Watch: Mariah Carey Has Vocal Malfunction In Austria

Published: Sunday 18th Jun 2017 by Sam

Mariah Carey is undeniably one of the most highly decorated talents in music history.

However, recent years have been marred by a number of on-stage snafus.

The latest came last night in Austria where the diva experienced a… vocal malfunction.

While performing ‘Vision Of Love’ Mimi’s voice left on-lookers with a vision of confusion.

See what we mean below…

Oh Mariah…

Few voices have withstood the test of time + rigours of the road. But, this was hard to watch.

It’s dangerous to make assumptions, so we’ll just say that we hope she tends to whatever the issues are and does better. Because reaching for notes that aren’t there is not the tea.

Your thoughts?

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  1. G7Pat June 18, 2017


  2. Max June 18, 2017

    Oh Sam .. gone are the days where a post like this good generate 100+ comments
    But that girl in the grey top😂

  3. DanYiel Iman June 18, 2017

    She sounds fine to me… She’s older & those tones aren’t easy to hit these day’s

    • audreyherbsburn June 18, 2017

      Then don’t reach for them… As a vocalist, she should know better. As a singer, you know before you hit the note whether or not you can hit it… Sure, she’s older. As an older woman, she should stop reaching for the glory of yesteryear. Change the songs to fit the notes you CAN hit or don’t perform the songs at all. She’s Mariah Carey. Yeah, those are the songs people know her for, but the LAMBS will come watch her sing the ABCs for 2 hours. I think she should go to more intimate showing, maybe switch it up to a jazzier set. She could either re-work her own songs to fit her new range, or perform covers. Cut the number of shows and up the demand. She’s Mariah fuckling Carey. It will sell and save her from embarassment.

      • A real singer June 18, 2017

        LMAO That is so not true. That is why Every singer has had bad performances because you never really know what will come out. Your voice is really like a separate entity that you can only try to control. You’re obviously not a singer.

      • Jasmine June 18, 2017

        I disagree. Mariah has always had a weird voice. Just when you think she cannot sing she brings out crazy runs and belts. This has everything to do with shortness of breath and nothing to do with her vocal talent.

  4. Stephy June 18, 2017

    She sounds a f****** mess. Mariah… She truly doesn’t care anymore. There’s no point in telling her to retire or do this or do that because she doesn’t care. So, just let her embarrass herself. The music industry is dead anyways so oh well…

    • Lisa June 18, 2017

      Shut up you hating a_ss TROLL. She sounds ok unlike your FAVE who could never. Take your mean nasty a_ss and go play in traffic

  5. Fancy BISH June 18, 2017

    She still collected the CHECK, so bye Sam lol

  6. Suicide Blonde June 18, 2017

    She’s gaining weight again.

  7. Rihboy June 18, 2017


  8. Achooo! June 18, 2017

    I’m glad she is still working. She look healthy, rosy and plump. She could easily retire but she continue to work and yes she doesn’t sound like she did in the past but all women voice change when they get older like Dionne Warwick, Aretha and Patti Labelle. The constant criticism is what made Whitney Houston do drugs and cause her demise. Be happy that Mariah is able and willing to perform regardless of change circumstances. Imagine all the current limited mediocre vocal range artists singing at Mariah current age it would be a hot shittttty mess

  9. NorMel76 June 18, 2017

    I don’t get it?! She ALWAYS plays around with this specific song like that – at every concert. Fans go wild for the acrobats and ins-and-outs and playfulness she does with VOL. She sang well on every other song and she played around on this one, as always. Look at the bigger picture before you write such drivel and come for a legend.

  10. 2Shade June 18, 2017

    Samantha had no stories so he does what he does best, hates on MC. I didn’t hear anything wrong with the performance, the only thing that was ugly was the girl in the grey…maybe it was Samantha in drag. Hater!!!

  11. Theman June 18, 2017

    This was alright. She just needs to rehearse & loosen up. You’re hating & need a story..

  12. Steve June 18, 2017

    Voice malfuction!!? B**** where!!?

  13. Jasmine June 18, 2017

    Perhaps her girdle is too tight and it is affecting her breathing. It’s time for her to wear clothes that fit while performing so that her voice and breathing is not affected.

    • Casual-T June 18, 2017

      Yes, this, exactly.

  14. NiNi June 18, 2017

    All im gonna say – is this – y’all catch any videos of Celine Tour in Europe that started this week <3

  15. mateo June 18, 2017

    she sounds hoarse to me…but then, i heard she was struggling with vocal fatigue. then towards the end of this clip, she was off pitch and flat. something was wrong. she def could not hear properly.

  16. The One June 18, 2017

    Her issue in stamina.
    She not 20 any more and that’s fine.
    I think she doesn’t know people don’t care if the song is in the original key as long as it’s sung well.
    Lower those keys and have fun Mariah.
    It’s time for her to use that wonder lower register more. You don’t have to sing in the heavens anymore!! Heck, nowadays, you don’t even have to be able to sing!

    • Fancy BISH June 19, 2017

      Chile tell it lol…compared to Mariah, these new hoezz can’t sing worth a flush of sh!t…treated me KIND, dat sweet DESTINEEEEE lol

  17. Marcus June 19, 2017

    Vocal confusion? lol, she always does that when performing that song

  18. LISA LEVINE June 19, 2017

    Girl. She has NO real friends. NONE. Lose some Weight, practice and rehearse your craft and stop doing this shows cold. She is great in vegas but these One-OFF shows she usually sounds unrehearsed. LET GO of these older songs, your voice is not there anymore— you have FADED, Ribbon, Love you long time, love takes time, that you can still sing. MARIAH YOU ARE DESTROYING YOUR LEGACY.

  19. Justafan June 19, 2017

    Um, what was actually wrong with this performance?!

  20. Shaquiiii June 20, 2017

    WTF, it wasn’t bad at all. She just took so damn long between “All that you turned out to be”.

  21. Musika June 20, 2017

    Homegirl needs to lay of the cigs

  22. SMH June 20, 2017

    She continues to sound like sh*t because her delusional sheep continue to enable her bull sh*t. That girl in the grey top’s face says it all lol. Pattil LaBelle & Gladys Knight are at least 20+ years older than her, and their voices are still as strong as they were 30 years ago, even stronger at times. Mariah has no excuse, she doesn’t get a pass just because she used to sell a bunch of records.

  23. JT June 20, 2017

    Sounds fine to me. What are you b*tches talking about?

  24. Avan Derm Nu Cream October 9, 2017

    Hello. Great job. I did not anticipate this. This is a remarkable story.

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