey has separated from you!!

  4. yazzss mz hunty February 23, 2013


  5. @PEGGYHYLS5 ON INSTAGRAM February 23, 2013


  6. Beychelle Rowland February 23, 2013

    I used to respect this man. Cheating on your woman doesn’t make you a boss, it makes you a chump.

    • Xedos February 23, 2013

      He sue. Live Nation for been the one who told beyonce the he stole from until that case is settle we need to hold judgements. Live Nation could be trying to put a different between beyonce and her father so the could have more sway over her touring arrangement. Who knows

  7. BAD BYTCH February 23, 2013


  8. fatusankoh February 23, 2013

    I used to love him but what he did to bey and Tina he lost me

  9. CHUDDS February 23, 2013

    Don’t we all f*** up in life? Give the man a break. He’s already suffered. He lost his family and everything dear to him. He’s learned his lesson, and now he has to deal with his harsh reality. If it weren’t for this man right here, Beyonce would NOT be the force that she is today. He taught her everything she knows. And for that ALONE, I respect him.

    And maybe Tina should’ve given up the vag more often…I kid, I kid.

    • STERLING INFINITY (baby girl!) February 23, 2013

      i agree, i pray she gets her father back!

  10. King B>Rihanna February 23, 2013


    • daddyknowlesbest February 23, 2013

      nope, i get it. i was first disturbed during an in-person interaction with him. he makes me uncomfortable.

  11. j February 23, 2013




  12. Let’s Be Real February 23, 2013

    My original thoughts on Matty was…wow.what a great man.he took a girl in his house that wasn’t his and raised her as his own. Then, this man, this black man saw talent in his daughter. He quit his job to train and perfect her craft ( btw this isn’t rare in the Industry.people act like Mathew was the only parent in Hollywood. Remember, Brandy,Alicia Keys, Usher, Michael Jackson, Whitney and more all started under the management of their parents) but he grew to be somewhat of a monster.fathering kids in his 50’s…cheating and stealing from his daughter. I still respect him for nurturing hia s child’s dream and helping her to become one of the hugest stars ever.which is probably why Beyoncé hasn’t had meltdowns like other artists she seems groundes

    • Butterfly February 23, 2013

      I thought the same, but as usual a lot of parents that managed their children, end up getting estranged from them, look at what happened to Usher and his mother, they act like they have a good relationship, but I doubt it.
      I think that Matt was a good manager but he hurt his family too much, if Beyonce wants to forgive him then good for her, but all of that is up to them.

  13. XOXO February 23, 2013

    love me some B
    selling those tickets in this recession !!!!!!!!!

  14. DIGGER BEY February 23, 2013

    Dead @@@ THE QUEEN’S UK ticket sales selling out n 12 monutes and breaking tickmaster. Ticketmaster then issued a statement saying ” we are sorry that tickets to HE MRS. CARTER SHOW sold out so fast. @ Beyonce is the biggest

  15. DIGGER BEY February 23, 2013

    Dead @@@ THE QUEEN’S UK ticket sales selling out n 12 monutes and breaking tickmaster. Ticketmaster then issued a statement saying ” we are sorry that tickets to THE MRS. CARTER SHOW sold out so fast. @ Beyonce is the biggest

  16. DIGGER BEY February 23, 2013

    Dead @@@ THE QUEEN’S UK ticket sales selling out n 12 monutes and breaking tickmaster. Ticketmaster then issued a statement saying ” we are sorry that tickets to THE MRS. CARTER SHOW sold out so fast. @ Beyonce is the biggest popular solo artist. I told people. This year belongs to THE ONE AND ONLY BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES CARTER!!!!

    • JER February 23, 2013

      Dont you BeYAWNce stans get tired of copy and pasting s***? Your copy and paste blog posts, your faves copy and paste dance moves, her copy and paste writing credits. Yal really do stay busy.

  17. JER February 23, 2013

    He should be proud, he made a great product. So what if it doesn’t sell like it used to, at one time Matthew Knowles had the hottest product on the market and he should be proud.

  18. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 23, 2013

    He’s proud to see her perform, c****** shaking, thrusting her poonani in every camera on sight, dressing up in skimpy slutty outfits and girating like a stripper on a Friday night, he’s proud of that???

    I think I can now see why Beyonce is so damaged.

    • Chrissy February 23, 2013

      Well isn’t that the “pot calling the kettle black” lol? Being that you so often support an artist that does the exact same thing that you’ve just accused Beyonce of doing. The only difference between the two is that she doesn’t simply reserve the “c****** shaking, thrusting her poonani in every camera on sight, dressing up in skimpy slutty outfits and girating like a stripper” for the stage. She does all of the above on an everyday basis. Which makes is even worse. But your proud of that right?

  19. DIGGER BEY February 23, 2013

    ^^^^^^ Still Pressed I see lmao. Well at least she didn’t turn to crack and meth and coke like Rihoeanna. She’s the only damage one. And plus the dumb stupid h** went bac to a man. That tried to kill her. Now that’s a damage h**. So stay pressed Rihcunts. While THE QUEEN continues to draggggggggggggggggggggggg Hoeianna bwahaahahhahahahahhahaahhahahhahhahhahahaha

  20. Let’s Be Real February 23, 2013

    You are such a hypocrite with that has been Mariah carey wanna be Leona Flopis picture. You stan for Rihanna. A girl who I love..but her father beat the s*** out of her mother..fathered SEVERAL kids out of wedlock with different bsby mother’s. Sold tabloid stories about his daughter, then said he felt Rihanna should get back with a man who beat her silly.and Rihanna is the one riding men on stage and grabbing little girls asses..who’s the real damaged one? B**** please

  21. DIGGER BEY February 23, 2013

    Ticketmaster UK – We’re really sorry, demand was massive and we,re sold out of allocations. @ Beyonce is the most popular solo artist in the World! Bwahahahahhahahahah R**** COULD NEVER AND WILL NEVER. #2013……THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  22. angel cloud February 23, 2013

    Un you tried it with out shinning jlo! No! Bey is a mega star, and so is jennifer lopez they might have similarties, but there very differnt jlo put side by side with bey is competition bobo bye now 🙂

  23. DIGGER BEY February 23, 2013

    ^^^^^ Chile Jlo is irrelevant. KING B left that b**** bac in 2002.

  24. Momma Skorpion February 23, 2013

    After being pregnant myself I find it hard to believe that Beyonce was pregnant. I dont kno about all that other mess but to take ur 1st newborn out in public in my book is crazy. Nobody could touch, breathe or be around our 1st child. Everyone had to use hand sanitizer to even hold the baby. Now if she was pregnant can u please tell her to sell her secret on how she kept her nose from spreading. Im still waiting for the bare belly pregnant pictures too.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 February 23, 2013

      keep waiting , btw you sound stupid

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 23, 2013

      Will you stop posing as Kevin and his mom you freak..

  25. STERLING INFINITY (baby girl!) February 23, 2013

    ^ i find comments like this to be scary, like damn its not that serious i like her as an artist but i’m too busy
    living my own life and creating my own babies… but i guess this is what happens when u don’t see yourself
    as a STAR. We are all stars, shine bright. Peace

  26. The REALtea February 23, 2013

    If you think it’s OK to bash her father you’re off in the head. Matthew is no saint but let’s make one thing clear she came out of his ball sack. If it where not for him and Ms.Tina we would have no Beyonce Knowles-Carter,no legend , no anything because she wouldn’t exist. The fall out she had between her and her father is tragic it ruined their family but you have to be stupid as f*** to think that she still doesn’t love her father and that it’s ok for you to get on here and bash him. At the end of the day I didn’t see any of us in her documentary holding blue but I did see her father. Even after the fall out she has thanked her father for teaching her the skills she has to be the business woman she is today. You wouldn’t want anybody talking ill of your parent either regardless to what they did. fan or not that is just beyond our boundary to judge. that’s still her family.

    • daddyknowlesbest February 23, 2013

      so your position is something like “it’s inappropriate to comment in the comments section”? people will have opinions (negative and positive) on public figures and controversies. not much point in trying to control that by trying to shame people, is there?

  27. Suicide Blonde February 23, 2013

    Outshine J.LO.

    Ask Hollywood and you will see what they gonna say about it and J.Lo isn’t that respected as an actress, as a business woman, J.Lo is a mogul, one of the most powerful women in Hollywwod and the Music industry and all that without good sales of her movies or music.


    On Topic, When will Mathew debut album as Rapper is gonna be release, i can wait for that, lol.

    Btw, It’s true that Beyonce has Haitian descendants?

    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 23, 2013

      WTF are you talking about?? Who brought JLO to this thread and what does she have to do with Beyonce???

      Oh, and

      BEYONCE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> J-Lo

      And her new worth agree.

  28. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. February 23, 2013

    He should be VERY PROUD

    he taught THIEFonce all of his old thieving tricks (stealing songwriting credits/claiming songs that she didn’t write for royalties)

  29. Jas February 23, 2013

    B******* Beyonce>>>>>>>>J.lo. Ask anyone in Hollywood or in the music industry period and they will tell that Beyonce is far much more respected and powerful. I love J.lo.she’s beautiful and a great business woman. But Beyonce has proven to be the epitome of “Mogul”. Beyonce’s constant praising from legendary figures and net worth alone!!! makes this point valid. So stop it.

    • Suicide Blonde February 23, 2013

      Oh i didn’t know Beyonce is payed 15 million for movies, i didn’t know Beyonce creates TV SERIES, I DIDN’T KNOW you have to be praised by others to be a mogul.


      • Jas February 23, 2013

        Right because being a woman under 35 that has an income coming in from more than one industry such as (entertaining, film making, being spokesperson, and cover model) doesn’t count at all. Oh I didn’t know that J.lo. earned $40 million last year, came in at #16 on forbes 2012, had a partnership with the first Lady of the United States, became an ambassador for the 2012 World Humanitarian Day campaign, or was Partners with Pepsi in a $50 MILLION CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT DEAL OH… Please! your being beyond ridiculous. Not only is your argument invalid. I don’t take anything that into consideration. Why? because you have constantly displayed a negative bias towards Beyonce and are incapable of giving credit where credit due.

  30. My Forehead Tho February 23, 2013

    Dead @ the J.LO comparison.

    J.Lo has managed to be the only irrelevant relevant singer in Hollywood. Every last one of her songs can go #1 and platinum, but she’ll still come off as a has-been.

    Aside from acting, J.Lo has nothing on Bey.

    • Likica February 23, 2013

      She is still more known worldwide than your fav and On The Floor is bigger than any Beyonce hit. J. LO is a fashion icon, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Can’t say the same about Beyonce. :/

  31. MATEHO February 23, 2013


    I wanna see beyonce at j lo’s ages






    Jennifer was the first Latina to get paid over a million dollars for a project.

    – Jennifer was the first Latina actress to star in a leading role in film since
    Rita Hayworth retired in the 1970s.

    – Jennifer is (in 2003) the highest paid Latina actress in Hollywood.

    – Jennifer is the first actress and singer to have a movie (‘The Wedding
    Planner’) and an album (‘J.Lo’) at #1 in the same week. Love don’t cost a thing was #1 in UK

    – Jennifer’s third album J To Tha L-O! The Remixes was the first album of
    remixes to hit #1, because no other album of remixes had climbed the chart.

    – Jennifer’s perfume Glow made history in 2001, by being the #1 perfume in
    more than 9 countries over 4 months.

    – Jennifer is the only woman who has been #1, 3 years in a row in the FHM list
    of the 100 Sexiest Females in the world.

    – Jennifer has the most watched video ever on YouTube by a female.

    – Jennifer invented the terms celebrity and triple threat.

    • Lili February 23, 2013

      Beyonce learned how to lip synch from that pig J-Ho ! She can’t sing or act. All she can do is f*** man after man after man after man after man. She is a talentless w****. J-Ho

  32. Smurf February 23, 2013

    I remember Sir Matthew coming into a restaurant that I worked a few years ago in NYC,
    Sir Matthew with his RICH ass didn’t want to pay his tab because he was ‘beyonces daddy’.
    My manager rolled her eyes and put that bill on his table.

    • j February 23, 2013


  33. Gilberto February 23, 2013

    King Bee is making CNN her new home. Everyday they’re talking about her. They’re stans. C-N-N, not a f****** gossip blog like her peers have. LOL.

    Anyway, let’s see what O2 said about her tour:
    “During the first two hours of pre-sale, our website was visited by over three million people – enough visitors to fill the O2 Arena 150 times – and we peaked at almost 430,000 unique visits to buy tickets.”


    Beyoncé doesn’t need to perform on any stadium, she needs her own country for the tour. BOW DOWN THE KING.

  34. DIGGER BEY February 23, 2013

    Lol @ the Poor Jlo stans. Jlo know herself she could never come for THE QUEEN. Jlo have sold 30 to 40 million records. THE QUEEN has sold that much n albums alone. Jlo could never. The only thing Jlo have over KING B is movies. The same movies she’s now Irrelevant n. @ the Jlo stan I don’t see nothing about records sells or platnium albums. All that sh*t she broke were for Latinos. Lmfao…..

  35. DIGGER BEY February 23, 2013

    And oh, I don’t need to put KING B stats to shame Jlo. Her 17 Grammys >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jlo entire career n music. # 2013……THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  36. Mark111 February 23, 2013

    I love Bey, but I will say this.

    Matt made a group, but clearly pushed his child in the front, it was clear as day people (ask your parents). When LaToya and the other chic seen him for what you was, they was kicked out, he took money from them, but it was ok to Bey and Kelly. Then two new members came in, but that one chick (I really don’t know her name.) seen it, she quit (this is on youtube). Ok, so he didn’t have to pay the first two members (cause they still got a check after being kicked out and might still get one.) He made all three do “side” solo albums. Kelly was thrown out there, Bey has Work It Out, but flopped and MW went gospel. Bey brew up, but was still in DC, so they recorded another album (end up being their last) and spit ways, only cause Bey had such a big career now (cause if she had of flopped, she would be looking like Nichol S(whatever the f*** her last name is-er) and Dawn right now). So, he gave all promo to Bey, Kelly album got pushed back and wasn’t promoted at all, MW was just promo for Bey’s I Am album. So MW fired him and later Kelly did. Now, he stole from 5 females for over 10 years, now they got rid of him, who else can he take from? His own daughter. Stole from Bey, cheated on Tina and who knows what he did to Solonge and now looking stupid cause Bey fired him. Ok, now for my point, it was ok for her dad to take from everyone else, but when he started taking form your pockets, NOW he has to go. Not in 98 when the other girls was saying how he truly was, but when he took from YOU! Cause you was the last one in the line. All this is just karma, for the things Bey, Matt, Tina and even Kelly did, so Bey may just be at the end of her career (I don’t think so) but I think 4 (I think is her best work) humble her and show that you can easily ride in the same bus as the other has beens.

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 24, 2013

      Now that seems reasonable!

  37. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 24, 2013

    How far did Beyonce’s fraudulent activities span??

    “For more than four decades, federal law has prohibited broadcasters from accepting secret payments or anything of value in exchange for airplay of a specific song. While music companies have long tried to sidestep the law, Mr. Spitzer says they have continued to violate it.

    The state investigation found that Sony BMG, which releases music by acts including Jennifer Lopez, Good Charlotte and Beyoncé, had provided stations with entertainers for station-affiliated concerts or paid for station equipment or other bills in exchange for having its songs played. It also provided vacations and electronic goods for on-air giveaways in a direct trade for airplay. And it hired independent promoters to funnel money to radio stations.

    In addition, the investigation found that the company had tried to distort industry airplay charts – creating the false impression that a song was taking off – by paying stations to play its songs as sponsored advertisements. It has also used interns and hired vendors to call radio stations with requests.

    As a result, Mr. Spitzer said in the settlement documents, “Sony BMG and the other record labels present the public with a skewed picture of the country’s ‘best’ and ‘most popular’ recorded music.””

    www . nytimes . com /2005/07/26/business/26music . html ? pagewanted=print&_r=0

    This explains why the hive hate iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Youtube, as well as Billboards new rules. This also explains why Baddie Bey hasn’t had a hit in years. Beyonce was buying herself airplay, is there anything genuine about this woman?? Just one thing, just one…

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 24, 2013

      LMFAO. Yes expose that fake b****

  38. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 24, 2013

    He looks like his breath stinks, I guess that’s where Beyonce got her shortcomings from.

  39. DIGGER BEY February 24, 2013

    ^^^^^^^^ And u look just like ur posseum face momma. Too bad she had u with the lights out, cause no man wanted too see that rat ugly face of hers. Smh The man was drunk and thats the only way u got here. @ The Rihcunt…..Lies C***. That’s probably about Def Scam. Everybody know that’s why Hoeianna singles go #1 fast. Payola???? That’s why all her album flops. The industry knows the truth, because that’s the reason why she’s not respected at all. Sub par h** lmaoo. Stay Press Rihcunts. #2013…….THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

    • Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 24, 2013

      And yet Sony is the company that got sued. This clearly explains why Beyonce hasn’t had any hit since single ladies, because Sony and Beyonce got busted.

      We’ve caught on to your fraudulent fave and more is coming. You cannot turn this around on Rihanna because DefJam was not sued, Sony was.

      Beyonce cannot buy airplay anymore, that’s partly why she cannot get a #1 anymore. She’s been busted for buying airplay.

    • Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 24, 2013

      This is why you guys hate Billboards new rules, it’s also why the hive hate iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Youtube and many other services, because Beyonce cannot buy views. When she tried to buy YouTube views, Google Inc, clocked her and busted her. They cut her views lol.

  40. DIGGER BEY February 24, 2013

    Deseparation is setting in lmfaooooo. The Rihcunts know KING B is about serve up Pure Slayage and take their gurl out. So they’re digging up lies and trying to turn them into truths. Delusional at its Best lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. U C*nts will not and can not stop the draggggggging R**** is about to endure. So hate on. #2013………THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  41. MISHKA February 24, 2013

    He CAN be proud. He sacrified his career to bring her where she is today.

    Of course, there’s a lot of history related to his mishaps but without Papa Knowles, there wouldn’t bey Queen Bey.

  42. młóto browarne April 4, 2013

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