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Hint: She’s the face of DoSomething.Org.

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Rob Fusari, to any familiar with his work, is nothing short of a Pop demigod.

Responsible for Destiny’s Child‘s ‘Bootylicious‘, Fusari is perhaps best known for creating 2008’s ‘The Fame‘, for and alongside New York native Lady GaGa.

Cited as the man behind her ascent, Rob’s relationship with the maestra soon fizzled following a lawsuit launched by the writer in 2010. A lawsuit, which claimed he had been cut out of GaGa’s lucrative recording contract once his services were no longer required.

Now, in an unforeseen turn of events, he has launched a scathing attack on the star- by way of Twitter.

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Today, From The Vault journeys back to 2004, with the hit single ‘Rich Girl’ from dynamo duo Gwen Stefani and Eve.

The ragga-tinged cut served as the second offering from Stefani’s stellar solo debut ‘Love.Angel.Music.Baby’ and was released during the last quarter of 2004. Produced by Hip-Hop heavyweight Dr. Dre, ‘Rich was a global monster hit reaching the Top 10 of numerous countries and earning the duo yet another Best Rap/Sung Collaboration Grammy nod.

Indeed, the track serves as the 2nd of their collective efforts; with the first being E.V.E’s 2001 smash ‘Let Me Blow Your Mind’ – which featured Stefani on the hook and was also helmed by Dre. It would be this cut that would nab the coveted Grammy.

What’s so interesting about the ‘Love.Angel.Music.Baby’ album’s single-run (or the LP, as a whole for that matter) is how all the songs boast a genuine ‘Gwen-Factor’ while remaining worlds apart from each other. Whether Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, New Wave, the mother of two possesses a unique musical character that enables her to touch upon every musical style without ever sounding contrived or desperate.

The tune’s David LaChapelle directed video is an elaborate high fashion pirate-themed affair complete with ships, anchors and cannon fires. It goes without saying, our two ladies look incredible in it.

From the over-the-top fashion and the ‘different’ sound, to the big-budget glossy videos and intricate stage showings, we firmly believe Gwen Stefani had laid down the groundwork for the Fergies, GaGas, Perrys and to some extent Minajs of the world; injecting the reality that “crazy” is cool and outrageous can be fun. It is a shame, then, that the said artists and their counterparts  -when quizzed about their influences- namedrop many a retro legends, often forgetting the Orange County Girl.

Here’s hoping both Gwen and Eve hurry up and hit us with some new material soon.

Your thoughts?


Rihanna may be a lot of things, but a ‘skilled live performer’ is one adjective she will never be associated with–which makes her upcoming scheduled performance on NBC‘s ‘SNL’ all the more jarring…not surprising…but jarring.

Find out when music’s most incessant offender will enter the homes of millions to sing ‘Where Have You Been’ after the jump and sound-off below.



Taking a brief break from crafting her long awaited sophomore album, Lauryn Hill took to London’s 02 Arena last night for a truly showstopping performance.

A far cry from the ‘out of it monster’ she’s often presented as, Hill soared with performances of some of her greatest cuts including – ‘Lost Ones‘, ‘Ex Factor’, and Fugee smash ‘Killing Me Softly’

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At this rate Kelly Clarkson will have recorded a full album of Mariah Carey covers by 2020–not that we’re complaining.

The 29 year old Pop/Rock star expressed her admiration of Carey’s artistry before performing a stunning version of ‘Can’t Let Go’ at the Toyota Town Center in Wenatchee, Washington. ‘Can’t Let Go’ was a No. 2 Billboard hit written by Clarkson’s favorite diva in 1991 for the ‘Emotions’ album.

Get into the ‘Idol’ winner’s flawless take on another Carey-classic after the jump and sound-off below.


‘Truth Or Dare‘ is finally here.

Yes, after what may seem like an eternity to her fan base, Madonna launched her first fragrance in New York last night.

In partnership with Coty Prestige, the ‘Take A Bow‘ beaut released the perfume after 15 years of development, and follows the release of her #1 album ‘MDNA’.

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Unfortunately, Azealia Banks found herself becoming public enemy #1 following her spat with Iggy Azalea and remarks directed at Pop sensation Nicki Minaj.

However, as the saying goes- talent will always speak for itself, and it most certainly did speak when Banks took the stage for her set at Coachella 2012.

Full performance below…


Keri Hilson is opening up like never before.

Indeed, ahead of the release of her third studio LP, the Pop belle sat down with FUSE for a truly profound chit chat. A chit chat, which saw her open up on a series of horrific dreams.

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The Voice UK continued in spectacular fashion tonight.

Check out highlights from the hotly anticipated show on our sister site – That Grape Juice TV.

Click here to watch The Voice UK!


For Lil Kim, the last few years have been a long and uncertain road.

Falling asleep on the job and waking up to find Nicki Minaj dominating her territory and then some, Kimberly has never had to fight harder to protect her once spotless legacy.

So, in a bid to restore that legacy, the icon is readying a tour with Live Nation, set to kick off this year.

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They may have taken their sweet time, but this year saw ROC Nation launch Brit Pop belle Rita Ora.

Kicking off her campaign with the singles ‘Party’ and ‘RIP’, her long awaited first album is set to hit Pop shores within the next year, following a summer of touring with Coldplay.

With the benefit of Rihanna‘s manager and Beyonce‘s backing, expectations for the project are high- especially after less than stellar efforts from ROC sisters Alexis Jordan and Willow Smith.

So, now it’s time to have to your say.


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