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Published: Friday 30th Mar 2007 by Sam
*As they’re leaking so fast, any new Beyonce vid will be posted in this post*

Still In Love (Kissing You)

Not sure how I’m feeling about this one. It’s very simplistic, set on a beach. The song is definitely one of the better additions to the B’Day Deluxe album and I would have liked to have seen a ‘proper’ video for it. Then again, the song is the B’Day equivalent of Dangerously In Love, so maybe they wanted to let the vocals take centre stage – which they do.

Flaws & All

This video is real simple, so it matches the theme of the song. She lets her guards down and shows some of her true personality, which we often don’t see.

Get Me Bodied

WOAH. This video is FIYAH! I’m liking the whole concept…everything. She ain’t ever brought it like this in terms of a video before. Beyonce’s former band mates Kelly and Michelle feature in the video too. She should have saved herself the time and just released this and ‘Green Light’, as they are clearly two of her best videos. PERIOD.

Green Light

Now this is what I’m talking about. Everything about this video is ON-POINT! I’m liking the ‘different’ vibe/choreography she went for on this one. I applaud the fact that she’s doing something kinda different here too. Hands down one her best video’s yet…

Suga Mama

This one’s a straight dance/concept video. I’m liking it for what it is but some of the other vids are much better. She was working the choreography though.

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  1. SET March 30, 2007

    I am not impressed these are nice songs I expected more, no time to be creative like the cd it was rushed. I will watch them but they are like the same dances and moves besides the stripper dance lol. But its like same dances poses in different songs’ video. I would take a break if I was her to get inspired. not new

  2. tbrown March 30, 2007

    agreed…same stuff

  3. Anonymous March 30, 2007

    I love the video, B do your thang!

  4. Anonymous March 30, 2007

    green light shoud be the next single the best video ever i love u bee u r the beeeeeeeeeeest

  5. Tire of Boring Beyonce March 30, 2007

    Somebody PLEASE, PLEASE, give Beyonce an Oscar so she can go away. That woman is just spreading herself all over the place. I mean damn if the media ain’t gonna give her no face time, Beyonce gonna get her shine no matter what. She should be doing bigger and better with her career at this point. What’s the deal, she’s going back to selling s** after losing the Oscar. Beyonce didn’t you hear Bill Condon, it’s a wrap!

  6. Mike_88 March 30, 2007

    I actually like Get me Bodied. As for Green Light, I woulda like the vid if the song wasn’t garbage!!!!

  7. phyl March 30, 2007

    Bey is killing me with this drought of originality. Her videos are make-overs of other artists. I really think that she needs to stop and think for a minute. Instead of churning out videos everyday, try to do something fresh and new !!! She’s turning into a video h** !

  8. Licia March 30, 2007

    i expected more. i know she can do way better than this . i agree with the first poster .

  9. L. March 31, 2007

    That Still in Love/kissing you song is a remake of Deseree’s song Kissing you from the Romeo and juliet soundtrack

  10. Anonymous March 31, 2007

    I like Get Me Bodied. Still in love/Kissing You I like the video, but hate the song. The vocals and the added lyrics was total overkill for me. The original is 1000X times better.

  11. Anonymous March 31, 2007

    I like the natural videos, all the new flashy ones are too much. She needs to take some time off though, I mean how many videos?????

  12. Anonymous March 31, 2007


  13. Anonymous March 31, 2007

    i love beyonce and these videos are pretty good. i guess since i have been listening to them for so long i already made up videos in my mind for them. but i love flaws and all, the dance sequences for get me bodied and freak ’em dress was good too. i can’t believe she re-made desiree’s song from romeo and juliet. i like the original better. oh well, still love B. do the damn thing, girl!

  14. Lanai13 March 31, 2007

    I don’t think that people are just hating, if Beyonce and her camp actually took the time to produce something of quality then there would be no dispute. I don’t think anyone is denying that she is a talented women, but she has been in the game to long to be putting out the same s***. These are the same type of songs and videos she was making 5 years ago. There so uninspired.

  15. Anonymous March 31, 2007

    what the hell are you talkin about these look nothing like her older video and nobody is making good videos like these today nobody name one damn creative video thats been out in the last 5 years that tops these. Yall always talk s*** about beyonce but dont say s*** about these unoriginal artist we have today. And its ok for white artist to get away with being unoriginal and using our music but yall criticize her. I do agree she needs to take a break after touring but i think all the videos and her cd is great. So keep doin you bee f*** the haters they ran over here to watch yo s*** just to be negative go figure lol

  16. Anonymous April 1, 2007


  17. Anonymous April 1, 2007

    I’m sorry you guys but I seriously think that Beyonce has perfected the art of copying others people style and making it her own.

    Green light- has a mixture of Amerie’s 1 thing and some 1980’s video I can’t remember the man who sang it.

    Suga mama- is most def. a rip off of mya’s my love is like whoa

    Still in love- looks like she ripped that idea from Janet jackson

    you people know that she does not have an original bone in her body from that mtv performance she gave that was exactl;y like Britney spears or the countless songs that she lied about saying she wrote them when in fact she didn’t not a hater just stating facts I do like the green light video though.

  18. Anonymous April 1, 2007

    I wish you all the happiness and success beyonce I am not one of your fans but many people are just negative

    GO BEYONCE! and ps everyone…people are not haters just because they have an opinion nor does that make them stans

  19. Anonymous April 2, 2007

    that kissing you song is from the romeo and juliet movie with claire danes and leonardo dicaprio, deseree sang it.

  20. Kimberly April 3, 2007

    So lemme just say that I am a BIG Beyonce fan. I’m in her fan club, seen her live more than once, yadda yadda yadda. Having said all that, I don’t feel that this is her best work. She is so talented, and I feel like she rushed everything. I like the Green Light video, but its reminiscent of the “Simply Irrestible” video of the 80s by Robert Palmer. In fact, its the same concept. Suga Mama is a stripper video, some of the moves are CRAZY hot, but again, not that impressive as a video, and I LOVE that song. Get Em Body was ok, I was just happy to see Kelly and Michelle again. But still not that impressive. I feellike she’s marketing herself as a video h** of sorts and she’s not, she’s more talented than that. I know she can dance her tail off, she’s has years of experience, but she’s also been in the game for ten years now. I want her to take a breather to actually live her life a little, and come back strong with something serious.

    Still love ya, Beyonce!

  21. Anonymous April 4, 2007

    Well I can safely say that I think Beyone is a great Entertainer. I’m definitely NOT a hater. She can sing and write really good stuff. Nothing tops her Dangerously In Love CD. Being a long time fan, it kind of turns me off to see that she has resorted to such low standards. The remake of Kissing You -Still in love is from the Romeo and Juliet (1996) sound track by Des’Ree, unfortunately, Beyonce put her name on that as well.(Check the CD case) and you will see that her name is listed first. The “Suga Mama” video is so Mya’s “Like Whoa”, “Green Light” is Ameries “1 Thing”, “Kissing you” is semi Ashanti’s “aww Baby” and Tamia all her videos have a little Toni Braxton as well (Did she do all these videos in one day?). We can go on an on about all this but I feel that she’s doing too much right now, she needs a vacation. She has an ultimate goal though. 1. She wants to prove that she can and will do it all 2. Wants to make all her haters even more mad 3. Wants to have the most music videos from one CD 4. Wants to land another motion picture role (Flaws and All video) she can show off her newly mastered acting skills and facial expressions. 5.Is broke and needs money for all the lawsuits she supposedly has. Some people love it and some don’t, as for me, I don’t mind because though she can sing, there are alot of way more talented artist out there, don’t sleep on Amerie and definitely not Mya- she is the full package. I hope Beyonce doesn’t have a Britney Spears break down. She is not the same Beyonce, she is not who we younger girls want to be anymore. She’s lost it!

  22. Anonymous April 6, 2007

    Another disgusting b**** in the music industrie.Sha wants more attention to her person so she acts like a b****.She’s fake for me.I lost my respect for her.It’s all.

  23. Anonymous April 12, 2007

    Who is the guy in that Get Me Bodied video? He is HOT!

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