Mariah Carey Performs On SNL

Published: Sunday 16th Mar 2008 by Sam
*Update: Mariah’s people have yanked ALL video’s of the performances off Youtube. I guess they knew it was a mess too. SMH*
Mariah Carey was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live a few hours ago. The diva gave the first live performance current smash ‘Touch My Body’ as well as the hit-in-waiting ‘Migrate’ along with T-Pain. Check out the performances below:

Touch My Body

Migrate (ft. T.-Pain)

There’s no doubt the ‘Touch My Body’ performance was borderline horrid. One of my observations when first hearing the song was the toned-down vocals; and I assumed that was deliberate to make it easier for Mariah to sing the songs live – a problem she obviously had last go round. Was I wrong or was I wrong? Her voice sounded flat out SHOT on most of ‘Touch My Body’. Her performance of ‘Migrate’ wasn’t that great either, but it’s evident the song is a hit-waiting-to-happen. I’m hoping these showings were just a case of…something. Not a good look.

What do you think of the performances?

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  1. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Well good to see she is actually singing this time around other than the few “MIMI” days when she did a few shows and didn’t. Either way it’s a big difference between her and Janet. Because that was just painful to watch, her boring stance, boring back up dancers who looked bored with dancing. Althought Migrate maybe a hit in the making. I don’t see it being THAT big, i couldn’t get into it, but that doesn’t mean much. What i think.

  2. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    You guys don’t Hate she Did great job. She did better then Janet would have done. Her outfits was on point too! Mariah has it all unlike janet. She look really s*** too. Migrate is going to be a hit. Janet should just give it up now. MC is going to do way better then Janet.I guess it was better for MC to perform tonight then Janet. Its over for Janet. Mariah and T-Pain sound so good together. I do not even have to call and request Mariah the radio has been playing the Heck of her. Janet I havent even heard Feedback Yet. Mariah gave Janet a heads up. GOOOOOOOOO MC. Mariah is way better then Janet…… in every way possible. Mariah is even bringing s*** back with class!
    The Lambs rules!

  3. T March 16, 2008

    ook i’m not a stan but i hardcore fan and i’m going to be real, unlike the second anonymous:

    the performance were weaker, i couldn’t make out anything she said and when she was belting it was like, okay mariah, get some water and hit it hard out the park like you can, however SHE FOREVER GETS A PASS CUZ WE ALL KNOW SHE SINGS CIRCLES AROUND B******, SHE’S IN THE WHITNEY, ARETHA, PATTI LEAGUES YA KNOW, some broads couldn’t do what she did tonight but i was wanting the MARIAH we know and i didn’t get it in those performance. THE SONG ‘MIGRATE’ MIGHT SOUND BETTER ON A CD QUALITY CUT, CUZ T-PAIN LIP SYNCH BADLY, i was turned off by both songs tonight with the performance and i hope that doesn’t happen to anyone else, i’m still going to support her, but whats she putting out isn’t hitting as hard as Emancipation of MiMi did

  4. T March 16, 2008

    ooh and janet’s dancing and stage presence would have went hard if it was her going hard, come on now, be real the difference in the two is Janet is a entertainer, Mariah is a vocalist!

  5. Teresa March 16, 2008

    First of all, Mariah is still fighting a cold, so her voice will reflect that fact. I thought the TMB performance was good, it’s not really a song that is impressive live. Now Migrate on the other hand was a terrific performance, her voice sounded great despite her sore throat, the beat was hot and T-Pain complimented the song wonderfully. I can’t wait to hear the CD version.

    I thought Mimi was a good album, but I didn’t love it like some people seem to. I foresee E=MC2 becoming more huge than Emancipation.

    I think some people expect too much from Mariah, she is one of the best vocalists out there, and even though she doesn’t sound the same as she did when she began her music career, she can still sing better than just about anyone out there today.

  6. SneakerSpoiled March 16, 2008

    Sam yu must really have a dislike for mariah. no matter what she does weather it be a promo pic or a song yu always have somthing negitive to say. what is about her that yu hate so much cause yu always seem to find a way to hate on her. maraih is a VOCALIST and what other artist yu kno can pull off a mariah or heyy even hit a high note. i admit the performances wasnt all that but people expect soo much of her that when shes tones it down its like eww mariah this mariah that when in actuality she still sounds better then anyone out rite now. mariah is quite amazing and people are gonna hate that REGARDLESS !

  7. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    you stans are f****** ridiculous. i’m a hardcore fan and can admit that her two performances were lackluster. get a grip on reality.

    i love mariah but i’m not psychotic when it comes to being a fan. she’s human. she isn’t perfect.

    *waits for migrate to leak*

  8. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    oK the migrate performance was very bordeline… But I don’t see where the problem is with the touch my body performance Her vocals sound on point (more then on the tour dvd 4 sure!) and her add libs at the end sound better to me then the ones on the record…But I am feeling what u mean about the overall performance even if I think she’s doing much better…qpb

  9. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    ps: she’s lookin less like a hot mess these days!! her slimmed down body suits her clothes more!! and the clothes are a little less revealing, has MIMI passed the show all point?, lool

  10. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    honestly this performance was stunning in great-she rocked off that stage with one of her best vocal deliveries in her recent years so cheers up for mc and wait to buy the album on april 15th this will be the album of the decade

  11. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    LOL! One of the best vocal performances in recent years? If that’s one of her best I’d hate to hear how s*** the rest must be.

    Stop sucking up to her, geez. If she performed that badly on AI she would get torn to shreds. Yeah, she was great back in the day, but ya’ll are acting like that gives her a free pass to suck right now. I was a fan of Mariah back in the day, but now her voice is shot and her music is sell-out, hip-hop crap designed only to score hits. Shame.

  12. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Migrate is pure mess! Why bring up Janet? She is a entertainer and Mariah WAS a vocalist.

  13. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Why bring Janet up in this because Janet was orginal the on to do SNL. Mariah out shined her on this!

  14. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    hello-some people say migrate was a mess but they dont even know how the studio version sounds like what crapyy folks out here

  15. OLW March 16, 2008


    I LOVE MC so hpe she’ll be better later

  16. Boogs March 16, 2008

    Both perfomances looks basically like a rehersal run through to me. She was stiff and boring along with the back ground dancers.
    Being that Janet was SUPPOSE to be doing SNL her performance would of ran circles around Mariah. Not hating, she’s a good “singer” but the whole package on this shot could of been WAY better. Yeah it was last minute but for album promotion and all she should of knocked it out the park instead of looking like she was performing for the first time in a park.

    Yeah i know Janet would lip-sync but her perfomance and dancing would of been way past on point. Mariah’s wasn’t. And don’t hate on Janet cause she lip sings, Mariah did too back on the Emancipation album, TRUST ME. I’ve seen. Them high notes she “SO CALLED” hits. She wasn’t doing that, it was pre-recored. Too crisp and clean after having cracky vocals But either way, who whole perfmance wasn’t really on point.

  17. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Her performance was good but it could have been better. I’m so used to seeing singers dance while they perform but Mariah can get away with not dancing because the girl can sang. So I rate her 4 out of 5 stars.

  18. Anonymous March 16, 2008


  19. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    I’m a fan of both Mariah and Janet, Mariah may have Janet by leaps and bounds when it comes to vocal ability but with performing…………..
    Some of y’all must be some hardcore LAMBS to sit up here and say that those 2 performances were better than anything that Janet could have done. Be realistic, Janet has ALWAYS run circles around Mariah when it comes to performing period.

  20. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Mariah performance was on point EVERYTHING. Janet has to rehearsel for months to do a good show. Mariah can just get up their and sing. Mariah is better in every way possible. Janet will never be on Mariah level. Mariah can sing,dance, and act. Janet can’t do NONE. So please Stop Hating on MC. Radio is not even playing Janet,but they play the heck out of MC new song. Its a Shame 3weeks and it over for Janet. So please give credit when it is DUE this was a great performance.
    Mariah just shows she can get Hood with it and still be FAB! Janet can’t get hood with it because she never been to the HOOD.

  21. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    idk why people consistently complain about her performances…lol its not like she ever claimed to be like the ultimate performer…leave that to britney or madonna or janet lol mariah can actually sing, something others cant do

  22. Melissa March 16, 2008

    I don’t know wgat ya’ll were listening to last night b/c she was a mess. Just admit it. Something was not right. I’m sorry if she is ya’ll favorite artist, but ya’ll need to tell the truth.

  23. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Mimi was a all-around MESS. Period. Vocals, mess. Songs, mess. Dancers, mess. Stage Presence, mess.

    And all this talk about Janet from the sheep (lambs, WTF ever), prove this sh*t is pure mess. Insecurity??? Not a good look.

    Maybe next time Mariah.

  24. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    I just wanted to add real quick, Mariah’s people had NOTHING to do with the videos being pulled. NBC does not allow YouTube to use ANY of their copyrighted material. Trying searching Saturday Night Live or anything NBC for that matter, you won’t find it. NBC and Viacom do not let YouTube use their material. Get your facts straight.

  25. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Mariah was a mess. I love Mariah, ok..I’ve always been a fan. Even through the period of time when everyone was saying she was done (i.e. Glitter/Charmbracelet) But her performance on SNL was really bad. Hopefully she gets it together…with a quickness.
    I’m not gonna say Janet could have done better, cuz lets face it… we’ve all seen Janet do Feedback, and Luv etc.. and she doesn’t do a very good job changing it up. It would have probably been just like when she was on Ellen, and the morning shows. I really have no desire to see that again.
    However, I hope that MiMi was sick like someone said she was…

  26. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    For me not her best but remember she has been sick the past few weeks going back and forth from NY to LA trying to finish the album and battling the flu as well. So when she was to fill in for JJ it was last minute. After SNL she was flying back to LA to get her work finished as far as sequencing and recording. For all the JJ fans go to Sandra for news on JJ.

  27. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Wait hold Gotta step in.

    First off Mariah was not bad bad but the girl was bad, it was boring as hell.

    And mariah is not hood at all she aint even from the f***** hood she looks like a wannabe black girl. And Janet can’t act hood? Plz have u not seen poetic justice? Have u not seen her skit on snl back in 2004? Hell no u didn’t.

    Mariah can’t act for s*** look at glitter nor can she dance as u can see. Janets movies open up at number 1 and she was oscar nominated even for best song. Yea mariah can sing but she mostly sounds horse n annoyin ass f***. Janet yea not da best singer but she can get down like no other. N u right Janet aint on mariah level u know Y? Cuz Damita Jo ass is higher than her. She is a icon,legend, n more. She has 6 number one albums makin her tied up with madonna in second place for any female to have most number one albums. Meaning Janet is the only black female with the most number one albums.

    And as for lip sychin well most people either do that or pre record. And I seen Janet in concert n on tv I’m talkin full concert 2 hrs worth. Most of that show she is singin live. So JJ fans f*** u know where to go that’s or

    And Janet has never performed “luv” yet. And yall can hate n say her feedback performances aint poppin but watch da crowd tho. Mariah only waves her hand n hit those high notes which she can barely do dat. Lets keep it real. We shall see who has the best world tour lata this year or next year between Janet n U already know.

  28. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    2 claps for Janet Fans. Feedback is not even on the Radio. No more Hits for Janet!

  29. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    dont compare Janet & Mariah, cause there is none. Janet is Queen on the stage when she performs. Mariah is the voice of the stage. And If u r a person who can really look @ a performance for what it is and not who the artist on stage is, then u would b honestly able 2 say Mariah didn’t do a good job at all. I’m a fan of both Mariah & Janet so there is no hate coming from me. Lets just b real, the performance was horrible. She was out of breath half-way through “TMB”, she tried 2 b cute during Migrate, she didn’t hit her note write, and she was stiff as always on stage.

    A live performance should make u want 2 buy the music. Mariah didn’t sell her music on SNL; if ur saying she did, its cause ur just a fan and u think everyone is just hating. It may also be that ur not that stupid 2 c MC did a bad job and only saying she did 2 even out the bad comments about her.

  30. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    Ok, i’m a Mariah appreciator but that was dreadful! I didn’t think that touch my body was a hard song to sing, Damm! i’ve heard girls sing it better on the streets, if she was ill she should’ve done a janet and stayed at home. She also looked a hot mess… i’m sure she’s popping 40 soon, she should’ve concentrated more on the performance than the outfit
    If i’m honest before “mimi” Mariah didn’t sing much and i blame the boobs, maybe too much pressure on the chest.
    If that was a concert i would’ve been pissed spending money.

  31. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    All I KNOW IS, Is that T PAIN COME OFF…. i’m not that big of a fan anymore… too main stream, but he made this song… He kills it…. imi is aliight!!

    -Jonathan Taylor

  32. Kez March 17, 2008

    Guys , lets quit this whole Mariah & Janet comparison , they werent born in the same freakim tummy .. Personally Janets is the sh** , shes doing her thang and has always done .

    Im still waiting for Mariah carey to grow up/mature ..
    Aint feelin none of these perfomances , more time , even them songs ..

    Booring ..

  33. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    mariah may be a better singer but she’s ‘better’ in general. she has no sense of rhythm whatsoever and her live performance vocals and otherwise are totally dissapointing.

  34. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    First off Janet has a hit album. And Janet single feedback peaked at 19 on the charts once ur single is in the top 20 its consider a hit it may not be a number one hit but mariah touch my body isn’t even number So what’s ur point. And f*** radio. They play the same s*** over n over any damn way. Most people is on their ipods n s***.lol. Janet made it to 19 without radio play. So 2 claps for janet haters cuz they keepin hatin n knowin that makes my gurl Know ur s***. Dats why yall can’t say much but one r two sentences cuz I shut yall ass down once b4. Face it mariah performance Yall keep bringin up Janet cuz yall feel threatin.

  35. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    Whatever! MC song was release after Janet. It should say something to you guys. MC will always be better. People wants to work with MC before Janet. Anything MC does turns into a hit. Maybe Janet should go back to taking her clothes off. Janet is not even pretty no more. People do not even see janet as being a s*** symbol anymore. IF it wasnt for her brothers Janet would be a nobody. MC performance was great and it was on point. Janet is so overrated . ALL JANET SING ABOUT IS S**! Her own boyfriend would whether work with MC. MC is a internation S** Symbol and has more CLASS to what she sing about!

    MC is still number ONE. Janet is not even close to touching her.
    Say what you want to say…….Janet is a nobody Now!

  36. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    lmmmmmfao @ janet reachin’ #19 on the charts without radio play. thats BAD u dum janet fan thats not anything to be proud about…

    in which mariah played it smart here 😉

    Touch My Body is already #16 with ONLY radio play, its digital release in March 24th which is going to easily deathrone Love In This Club and make Mariah #1 where she belongs.

  37. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    janet has been out for 35 years, MC 18 years, i love them both but i love Janet more. Great careers janet takes her time to come out, MC forced alot of stuff in a 10 year period. MC as a vocalist has not sang like she did in the early 90’s. Janet has sold out massive world tours. Janet peformance is always cut above the rest. Janet has a great recording voice, and live for her to move the way she takes a lot of energy. j can sing live. but i want the performance to come first, i want someone to look like they know what here doing its called perfection. IF MC doesnt sound good on stage she has nothing left. do that song well evertytime MC. janet always nails it!!!!

  38. MG March 17, 2008

    T-Pain – The Childcatcher (google!) wants his ish back!

  39. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    Janet Fans you guys are not serious?

  40. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    Janet fans…get a grip, really.
    It’s time to come back down to reality. Janets career is basically over. She is no longer relative, no one is looking for her… A song going to 19 is NOT a hit, I’m sorry. Her current single is gonna do worse than that.
    I think Janet really needs to examine her life, and consider going ahead and retire.
    Her last 3 albums have been commercial flops, she’s ruining her legacy by trying to hold on to the last few minutes relativity she has.
    If you think Janets career is bigger than Mariahs, you seriously need help. Mariah is the one of the greatest vocalist ever..She is a true legend. and with E=MC2 she is set to reign supreme on the charts.
    Just give it up Janet. No one wants to hear you whisper anymore. No one wants to see you live, while you pretend to be whispering. Go sit down somewhere and let

  41. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    mariah’s “im ghetto”-act is sickening me
    she is (or shall i say was)a better performer/singer than janet
    but her attitude about writing hits 4 the sake of creating profitable hits is so uncreative
    all she does is jump on the bandwagon
    wat happend 2 her songs about love and survival?
    these two performances have shown just how bad her decision was 2 jump on the bandwagon of bland, tasteless, tunes about promiscuity and club-life.
    sure janet cant sing but at least she still has sum creativity left in her old body

  42. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    I’m glad she had on clothes. She looks sooo much better with more clothes. I’m kool with the performances. I’m glad she did and can sing live.

  43. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    Doesn’t she look so much better with clothes on?! Damn woman you are just too old to be walking about half nekkid and that look in the videos is so boring now! Sometimes you really do just have to grow old gracefully and accept that you are not 21 any more!

    Voice not so good on the first track… amazing what they can do in studios now.

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