Janet Jackson MEGA Post; Alot of Things Cleared Up

Published: Sunday 18th Feb 2007 by Sam
Over at Janet’s Official forum a 52 page (yes 52 page!) chat was conducted with her Creative Director and Choreogropher, Gil. The following is an overview of what he said. Many questions are answered here.

Future Appearances

Janet will be at Jennifer Hudson’s pre-Oscar party held by Jamie Foxx this Wednesday, so I guess we can expect new pics soon.
Janet will be visiting the board when things are set in stone. She’s really busy right now, so that’s why she hasn’t been on here.

Tour/Business Affairs

Janet still has a manager and a publicist and once things are cleared up, she will future events will be announced.
Janet is currently in Los Angeles
Janet wants to tour for the fans and we won’t hear about a tour unless it’s coming from a PR person. When that will happen is unclear.
The tour is supposed to be worldwide, including Europe and Australia; they want to hit up everywhere.
The concepts, the choreography, the staging, setlist, costumes, etc. have already been completed for the tour.
When asked if Janet still owed Virgin anything on her contract, he said Janet doesn’t owe anyone anything, so I guess we can take it that her contract obligation is completed.
The tour is supposed to be an all out dance/artistic show.
The tour will not open nor will it end with Weekend and Just a Little While
As far as getting good seats, some people in the back might win front row seats as well as diehard fans.
The dancers are fine
The Call on Me choreography will be on the tour
There will be a Meet and Greet
Do it 2 Me and other uptempo songs off of 20 Y.O. will be performed

Future business/life

Janet is talking to another label right now, but the label she is considering is remaining confidential and she is getting offers from different labels.
She is NOT pregnant (I told yall rolleyes.gif )
It is uncertain whether or not she would release one of her old concert DVD’s
He also suggested she should release her unreleased songs and that might actually happen
Janet will make a deep album and voice her opinion
Empty will not be performed
It was Janet’s idea to have less girls; Danielle was not meant for a group thing, which is why she’s no longer there.
Some of her music will be used as a soundtrack but the time frame is unknown
There will be a new fan site
This board will probably be closed
No future promo for 20 Y.O., including performances

Miscellanous Janet information

Janet is hands on with her myspace.
She won’t be collaborating with Diana Ross
Janet’s stylist is Kim Bowen who doesn’t have a website
Janet is fine and stronger than ever
Janet respects all artists, Ciara is unfortunately included.
She is not insecure about her legs
She is always looking at possible movie roles, but none are in the imminent future
Janet has never been irate with one of her dancers
Likes to watch 20/20 and the news
Doesn’t discuss Jermaine and Latoya on reality TV shows
Invites past dancers to parties, and throws a party after a tour is finished
It was her manager’s suggestion that “S.Ex” be written on that wall during her Billboard performance.
Feelings for Madonna are unknown (thus you can interpret that how you like)
If you don’t like her sexual stuff, you don’t have to stay
Loves antiques and paintings
Never has gotten into a fight that Gil had to break up
Janet did not fight Paula; Gil claims that Paula probably fought herself.

For those of you who bothered to read all of that (lol), I am pleased that Janet is making moves to sort out her career etc.

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  1. Anonymous February 18, 2007

    I think i like it here, and i will come back here for Janet news.

  2. pimpjuice February 18, 2007

    She is not touring I heard on the radio. She needs to make better music

  3. Anonymous February 18, 2007


    She never said she wasn’t gonna tour. Thing were just uncertain than the fans thought. Even if you think the album was garbage, Would you at least like to hear her old music???? I’m not gonna make guarantees but nothing’s really definate about the tour.

  4. Da1000 February 19, 2007

    I think Janet is quite underrated nowadays. And Virgin just quit on her after the Super Bowl thing if you ask me. After that, promotion for her albums/singles was a bit weak… Especially during the Damita Jo era. I think she was heavingly promoting So Exicted, but I don’t know why it didn’t work, cuz that’s a great song. It’s set for release in the UK in May, so, if Virgin doesn’t pull it off (I hope they don’t) Janet still has some promo to do… 20 y.o. was a good album (just ask the Grammys- She was NOMINATED for God’s sake), very remeniscent of her old days, and it should be her comeback album. If you ask me, Call On Me wasn’t the strongest first single, but So Excited had the potential… She did it before with All For You so… Anyway… Hope she signs with a very VERY good label, and just comes out with an EXTRAORDINARY new album and tour… Meanwhile, the UK waits So Excited…

  5. Sam February 19, 2007

    yeh…So Excited is a great track but from what Gil wrote it seems as if she’ll be goin deeper with her next album..

    maybe she should hav addressed all the issues e.g. Superbowl, people turin on her on 20 Y.O…?

  6. Da1000 February 20, 2007

    yeh! I think she should’ve done that… “adressing songs” always works, just take a look at Britney’s “I’ma Slave 4U”, Christina’s “Dirrty” or Justin’s “Cry Me a River”, they all worked… Janet could’ve done a retrospective adressing album with 20 y.o. … Songs about Superbowl, her supposed daughter, her marriage, Michael.. that should be some strong material… But then again, just my humble opinion 😉

    PS: Still hoping So Excited will be released in the UK… in 3 months we’ll know…

  7. Anonymous March 12, 2007

    I love janet…thanks for posting

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