Major: Music Industry Confirms Introduction Of Friday Global Release For New Albums

Published: Thursday 26th Feb 2015 by Sam

Last year saw volume given to the murmurs that – after the success of Beyonce‘s surprise album – music industry forces were banding together to try and establish a global release date system; a move that would radically change the scope of how albums are rolled out worldwide.

Today has brought with it the confirmation that an agreement has been reached and that the new structure will come into effect sooner than one might think.

Details below…

Music Week reports that the IFPI has confirmed Friday as the global release day for albums. As at writing, the change is set to impact in ‘Summer 2015’.

Already established as the day of the week new music arrives in Australia, Germany, and a number of other countries, the formalisation of the worldwide model will align regions such as the US and UK with the one-day-for-all setup.

Speaking on the rationale for the change, IFPI CEO Frances Moore said in a statement:

“A global release day makes sense for one overwhelming reason – it meets the needs of the music consumer. In today’s globalised world, it makes no sense for new music to be released to fans on different days of the week.  At the same time, we view this as a tremendous opportunity to breathe new life back into the release of music.  Friday has a compelling logic to it, at the start of the weekend when fans most want to listen to and buy music, which is why it has been chosen as the day”

Wow. Who’d have thought the change would be green-lit so soon?!

Nonetheless, we’re all for it. Globalisation has been such a pervasive force in the way music is consumed over the last decade. As such, it makes an abundance of sense to re-mould the system to reflect that. Perhaps it’ll encourage artist’s teams to conjure up fresh, cutting-edge means of impactful promo.

On the piracy side of things, it should – in theory – help reduce illegal leaks too. As projects are renown for leaking due to the different dates of release across the globe. Although, we’ve long thought this would be most easily fixed by all albums being released digitally FIRST and physically a week after. But, we guess change comes one step at a time. And it’s important we don’t under-value how big a step today’s announcement is.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Beysus Impact February 26, 2015


    • Mark111 February 26, 2015

      I must agree.

    • LB February 26, 2015

      Oh hey Kevin, why did you run away from our conversation in the other post about our fav.

      Anyway I’m sure you have all the latest updates, how about you fill me in.

    • Mike February 26, 2015

      BEY’S IMPACT! Next the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean need to recognize iTunes albums and begin certifying singles, because Bey’s album is Still top 5 in all of these regions and most of her album tracks/singles from Self-Titled are still top 10 on their iTunes singles charts. If everybody had the same rules, BEY would easily be certified for 6 million + with this album. You heard it here first. That doesn’t even include TEA and SEA.

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* February 26, 2015

      No they just got smart and realized n I ggas get paid on Friday. Lol

  2. Iggy on top February 26, 2015

    Only a few artist can do this though.

    Taylor swift



    Carry underwood


    Justin BEIBER

    Nicki minaj (probably)

    Like this wouldn’t go well with other artist out there

    • Skyfall February 26, 2015

      Lol justin last efforts didn’t even chart.

  3. topplewear3938 Sam Smith and Drake Fan February 26, 2015

    WOW! That’s an awesome idea, I’m all for it. When will the shift take place exactly?

    Or maybe it’s just the idea of a ‘surprise’ album exciting people? Maybe it has nothing to do with the day. Also, you have to take into account that both Drake and Beyonce have solid fanbases, so they will always sell regardless. This also applies to Rihanna and other popular stars that always go platinum.

    But either way, Friday release sounds like a good idea. We’ll see how it all works out. Maybe even make comparisons in sales from before and after this change to see if this claim is accurate.

  4. BeyIsKing February 26, 2015

    This is why Beyoncé is Queen. BEYONCÉ has literally been a driving force in CHANGING the music industry.

    • Skyfall February 26, 2015

      Most countries already release music on fridays. She only changed the US

      • Career Ender February 26, 2015

        awwwww a baby elephant starving already
        which countries are those?
        provide receipts, you one of the serial liars in this blog and you have poisoned the world
        stop talking shìt and PROVIDE receipts or else disappear in this post like rihanna did on every top 5 of every chart qith FFS

      • Skyfall February 26, 2015

        Honey did you even read the f****** article? It’s write there in black and white. Also anyone who actual is on Twitter or follow the release dates of there favs albums would know that a lot if countries in Europe get albums before America .

      • Career Ender February 26, 2015

        not at this starving as$ Soshanguve African running in here living her 25l bucket at the river?
        biatch back to the river you go before the cows kick and breaks the dirty bucket!!!!
        FSS #6 and travelling on speed of light to where I bet resides

      • How Many Drinks February 26, 2015

        ‘Only the changed the US’

        Thats HUGE.

      • Luxx Luther February 26, 2015

        No boo that’s LOCAL smh , Beyoncé stans are so lost !

      • How Many Drinks February 26, 2015

        Local? You do realize the music industry in the US is the most commercially viable and lucrative place in the word. Its impact is bigger than Europe in its entirety so I suggest you>>>>_/ and gain some knowledge before you accuse me of being lost.

      • Mya February 28, 2015

        Wrong the only country in Europe is Germany. Outside of Europe is AUS. That’s why the headline reads GLOBAL Release Date and NOT US release date. So, this is Beyonce’s GLOABL impact.

  5. The Beysus Impact February 26, 2015

    Everything should have global releases now… You know since almost every country is on social media so we can experience everything at the same time…

  6. Career Ender February 26, 2015


  7. Mark111 February 26, 2015

    Releasing anything on a Tuesday is boring as crap anyway. But changing the day isn’t going to make people buy anything. Only way music will sell again is to make album no more than $5. Era’s don’t last no more than 3 months, videos are poor and singles are cheaper. I only buy from a few artist, I will never spend $10 on an album that the artist and label themselves aren’t promote anylong than a week.
    And I know some people will say “It’s about the music.”, and that’s true. But we (25 to 40) are the MTV era demo, we’re used to great videos, LIVE performances and getting excited for new videos every 3 to 4 months and eras lasting well over a year.

    • Brian310 February 27, 2015

      I agree I do feel like albums should be cheaper since the labels and artist aren’t putting as much money into their product like they used to but I still feel like the industry needs to accept the change in music and just have all albums be released digitally…every generation has to change the way the public consumes their music, you got the vinyl records, 8 track tape, cassette tapes, CDs and now it’s time to embrace digital releases. If you look at a lot of artist that released digitally they had decent sales, Beyoncé had her best sales when she just released it digitally before it became available physically. Also the industry needs a shot of up and coming talent(video producers, A&R Reps, choreographers, managers, publicist, creative directors etc etc) because the music scene is outdated and needs fresh ideas and some innovative moments and sounds.

  8. Career Ender February 26, 2015

    actually minus Marikos, he doesn’t seem pressed in here

  9. Stinglikebey February 26, 2015

    And people get mad when she is called QUEEN B! Game changer

  10. MISHKA February 26, 2015

    Yet the Grammys didn’t give Beyonce AOTY … Eff that, she got robbed!

    Next Year, I need Kanye, Jay, Bey and all of them need to stay home.

    Let’s see how low them ratings will go (we see what happened to the Oscars).

    • Mark111 February 26, 2015

      They didn’t show up for half of the other award shows and they all still had good ratings. They didn’t show up at a single black award show, yet are mad when the white men don’t recognize them, but they don’t even acknowledge our shows. So they can really kiss my foot.

      • How Many Drinks February 26, 2015

        Bye! Beyonce always attended the BET awards until they dissed her child. Don’t try it. Rihanna is the one who does not go to black award shows.

    • Skyfall February 26, 2015

      I’m sorry and I’m not trying to start anything, but the Grammys honestly don’t gaf and the world does not revolve around those three. Oy stans watched the Grammys to see Beyoncé. They will do just find, some of you guys need to leave Stan logic at the door, because they grammys don’t need these artist they need the Grammys. also no matter how much Kanye rants Beyoncé was not snubbed because the Grammys don’t care about impact or sales especially with the most pretegious award. The care about the quality, production, songwriting etc. And considering he did everything himself is probably what gave him that win. You see she wasn’t invited to perform until she ask to perform with John Legend. They don’t CARE.

      • How Many Drinks February 26, 2015

        How do you know she was not invited to perform just because she asked to perform with John instead?

  11. Skyfall February 26, 2015

    This won’t work andet me tell you why, like Mark111 said changing the release date won’t make people buy your music, Beyoncé had anticipation as well as a big fan base who was ready to hit purchase and soon as anything dropped from her, as well as Drake.

    A Global release date won’t work because of the time zone difference songs can still be leaked and illegal downloading will steal take place because I mean why would you spend money in an artist that you only like a few songs from when you can get it for free.

    Releasing music digitally first won’t work, as songs can be ripped from iTunes before it’s even purchase ready. I say make physcial CDs be sold first make people get off there ass and go purchase a damn cd.. Half these mda be in Walmart/Target all day anyway. Physical CDs only went down because they stopped being promoted, Taylor Swift album sales were like 45% physical CDS.

    On a end note, this new releasing on Friday system would imo damage the remains of what is already on life support in the music industry.

  12. britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

    Bitchess want Beyonce to have impact sooooo bad lmao… poorly written post

  13. Suicide Blonde February 26, 2015

    I don’t think this has nothing to do with the Beyoncé released her album, not trying to discredit her, this is more a way to make people buy albums again, fans will be forced to buy as much copies as possible if they want their faves to come out on top, especially Pop fans, competition makes you do some things, that’s the way i see it.

    • Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

      Please. just. STFU! People like you will call white,black even if you have the eyes of 10 people put together. It has EVERYThing to do with BEYONCE. STAY MAD

      • Skyfall February 26, 2015

        B**** bye, half of the damn world release in Fridays, Sales are in the shits. After seeing Bey & Drake success they are considering it but dot act like Friday release is something new.

      • Suicide Blonde February 26, 2015

        Look i’m not in the mood, take it as you want.

    • britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

      i agree. But of course, they have to mention Beyonce and try to make her seem like she’s this big impactful person. Foh, beyonce doesnt have that much power

      • Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

        You are as stupid as your fav

      • Suicide Blonde February 26, 2015

        This was planned way before Beyoncé released her album, it was just a matter of time, the music industry is falling apart, no artist have such power.

      • britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

        lol i agree with you blondie. It’s so funny expressing our opinions in a positive way and these mad Beyonce stans can’t handle the truth and automatically start attacking lol. This is why everyone thinks yall are uneducated and raised by a welfare having mother

  14. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 26, 2015

    This is just to boost album sales. Nothing major. Friday is the beginning of the weekend. LOL #Next

    • Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

      Well skyfall if you remove your Brain of all the fat, you will know what we both said are the same. First BEYONCE’S Success made Drake release his album the same way, which made them consider this change. The album BEYONCE prompted this change. So please stop crying accept the fact.

  15. Tyler February 26, 2015

    I knew everybody was going to start doing this s***.

    • Skyfall February 26, 2015

      It’s mostly only in America where people don’t release on Fridays nothing new to those other countries.

    • britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

      oh but if the post was written and saying it was Rihanna’s impact, your idiot ass would be denying it as well. Sit down irrelevant bitchh

      • Tyler February 26, 2015

        But was I wrong? No! Now get ur scarecrow looking ass out of my reply section.

  16. truthtea February 26, 2015

    It’s funny how y’all thinking BeyBonic had any hand in this! Most albums are released in other countries days before the U.S. and by the time albums are released in the states, they’ve leaked online which allows people time to listen to them and post them on YouTube.

  17. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 26, 2015

    TGJ loves to blow everything out of proportion. Clearly they don’t care about journalist integrity. They never have. 😆

    • britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

      preach!! i’m starting to assume that they didn’t go to college based off their poorly written articles lmao

      • Tyler February 26, 2015

        Oh the irony! You need to be Hooked On Phonix.

  18. Career Ender February 26, 2015

    this gravel faced bìtch -> Talentless
    is literally like that xmen hoè Mystique
    she gets away too much with stealing many tgj commentors identities and drags
    1. victim : Blue Ivy rodriguez
    this guy used to drag bey in every of his comment all the time (thunder thighs etc.)
    now talentless is doing the same but with less impact
    2. victim: LB
    used to drag bey for filth for photoshopping, we all know
    no this village goat header stole it and is always trolling with it
    3. victim : Career Ender
    moat of his draggs and writting style and tweets and previous year comments has been stolen so notoriously by the village cretin
    wake up TGJ and clock the BLOG THIEF!!!!!!
    dead at it stealing things which won’t increase its bank balance or maths reaults
    flop strugglimg biatches 😆

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

      Why are you so obsessed with me?

  19. The Great Lacefronce. February 26, 2015

    That Thiefonce impact !next eeveryone will want to steal songwriting credits

    Good thing Whaleonce released that surprise gimmick,her career was on life support after the massive flop that is 4closure!!!!!!

    • Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

      Well I hope you steal BRAIN from someone because you obviously lack one. Your comment is the most Ignorant mess I have seen here. You are a lost case.

  20. Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

    No matter how try to turn the table, or twist the words. This has everything to do with BEYONCE. This is what an IMPACT means. It is beyond sales or commercial success.

  21. Skyfall February 26, 2015

    I just thought about something, how will artist promote there sufficiently if the music is released all in the same day. Especially if that day is a Friday. I don’t see this working .

  22. Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

    The album BEYONCE will be remembered 100yrs from now. Whenever someone talks about the change that led to this new development, like it or not the name “Beyonce” will be brought up.<<< This is what I consider true IMPACT.

    • ARTFLOP February 26, 2015

      The delusion

      • Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

        NO honey, the only DELUSION is you thinking lady Gaga is still relevant.

      • ARTFLOP February 26, 2015

        I never said T***** caca was relevant she is a fat flop hence my name you fool try paying more attention in school

    • britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

      lmao way too delusional. If Bessie Smith, an extremely popular jazz vocalist from the 1920s, was not remember 90 years later, Beyonce won’t either. Yall think she changed music when everything is the same as usual lmao. Sit down monkeys

      • Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

        The only Monkey I can remember now is Britney. So run up to here cage to give her some banana because lord knows she really needs some. Oh please take some too.

      • Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015


      • britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

        britney doesnt look like a monkey like beyonce does

    • JOHNVIDAL February 26, 2015

      What the f***???? LMAO
      Let´s see if Beyonce is remembered to begin with. Let alone a particular album. Hilarious. She will have to release a total classic in the vein of All I Want for Xmas is You to last 90 years on people´s minds. I don´t see it happening.

  23. LB February 26, 2015

    It only makes sense to me anyway, people are done with the work week on Friday, they can go in on Saturday and Sunday to purchase music.

    Beyonce’s surprise release most definitely helped in this decision.

    • Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

      Sure she did!

  24. LB February 26, 2015

    Kevin acting real coy with me, oh well, see you in the next Rihanna post I guess, you can go ahead and thumb down this comment, you must really love colouring.

  25. Tyler February 26, 2015

    But was I wrong? No! Now keep your scarecrow looking ass out of my reply section.

    • britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

      no i’ll continue being in your reply section. What are you going to do about it? exactly. Get dragged Bitchh

      • Tyler February 26, 2015

        I hope your fingers, thumbs, wrist, elbows, and arms all fall off in the process you remedial ass b**** #StayMad

  26. No February 26, 2015

    The article states Bey’s album release prompted this change, yet you have those trying to discredit her. Sit your mad behinds down somewhere.

  27. Yonce on your mouth February 26, 2015

    Cry all you want, Write Essays all you want. It won’t change the fact that Beyonce is part of the reasons for this change. You all wish your fav could. Loooool

    • britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

      she’s not part of the reason, sorry 🙂

      • Tyler February 26, 2015

        Beyonce’s last release started a surprise album phenomenon AND was the first major success. For you to say that she has nothing to do with it just shows how RIHtarded you are.
        You’re just mad because RihBobbleHead didn’t think of it first.

  28. FutureCIARA February 26, 2015

    This change is a decade LATE! #FINALLY, I never understood the Tuesday album release dates anyway….
    The music industry is still FAR behind the current times we live in.

    Thank you Beyonce’s team!

  29. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

    The only thing Beyonce impacted was Jayz’s d*** when she deepthroated that s*** with Blue Ivy asleep in the car seat.

    This is great news though, but I think the real chane will come when they delay digital sales and force people to buy the physical copies or make digital copies available in stores and count it as a “physical sale” (most people don’t have iTunes)

    • Tyler February 26, 2015

      No, the only d*** that was impacted was Bobby Beige’s aka Chris Browns. Because it was his fist and JAY-Z’S VERSE that made your fave relevant.
      Don’t try to downplay “Beyonce”, the first commercial+critical surprise release, because of it.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

        Didn’t JayZ also help launch Beyoncé’s Solo career? I guess to repay him back she married him.

        Beyonce owes her life and career to Jigga since her hits are always with him or single mamas.

        Rihanna doesn’t need JAyZ since she had hits before and after him.

        Bye for now

      • Tyler February 26, 2015

        Beyonce was the lead singer of one of the most successful girl groups of all time BEFORE JAYZ.
        Rihanna on the other hand, started off as a flop struggling to sing “I don’t wanna do this any mooorrre. I don’t wanna be the reason whyyy”. Before Jay-Z took her under his wing and give her that fake ass bad girl person. Had that not happened, her 3rd LP would have probably been a flop Just like “Flop of the Sun” and “A Flop Like Me”.
        Rihanna should be sending Jay-Z a basket full of chocolates and roses right about now.

      • FutureCIARA February 26, 2015


  30. Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

    Beyonce’s impact whether you h*** like it or not!!!
    *Plays Bow Down and bops head*

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

      Prismatic, give it up. We all know you’re a Katy Stan

  31. Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

    But Rihanna has impacted every d*** in the industry! Let’s not Lmao Bey is married 😉

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

      Just like Beyonce has impacted the h*** in Houston or praising the single baby mamas but then going home to her abusive cheating husband? Lol

      • How Many Drinks February 26, 2015

        You don’t know what the f*** she goes home to though.

  32. Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

    And we all know you’re a mariah fan!! Lmfao STAWP

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

      I am a fan of Mariah but I’m not Slayriah.

      Now tell me where’s the receipt of me trolling under different names and accounts?

  33. Casual-T February 26, 2015

    This makes sense. Over the years, release days have varied throughout the week, depending on the label and distributor, but ultimately landing on Tuesday for almost everybody about 25 years ago. That’s no longer a factor since most albums are bought digitally.

  34. Tyler February 26, 2015

    No, the only d*** that was impacted was Bobby Beige’s aka Chris Browns. Because it was his fist and JAY-Z’S VERSE that made your fave relevant.
    Don’t try to downplay “Beyonce”, the first extremely commercial+critical successful surprise release, because of it.

  35. fatusankoh February 26, 2015

    That make a lot of Sense you go queen bey

  36. Rosie February 26, 2015

    Don’t know why a S****** stan is coming for Bey when the only impact their fave has is proving that all you have to do to make it in pop music is suck d*** and look pretty. Hollering at it calling Bey ugly when it’s fave looks like an extra from The Walking Dead.
    Anyways this is a great idea and it will definitely prevent leaks to a certain extent (like my fave’s album leaking on the day it was released in Australia/NZ). And actually a good amount of countries, probably a majority, release on Sunday, not Friday like some here are claiming.

    • britneyraycarey February 26, 2015

      lmao you’re so obsessed with me! How is your fantastic “education” going? Lol you and your flop ass community college grades are a joke. Please, Britney impacted the industry far more than Monkeyonce did. That’s why she gets cited as an influence more. Stay mad girlie :*

      • Rosie February 26, 2015

        So not only are you delusional, you’re also a racist. Congrats.
        No one’s mad at S******. No one cares about Robotney 2000 anymore when she can’t even sell out a tiny ass theatre at a C-list Las Vegas casino. Barely anyone considers S****** an influence anymore and the GP sees her as a joke; literally her entire legacy is proving everyone that you can have literally no talent whatsoever to make it in Hollywood.

      • Special Delivery February 26, 2015

        Britney spears does not get cited more. Where is her wiki page on artists influenced by her like Beyonces?

  37. William February 26, 2015

    Ya’ll unintelligent, illiterate muthafuckas are reaching. Sometimes I hate this site for feeding into the propaganda. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH BEYONCE! However they felt the need to include Beyoncé in the post. I THINK I WILL FIND ANOTHER SITE TO GET NEWS FROM, WHERE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE LEAVE SENSIBLE AND INTELLIEGENT COMMENTS/FEEDBACK.

    Friday was already the release date for new music (just as with films) for most countries in the world (with the exception of the US and a FEW OTHERS). So the switch made sense. Plus at it’s very base, it was due time that “new life” was breathed into the DECLINING INDUSTRY. That’s what people do when their businesses are failing or on the decline. REVAMP THEIR STRATEGY!

    Yet for ya’ll “it’s the Beyoncé effect?” Like seriously.

    Ya’ll need to get a life, as that chick cares nothing for you! Learn to read and analyze information. Go f****** read a book!

    • William February 26, 2015


    • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

      Girl why are you so mad tho?? Lmaoooo

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

        Are you Career Ender as well?

      • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

        What Is Your Obsession With Finding Out Who Is Trolling Inspector Rodriguez?! Stawp It Just Validates Your Struggle. Plus You Never Have A Receipt! Lmfao

  38. How Many Drinks February 26, 2015

    Its always the same pressed ones saying we’re trying to make it look like Beyonce has impact when its the truth. I am glad @Mark111 and @LB can see the truth as well.

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

      This has nothing to do with BEyonce. Her surprise release would have worked on any day of the week.

      • How Many Drinks February 26, 2015

        Its nog about what worked for her. Its the industry taking notes (partly) for its success. And i suggest you read the full Billboard article, because they specifically mention her name. So no form of excuses or denial will change whats written and you and the rest of the anti Beyonce trolls will just have to get over it.

  39. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

    I’m always mentioned in these damn posts. My fans are so loyal >>

    lol I love @Britneyraycarey! Drag these beytches

    • Tyler February 26, 2015

      So, you stan for Black artist yet you support a white supremacist, like BritneyRayScarey….What mind stating are you in, or are you just playing stupid????

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

        So there are two Tyler’s on TGJ? Lmao

        And Britneyraycarey supports many black musicians. Tinashe, Mariah, Rihanna, TLC, etc so bye with that BS!


        “So, you stan for Black artist yet…”

        Nonsense! I don’t stan for black artists. I STAN for music not race. Lo

      • Tyler February 26, 2015

        F*** all that s***!
        How do you have the audacity to stan for artist like Mariah and Rihanna…regularly comment on an URBAN BLOG, all while cheering on BritneyRayScarey’s antics when she’s consistently made racially offensive remarks about Black people????

  40. Special Delivery February 26, 2015

    This is why people say her album is a game changer. And not people using Drake when his inspiration was clearly also inspired by Beyonce lol. Its no coincidence that all these things came just over a year or less after her release. No she was not the only reason or the first to have a surprise album and yea Friday releases are common in other areas of the world but theres no denying that after her album there was an obvious shift in certain patterns. The proof is in the pudding.

  41. Mya February 28, 2015

    The only country in Europe that releases of Friday is Germany. Outside of Europe is AUS that’s it. Beyonce’s GLOBAL impact. You can’t deny it. This is HUGE!!! Way to go Beyonce! Changed the game forever!

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