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Published: Tuesday 31st Jul 2007 by Sam
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Beyonce and Solange feature in the latest promo shoot for their (and their mother Tina’s) clothing line House of Dereon. Beyonce looks her usual curvacious self, but it’s Solange who stands out most to me. She really is coming into her own – she looks great. A small tidbit: I hear the line isn’t doing all that well due to overpricing and the clothes being…well…tacky (or so I’ve been told).

What do you think of the ad?

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  1. Anonymous July 31, 2007

    I actually LOVE Dereon. Yeah, it’s a lil expensive.. Just like Baby Phat & Roca Wear. But I don’t mind paying the price. The clothes are really cute to me and everyone else. I’m looking forward to the Fall line coming out. She could lower the prices on the clothes tho!

  2. Anonymous July 31, 2007

    i’m sorry, there’s maybe 3 things i like from HOD. the clothes are very tacky and definately overpriced! i like the sheer blouse that they have, that striped dress that kelly rocked at 106 and park a while back, and bee is rocking in this pic, and their jeans. and i HATE rocawear, it’s so damn ghetto, and baby phat and phat farm are really really loud and gaudy! the only hip hop clothing line i like is sean john, it makes a man so s*** with a hood but sophisticated flair. i hope diddy launches a female line because unlike his music business, his clothing company is TIGHT! and that’s my truth!

  3. Anonymous July 31, 2007

    oh i forgot to mention that their shoes are sick. i gotta give tina some credit beacause she makes some NICE shoes, but yeah she needs to take off 95% of them nasty looking embellishments off the dresses, shirts, skirts, dresses, well let’s just say she needs to calm down with the bedazzler! lol! but yeah the shoes, jeans, that dress, and the sheer bloussant are to die for!

  4. Anonymous July 31, 2007

    I think there clothes are ugly so I dont’ care, on a positive not this one was better than that shopping one with Beyonce and Solange, cos those clothes were UGLY

  5. Tristan Spears July 31, 2007

    the ad looks like some kid made it for his/her art class in jr high school

  6. Anonymous July 31, 2007

    I love Dereon! I have like 4 pair of jeans and 3 shirts and I plan on getting more!

  7. Anonymous July 31, 2007

    i love house of dereon but it’s very expensive! beyonce said it’s for all the women, but all the women are not rich like her……

  8. Anonymous July 31, 2007

    HOD is HAM. Its the same waterdowned, overlogo’d, over-priced & bedazzled bargin bin product available at your local wetseal, charlotte russe, rampage, arden b & bebe stores. hell the website shopping format is even similar.

    not to be anti-larry about the knowleses ambitions but seriously HOD is in the category with all the hood clothing lines that possess limited originality. that fleur de lis is on everything. fire and replace the design team stat ‘cos HOD is milk box material.

    fyi. runway always looks better than pret-a-porter which is why i’ve never seen quality baby phat on a hood chick. same sorry ass denim and faux fur bomber w/ puss insignia on the back.

  9. Anonymous August 1, 2007

    S*** is ugly, I will never purchase.

  10. Anonymous August 1, 2007

    what stupid fukk wears this crap?

  11. Anonymous August 1, 2007


    Now I’m not going to say that anyone who wears HOD is lame. But there clothes most definitely are, I don’t understand the hype. I can’t wear any of that shiny, tight crap when I’m going into one of my business meeting. Nor would I dare to. However I do agree with, whomever said that Diddy should have a ladies line, because his mens business line is extremely tasteful, unlike HOD. And as far as this campaign ad, someone needs to tell Jewels, to stop designing his mommy, and auntie Bee ads. It’s really starting to show their like of creativity, and professionalism. I’m bored now, NEXT!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous August 1, 2007

    To be honest with u House of Dereon and Dereon are two different kind of clothing line. House of Dereon is for the more expensive people and Dereon is the reasonable/cheap line for people who don’t wonna spend lots of $!

    Tina and Beyonce said they are starting off slow so they aren’t BIG yet because they are taking things slow to see how the business is doing.

  13. Anonymous August 1, 2007

    The only thing at “House of Dead Wrong” worth buying is there jeans.

  14. Anonymous August 2, 2007

    I got love for this brand. Dang Bee and her Mama got some talent. This ad be rockin’ y’all!


  15. Anonymous August 2, 2007

    Someone need to work on the big girls. Forget the little people. They can always find their size. Someone who had style is my girl Monique. She represents the big sexies. She should design some clothes.

  16. Anonymous August 3, 2007

    what is so funny is that people are saying the cant rock house of dereon, if u get it for free wouldnt u take. say u cant afford house of sereon then we would understand.

  17. Anonymous August 8, 2007

    I wrote the 1st comment… and i still don’t care who doesn’t like Dereon… Cuz I LOVE DEREON… Now House Of Dereon isn’t all that… Those prices are crazy!!! but i like dereon… I know everyone wasn’t lovin Baby Phat & Roca Wear when it first came out. So give it some time… I know it’s gonna pay off!

  18. Anonymous August 14, 2007

    I actually like it. I wear a lot of baby phat, apple bottoms and southpole so I saw this line and loved it. Its not for everyone but I love urban clothes. I am kinda thick so its hard to just walk into a store and find jeans that fit my shape. Keep um comin beyonce!!

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