And The Numbers Are In! Eminem’s ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2 Sold’…

Published: Wednesday 13th Nov 2013 by David


One week before Lady GaGa receives her opening week numbers for her new album ‘ARTPOP’ , today has seen Eminem welcome his the digits generated by his latest offering ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2.’

Why the folk over at Interscope have cause to celebrate tonight?

Find out below…

Opening ‘Billboard 200’ Chart Position: #1

First Week Sales Figure: 779,577.

That’s right, in the space of one week, the polarising project has shifted a record breaking 779,577 units in the US alone, becoming the second highest debut number to be achieved in 2013- second only to the first instalment of Justin Timberlake‘s ‘The 20/20 Experience.

Your thoughts?

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  1. slaylor swift November 13, 2013

    Nice! Congratulations those are numbers Rihanna,Beyonce, Miley, & Katy could only dream about kiiii.

    • wealthypeople5 November 13, 2013

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    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down and Deal) November 13, 2013

      Beyonce’s B’day sold only 200k less and survivor only 100k less,so let’s not pretend like she isn’t capable of big numbers! The other 2 girls yeah…you’re right.

      • TMM November 13, 2013

        don’t be fooled. 200k + 100k ar 300k less sales. So 300.000 less buyers than other artist who can reach this great accomplishment.

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down and Deal) November 13, 2013

        I know,but that’s not my point My point is selling 560k and 680k in one week is impressive! My point is Beyonce can do big numbers too. simple as!

      • slaylor swift November 13, 2013

        Beyonce sold 230k less than Eminem her highest is 541k thats pretty basic lets not forget that album came out and 06 when albums still sold..

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 13, 2013

      When will faylor stop whoring around with young Hollywood?

    • baynescx577 November 13, 2013

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  2. jake.ubb November 13, 2013

    Can’t hate on those numbers, but I am not one of them – I have bought every album of his since the Eminem Show and I’m just not feeling him this go-around.

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez November 13, 2013

      I heard it’s good. I’m going to give it a listen to it whenever I feel like it lol.

      • jake.ubb November 13, 2013

        I hear ya… I will check it out when i feel like it (early 2014 lol)

  3. Dirty Laundry November 13, 2013

    Call of Duty helps. I dont like him or the album.

    • slaylor swift November 13, 2013

      And the world doesn’t like Kelly or her albums seeing as tho she doesn’t have any platinum selling CDs.

      • TMM November 13, 2013

        Why be so bitchy?

      • Chillin November 13, 2013

        LOL everyone Loves Kelly..and the fact that you took your time to mention her proves it #bloop…..and Simply Deep has platinum certifications sweet heart

      • slaylor swift November 13, 2013

        If everyone loved Kelly then why don’t they buy her music? Talk a good game still struggling for 250k?? Kiiii

  4. christinastherealtalent November 13, 2013

    #dead at this site referencing Gaga to open this post making it sound like she’s going to sell close to the same as him.

  5. FutureCIARA November 13, 2013

    Congrats for him, I still don’t know anybody that purchased his album, But good for him….

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down and Deal) November 13, 2013

      right? like who’s still buying his albums?His music is getting worse and worse by the release. Him and Adele(good album it was,but for it to have sold as many copies as it did in the end…chile!!) #PowerOfThatPigment !!

    • Noon November 13, 2013

      I didn’t know anyone who purchased Ciara’s!!!!!

  6. Queens November 13, 2013

    Slayage, but the numbers you posted are slightly wrong. He sold around 792,000.

  7. Red November 13, 2013

    Dang “#powerofthatpigment” ? Seriously, y’all so quick to point out at race. They are a lot of white artists too who don’t sell that much either it not always about race. I bought the album and I’m not white and it’s really really good

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down and Deal) November 13, 2013

      you can not sit there and be that oblivious to the fact that colour plays a major role in one’s commercial appeal! You have artists like Jill Scott who’s the black answer to Adele,or maybe Jennifer Hudson (big voice,decent music) have you ever asked yourself why they don’t do as well as their white counterparts?
      I’m half white and i can tell you the disparities are so blatant! it’s ridiculous! There are a lot more really talented rappers(black) of Eminems caliber but they too don’t see such numbers. Accept it and live with it. it is what it is!
      A white artist who makes “different” and by that i mean makes soul/hip hop/r’n’b music is just much more appealing than the normal typical white pop star and sadly,more than the black artist! especially them. and you know it!

      • Queens November 13, 2013

        There are a lot of underground rappers that are better then Jay Z, Drake ect. yet they don’t sell anything like them either. Skin colour is not everything. There are a lot of reasons why one rapper can be succesful and an other doesn’t. Also lets be real there are a lot of white rappers that don’t sell s***.

  8. Bey-Minaj November 13, 2013

    We all know its because Eminem is white why he sold so much. Jay Z is the King of hip hop and even he sold less. Let’s be real, Adele and EM who are doing black music and doing well in numbers are just white people’s way of saying , we like your music but only when we do it. Or we’re gonna outsell you with your own s***.

    • LOL November 13, 2013

      Jay King of Rap? No. no. no.

    • Biting Truth November 13, 2013

      What’s so “black” about Adele’s music? People kill me with that. I don’t know about her album tracks, but I’ve heard all her singles…and none of them sound “black” to me. They sound like this sort of UK-style Hipster/Soul, which IMO is very “white”. I don’t know too many black artists that make music that sounds anything like hers.

  9. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* November 13, 2013


  10. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* November 13, 2013

    Blacks Will Argue for Hours about Racism, Tear Their own People apart in Blogs, BUT Won’t go and Support Black Artists, Anything Involving Money they are not here for it, but will Get mad when White People support their own People and sticky by Them.


    Because Using The Race Card is for Free U know!!! #Borng

    • mekaela November 13, 2013

      I agree with you the black people complain about racism and do not go support their own all they do is sit on the computer criticize their own blacks why u think Taylor stay wining and eminem and all the white acts thats because their whites will support their own learn something black people stop complaining and go out buy ciara kelly and fantasia music u will put them on top blacks will never learn

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 13, 2013

      COSIGN! We always tear down the ones who work hard to represent us,but are ready to complain about racism when white people succeed just cause they are supported by their own?

    • JOHNVIDAL November 13, 2013

      Well dear @pop what´s the percentaje of black people in America? 20%? They can´t buy as many albums as the white audience, they are way less. The thing is everybody should buy the albums that deserve to be bought in their opinion, not just cos the artist is white. Obviously there are black people as talented as white people, so they should be selling as much as some of the white artists. They aren´t cos there is a part of that white audience (and the media) who refuse to care about black artists. When it comes to that the industry has changed for the worse. In the 80s and 90s black artists, the big ones, were as successful as the white ones. Now we are more like in the 60s, sadly.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* November 13, 2013

        No Excuses Please, if Everyone Did their Job and supported Their Favorite regardless of Races “Black,White,Asian, African, Etc…” Then It Will Solve The Problem.

        But No, Black People always Get bitter When White Artists Be Successful And only Blame racism, NO “They” are part of The problem, beside The racism Which I don’t say it don’t exist, They are a PART of the problem, Let’s be honest.
        Blacks Need to Support Everything they believe in Financially and Stop talking S*** about Every other race! if White are being racist towards Blacks THEN Blacks are racist towards Whites Too, So you Fight Fire With fire Now ? You Will only get a bigger Fire.

        Everytime a White artist Achieve success Due to Their Fanbase’s Support they get Mad, But they need to understand they are a Huge part of the problem, those black artists won’t be successful all by their own, they need their own ppl’s support, Financial Support Mainly which they don’t get all the time u know, and I’m Sure the label Won’t support a black artist that get no support from Their “supposed” audience, Sitting on a Computer and tearing apart their own People Doesn’t count as a Support, I’m sorry.

      • Davis November 13, 2013

        Stfu up you’re not black or even American. So you have no room to talk for us.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 13, 2013

        I think you didn´t get my point. my English bad I know. Even if black people would be buying albums from black artists at the same rate white people do it with white artists… then all balck artists would be flops compared to white artists, cos there are way less black people than white people in the USA. That waouldn´t solve the problem. For a black artist to be as successful he or she needs to have a lot of white buyers, you know to become as big as the biggest white artists, like for example Michael or Whitney were.
        The thing is lately… it is not happening, which lead us to the conclusion that meadia and a big part of the white audiences refuse to care about black artists no matter how good they are, which is some form of racism in a way.
        Anyway, I get what you are saying too, but you can´t really prove what you are saying, while my point is a fact, pure Maths.

  11. Idontstanforpplidontknow November 13, 2013

    Lol @ #powerofthatpigment , too funny

  12. BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 13, 2013

    Are you guys really going to drag race into this? I’m not white,I’m just light skinned,and I got the LP the same day it dropped and honestly,it slays. Don’t drag this racist s*** in just cause he has a loyal fanbase that doesn’t want to see him fail. I never thought I’d agree with Miguel until now.

  13. FreeBreezy November 13, 2013

    Ever since the US elected Obama everything has been about race! Its so sad
    Congrats to Em, great album

  14. Mark111 November 13, 2013

    He will outsell Gaga next week.

  15. didit November 13, 2013


  16. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez November 13, 2013

    @Pop Royalty

    This is where I’m going to have to disagree with you and many others who have the same incompetent logic like yours about this particular topic. Racism exists, racism and class-ism within the black community exists, discrimination against blacks has been around for many generations and still apparent in the present. It is true and just because you are pro life (Not racist, do not believe in any kind of inequality whatsoever) does not mean you can act as if it’s not a concerning issue within our societal structures. In fact I know there are discriminatory remarks for people who have darker skin complexions within your parts of the world also. Black people do not support one another? Black people support each other on a number of different issues from criminal acts to political arguments, and even if there are that don’t how is that tie in with the race card? I keep hearing about this race card b******* all the time from my lighter skin or those who are friends with mostly whites say that blacks are always using the ‘race card’ to get they’re way. What the f***? Seriously? Those of you are gay like to compare struggles now to those of Women and blacks but as soon as you hear a black man or woman being treated indifferently to their white counterparts, you all wanna shout stop using the damn race card? It makes you sound biased, radical and simple minded to compare those things to the “black struggle” to music. And before you go off saying that I didn’t come off as ignorant, I have seen more than one comment from you that you bluntly suggest that blacks are the root problem for their own conflicts in life which I find blatantly insulting. You may not be ‘racist’ but you do have a mind where your idea of blacks is heinously flawed and undoubtedly typical of those living in a ‘white bubble’. You do know that you can be passively suggesting racial divides and stereotypical ideas right?

    The funny thing about this is that I’m going to be labelled ‘pressed’ or taking things out of context because you will say that it wasn’t your intention and that your point has validity for discussion.

    If no one in this post knows what I mean by a passive racist then I’ll give you an example:

    You are a chinese male living at home with your two kids. You are not racist at all but you always watch programs where they depict African descent and people from the middle east as savages/criminals. It may be true that there are some people from those backgrounds that are cruel and evil but from what you heard and seen on s consistent basis you believe that all of them are the same and warn your children about the dangers of their kind. You’re not racist but you have an IDEA that they are not to be trusted thus leading you into believing the stereotype.

    Don’t understand? Then what is the first thing you think about when you are told to describe a ‘black man’? Some of you have may be able to think of a regular man who just happens to be black but if you think of a rapper, drug dealer, gangbanger or maybe even a prisoner then what does that have to say about your depiction of blacks?

  17. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez November 13, 2013

    Some people just don’t know about their own privileges (such as white, lighter skin tones, etc)even names that sound ‘black’ can be the reason you don’t get a high level job or interview. White sounding names are prefered, we are living in 2013 and I have to worry about if my name is white enough for me to get a damn job? And if I don’t then I’m classified with the ones who don’t want to work? The double standards are ridiculous. Just like with gays, we can be gay but just not in public and you may not ask for the same rights as the superior. Sounds familiar? Smh. Acknowledge the inequalities is the first step in getting rid of them not pretending that they don’t exist because you don’t live them.

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