Timbaland To Produce ‘Bulk’ of New Beyonce Album

Published: Saturday 13th Oct 2007 by Sam
In a recent interview with Scratch magazine, hit-maker Timbaland revealed that he has been enlisted to produce the majority of Beyonce’s forthcoming new album (due Summer 2008). According to the super-producer, the album will be “huger than life”. The last time the pair collaborated was on the Destiny’s Child hit ‘Get On The Bus’ back in 1997. {Source: Thanks Toya!}
It’s evident that Beyonce’s trying to switch things up with this new CD and I, for one, am anxious to hear whatever they come up with. On the one hand, Timbaland’s unconventional style is a much needed change for Beyonce – whose last album IMO, despite A-list producers – was sub-par. Yet, at the same time, everyone and their ‘momma’ is jumping on the Timbaland bandwagon..it’s becoming old, fast. Whatever the case, it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous October 13, 2007


  2. Anonymous October 13, 2007

    R&B singer Nicole Scherzinger will be featured on the November issue of “Blender” Magazine. For that, she’s done a new photshoot with photographer Martin Schoeller.
    · In other news, Nicole was featured on the show “E! News” and remember she’ll release her debut solo album “Her Name Is Nicole” on November 20th.

  3. Anonymous October 13, 2007

    its going 2 be wack n boring

  4. Anonymous October 13, 2007

    She need his help cause she wants to stay on top. She’ll never be has hot as Ms.Keri Timberland’s girl. I can’t wait for her cd. Beyonce Sucks!

  5. mack October 13, 2007

    ms. keri is no where near beyonce’s level. lmao
    anyway i always like the timbo produced track “get on the bus”. it was on the soundtrack for the movie.

  6. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    I dont know what to make of this. Well Timbaland needs to give her something fresh and new and not the same as Nelly F or JT or Keri. Something new and hot. I’d rather Beyonce work with Darkchild and make another Lose My Breath.

  7. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    i have my reservations, dont get me wrong i love beyonce but i dont think tim and hers’ style will mesh well together – its like too predictable and blasay i.e. i think timbaland will do a good job with madonna’s new album as they are’nt a predictable pairing; beyonce needs a new sound and timbalands sound IS NOT new anymore, he’s become slightly big headed sayin he could have saved britney’s recording career… soon enuf the airwaves will be jammed with tims tunes?!

  8. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    Keri is a good song writer thats it but she’s no where close to beyonce. I saw her perform nothing exciting. to reach beyonce status is a gift it cannot be taught. artist like beyonce comes along every 20 yrs. beyonce is a natural. Just her presence on stage lots of artist would die for. thats a gift. Beyonce have the complete package. Janet can dance , but she cannot sing, Mary j can sing but she cannot dance,Alicia can sing but cannot dance. beyonce can hold a note with any of these ladies and more. the beyonce experience tour ,that woman dance and sing for 2 hours and don’t miss a note. she did not sound tired. that is a gift.

  9. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    She said she wants a lot of foreign, exotic sounds on the new album, like eastern, indian and spanish music. So working with Timbaland makes sense.

  10. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    i don’t know why but im not looking forward to beyonce’s ablum…
    it may be a hit but im not spending one fuckn penny on her music no more :O
    reason why her last album was a hot mess with nothing really good to it sorry bee but at this point i think michelle wiliams album and kellys where way better than your bday album and she needs somthing new new not the same s*** over and over!!!
    if she brings something fresh maybe ill get myself a cd of hers and the LA concert DVD thats coming out next month cause i went to her concert and i might come out!!! 🙂

  11. hononash October 14, 2007

    beyonce go and rest ha ca everywhere is beyonce allow the young to grow and stop puffing your face everywhere.

  12. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    She needs to do something different because everyone is getting bored of her and swaying to Rihanna who is ORIGINAL with her music. She is using Timbo cos she knows that everything he makes will sell (unlike b’day)

  13. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    thats so true the only reason beyonce is going with timberland is because he has had non stop hits!!!
    seriously my girl needs a rest this next album better bring somthing cool because people are getting bored and tired of her and this might be her worst album but i cant say nothing yet cause i havent heard anything about it :/

  14. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    The songs just need to be different and relevant. I can’t take one more song full of advertisemnts for ralph lauren’s purple label, ademar piguet, vvs anything, or chinchilla furs. And I don’t want to hear ish else about some damn dress or going to the club.

  15. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    Good luck to her but I don’t think Tim can help her. I don’t even understand why she’s doing a album so soon? And I think Keri is a nice songwriter and singer. She has a unique style about herself something different from Beyonce. Vocally Keri would win…

  16. Melissa October 14, 2007

    Why are ya’ll bringing up Keri? The title simply says Timbo and Betonce not keri. WOW. people are doing an injustment by bringing up their favorite artists name to compare to Bee

  17. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    You know… when are we going to get to the level of maturity whereby we accept artists with their abilities and not always point out their limitations. It is great that artists are different and can target different listeners. Only time will tell if these younger artists will be in the game when they reach the mature ages of artists like Anita Baker, Janet Jackson, Mary J, Angie Stone, Jill Scott,and etc. It is all about quality and longevity. Do people still want to listen to your music and are you growing and honing your talent. So let’s respect the artists and stop the bashing.

  18. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    I’m still happy with new releases. I’d like that album at least out of curiosity. Because, after all, there aren’t many great singers out there. I wonder how Beyonce will sound along with Tim’s beats. I loved the Aaliyah Aaliyah’s album, and still can’t get enough of it (apparently, that’s not because of Tim, but rather because of Aaliyah herself). Anyway, this album is going to be quite a vhallenge for both of them. And that really makes me curious!!! Even excited!

  19. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    Beyonce needs to take a BREAK!!! If she don’t be careful, people will not buy her next CD. It’s very easy for people to get tired of her. Most are already TIRED. Take a break. rest.

  20. Anonymous October 15, 2007

    Beyonce’s album..bottom line..is gonna be hooottt and impecable. I can’t wait!!…and besides haters on here…I kno many more people can’t wait!

  21. Anonymous October 15, 2007

    I´ve been w8ing 4 them 2 hook up again, this is great news! 😀

  22. Anonymous October 15, 2007

    beyonce’s just looking for the next swagger to jack from jlo to shakira now aaliyah/justin timberfake.

  23. blu_majik October 15, 2007

    I think its an ‘OK’ deal. She still needs to work with Darkchild and the Neptunes though. But its a good look. She just needs to leave Jay-Z off this album cause they were just too much last year.

  24. Anonymous October 15, 2007

    its gonna be a really bad move if she releases it soon im tired of her too :/
    i mean a cell phone etc… what else is she gonna make???
    she better have somthing great cause its a really bad move and then she is still releasing that DVD!!!
    seriously im not hating only real fans will tell the truth and i think she needs a rest cause before i was all excited when she came out anywhere now im like oh is that beyonce again

  25. Anonymous October 16, 2007

    First of all Rihanna is releasing an album every year and nobody seems to be sick of her but Beyonce releases her first one in 2003, the next in 2006 and then plans one for summer of 2008 and she’s releasing too fast ya’all need to listen to what you’re saying the first was three years apart and now its two years so give it a rest cause Beyonce is the hottest chick in tha game and she will continue to sell because she is so talented. I’m not tryna bash Rihanna but she cannot sing live that well but Beyonce can sing while doing almost anything and not miss a note let the talent speak for itself and stop hating on beyonce

  26. Anonymous October 16, 2007

    seriously why are you bringing rihanna in this???????
    its like compareing kelly to beyonce!!!!!!!!!
    did you foreget first
    Dangerously in love
    DVD tour
    pink panther
    dream girls
    BDAY re-release
    DVD(music videos)
    DVD tour/CD live
    cell phone/fragrance etc…..
    and also
    commercials 4 everything
    20 thousand videos
    20 million performances
    LOTS OF PROMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and now a CD!!!
    seriously my girl needs a rest
    this is just over the top
    and i know im foregetting millions or maybe even billions of things LOL 😀
    and you still dont get tired cause i am and alot of other people are two 😛

  27. Anonymous October 17, 2007

    Beyoncé B’Day

    Like an elite athlete, an artist is hard wired to reach a goal and then, having achieved it, to raise the bar even higher, always pushing to perform at top capacity, crafting a personal best.

    Beyoncé knows this. She’s blessed with a relentless spirit that fuels her. “Everything that I do creatively has to make me work harder and hopefully steer me in a direction I’ve never been before, ” she explains.” If it’s easy, then the excitement is gone because I don’t like to be bored and comfortable when it comes to my music. I like to challenge myself and all those around me to get the very best creatively.”

    That creativity took center stage on Beyoncé’s 2003 solo debut, Dangerously In Love, which won an astounding five Grammy Awards, confirming her status as one of pop/R&B’s premier songwriters, producers and singers. With hits like “Crazy In Love” and “Baby Boy,” Beyoncé shattered sales records, headlined sold-out tours worldwide, and presented the full range of her artistic vision, redefining herself in the process. So, how do you top a personal best?

    Beyoncé’s answer is B’Day, executive produced by Beyoncé Knowles and Mathew Knowles for Music World Productions Inc. Dropping worldwide on her 25th birthday, B’Day is a celebration and a milestone. Soulfully deep, emotionally expansive, musically far reaching and filled with banging beats, muscular rhythms and lyrics that are grown, smart and just flat out s***, B’Day is the sound of an artist raising the bar.

    B’Day was brought to fruition by Beyoncé, who co-wrote and co-produced the album’s 11 songs, with the help of an all-star team which includes Swizz Beatz, Rich Harrison, The Neptunes, Sean Garrett, Star Gate, Jay- Z, Solange Knowles, Angela Beyince, Makeeba and Rodney Jerkins.

    Jerkins, whose past work includes Destiny’s Child’s “Lose My Breath” (2005), kicks things off with the horn-drenched, celebratory first single “Deja Vu.” Featuring Jay-Z and bolstered by a sultry video — lensed by Sophie Muller (Sade, Gwen Stefani) — “Deja Vu’s” pulsating groves have made it a bona fide summer jam.

    Warming up the bench is the equally smoldering “Ring The Alarm,” produced by Swizz Beatz. Accented by an attention grabbing siren, “Ring The Alarm” hits hard as Beyoncé sings,” I can’t let you go. This is taking a toll.” But if the mama-don’t-take-no-mess attitude reads angry, think again. “I didn’t want to write some ‘angry’ song. Swizz’s track had that tough vibe, like the guy had cheated, and I wanted to write something honest. If you’re in a relationship, even if the man’s cheating and you end up not wanting him, the thought of another woman benefiting from the lessons you taught him,” Beyoncé laughs. “That’s gonna kill you! When people hear ‘Ring The Alarm,’ they tell me how real it is. That’s exactly what I was going for.”

    Another song that lays it bare is “Sugar Mama,” produced by Rich Harrison, the auteur behind “Crazy In Love.” Funky and feverish, “Sugar Mama” steams up the room with lyrics like “Come sit on my lap. I’ll do anything to keep you home.” That same sexual energy motivates “Green Light,” produced by The Neptunes and bristling with a southern fried, nasty girl heat. Keeping the passion on a low simmer is “Upgrade,” produced by new jack Cameron Wallace of Music World Productions and featuring Jay-Z. With a sample of Betty Wright’s “Girls Cant Do What The Guys Do,” “Upgrade” leans back with an old soul, deeply musical vibe.

    That musicality present throughout B’Day is just one of the motivations behind Beyoncé’s frankly cool decision to form a 10 piece all female band for her forthcoming tour.

    Since wrapping up her first solo tour in 2004, Beyoncé has kept up a whirlwind pace. In 2005, Destiny’s Child said good-bye with Destiny Fulfilled, a farewell tour and the greatest hits collection 1’s. That same year Beyoncé and her mother, Destiny Child’s stylist Tina Knowles, launched a fashion line, House of Deréon, named for Beyoncé’s maternal grandmother. House of Deréon will launch its junior line, Deréon, later this year.

    The creative multi-tasking didn’t stop. The following year Beyoncé began filming what she described as the role of a lifetime: “Deena Jones” in the long awaited cinematic version of the Broadway classic Dream Girls. The film’s grueling 4-month shoot wrapped in April 2006 and Beyoncé, who hadn’t slowed down since Dangerously In Love, was more than ready to chill. Yet after spending hours coming up with concepts and lyrics, Beyoncé discovered that rather than being drained she was invigorated and inspired by possibility. And so, two days into her vacation, Beyoncé left the chaise lounge by the pool for the darkness of a studio. Not only was the move unexpected it was on the DL.”I told (my A&R guy),” she remembers. “‘This is a secret. Don’t tell my daddy, or my mommy or anybody; even the label.'”

    Working quickly Beyoncé assembled her dream team — Swizz, Jerkins, Harrison, Sean Garrett — brought them all to the same New York City studio and put them in different rooms. Then the games began as Beyoncé (who was in a separate room with co-writers Angela Beyince, Makeeba and younger sister Solange Knowles) would run from studio to studio. In a musical version of the dozens, she’d drop good natured subtle jabs like “Oh, Rodney, he’s got some heat up there,” then head over to Harrison’s session exclaiming, “Hey, Swizz is really bringing fire, you gotta come with it! ” Beyoncé laughs, “There was no negative competition. Everything just happened so quickly, so I didn’t have to arrange expensive flights and deal with drama and schedules. The process was magical, everyone was truly excited to be in the studio, just getting to be creative.”

    Working at breakneck speed, the sessions took less than 3 weeks and yielded 25 songs, which were whittled down to B’Day ‘s11, and mastered in early July. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” she says matter-of-factly.

    Beyoncé knows a little something about achieving the best, having constantly raised the bar over the course of her career.

    With the release of B’Day, Beyoncé invites her fans around the world to celebrate their best years yet.

  28. Anonymous October 17, 2007

    who the f*** posted that s*** thats to much to read i only read the top paraghraph LMFAO serious
    are you like beyonce family memeber or something LMAO XD

  29. Anonymous October 19, 2007

    why are u guys so f-ing ignorant? are you just dumb or what? If you are in business ofcourse its to be the best isn’t it? If Timbaland is hot right it only makes SENSE THAT SHE’D WANT TO DO A COLLABO WITH HIM, btw her album was great not a CIL (that is a classic) but it was great compared to the other sh*t that came out during that time. Beyonce is a legend, she did it b4 she’ll do again. She likes re-einventing herself and I know it will be something totally different that’ll hear. Yes I would love for her to take a break but hell I never say no to some beyonce!!!so you go girl!

  30. Anonymous October 20, 2007

    ^^^^ I agree 100 percent.

    And to the Riyawna stan who said she was ORIGINAL. LMAO U can’t be serious. First she tried to look like Bey and even recently she ripped off her Irreplacable video. U call that s*** original? LMAO and last time I checked her ass ain’t even gone platinum. Please EVERYBODY knows Riyawna has no talent which is why her ass can’t sell albums. Bday was a big success just like Bey’s other albums. Beyonce sells no matter what. Keep killing these other chicks Bey!

  31. Anonymous October 21, 2007

    beyonce is kinda getting boring
    i totally agree with that person she has been out for many many years im not hating all yall beyonce fans/stans even know it
    but yall are acting like you guys are blind!!!these days is hard to sell records JLO,kelly,etc…
    i dont know what is going on but at this point if beyonce is legend which she is not because she has not even sold compared to other artists or even awards as many artists she is just an amazing performer and thats it

  32. Anonymous October 22, 2007

    ^^^ Your dumb ass wins the award for dumbest comment of the year. Not sold like other artists? Are u kidding. She’s sold over 50 mill w/ or w/o DC. Hasn’t won awards like other artists? LMAO YOu’re either blind, deaf, or a hater. Can u say TEN grammy’s. Do Whitney, Chaka, all them have 10 grammy’s? NO! Beyonce tied the record for most grammy’s in one night. I can’t even name all the awards she’s received.

    U must be 10 yrs old b/c ain’t no way u just said that. It’s people who been around longer than Bey and she is selling and doing wayyy better than them.

    FACT: Like Bey or not she IS a legend of this generation. Hence why EVERY female artist gets compared to her. Click on any post involving a female artist and people are comparing them to Beyonce in some kind of way.

    Get yo dumb ass off the computer b/c u seem retarded.

  33. Anonymous October 22, 2007


    You seem retarded while you are talking about someone else.

    Beyonce won 10 grammies with 8-9 other people listed on them. She’s never written an entire song by herself just a verse/word/phrase. She gets “credits” sweetie. True songwriters can write for themselves and others. Your girl hasn’t and never will. She’s not a songwriter.

    Hell, Letoya has 2 grammies for those DC days as well as Latavia for Bills and Say My Name.

    I can’t believe you put Whitney’s name in the same sentence as that overrated over singing gyrating chic. Whitney on her worse day can out sing her.

    Next time separate fact from fiction before you post.

    As for her releasing another album, doesn’t surprise me. Regardless of how you feel about her, she is a hard working person.

  34. Anonymous October 23, 2007

    ^^^ yo dumbass is the retarded one b/c they didn’t say who sung better they said that Bey has more grammy’s than Whitney which is TRUE. And that’s a fact not a fiction dummy. And Beyonce one SEVEN grammies as a solo artist only 3 were with DC so that shows that you’re dumb as hell b/c u don’t even know anything. And she was the first AA female to win ASCAP Songwriter of the Year award key word is SONGWRITER so why would they give her such an honor if she couldn’t write musich? U r so damn slow and don’t know what u talking about.

    The next time u try to make a point please do your research first b/c u look like an ass right now. LMAO

    Anyway everything Beyonce does sells so of course it’s going to be another one of her many achievements. Keep making em mad Bey!

  35. beyisthebest October 23, 2007

    ^^^ LMAO I was just about to say the same thing.

    5:47 U look like a dumb hater.

    Can’t wait to get that Beyonce album!

  36. Anonymous October 24, 2007

    grammies dont mean s*** im serious

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