Opening Episode Of ‘Keyshia Cole: All In’ Draws In 1.2 Million Viewers

Published: Thursday 26th Feb 2015 by David

1.2 million viewers tuned into to the first episode of Keyshia Cole‘s ‘All In’ on Tuesday evening, heading over to Black Entertainment Television (BET) watch the latest chapter of the singer’s life play out on camera.

Details on Keyshia’s impressive viewing figures below…

Though it failed to match the 2.92 million who tuned in to catch the first episode of her second TV series ‘Keyshia & Daniel: Family First’, ‘All In‘s first ratings figure saw her outperform presentations of hit shows ‘Family Guy’, ‘Cougar Town‘ and ‘Modern Family‘ when it debuted at 9.30 pm.


The series follows the ‘Heaven Sent’ singer as she embarks on an independent journey following her reportedly amicable split from husband Daniel Gibson and ‘Interscope Records’, home to all six of her studio albums.

Yet to see its viewer-pulling first episode?

Watch it here.

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  1. Molly February 26, 2015

    Well atleast she got more viewers than Spongebob we all remember when Beyonces HBO flop special got slayed by a spongebob rerun.

    • beelow February 26, 2015

      But when you have a tour that slaaays ticket booths who cares?? Where was keyshia’s last tour? (silence)

      • maurice February 26, 2015

        keyshia last tours been held at KFC, where they used to sell Ciara’s album, Fantasy Ride, as a gift for every special meal.
        I remember that ish like it was just yesterday.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. February 26, 2015

      Not as good as Lil’ Kim’s record-breaking 1.9 million viewers for her reality show Countdown to Lockdown. Fućk Keyshia Coleslaw. Another stink pusśy bitćh who tried to go against the Queen of Rap Lil’ Kim.

      • Cupid February 26, 2015

        Hahahahaha Keshia coleslaw!!!!! No you didn’t!! You people are crazy!!

  2. beelow February 26, 2015

    Good! her recording career is over so this is a good move for her. Stick to tv ma.

  3. TRUTH SERUM February 26, 2015

    She’s a lil ratchet but fine as hell!!

    • Molly February 26, 2015

      But you love ratchet you are a Nicki stan

      • TRUTH SERUM February 26, 2015

        Oh Molly… lol

  4. topplewear3938 Sam Smith and Drake Fan February 26, 2015

    I think she’s back with her husband now…

  5. Lake Erie February 26, 2015

    I think a lot of people didn’t know about the show. It really wasn’t promoted so those numbers are good! I think each week she’ll gain more. I haven’t seen it because I thought it was scheduled for a later date. But good s*** Keyshia. I pray her and my boy boob kick it off again…. 4life.

    • Chile, did you see Annaliese tale that wig and makeup off? Gurl, i was too scared!!! February 26, 2015

      Chile, please! He’s more interested in them fame-hungry nasty stank weave fake booty strippers he stay posted up on instagram with. He don’t want her anymore. She even said his diick not good anymore in her latest single with that cheap ass flop video.

  6. LB February 26, 2015

    I love her Point of no return album

  7. Mark111 February 26, 2015

    When Cole have more viewers than Oh The Flop Tour HBO “special”.

  8. TheElusiveLamb February 26, 2015

    I missed it, but I’m going to watch it after this boring ass meeting at work is over. I think (regardless of her sales) that KC has actually never really lost most of her hardcore fanbase. I still enjoy her music.

  9. FutureCIARA February 26, 2015

    I watched it was good. I like her better on TV. And her family needs to pull it together!

  10. Dante reps QUEEN MARIAH February 26, 2015

    If keyshia is smart she will return in September with a second season of this show And show her working on a new single that would be released at the top of the year!!

    • Brian310 February 27, 2015

      Bingo!!!!…she had her highest album sales when she incorporated her album with reality tv. I don’t see her having platinum albums anymore but she can definitely hit gold if she plays her cards right, especially now that she has artistic freedom to do w/e she wants.

  11. HYISY February 26, 2015

    What a stupid comparison.One was on a free basic cable channel, while the other was on a subscription based channel.The fact that some y’all are so pressed by Beyoncé that you would compare her to someone who’s last 4 releases dont even make up a quarter of the sells of her last album speaks volumes.When Keyshia can make the hot 100 or even chart above #89 on the R&B/HipHop charts then we can talk, plus one is a reality show while the other was nothing more than video of a concert..

  12. Stephy Is Messy February 26, 2015

    Love Her Ghetto Ass Family.

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