Watch: Beyonce Dishes On Destiny’s Child Reunion On ‘Extra’

Published: Monday 4th Feb 2013 by Sam

Beyonce‘s Super Bowl spectacle last night has generated over 1000 collective comments here on That Grape Juice and millions more across the media scape. And while the 12-minute extravaganza boasted many an epic moment, it was the Destiny’s Child reunion that set most tongues a’wagging.

Moments after blazing the stage, Extra caught up with King B to discuss her performance, as well as reuniting with bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Peep the interview after the jump…

Sweet. Speaking of which, check out this backstage snap of DC3 following their performance below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. BASH February 4, 2013

    love this woman !!!

    • QQ February 5, 2013

      Mrs. Gibson said some sh#t bluIvy would’ve said…Michell always f***** up daddy and daddy can I have a blunt…and bring me one of them girls girls I love girls daddy!

      • mob: the feminization of men…ewww February 5, 2013

        LOL you are so wrong!

  2. RG2 February 4, 2013


    • RG2 February 4, 2013

      TYPO: never mind the <

  3. Suicide Blonde February 4, 2013

    More of this woman………..

    • Carly February 4, 2013

      Yes but u don’t have to click on the post.

    • QQ February 5, 2013

      Keyshia Cole is gangsta #Boss!!!!!

  4. JuanR February 4, 2013

    Lord Jesus is a FIRE!


    • Common Sense February 4, 2013

      Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that…

      • Jay Scorpio February 4, 2013

        DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @common

  5. RG2 February 4, 2013

    LMAO “Lord Jesus its a fire” LOL Sweet Brown got everybody sayin that.

  6. EJ February 4, 2013

    Lord Jesus It’s a Fiiiiire lol 😛

  7. STERLING INFINITY LOVES U! February 4, 2013

    lmfao she is amazing!

  8. Jahlal February 4, 2013


    #THAT IS ALL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Laa February 4, 2013


    • SlayDeleAdkins February 5, 2013

      Gurl Bye!

    • Music Soul Harmony February 5, 2013

      Absolutely not. She had a 1 minute cameo. LMAO. Keep dreaming. Everyone adored Beyonce.

  9. Laa February 4, 2013


  10. CICI SLAAAAAYS February 4, 2013


    • RG2 February 4, 2013

      and Ciara was performing where?…i’ll wait it might take you a while to find an answer for that one.

    • danny b February 4, 2013

      how is it that “has beens” can perform at the Super Bowl but your fav can’t even sell records out of her trunk? B**** have a seat…

    • AscendedPhoenix February 5, 2013

      I’m almost POSITIVE that’s not a Ciara fan.!!! They jus said that, so you guys would shade her.!! Let’s keep the positive energy flowing..That was a GREAT performance and DC KILLED IT AS WELL.!!!

    • SlayDeleAdkins February 5, 2013

      I KNOW u aint no damn ciara fan!! U got too much nerve!!

  11. KingDre’ February 4, 2013

    I noticed some people hate beyonce because they are jealous. A girl today said she don’t like beyonce because she thinks she’s better than other people. This is so stupid.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 5, 2013

      They are jealous, hunty. They make it so obvious.

  12. KingDre’ February 4, 2013

    Yes!!!!!!! Mam!!!!!!!

    Those where the 12 minutes of my life!!!!!

    Tickets on sale this friday!!!!!!!!

    • cake like lady gaga February 5, 2013

      Your life is a FLOP

      • Music Soul Harmony February 5, 2013

        ^The audacity, u imbecile cockroach.

  13. Mrs. Carter World Tour February 4, 2013

    The half time show was AMAZING!!!!
    From the intro to
    Crazy in love to End of Time to Baby Boy Mix to DC medley/Single Ladies to Halo!!!!

    My Girl did that!!!!!

    And yes its was by miles better than madonna

    Tour Tickets on Sale this Friday!!!!!!!

  14. boopboop February 4, 2013

    kelly and michelle’s bodies are better than beyonce’s. bey has to wear 3 pair of spanx to hold in those thunder thighs and they still look big.

    • BASH February 4, 2013

      i know right? she makes everything look s***…even thunder thighs…b+k+m=perfection

    • Music Soul Harmony February 5, 2013

      Kelly too muscular lean. Michelle too skinny. Beyonce has the baddest body!

  15. RoyalKev February 4, 2013

    Bey is always so dedicated. I love the passion she has, she clearly aims to give her audience the best she has to offer. She’s always a pleasure to see in interviews, so classy and gracious! Love King B!

  16. King B>Rihanna February 4, 2013

    Say what you want she is a darling and humble individual and hard working.

    • mob: the feminization of men…ewww February 5, 2013

      Many artists are. It’s the racist inbreds in th white owned media and those money hungry boot-kissing apes in the black press that slander good ppl who work hard and try to do their best. I’m not a big Bey fan but damn, the way the blogs & media outlets have been tearing her downabt last nighs SB is kind of crazy to me. Folks either loved it or hated it with a passion!

  17. HoneychildPlease February 4, 2013

    UGHHH please stop pushing this washed bish down our throats…hang it up bish dried

    • cake like lady gaga February 5, 2013

      Gurrrl, I BEEN SAYING….

      Spill that tea

      • Music Soul Harmony February 5, 2013

        you two trannys still here?

    • What? February 5, 2013

      Aint nobody asking you to click on this post though.

  18. You Wanna Bey Me February 4, 2013

    Love her UGH!!!!!!!!

  19. Empress85 February 4, 2013

    I love her I seen her once live she was amaze balls I love them period !each brought the a game all 5 star chicks that leather made all
    Them fierce I wish ppl stop hatin on beyonce so much! She really down to earth and she admire all the performers I can tell she was happy to be bck with dc3 well I wonder what she will performed at the Grammys …

  20. Ki_so_nice February 5, 2013

    my god she slayed the life out of me sunday night *_* lets see what rihanna has to offer come the grammys in a few days, so excited!!!

    • cake like lady gaga February 5, 2013

      Weaves will be uprooted on Sunday!

  21. mob: the feminization of men…ewww February 5, 2013

    Wow so is Disney World also given her a check?

    Wait is that ALEC BALDWIN? The man who BEAT THE S*** OUT OF KIM BASINGER FOR MANY YEARS? The same asshole who referes to his daughter as a “filthy little selfish pig”? Wow, this is why so many people hate RACIST AMERICA! Anyho, Bey look good in the inteview with AJ. I miss the hair!! *wink* 🙂

  22. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens… February 5, 2013

    DC girls slayed…i mean just google kelsnetwork

  23. thando February 5, 2013

    I’m praying Beyonce announces a South African tour date later. She has almost a cellestial-like following in this country to the point that there was a TV show debate as to why she continueosly refuses to grace the shores of Mandela land.
    So big is her fan base here, her album I Am sasha fierce is one the best selling foreign artist albums in our history. If you can, someone please let her know that we have a 90 000-seater stadium waiting for her she can do just ONE concert and then leave if she has problems with oour country thank you.

    • Rosh February 5, 2013

      You’re soooooo right I’ve been saving money just in case she comes to our country, I wish she knew how big she is in South Africa! If justin Bieber can sell out tickes in within an hour, I’m sure she can do that in way less time.

    • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

      she doesn’t really care about africa unless some terrorist ask her to do a concert in there …………

  24. Career Ender February 5, 2013

    The Navy:

    Thunder thighs, blonde wig, 4lop, b*** pads, mexican doll, can’t sing like Whitney, can’t dance like Janet, outsang by Kelly Clarkson, Can’t sing, Can’t dance, Leotard, Fan, P**** Popping, No #1 hit since 2008, Can’t get a top 10 hit, JHud and Xtina sing better than her, Ciara and CB outdances her, MC, WH, CD sings better than her, bleach, fraud, lies, lyp-synch

    #Majah —-the navy can drag *yeah right*

    This is all you see in every Bey post *very innovative right?* *YAWN*

    Navy can’t drag for s*** —> _/

    • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

      i see no lies tho , they said a lot of truthful things ! personally i like her , but let’s not act as if she isn’t somewhat FAKE as f*** ….. 😉

  25. Cookie – Rihanna – Toni Braxton February 5, 2013

    She is so phucking dumb. The less talking the better.

  26. cake like lady gaga February 5, 2013

    I still can’t with the way she turned these two into backup dancers when she did Single Ladies.

    She is a selfish attention loving h**!

    • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

      it was sad tho , i felt sorry for michelle , no one heard her voice or gave credits to her considering her trying to dance.

      KELLY upstaged them both in the whole DC3 thing tho.

  27. NΛVI February 5, 2013

    BLACK GIRLS SHUTTING S*** DOWN..UGH i’m so proud!! *tears*

  28. K$ February 5, 2013

    5 months of preparation to do the same ol thing ?

    • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

      that what make me SMH.

  29. Music Soul Harmony February 5, 2013

    Oh my god. F*** u b****** that always have to complain. Let me guess your fake asses will become fans once she does something different?? OKAY…Now that we know that no issues here then! BE GONE.

  30. Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

    is it only ME or Beyonce really HAD some work done to her nose ?!!! 🙄

  31. S*** February 5, 2013

    WHY does she look so YOUNG here all of a sudden?

    At the Inauguration she looked atleast 46!

    Yet Here she looks 26 😕

    • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

      she drank some blood of a virgin girl ? 🙄 😆

  32. S*** February 5, 2013

    What happened to them DEEP LINE WRINKLES that she flaunted @ the

    Here she looks good too

    • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

      they altered her skin color , so why not doing the same for her wrinkles ?

      but something about her eyes tho these past days , something is not usual ! anyway i like her.

  33. S*** February 5, 2013

    Kelly SHITTED on her this past Sunday, sorry, her body was SICKER THAN A SNICKER!

    • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

      kelly was the talk of the night tbh, for once she became the BOSS i have always believed she can be , like when she was in the middle and beyonce was a side h** , i was like GOD , time has changed !

      and michelle deserved more tbh , they were bitchy towards her….

  34. MISHKA February 5, 2013

    We love King Bey because she NEVER let us down!!!

    Not like people who promise they will never let us down again then flipped the middle finger to us to go back to the same BS….Shoot i digress.

    Beyonce said she would slay and she slayed. if you’re mad, be mad at your glue for betraying you. “You can’t get mad at Beyyyyy”

    • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

      it was DECENT , not special and she didn’t slay , it was sad enough that when she performed “end of time” no one knew about it …………….

      and it was like all of beyonce’s past performances were m!xed into one big , 12 minutes long , performance! i wanna know what exactly she was doing during those months she said she took off to work on it …………

      • MISHKA February 5, 2013

        It was a LIVE show.

        12 minutes of singing, harmony, dutty wine, stomping, choregraphy delivered LIVE.

  35. _________WELL SAID February 5, 2013

    i hate singers that steal from un-signed artists like beyoce..
    _________________ BOYCOT PEPSI_________________



    __________SHE IS A RIP OFF THIEF________

  36. What? February 5, 2013

    She was amazing. She can do pretty much the same and still kill it!! Not everyone can do that.

  37. What? February 5, 2013

    And people are reaching with the whole Kelly stole the show thing LMAO. People really do say these days… She looked good though.

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