Forest City‘s Barclays Center played host to the ‘Mrs.Carter Show‘ last night, the sold out stage show put on by ‘I Care‘ performer Beyonce!

As to give her NYC fans a little something extra, this show saw the star head back to the drawing board to deliver an alternate version- jam packed with new outfits, slightly new live arrangements and never before heard ad libs on a number of her greatest hits.

Press play to catch ‘End of Time‘ below, and look out for more footage right here on TGJ as the day progresses!


A mere matter of weeks separate Big Sean fans from the rapper’s sophomore album ‘Hall Of Fame’.

Due August 27th, the official tracklist for the hotly anticipated set (the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Finally Famous’) was unwrapped  moments ago.

As you’ll see after the jump, the G.O.O.D Music star has called on a number of notable names for the LP – which -given its make or break nature – is arguably the most important project he’ll ever release.

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Miley Cyrus‘ Urban crusade continues.

The former Disney star seems hellbent on shedding such title; drafting in heavy-hitting Hip-Hop producers to craft her a new sound and image.

However, as any Pop starlet attempting to re-brand will confirm, cries of “contrived” continue to plague the 20-year-old twerker.

In a new interview with Notion magazine (who she also posed it up for), the ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer asserts her work ethic, while waxing honest about misconceptions about herself and plans to become a one-name entity.

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President Barack Obama has singled out Reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian and Rapper Kanye West in a new interview this month, criticising the part they play in endorsing a culture of ‘perceived success’.

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10 years.

Believe it or not, exactly that has passed since the release of Andre 3000′s last solo album ‘The Love Below‘.

Today, in news that makes its way to the world via BET VP Stephen Hill, ‘Below‘s follow up is set to make its long awaited arrival…in a matter of months.

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Try as they might, very few acts can spawn upbeat Dance numbers that truly inspire at the same time.

Fortunately for her fans, the 3 octave wonder that is Jessie J strikes this balance perfectly, forging her own brand of feel good numbers that never- at any point- border on the corny.

This morning, the star delivered her brand new single ‘It’s My Party‘ to British radio station ‘Capital FM‘, met with talk that this number may just be her most celebrated single to date.

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After watching momentum for its lead single ‘Fine China’ send him straight to critical Nirvana, Chris Brown finds himself armed with another hit this year, carved in the gem that is ‘Love More’.

So, in doing her part to push the number, its contributor Nicki Minaj releases a short but sweet Instagram video, teasing behind the scenes footage from its video shoot!

In the mood to be teased?

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Two years after taking the album to #5 in their market, the British public have continued to show their love for Drake‘s sophomore set ‘Take Care’ this week.

How, you ask?

Drake‘s latest win below!


We’re saluting one of TGJ’s most popular divas with this week’s From The Vault pick, and we’re taking it back to basics (pun intended).

The year was 1999 and a certain Christina Aguilera was making her grand entrance into the Pop stratosphere; her debut single, the R&B-tinged ‘Genie In A Bottle’, is this week’s selection.

Unleashed as a more mature alternative to then-emerging superstar Britney Spears, Aguilera’s music dealt with themes such as love, lust and sex in a more adventurous and daring manner (albeit still very tongue-in-cheek), as evidenced in this David Frank and Steve Kipner gem.

Managing to hit the Top 10 of every market it’s been released in, ‘Genie’ was Christina’s first of three #1 singles from her eponymous debut on home soil and ended up selling well over 7 million copies worldwide — making it one of the top selling singles of all time.

Director Diane Martel was enlisted to bring the song to life, resulting in a beach-set visual where the vocalist is seen frolicking in the sand, performing the now-classic choreography and attending a bonfire with friends and her love interest.

Still a staple on the music channels that actually play…music , we’re sure we’re not mistaken when we say this one is among the videos that define the “TRL Generation” alongside clips such as ‘Crazy In Love’ by Beyonce, ‘Pop’ by *N’SYNC and Britney’s… Baby One More Time’.


With Christina sounding as good today as she does on this track (which was released almost 15 years ago), we need her to once again let vocal genie out of the bottle and hit the studio!

Though a super solid effort, the main issue with ‘Lotus’ was timing. Team Xtina -for whichever reason- did not capitalize on the worldwide smash that was ‘Moves Like Jagger’ in the timely way its banner band (Maroon 5) did with cuts such as ‘Payphone’ and ‘One More Night’. Indeed, the campaign for the ‘Your Body’ led set commenced too soon after the success of said song and, depending which reports you believe, was brought to an abrupt halt due to political infighting between respective forces involved with its release.

Now that the ‘Sing For Me’ songstress has her image in check and has returned for a fresh season of ‘The Voice’, the next few months would be the perfect time for “Baby Jane” to give her fans a collection of songs (in a perfect world a LP but why rule out an EP?) that she’ll hopefully promote in earnest. Also, as much as we love seeing her on that spinning chair, we feel she is wasting her time when, with the right setup, sound, and commercial muscle, she could “make the world move” all over again.

Let it out, Christina. Let it out!

What should Christina do next?

‘Thug Style’ stunner Ciara made her merry way to Las Vegas on Friday, arriving at the Las Vegas Palms Pool & Dayclub to throw a party in honour of her brand new album, ‘Ciara’.

Putting choreography on the back burner to serve a vocal driven set, the Grammy winning performer put her best foot forward with a medley of her most celebrated hits- including her latest…’I’m Out‘.

Watch the Givenchy backed beauty below!


Ever eager to keep his fans satisfied, Chris Brown did just that when he turned up at the ‘Sunset Strip Music Festival’ to support Wale during his set!

Joining the Rapper as he performed ‘Slight Work’, Brown’s appearance marked one of the night’s many guests, joining Slick Rick, Asher Roth and Linkin’ Park as one of the acts to support the electric showing.

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If you’re unfamiliar with KAPTN, now might be a good time to make his acquaintance.

Seriously, if the murmurings of many a tastemaker are anything to go by, the Rapper is on course to scoring a hit of epic proportions with the infectious….’Ricky Ricardo’.

Now, it seems US audiences are doing their part to ensure that happens!

Find out how below…