Janet Jackson Harpers Bazaar Interview; First Since Michael's PassingPop superstar Janet Jackson appears in the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar magazine, giving her first interview since the death of her brother the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

As well as the awesome shoot, click here to read the full interview.
Janet Jackson Harpers Bazaar Interview; First Since Michael's PassingJanet Jackson Harpers Bazaar Interview; First Since Michael's Passing
A great shoot and an even better interview. Janet is the last of the Jackson’s to carry on their great musical legacy. I have every faith that she will continue to add many a great chapter to their inspiring story.
Tidbit: I must say I am overly shocked at the fact she confirms her and JD are no longer together. 7 years….damn.
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With the new season of The Tyra Banks Show premiered this week, hence the supermodel-tuned-talk show host has been doing the media rounds to promote it. Peep this very interesting interview she done with ABC’s Nightline, which got a little heated in parts. A great watch.
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Things are very busy on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ front at present. So hold tight, announcement coming later today. In the meanwhile, check out Diddy and Dirty Money’s video for ‘Angels’ which premiered last night.
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Michael Jackson - 'This Is It' Movie Details
The official promotional poster for Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ movie surfaced today, as has new information about the much anticipated docu-film. Speaking on the project, the reliable source, who is close to the project, said:
1) Trailers are mostly done, and we’re waiting partly on the footage from the funeral which is being added in now. Expect to see the first ad premiere next weekend. I tried to press him on more info regarding the VMA’s but couldn’t get a confirmation.
2) The movie is not a 2 hour concert like many fans thought. In fact the movie is simply a documentary based around the This Is It tour, it shows Jackson in his final days and includes his death, aftermath, and reaction. Clips from the memorial and funeral will be used.
3) There will be some footage of MJ performing, much longer then the 3-4 minute snippet released at the end of June by AEG. You will see MJ in his dressing room, mingling and directing, plus one scene where he talks to the camera. Basically, it will show Jackson in his final months alive.
4) The movie is between 100 and 130 minutes in length.
5) The plan for the DVD is to have it out in late November by Thanksgiving or early December at the latest, although my source revealed this maybe a long shot if they extend the 2 week showing to 3 or 4 weeks (which is possible).
6) The DVD will contain the theatrical version in its whole plus over 2 hours of Jackson performing, warming up his vocals, singing, and in full costume. The most spectacular footage is by far from the Staples Center in LA which I’m told will “blow fans away”. This extra footage will be a special feature on the DVD along with many other treats that fans will love.
7) Finally, the CD soundtrack I’m told will be released after the movie, most likely sometime in November to coincide with the DVD launch and WILL include a new song Jackson recorded in his last 2 years alive. Apparently the song is “off the hook” and is currently being worked on by producers who are putting the finishing touches on it and is being considered to be issued as a single all around the world.
While this all sounds awesome, I can’t help but feel a little torn about the monetising of the project. The business-savvy side of me understands that it is in the best interest of Michael’s estate, and pardon my bluntness, to ‘milk’ the movie for as much as it possibly can. However, the fan and generally more objective side of me wonders why the DVD – at this point – is looking more enticing than the actual movie-going experience. It’s as if the ‘really’ good stuff is looking to be on the DVD. That said, this hasn’t deterred me from going to see it come October 28th; just an observation…
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Janet Jackson To Perform Tribute to Michael At VMA's
Famous choreographer Wade Robson posted the following message on his MySpace bulletin yesterday, which read:


To say I’m excited would be the biggest of understatements! Finally a real reason to tune in to the show, other than watching for watching sake. The sheer amount of talent in the list above lets me know this is gonna be unmissable.
While I appreciate BET only had a short amount of time to re-work their show (which still turned out to be a dud), my gut tells me MTV is the grander, more fitting stage to give a proper tribute to the King of Pop. Roll on Sunday…
Tidbit: Janet stans – ain’t it interesting to see Tina Landon – her former collaborator – on the list?
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It seems being dropped from Atlantic hasn’t deterred Pretty Ricky from launching another assault on the charts. The oh-so-talented collective premiered the video for their new single ‘Tipsy’ today. Put simply,

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Brandy Unveils New Short 'Do
R&B star Brandy took to Twitter last night to reveal her new short hair-do. As usual, I’m finding it quite funny seeing some of our fellow blogger friends with headlines to the tune of ‘Brandy Chops Off Her Hair!!’ It’s her hair alright…hair she clearly has a receipt for! Obviously weave folks. This will be the Ciara ‘long-then short-then long again’ episode from a couple of months back.
Anyway, Ms. Norwood looks good with it.
What do you think of Brandy’s new look?

Seemingly out of nowhere the debut solo single from Girls Aloud’s Cheryl Cole, ‘Fight For This Love’ premiered on BBC Radio 1 this morning. Then again, with Cole apparently holding the title of the nation’s ‘sweetheart’ and her soaring popularity on the X-Factor, now more than ever is the best time to launch her solo. Is the single actually any good then?
The R&B-tinged Pop cut isn’t the car-crash I was admittedly expecting. Cliche lyrics? Tick. Heavily processed vocals for her Cheryls waifer-thin voice? Tick. Dated sounding; would have been fresh 5 years ago? Tick. All that aside, the track is very catchy, with many a hook to make it a staple in one’s head – whether they opt for it to or not (which I guess is the desired effect). What’s more, the song seems to give a nod to Mary’s ‘Just Fine’ (“Fight, fight fight fight for this love”), KC & JoJo’s ‘All My Life’ and Kandi’s ‘Don’t Think I’m Not’ (the jingle sound).
Tidbit: Interestingly enough, Cheryl’s as-yet-untitled album is set to hit shops the very same day as X Factor winner Alexandra Burke’s debut LP (October 26), who she continues to mentor today. While I’m sure some sort of chart battle to maximise both of their sales is the objective here, I can’t see how this will help Cheryl – as it’s pretty much a cert she will come up short, with the X Factor promo machine that will inevitably propel Alex.
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Beyonce celebrated her 28th birthday this past Friday. To celebrate Bey’s big day, her team put together this awesome video of friends, family and fellow celebrities including Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Diddy, John Legend and Tyra Banks, wishing ol’ Bouncy a Happy Birthday.
Randomness: Say what you want about her, but IMO Ms. Knowles-Carter has cemented her place in music history. Am I alone in thinking so or…
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Sugababes - 'About A Girl' (2nd Single)
The follow-up to the Sugababes smash ‘Get Sexy’, the Red One produced ‘About A Girl’, premiered moments ago on BBC Radio 1 Chart Show. Expectantly an uptempo, the song is an Electro-Pop fusion that seems destined for the clubs. Though lacking kinda lacking lyrically (the Independent Woman cliches are a bit OTT), the song still manages to go hard and is incredibly catchy. With a killer video (perhaps even without), I envision this being B-I-G over here.
‘Sweet 7’, the ladies aptly titled 7th studio album hits stores November 23rd.
Tidbit: Loving the “Red One…Sugababes” part!
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X Factor 2009: Auditions - Week 3 - TGJ '2 Pence'The third week of X Factor 2009 audition stage aired last night here in the UK. Check out my 2 Pence below:

{For those unfamiliar with the show; The X Factor is the UK’s version of American Idol – with a twist in that groups and over 25’s are eligible to enter. The show also birthed the career of a certain Leona Lewis, as well as Alexandra Burke}
I’ve still yet to see that one contestant that knocks it out of the park ala Leona or Alexandra’s audtions, however Jade, for That Grape Juice, was the one to watch last night – despite her atrocious weave (off-topic, I know but still….you’re on TV love lol). Peep her performance of Jennifer Hudson’s ‘And I Am Telling You’ (thank goodness folk are singing a diverse array of songs this go round, and not the uber obvious ‘bait’ choices aka Whitney, Mariah etc):

Not the best rendition I’ve heard of the song and her voice does need to mature more, but still a great effort – especially for a 17 year old.
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