Kim Porter Speaks More On Diddy Child

Published: Monday 17th Sep 2007 by Sam
In her interview in the October issue of Essence Magazine, Diddy’s on-off girlfriend/baby-mama Kim Porter speaks out on their son Christian’s relationship with the child the rap mogul fathered with another woman – while with her:

“Christian’s got two beautiful sisters [the twins]. He ain’t thinking about that other one, trust me when I tell you. And I don’t play that. That situation is over there, and this is over here and I ain’t got nothing to do with that.”
Is she for real? I always knew she was not right, but come on now! Aside from coming across real immature, she seems bitter toward the innocent child – something she never seems to be when talking about Diddy. Fool.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous September 17, 2007

    So he can a relationship with Misa son but not with this one. Kim needs to grow up. Puff is gonna continue to use her and abuse her because she allows it. I think she likes being treated like all she’s good enough for is to make babies. Such a same.

  2. Anonymous September 17, 2007

    She’s always been a stupid b****!! I wondered if she had any pride Diddy had no respect for her and she didn’t have any for herself, now she may not like this woman but that ain’t nothing to do with the child, she related to her children and you never know how would she feel if one of her children dated the girl, you never know if they didn’t meet how you know what’s happening in the future,

    To sign off Kim is a stupid b**** end off

  3. Anonymous September 17, 2007

    She sounds bitter to me–that child has nothing to do with all of that! Kim sounds immature and jealous, those kids deserve a right to know one another, she needs to grow up, be mad at Diddy, not that little girl! She’s just mad because he won’t do right by her, you can’t make him do right, like Keisha Cole says “let it go”!

  4. Anonymous September 17, 2007

    Regardless of who the baby’s momma is it’s his sibling and to not allow him to get to know his brother/sister is just wrong of her. She is way too ass backwards for me. I guess it’s good Christian’s older siblings didn’t feel that way about him.

  5. Anonymous September 17, 2007

    no yall are reading it all wrong she said that Diddy is ignoring his other child. So it’s not her it’s Diddy

  6. Anonymous September 18, 2007

    I think the lady bumped her head. Just because you make the next child or children with a man, don’t excuse the fact that he has other children. When will people stop putting thier kids between grown people situations. Grow up. I hope the other child get to see his sibblings, because someday they may need eachother. She sounds ghetto anyway.

  7. Anonymous September 18, 2007

    “Christian’s relationship with the child the rap mogul fathered with another woman – while with her:

    ‘Christian’s got two beautiful sisters [the twins]. He ain’t thinking about that other one, trust me when I tell you. And I don’t play that. That situation is over there, and this is over here and I ain’t got nothing to do with that.'”

    Naw she’s talking bout Christians relationship with the new sis. She’s crazy and bitter.

  8. Anonymous September 18, 2007

    That B**** is bitter. J-lo got more respect than any of them and she wasn’t stupid enough to have any of those ugly little Ditty babies either. She needs to be a woman and place blame where blame is due (ON D*** HEAD DITTY)that little child did not ask to be born or be related to that lil d*** head Jr. either but it is what it is. Hell they are all bastards born from hungry whores so why does she think she is so important?????????? Baby he did not marry you either all he did was put you out in public on blast to be the poster child for how to get fukked, filled with c** and left blowing in the wind by a millionare. Honey you ain’t nothing but an example of what a woman should not be.

  9. Anonymous September 18, 2007

    Why should she worry? She’s still getting her “paycheck” monthly, I’m sure. She should have anticipated what she was getting into before she decided to have these kids by P. Diddy. These women get into the situation to have babies by these industry men and don’t think about what happens before, during, and after the pregnancy. They are in it to win it (the money). She gets what she asks for…As the others have said, this other child doesn’t have a thing to do with the immature drama that Kim is dishing out. She is probably just as beautiful, if not more, as the twins are.

  10. Anonymous September 18, 2007

    First of Kim needs too grow the hell the up. The child has nothing what went on between the adults. No matter what, they are going 2 be brothers and sister whether she likes it or not it doesn’t matter who the mother’s are they all have the same damn father. And another thing diddy could have said the same thing about HER “SON” with that dead beat Al b.Sure that her first son is by. He could have just claim his own biological children with Misa and Her. Grow up Kim and stop being a hypocrite.

  11. Anonymous September 18, 2007

    she is so fucken ugly

  12. Anonymous September 26, 2007

    Child Protective Services is the only one who should care. All the P-Diddy “Pity” clan have different Mama’s, taking step-folks to a whole nutha level. I’m grieved the women he frequented didn’t use protection. What’s attractive enough for any woman to demean herself to hump Diddy without protection? “Money-Money-Money-Moneee….Monaaaay!”

  13. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    “What happens to a woman who has been scorned?” I always saw Kim Porter as a very pretty and elegant woman of the African Ark. Okay she made her choices to have three children out of wedlock with P. Diddy. At the very least she is just another baby mama. There is however consolation in knowing that she is getting hefty support. At least he is rich and she does not have to worry….but I guess deep down she feels badly that he fathered another child while with her. I support all those who say the little girl has nothing to do with this. However, when the children are of age, they will decide whether they want a relationship or not.

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