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Published: Wednesday 5th Dec 2007 by Sam

Some six or so months after being filmed, the video for Kelly Rowland’s new single ‘Work’ premiered today on As previously reported, the track is set to serve as the next UK single (release date: January 28th). About the video: I like it – for the most part. This is, arguably, the first vid from the ‘Ms. Kelly’ singles in which Kelly really flaunts her inner ‘diva’. My only complaint is that during the dance break (when she dons the red outfit), she doesn’t really dance – which kinda takes away from the scene, as the song is definitely a ‘performance’ track. Still, its good to finally see some progression with this project.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Anonymous December 5, 2007

    the UK is gonna eat this up … this is hot song and video.

  2. nerd December 5, 2007

    this is a great song and hope it does well in uk. the video turn out great but, i’m not so crazy with all the lighting. to me it didn’t really show her face well because of the shadow and i expected the video to have more of a dancing routine. however i’m glad she releasing new material for us to see, keep up the great work kelly

  3. YaChi December 5, 2007

    I know someone is going to clown me for saying this, but doesn’t the video remind you of Freakum Dress with all those lights.

    And I hate the fact that she is, what….5 months late with a second single and video. I mean what the hell?!?!?!?!

    The best songs IMO and like assholes everyone has one it’s The Show w/ Tank and Still in Love With My Ex. She should have taken the Mariah route.

    I say Mariah because when she first came on the scene Tommy (future ex husband) wanted her to stand out from all the other artists who were singing fast/club tunes at the time. It’s exactly what Letoya did when she came out and it worked.

    Kelly needs to take a page from that play book because fast songs can get drowned out with the rest especially if they are subpar like this joint. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t make me want to grove to it either.

  4. Anonymous December 5, 2007

    the song is HOT i just heard it in the club and everyone was groving to it!!!
    well the video is great and she is s*** ass hell
    but some of those colors don’t match they look to pale i wish it had really bright colorful colors and a glow in the dark scenes that would be fuckn awesome but i love it anyways

  5. taz December 6, 2007

    The video is pretty gud i like it! 6 months later or 6 years later the song is still hott! Hope the label give it the promo it deserves! Wont hold my breath tho!

  6. Corey December 6, 2007

    I love Kelly and I personally believe that this is her best video. I would have loved to see her dance more, but overall this video is IMO her best.

  7. KidKlassic91 December 6, 2007

    FINALLY!… Hot

  8. Melisa December 6, 2007

    YaChi I agree, it does remind me of freakum dress. I still love it though. She should had released it here. The UK always appreciates things better then the US though.Kelly is going to do great

  9. DMAC143 December 6, 2007

    Love the song….the Kelly is kinda soft for the beat though…like I love to hear on it but I feel like her moves should’ve been more over the top…more fierce…more intense….almost like Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation…I dunno…

    I would’ve loved to have some input on Kelly’s videos…previous and future. May one day…we’ll see.

    Still got mad love for her 🙂 Keep up the great work Kelly !!

  10. Anonymous December 6, 2007

    I’m sorry, this video is subpar at best.
    Kelly needs to step her game up. Those of us who wanted her to outshine Beyonce at least ONCE are sorely disappointed.

    And I agree, it looks like Matthew Knowles ordered the thrown out sets from the Freak Um Dress video and re-used them here with bad lighting.

    Maybe Michelle will come out with something fierce… before Beyonce drops her third album, lol

  11. Anonymous December 6, 2007

    who cares about freakum dress this isn’t freakum dress this is “Work” and if u wanna discuss that head 2 da video at youtube and talk about it kk..yall act like beyonce da fist person u use some damn lights in a video … well i hate 2 break it 2 u she’s not …

  12. Anonymous December 6, 2007

    dang shes s*** ass hell in this video

  13. Anonymous December 6, 2007

    yep it does look like freakum dress. Kelly was never my fave in DC (Beyonce is) however I respect her for not giving up and trying her best. She’s a lot more talented than Rihanna and all those other singers who can’t sing for s***.

  14. CJ December 7, 2007

    When I first heard the song i thought that it was so HOTT…and in my mind i knew wat the video was going to look like. And this wasn’t it. I was thinking of something more along the lines of that Amerie video “Take Control”. But i didn’t get it.

    I think that the song is hotter than the video. And i wish it was more hype, but i love Kelly none the less. I’m ready for her to make some more moves.

  15. Anonymous December 7, 2007

    There is nothing wrong with the video and it is not freakum dress, but hey i can’t help but say s*** is not kelly’s thing, it looks like she is forced to do s*** cos she figured out s** sells. It doesn’t seem to come out natural, it seems she’s in pain. And i saw kelly dang she is skinny as f***, she does not have to wear and extra tight dress, to try and pop a booty if u aint gat it u aint gat it get over it and sing yor pure rnb songs. This song will not do well in the UK who wants to bet? neither would the video

  16. Anonymous December 7, 2007

    i think the video should be
    re-shot but either than that
    this song is a HIT!!!
    and kelly is s*** ass f*** she has the body to be a model and you don’t have to have a beyonce body to be s***
    cause millions of people are more s*** than beyonce hahaha
    kelly brush those fuckn haters off just like 2:44
    and beyonce is skinny ass f*** too i seen her at her concert and her body aint that great in person :O
    i expected more form bee
    but back to the topi kelly is just sooo fuckn s***

  17. Brooklyn_Swagga347 December 19, 2007

    (Sighs) my baby is so s***. I love this song. Thanks for the drop on my mix tape Kelz u know who it is. I love u.

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