Watch: Beyonce Performs ‘1+1’ Live At ‘The Mrs.Carter Show’

Published: Friday 10th May 2013 by David

After pushing her latest album ‘4‘ to #1 on the Billboard 200, Beyonce‘s ‘1+1’ was brought to life once again this week- when the entertainer performed it live as part of her ‘Mrs.Carter Show’ tour set.

Performing it for a sold out show at the Manchester Arena, fans can now watch HQ footage of the song’s serving below- days after she continued to dominate billboards and television ads across the globe via fresh deals inked with H&M and Pepsi Co.

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  1. Lovebird May 9, 2013

    Hey Samantha, post the real picture Honey.

    www . billboard . com /files/styles/promo_650/public/media/beyonce-kerli-white-650 . jpg

    • Rosie May 9, 2013

      Of course your pressed ass had to be the first one to comment. Go worry about Ulcer’s album scanning 2x paper towel.

      • truth(i will draaag the F*** outta icki and her stans) May 9, 2013

        READ!! #POW

      • Lydia May 9, 2013

        Lmao at 2x paper towel.

      • JER May 10, 2013

        DEAD @ papertowl. Bounty basic b****!

    • Rach May 9, 2013

      Lol. Old news darling. Dont you rate Nicki Minaj though? Dont tell me shes any better.

    • REAL ISH May 10, 2013

      she copying JLO with that catsuit

      • Fazzle May 10, 2013


  2. Loyalty May 9, 2013

    You already posted about 1+1! Still my song though, could listen all day!

  3. My Forehead Tho May 9, 2013

    Best female performer to ever grace the stage.

    • Chile Please!! May 9, 2013

      B**** stay that Molly because it’s really messing up your brain darling!

  4. Rosie May 9, 2013

    A true performer, great vocals, classy, elegant, and not attention whoring unlike most of her contemporaries.

  5. Opinion May 9, 2013

    This show is brilliant. Saw her in London. She absolutley killed it. Was never a big fan of Beyonce but my friend is. I really respect how hardworking she is and her constant energy and effort on stage now. People actually underestimate her.

  6. Lovebird May 9, 2013

    Her name is the first one to appear on the credits simply because she changed “algebra” to “algeba”, that is a mockery to song writers and music lover world over. How could dream allow himself to be cheapened this way.

    • Rach May 9, 2013

      The Dreams not bothered so why are you? Get a life.

    • Teah May 9, 2013

      B**** shut up! You stan for RihSplice. Therefore, you should be the last one judging someone else’s pronunciation. Damn extra terrestrial.

    • LOGIC May 10, 2013

      Her name is the first to appear in the credits because they are listed Alphabetically. Quit yo bitchin

  7. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 9, 2013

    This song is so Gorgeous.

    This is definitely one of Bey’s Top- 3 ballads after ‘Resentment’ and ‘Dangerously in Love’. In my opinion… 😉

    • S*** May 9, 2013


      • Teah May 9, 2013

        S*** is the epitome of Rihanna live.

    • cake like lady gaga May 10, 2013

      “dangerously In Love” is a DC song theaux

  8. Rach May 9, 2013

    Love! I can tell shes tired though as a fan, juggling a baby and everything its probably taken it out of her bless. She was ill aswell. No cancelling in this space though!

  9. Lovebird May 9, 2013

    What was and is social justice is the shear fact that this mockery to song writers and music lovers everywhere Flopped, and the jury of the court of public opinion have marked Beyonce as the murderer of true talent which the song writers and producers everywhere poses.


    “A true performer, great vocals, classy, elegant”

    But none of those adjectives/statements describe LAMA DEL FLOP.

  11. S*** May 9, 2013


    1+1 Is the WORSE ballad of her entire career! The lyrics, the vocals, Everything about this song is Blah & mediocre including the beat

    & That PIC looks Atrocious btw… ugh!

  12. Lovebird May 9, 2013

    The best part is the public is biting back to this crime against music and mockery of talented hard working song writers and producers. All fraudulent and ill gotten efforts from this catalogue “4” underperformed and resulted in what has been the most under performing offering (by the thief) against a big Sony budget and marketing team. 4s under performance was a victory to song writers, producers and music lovers world over, and more is yet to come.

  13. S*** May 9, 2013


    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 9, 2013

      you still a stan or what , n**** i’m confused.

  14. Pour It Up May 9, 2013

    @Lovebird honey chill out boo. As much as i go in on Bey you do the most, its not getting you anywhere in life. Shes not the only one whose been involved in s*** like that anyway.

  15. bravo!!! May 9, 2013

    she look like she with baby again….

  16. Lovebird May 9, 2013

    One wonders why the Hive take pride in supporting a known and well documented fraudster and happily knowingly purchase stolen properties (e.g If I were a boy, 1+1, irreplaceable, etc) adding to the damage in the industry.

    Would you knowingly purchase a stolen vehicle? If not then why knowingly purchase Beyonce’s stolen releases?

    • Rach May 9, 2013

      Girl shut up when you support this. Beyoncé got you so obsessively pressed. Don’t contradict yourself now honey.

    • Jas May 9, 2013

      The more operative question is why are you always ridiculing Beyonce when do you stan for someone who is just as fraudulent? i.e. Nicki Minaj. Don’t get me wrong, I like her but less just keep it real. If you want to be taken seriously then suggest that stop trying to “crucify” Beyonce every chance you get and judge fairly straight across the board. Besides, you take pride in stanning for a woman who promotes domestic violence. Rihanna slandered, discredited, and called Chris Brown a monster on national television. After being beaten to a bloody pulp. Yet and still she went back to him REPEATEDLY. Say what you want about Beyonce damaging the industry. At least Beyonce is damaged in LIFE or when making major life changing decision.

      How could you knowingly support an artist who promotes abuse? Or sends the message that bodily harm inflicked by others, is okay? Because if that’s not damaging the industry then idk what is you hypocrite smdh. So be quite with that b*******.

      • Lovebird May 9, 2013

        What does domestic violence have to do with knowingly robbing song writers and producers out of their credits, publishing and music?? How does domestic violence economically rob Song writers and producers from what is rightfully due to them? Your cheap attempt of bring domestic violence into Beyonce’s fraudulent ventures is simply a red herring.

        I have never heard Nicki Minaj knowingly claiming Lil’ Kim’s lyrics or credits as her own (which are in actual fact Biggie’s lyrics and credits), but Beyonce has done so on many an occasion.

        Also, it is “quiet” and not “quite”.

      • Jas May 9, 2013

        @Lovebird What do you mean “what does domestic violence have to do with anything”? What does Beyonce stealing song credits have to do with anything? That’s not relevant to Beyonce’s exceptional vocal performance, or what Sam is talking about . Thus, being that you went “left field” I decided to do the same. Fact is, you relentlessly call Beyonce a hypocrite and a fraud when you support artist who are just as guilty. Which doesn’t come as much as a surprise. Being that they’re entertainers and the entertainment industry in and of itself is all an ILLUSION.

        Please stop with that “Your cheap attempt of bring domestic violence into Beyonce’s fraudulent ventures is simply a red herring” b*******. That’s not even relevant to what I was trying to convey. When did Rihanna supporting domestic violence not matter? I think that that’s even more of a disappointment and “damage to the industry” than Beyonce stealing song credits. Facts of the matter is, you constantly question the Hive and ridicule Beyonce’s actions. When you stan for Rihanna, an artist who sends an even worse message and obtains minimal talent. Lets not talk about “cheap” attempts either. I can’t come on this site with seeing you resort to childish antics only to make your fave, Rihanna look better. Whether it be you calling Beyonce a “He” or talking about her innocent baby. You are beyond ridiculous and childish. So don’t talk to me about “cheap attempts”. I can’t stand Rihanna. Why? Because I don’t respect her artistry or her as an entertainer. But do you see me on this site EVERYDAY leaving disgusting and hateful comments? No!

        You’re not displaying such behavior because Beyonce’s a “fraud”. Your’re doing so because you are bias, jaded, and incapable of coming from a logical stand point, as opposed to an emotional and hateful one.

        Oh, and in regards to your “Also, it is “quiet” and not “quite” remark. So what? I don’t always display proper grammar. This is That Grape Juice, not English Class. But being that improper grammar is one of your pet peeve’s, I think that you’d be glad to know that a question only require’s one question mark not two. Smart ass.

      • Jas May 9, 2013

        @Love bird Your attitude is disgusting.

      • Mwah May 10, 2013

        @jas you better preach honey! I dont even know what this b**** is trying to achieve, having read the blog for years, majority of its comments have been pretty much the same, I mean the fact that Beyonce is still around and doing bigger things proves that majority of people dont care and wont care years from now, since very rarely is anything original these days and it being a fan of Nicki Minaj a fraud who DISSES the person she steals off makes its arguent just look fickle, hateful and biased.

  17. Jessica May 9, 2013

    Bey is an amazing performer point blank period. I saw Chris Martin at my show! Haha.

  18. Emeral May 9, 2013

    I could watch Beyonce perform over and over. Shes just so charismatic and really gets into it.

  19. My Forehead Tho May 9, 2013

    I cannot at b****** who stan for J.Lo, Justin Beiber and Rihanna posing as experts of “true talent”.

    Anyway, I agree the song is gorgeous.

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 9, 2013

      B**** you are pathetic your damn self , dedicating your non-existent E-life to hate on somebody you don’t know personally and Then you got the NERVE , the VEINS and the damn ARTERIES to shade Someone ?


  20. Lydia May 9, 2013

    Sang Bey. If I aint got nothin’, I got YOU! (Love it when the audience sing that part so off key every time)

  21. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 9, 2013

    with that pic as the main for this post,I swear to god @sam doesn’t even like her, he knows this pics caused drama , so why stirring salt …. ugh .. NVM.

    so this is the Daily Beyonce post to get hits @sam ?! 🙄

    I Like this Song tho.


    • Loyalty May 9, 2013

      As a stan of Beyonce I’ve always said this. Sam shades Beyonce as bad as Rihanna sometimes with his s*** stirring.


        Gurl no, it’s not shade against Beyonce. He’s just trying to get dem comments. #YouShouldKnowThis

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 9, 2013

        I don’t know if that is some type of deep “reverse psychology” he’s applying to us or what , but I’m suspicious. 🙄

      • Loyalty May 9, 2013

        I guess but I don’t get the mentality of real hardcore stan doing that though.

      • Loyalty May 9, 2013

        Like, why would you want to risk your fave getting dragged? Cos lets be real people will use that picture as a reason to drag her. I don’t like majority of the f****** pictures he puts up of her anyway lol.

  22. LDN Chick May 9, 2013

    This song, I Miss You and Love on Top are my faves off 4. When she flies over the crowd and glitter sprays up with the saxophones playing at the show its so f****** beautiful when you are there!

  23. Chile Please!! May 9, 2013

    LMFAO at Beyawnce looking like a Powdered Doughnut with tall hair! NEXT!!!!!!

    • Teah May 9, 2013

      I’d rather look like a Powered Doughnut than Dome with legs *cough cough* Rihanna.

      • Chile Please!! May 10, 2013

        You just failed honey….because who told you I was a Rihanna stan? NEXT!!! #getchalife

  24. DOSSOME May 9, 2013

    I like this song..the beat and the vocal delivery is amazing but it’s SMASH INTO YOU (God knows how much i love that song) that i love the most from Bey…….but Samantha gurl,if you claim to be beyonce’s hugest stan,then surely you wouldn’t have used that pic..

      • Mwah May 10, 2013

        It wasnt stolen lol. If you actually did your research instead of reading fake articles you will know its a cover that was given to her.

  25. Special Delivery May 9, 2013

    Sam you messy c*** lol. Anyway, another stellar performance by BeyBey.

  26. Jas May 9, 2013

    Love Bird has such a nasty attitude. He’s one of the rudest individuals that I’ve ever encountered.

  27. . : : h 2 o : : . May 10, 2013

    I agree @ Dossome, “Smash into You” was very good.

    But I prefer Beyonce’s songs performed live though, she always #delivers.

  28. Sterling Infinity Love Music May 10, 2013

    I’ve always loved her love, she’s a true performer so of course she shines #ShesGotIt

    • MING May 10, 2013



  29. Oh Yeah!!! May 10, 2013

    This is Classs!!!! Something Rihanna has nothing of and can NEVER buy!!!!!

    • NΛVI May 10, 2013

      lol it’s not like if she wants is to begin with you. you seem rather pressed she dosen’t have it *sips tea*

  30. Queen of shade May 10, 2013


  31. cake like lady gaga May 10, 2013

    MDNA, the biggest grossing tour of 2012, but I dont remember us getting updates on every single date and what songs were sang. Sam you are getting annoying. for how long will this continue? and its not like there is any new music being performed!

  32. Mwah May 10, 2013

    Love It

  33. HOTSTUFF May 10, 2013


    • Yaz May 10, 2013

      It doesn’t matter because its a beautiful, classy ballad not put out to be a chart smash like the generic ballad stay. Youre so narrow minded. Deal.

      • MC IS THE PLACE TO BE May 10, 2013

        lol sit your ass dowm, you dam well know stay is better and a classic.

      • Mwah May 10, 2013

        No way. Rihanna could never have the vocal delivery as Beyonce does on 1+1. The instrumentals are beautiful, stay is just a boring pop ballad. Classic? LOL of the day.

  34. Yaz May 10, 2013

    Great performance. Shes deffo amazing you cant deny. She looks chubbier in the face and has been bloated in the lower abdomonan for a few weeks now. Hmm i have my suspicions of baby no 2 since her stomach was flat in January, but we shall see.

  35. fatusankoh May 10, 2013

    The one and only the great performance love that song god bless bey for life

  36. JER May 10, 2013

    That look… Ch… BeYAWNce never could pull off anything edgy or avant garde. grrrl……..

    • Mwah May 10, 2013

      Oh shup it some people dont rely on looking edgy to entice people.

      • JER May 10, 2013

        Oh but they try. OH how they try.

      • Hadley May 11, 2013

        A bit like Rihannas try hard bad girl attitude huh? @jer

  37. Hadley May 11, 2013

    This song is beautiful!

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