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Published: Saturday 17th Feb 2007 by Sam
A new song by Chilli, formerly of R&B girl group TLC, has hit the net called Straight Jack. She’s now signed to rapper Akons own label – Konvict Music; he promised her album will surprise alot of people. If this is any indication of what is to come then she should just go back to the studio. I’m not liking this one at all. Missy Elliott’s feature does nothing for the track either; I can’t stand that bogus Jamaican accent she puts on.
Anyway I’ll let you be the judge….

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  1. Sam February 17, 2007

    So what do u think about the track?

  2. Leslie Nicole February 18, 2007

    I honestly don’t like the track one bit.. i expected more from Chili….

    Hopefully this will not be released

  3. MsNic February 19, 2007

    Chili has never had a wonderful voice. It has always annoyed me. And I’m gonna need her to kill that baby hair ploy she pulls. STOP IT PLEASE!!! U are too old for that.

  4. Anonymous February 26, 2007

    I agree with ya,she could have done better.She been in the business for a long time.She should know what the fans want.This time she did not bring the heat.”I’m disappointed in her.
    I’m kind of glad it leaked on the internet.

  5. Anonymous February 26, 2007

    Chili and T-boz did a show call R.U.T.G.They said they dont want no h*** in there group.I think what another female do is her business.As long as they do there job in the group.They are there to help sell a album.Chilihas no business calling another women a h**.She had her son out of wedlock.T-boz has no business calling another female a h**.She only knew Mack-10 for three months before she gave it up.The only reason her and Mack got married,was because she was expecting his child.I saw this show call testimony and T-boz and Chili was calling famous people’s h***.That look bad when another women call another female a h**.Thats putting down all women.You wonder why mens dont have respect for us.Because we have sister like them.T-boz was saying her marriage was going great.She spoke to soon.She needs to go back in eat her words.I know she is as shame what she said.Her marriage didn’t even last that long.I can’t support a artist that put down women.Chili trying to sell that junk.(Straight Jack)she made that song because she not over Usher.I saw a video of it.She needs to get over him.I expected more from Chili…She did not bring the heat this time.T-boz brought the heat.Chili thinks she is so cute.Somebody need to give that b**** a make over.She not pretty at all.She should no what her fans like.I’m not hating on her.I glad she famous.I just want to bring to every women attention that they talk bad about us.But they want are support.I dont care if any body gets mad.

  6. Anonymous February 27, 2007

    Next album she better bring the heat,or its all over for her.She not even a real good actress.

  7. Anonymous February 28, 2007

    I heard another one of her song call(No ring on this finger)Chili is really f*** up in the head.If she think people’s will buy her album.Some people’s will but not all.Toni Braxton used that title in one of her song.I think Chili needs a reality check.

  8. Anonymous March 2, 2007

    Chili she not going to bring the heat.She showed everybody she really dont have no talent.

  9. Anonymous March 3, 2007

    for that crazy ass anonymous character..for your info TLC has always suck up for woman b**** u must be that H** that didn’t make on their reality show..comin on her blasting on tlc u must have lost ur f***** mind..she could care less about usher cheating ass so stop bringing people pass in this..chilli is very beautiful it just sounds like someone is the old folks say if u don’t have nothing positive to say don’t say nothing..i don’t blame them from saying they didn’t want no stinking h***..who wants to be around h***…her voice is unique and those songs are yourself a favor a go hate on someone who did ur CRUSTY ASS something..talking s*** about positive, beautiful, good mother’s, and very well respected people…so good ahead a eat back ur

  10. Anonymous March 5, 2007

    To that anonymous character every body said something about her on this web site.For your information people’s can voice there opinion any way they want to.You sound like a bitter person.Voice your opinion about Chili not about what somebody wrote.Thats why its let you make a choice if you want to reveal your name dumb ass.I agree what that person said.They talking about they dont want know h*** in there group,but yet Chili had a child out of wed lock.And T-boz only knew Mack-10 for three months before she gave it up.The only reason they got married because she was expecting his child.Dont that makes them h***.You need to shut the f*** up b****.I wish I knew who you were I would slap your ass so hard.You need to do your research on Chili and T-boz h**.You piece of s***.You w**** and s***.

  11. Anonymous March 5, 2007

    Girl you act like Chilli and T-boz is perfect.Those b****** have secret in they clothes,that they never reveal.I bet they had s** before they became famous.Every body have secret.They smart they going to take they’re secret to the grave.So what that b**** said dont make sense.

  12. Anonymous March 5, 2007

    Hi I was one of the girl who got chosen to fly back to Atlanta with T-boz and Chilli.Those b****** are not what you think they are.What you seen on T.V is a hole different T-boz and Chilli.They are not nice as you think.They are kind of fake.You can tell when they dont like you.To that b**** that try to put her two cents in the conversation I got to meet them you did not.So you dont know how they are h**.

  13. Anonymous March 5, 2007

    You got girl you tell her like it is.She dont know how those b****** are.

  14. Anonymous March 8, 2007

    Dear Micheal Jackson,
    I wish they would leave you the hell a lone.You are a human being just like them.They are treating you like a monster.Its nothing wrong with the way you look.The jokes they say about you is getting old.You make your own money.I always admire you.You are my remodel.I have the up most respect for you.People are trying to get rich off you.You need to stop spending your money until they can learn how to respect you.You do have a lot of fans.Who ever dont care for you can kiss my ass.You are a unique person.Thats whats make the world unique because every body is different.I know how it feel to be pick on.You have a wonderful family who support you.They mis-treated you in jail.They just keep throwing stones at you for no reason.Keep your head up.Love You

  15. Anonymous March 10, 2007

    Dear k.Tow,
    What you said didn’t make any sense.Making a song,is just like selling a product.If the product is no good,then it not going to sell.She might had wrote the song,but its not going to sell.Chilli didn’t bring the heat.Her song has no meaning what so ever.That song is going straight in the trash can.

  16. Anonymous March 21, 2007

    ya’ll need to stop downing people, dat song is hot.
    “all haters attention all haters on this page especially the b**** who said she met them(lien ass)ya’ll need to fall back off dat b*******. I support Chilli 100 percent, and T-boz. They are the number 1 selling girl group of all times, and when one of u b****** can do dat then u could start running off at the mouth. s*** ya’ll got me heated talking about them.let it be known I’m dey number 1 fan and I’m the HIBC.

  17. Anonymous March 22, 2007

    B**** nobody hating on that b**** Chili.Straight Jack is not good at all.No ring on these finger is good.Every body b**** don’t have to like the song.You have your favorite artist you like and you have your artist you don’t like.I know you have some artist you don’t like b**** do that make you a hater no.So shut the f*** up in eat a d***.The only one I love in respected out of the group was Lisa Left Eye Lopes.She was the only real one in the group.Those other two w**** act like they was innocent.Chili had her baby out of wedlock.T-boz was four months pregnant when she married Mack.And they was only dating for four months.She had her baby half out of wedlock.Both of those b****** said used a condom if you are going to have s** did they no.You need to do your research then you can come on here in voice your opinion.Talk about something you have facts on.okay b****

  18. Anonymous April 1, 2007

    chilli you need to dye your hair black, you look a mess with that dry brown hair, it’s to freezy and boring. you are more attractive natural.

    you need to throw those hats away, you are very country and corney. you need a stylist, to help you with a new look.

    you have a lot of young competition so you need to step it up if u want to continue as a entertainer. get you hair black and stright get some new clothes, a good song writer, and producers some dancers and bring the noise, or it’s over it’s now or never.

    also stop giving advice and keep your mouth shut, you can’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

    you practice save s** and promote condom use. but u didn’t use a condom either if you did you would not be a single parent. so be quiet.

    you have to many demands and talk to much. that’s why you don’t have a man. you apear to be very bossy and that’s a turn off.

    don’t forget that the fans are the ones who keep you in business.

    so be careful what you say and how u say if.

    after all you not that s*** 20 something year old girl anymore.

    chilli this is not to offend you but to give u some advice that i hope u use.

  19. Anonymous April 2, 2007

    You all are a mess on this web site. Nothing but a bunch of negative haters, who need to go back and repeat their english classes. I do agree that the song is not that great and she could do alot better, but bringing her personal life into the picture is just classless and foney. TlC is the all time best selling female group of all time. what do you all have to show not even a record deal. but i do agree about the song. not that good.

  20. Anonymous April 11, 2007

    People’s downing people’s on here because they said something bad about Chilli.Chilli needs a reality check for real.Who ever said they her number one fan that’s good for you.That don’t mean everybody have to be her fan.They person who wrote that long speech I agree with everything you said to her.She stress the issue about having safe s** but yet she didn’t.She had her baby out of wedlock.Chilli always call other females h**’s.Chilli talks about other famous females and call them h**’s.Everybody respected Chilli until she open her big mouth.Nobody is perfect in this world.She even talk bad about Lisa when she was alive.The things she was saying shouldn’t have came out of her mouth.Chilli needs to face the facts she is a average looking female.Now they say she f*** Akon to get a record deal.I believe that rumor because that’s what she did with Dallas Austin.Trying to get money by giving it up.They say they have proof that she f*** him.To the person who said we need to go back to class and learn are grammar we are just typing.To the person who said we don’t have a record deal needs to shut the f*** up.Because there’s other ways of making money.They people’s on this web site are not poor people’s.If they were they wouldn’t be able to afford a computer or lap top.Calling people’s b****** is not going to solve anything.Everybody can voice there opinion the way they want to.This is what this site is for.The truth is being told on this site her album sucks.She not going to be in business that long if she don’t bring the heat.The people’s who telling her that’s it’s good lie to her.Chilli really don’t have no talent.She can’t sing,dance,act,rap.T-boz album is way better then her.The star of the group is Lisa.That girl had so much talent.The way she dance and rap and wear her hair.Her clothes was nice.She got with a handsome man and big time millionare.Chilli is one of those down low h**’s.T-boz married Mack-10 but the b**** was four month pregnant before she got married to him.They was only dating for four months before she gave it up.T-boz claim to be hardcore.When Mack was beating her ass why didn’t she fight back so f*** both of those fake b******.

  21. Anonymous April 16, 2007

    Chilli f*** Akon to get a record deal.I knew that b**** did something because her album is weak.That b**** don’t have no talent.Akon let her make a fool out of her self because she gave up the ass.The reporters say they have proof that she did f*** him.Now T-boz supposed to be on some of the tracks.That b**** Chilli said she was going to be the best solo artist then Beyonce and Britney.She needs to go back and eat her words.Chilli is a down low h**.With her old ass talking about she s***.That b**** aint s***.

  22. Anonymous April 17, 2007

    Stop judging and down playing my girl like she don’t have talent. This song is not the one and I don’t whish to see her work with Missy. With the right the “RIGHT PRODUCER’s” our little Queen will do very well and TRUE Chilli Fans and TRUE TLC fans won’t be disapointed. She’s going to bring the heat you’ll see. I LOVE Rozz she can SING and she’s going to do her thing. She has a great soothing voice and she’s a lovely woman. So don’t hate just wait. Chilli has no bizz with Missy. Missy is such a repeat.She’s not for my girls of TLC.
    NC Love’s Chilli & TLC 4 Ever.
    Give her a chance she’s going to bring it and then her and Tione are going to bring it together once again you’ll see.

  23. Anonymous April 17, 2007

    Chilli is a very SMART and TALENT woman and has what it takes to make it solo. Like the person from NC said “With the right producers backing her” she has what it take to go to the top of the charts.
    To: msnic “at least she has hair” real hair, real DNA LONG HAIR that’s comp. by the trade mark baby hair that even J-Lo bits but they are friends so that’s okay. What do you have a .99 cent WEAVE from the drug store don’t hate it’s always the ugly ones.

  24. Anonymous April 24, 2007

    Stop Hatin people! Chilli is the jam and will prove the haters wrong. This is not a song that will be on her album. There are several songs and many are cut from the album and that is one of them. She is talented and yes the song is weak. EVERY artist has a song that’s weak…Janet, Beyonce, Mary, Michael, etc. Stop hatin’.

  25. Anonymous May 12, 2007

    To the person who said every artist has a song thats weak.Yes that’s true but Chilli has too many songs thats weak.To me she needs a lots of work.She don’t have as much talent as Tionne and Lisa.She was the weakest out of the group.Chilli wants everybody to say she is a s** symbol.The bottom line she is not a s** symbol.She not pretty at all.Lisa was the pretties one out of the group next to Tionne.Chilli has no breast and she has man features.When she wear makeup it doesn’t go right with her skin.She looks like she got her clothes from the good will store.Chilli talks a lot of s*** but aint about s***.

  26. nique-nique June 19, 2007

    I really like Chilli’s song ,but I hope she is careful about the realease. I’m a huge fan of Chilli and TLC, so I wish her the best of luck.

  27. Anonymous April 5, 2008

    damn i didnt know chilli and tboz were like that. well i was never really a big fan of tboz and chilli. but they need to stop acting like they so perfect and stop being so quick to be so judgmental of other people because they make mistakes like everyone else. chilli could hgave done better than this her album is a mess. i think that chilli and tboz are jealous of other artists thats why they are so quick to have negative tjhings to say. tboz and chilli are both washed up and tired. all they wear are jeans and tops, they need a stylists. they cant hate because they are not that popular anymore and they tired and dont forget washed up. chilli can deny it all she wants but she knows she wants usher back and i bet shes jealous of the fact that hes married with a baby and its not from her. tboz get your s*** together before you talk about other people cuz you the main one that used to get her ass whooped on, got pregnant soon and marriage didnt even last long. maybe mack10 had a reason to whoop your ass cuz you got a slick ass mouth. im tired of typing. later for you washed up hoez!!!!

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