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Must See: Lauryn Hill Warns Artists Against ‘Dangerous’ Music Industry

For years many awaited Lauryn Hill‘s return, following a decade spent living away from the public eye to raise her family.

Then, in the middle of last year, the vocalist returned to the stage delivering a number of well received sets at festivals around the USA- and dates in and around Europe.

However, just when her career seemed to be finding its footing, today saw a spanner thrown in her works. Reports claim she may be headed to jail for not paying taxes in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Taxes, that add up to become a whopping $1.5 million.

Now she has responded to the claims with a chilling open letter, shedding light on what she purports to be a dangerous music industry.

Read below…


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Teaser: Ne-Yo – ‘Lazy Love (Video)’

Ne-Yo heats things up with the trailer for his new video ‘Lazy Love‘, released today.

Lifted from his forthcoming album ‘R.E.D‘, peep the clip’s scorching teaser before it surfaces in its entirety later on in the month, below…


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Shocker: Cheryl Cole Lip Synchs On ‘The Graham Norton’ Show.

Now she’s cut ties with the ITV network, it seems Cheryl Cole has turned to its rival BBC to push her forthcoming ‘ A Million Lights‘ Lp.

From her stellar performance on The Voice UK to her to her ‘telling’ set at the Queen’s ‘Jubilee’ concert, Cole’s return to the charts has rather interestingly centered around appearances on the channel.

Now watch her lip synch her way through her new single ‘Call My Name‘ on ‘The Graham Norton’ show, armed with a well produced but poorly delivered backing vocal.


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Hot Shots: Beyonce & The Family Touch Down In Dublin

Today, following a brief trip to Paris, Beyonce and her family arrived in Dublin, Ireland- the latest stop on what it shaping up to be quite the ‘summer tour’.

Guarding their daughter from onlooking paparazzi, the proud parents’ trip comes one year after the release of Knowles’ #1 LP ‘4‘, and six months after Blue’s birth in January.

More below…


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Michael Jackson Fans Slam Oprah Winfrey / Accuse Her Of Exploiting His Death


In 1993, Oprah Winfrey sat down with Michael Jackson for what might be his most memorable interview to date.

Now, 19 years later, she is readying the release of a tell all interview with his daughter Paris for the OWN network and in aid of the budding star’s burgeoning career.

However, despite marking an exciting time for all involved, today saw the arrival of an open letter which threatens to the motives behind the interview into disrepute. A letter, penned by the ‘Fans United For Michael Jackson‘s Legacy”.

Read below:

Dear Oprah,
 Horatio Nelson once said, “Desperate affairs require desperate measures.”  Judging by the recurring headlines detailing OWN Network’s dismal performance after a year and a half on the air, you must be looking for those “desperate measures”.
We can’t help but notice the irony of the current situation: the man you spent the better part of the last decade, bashing and stopping short of labeling a child molester, is the very man’s name and progeny, you are now using to salvage your sinking network. No doubt, at the top of OWN TV’s Rescue List would be a repeat of HIStory?
Remember in 1993, your Oprah show experienced record ratings, over 100 millions viewers tuned in, to watch you interview the world’s biggest superstar, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
While you were a somewhat hot commodity in the United States then, Michael Jackson introduced you to an international audience.
When a few years later, Mr. Jackson had sex abuse allegations leveled against him, we all watched in dismay you turned on him, appointed yourself judge and jury, deciding even before evidence was presented in court, that he MUST be guilty of the charges. 
After a jury of his peers rejected those accusations and returned a NOT GUILTY verdict on ALL counts, you continued to openly question his innocence with snide remarks, and demonized him to your audience and guests.
You have made it very clear, whether by airing “Is Michael Jackson Guilty?” show during jury deliberations or molestation shows before or after interviewing members of Mr. Jackson’s family, that Lady O’s opinion is more important than those 12 jurors who sat through the grueling trial.
Randy Jackson, younger brother of Mr. Jackson confirmed in a 2010 interview, that Mr. Jackson was well aware of your smear campaign and your dubious attitude towards him.
Though he never made his feelings about you public, his brother reiterated, “She [Oprah] is the last person on earth he [Michael Jackson] would want around his children.” 
Having crowned yourself a “child defender”, we find it distasteful, disgraceful and hypocritical, that you are now using grieving children, whose father you tried to sway a jury to send  behind bars, when it suits you.
Few in the media have called out your shameful exploitation and hypocrisy, but we applaud the few who did. 
Those Who Remember.
Catch Parisinterview on OWN Sunday at 9pm.
However, until it airs, let us know how you feel about Oprah’s relationship with Michael.

Weigh in below…

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No Church In The Wild: Rita Ora Performs For BBC Radio 1 ‘Live Lounge’

With the release of her album edging nearer and singles to release before that, Rita Ora joined BBC’s Radio 1 for a ‘Live Lounge‘ session recently, performing cuts acoustically for seasoned journalist Fearne Cotton.

Watch her tribute ROC boss Jay Z with a rendition of  ‘No Church In The Wild’ below… (more…)

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Tiffany Evans Announces Pregnancy / Releases ‘If You Love Me’

Congratulations are certainly in order for ‘If You Love Me’ beaut Tiffany Evans.

For, in what will come as a surprise to many, she has announced that she is expecting her first child with her husband of two years.

Her statement and hot new number below…


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Azealia Banks Weighs In On GaGa Management Drama / Blames ‘Egos’

You may not know it, but the man in the picture above is one of Pop’s music most powerful entities.

Yes, as the driving force behind Lady GaGa‘s career Troy Carter‘s influence in the industry- though rarely publicized- has made him ‘the one to go to’ for any hoping to recreate GaGa’s success.

In 2009 there was Nicki Minaj, who reportedly called on Carter to manage her alongside then mentor Diddy in a partnership of sorts. A partnership, that failed to come to fruition for reasons still unknown.

Then came Azealia Banks, who succeeded in landing a deal with Troy earlier this year. However, as reported here yesterday, that deal ended just as quickly as it started, leaving  Banks without a manager.

Now she was spoken on the matter, hinting that ‘egos’ were to blame for the split.

Full story below…


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Epic: Chris Brown ‘Turns Up The Music’ On The ‘Today Show’

Love him or hate him, there’s just no denying Chris Brown’s skill as a live act.

Easily third behind Beyonce and Lady GaGa when it comes to this generation’s strongest entertainers, today saw Brown serve an epic set at ‘The Today Show’ in support of his new LP ‘Fortune’.

Watch his full set below…


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Hot Shots: Beyonce Sparks Parisian Pandemonium

Get into these snaps of Beyonce, out and about on the streets of Paris hours ago.

Hounded by the paparazzi as she made her way to dinner, the singer/songwriter’s presence caused quite the scene escorted by her bodyguard Julius, seemingly unfazed by the pandemonium that ensued around her, days after arriving in the city with her family.

Peep more from today’s outing below…


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