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After days of speculation, it has finally been confirmed…Brandy is heading down the aisle.

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Britney Spears may be all smile in the shot above, but if new reports are to be believed she won’t have much to smile about regarding her involvement (or lackthereof) in the next season of The X Factor USA.

Famously signed up this season for a whopping $15 million, the ‘My Prerogative’ singer failed to rocket the ratings for the Fox show – which continues to trail behind more successful competitors American Idol and The Voice – the latter of which has, up until recently, starred Spears’ longtime rival Christina Aguilera.

According to US Weekly, the show’s producers were banking (quite literally) on getting “bonkers Britney”. What they received instead was a vapid shell of the singer’s former self, boasting all the personality of a boiled egg. Something we feel is amply deserved. For, anyone with a legit ear and eye to the trainwreck that continues to be Britney’s latter day career would have known she hasn’t been “herself” for almost 7 years. As such, joining in on the clear exploitation of an act who clearly needs to not be in the spotlight at present ultimately blew up in many a corporate face. So much so that they supposedly are ready to bin Britney for the show’s upcoming 3rd season.

Of course, it’s imperative to point out that the 31 year old was only ever signed to a one-year deal; a fact which ignites debate as to whether she’d actually be getting “fired” or simply “moving on”. However, in keeping it all the way 100, if her stint was the raving success intended, both parties would be doing bad business by dissolving it. Indeed, the show would continue to benefit from a A-star name, while Britney could reap the reward of weekly exposure without having to embarrass herself with the rigours of doing what most artists have to do – perform. The fact the opposite is seemingly happening speaks volumes.

However this plays out, it serves as yet more proof that ratings aren’t generated by simply throwing money at a format – or in this case, a “lacking” entity.

With budget cuts highly likely for the show, here’s hoping this forces the producers to actually produce a compelling product rather than relying on a barely there judge to do it for them. There are many creative ways to spend $15 million, and as time has shown, Britney Spears isn’t one of them.

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Before hitting our screens on ‘American Idol‘ January 16th, Christmas Day saw Nicki Minaj arrive at NYC’s Webster Hall for a festive appearance at the venue- which welcomed 2,500 guests on the night.

However, while the highlight of the night may have been the Rapper’s interaction with the fans that arrived, it was her arrival with a certain Irv Gotti that may leave many an eye brow raised today.

For, despite being cited as one her long time mentors, the one time exec is also cited as a catalyst behind Drake‘s alleged plans to part ways with Lil Wayne‘s Young Money, to which both he and Minaj are signed to.

Interesting footage below…


An icon. A legend. One of the greatest voices to grace Pop music.

While the above can all be said of Mariah Carey, there’s no denying that her time at the top has come with its difficulties.

However, above all the trials and tribulations life has thrown at the ‘Triumphant’ diva since her chart arrival, none can compare to the horror that was Rihanna‘s cover of her Afanasieff produced, ‘Hero‘.

Both shocking and disturbing, Rihanna’s take on the song still darkens many a happy memory related to the song- even eight years after it happened.

However, as to ensure nobody feels left out, TGJ dedicates today’s edition of ‘Retro Rewind’ to the ghastly cover, hours after her talented rival Rita Ora wowed fans with a cover of Carey’s Christmas classic ‘All I Want For Christmashere.

Pain and distress below…


Mya turns up the heat for her new video, ‘Mr.Incredible‘, pulled from her latest album, ‘K.I.S.S‘.

A little disappointing as far as creativity goes, the video will undoubtedly come as a winner for the singer’s male audience, for reasons that will explain themselves once you watch it.

We can’t say we love it, but check it out below and let us know what you think….


Rita Ora wowed German fans today when she took on Mariah Carey‘s Christmas ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You‘ on ‘The Dome’, joined by a number of European Pop staples.

Exceeding a number of expectations, the performance will come as a welcome surprise to any yet to hear a decent cover of the cut- which continued its ascent on the Billboard Hot 100 today with a new peak position of #21.

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If ever there was an act who could get it right but doesn’t time and time again, it would- and is her.

Indeed, while the public hasn’t completely lost faith in her chances of a come back, poor and confused managerial / creative decisions have made her train a little difficult to wait for, especially when the likes of Brandy and Ciara are guaranteed to offer fans an easier ride.

So, in the hopes of restoring faith in her talent, she took to ‘Fox & Friends’ hours ago to perform a stunning rendition of ‘The Christmas Song’.

How did she fare?

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That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!

It seems music lovers just can’t get enough of ‘Unapologetic‘ star Rihanna and ‘Marry You‘ maestro Bruno Mars, both of whom continue their reign on Billboard’s Hot 100 for another week with their respective releases.

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Before the release of his debut album next year, this summer saw Roc Nation‘s Elijah Blake lend his skills to Pop quartet JLS and their fourth studio album, ‘Evolution‘.

Joined by ‘Video Phone’ producer Bangladesh and the group itself, Blake’s time in the studio saw him craft the innuendo laced ‘Dessert’, making for a brave and undeniably infectious number.

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Diva HQ:

Ludacris….our bodies are ready!

Unfortunately, it seems he only has eyes for his new girlfriend, Eudoxie, who joined him on a recent trip to the beautiful Hawaii.

Arriving in Maui, the delicious pair hit the beach under the gaze of the paparazzi as they enjoyed each other’s company rocking sexy swim gear and infectious smiles- months before he joins our girl Rita Ora in the action flick ‘Fast & Furious 6‘.

More heat below…


 Check out these pics taken of Pop mogul Diddy in St Barts yesterday, where he arrived with three of his children.

Snapped enjoying the company of Madonna‘s manager, the Rapper was caught boarding a luxury yacht with his kids- casually dressed  hours after Christmas day.

Holiday shots below…



Believe it or not, next year will mark two years since the release of Lady GaGa‘s latest album, ‘Born This Way‘.

So, as to ensure its follow up ‘ARTPOP‘ is afforded all the promo it needs to outsell the Electro Pop piece, she has enlisted long time friend Terry Richardson to create a documentary, documenting the album’s conception.

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