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Published: Monday 31st Mar 2008 by Sam
Mario BarrettWhile Mario continues to impress on Dancing With The Stars, the 21 year old’s music career seems to be receiving a much-needed new lease of life. According to, fan-favourite ‘Music For Love’, from his grossly underrated ‘Go!’ album, has been lined up as his next single and will be going for adds on radio tomorrow (April 1st). Whether or not the release will get the video treatment is unknown, however I must say I’m glad the masses will get a chance to listen to this track – which IMO is Mario’s best song, hands-down.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous March 31, 2008

    Yess!! I luv that song to death!! I get listenin to it so many times n i always think it is one of the best songs i heard these last years…

  2. Anonymous March 31, 2008

    i agree with Anonymous no2

    kryptonite and music for love prob best tunes hes made

  3. Anonymous March 31, 2008

    Its getting a video. In fact it should have been recorded last week – I’m not sure when its coming out though but its definatly on its way!

  4. cuznbritt March 31, 2008

    The album is crazy, and i’m glad that Music for Love will be the next single. I wish people would stop sleeping on him because he is a great artist. I’ve been a fan since day one.

  5. Anonymous March 31, 2008

    Could not agree more with your statment. “Music For Love” IS THE BEST track on the album. My i-pod count for that song is 268. If it does go well, I hope “Skippin'” is he next single. But what’s up with Chris Brown not releasing “You”?

  6. Lola March 31, 2008

    I loved that song the moment I heard it. His entire album is great and severely slept on

  7. barbara April 1, 2008

    mario is very talented
    he has soulful and yet firm s*** voice
    and the boy can belt like there’s no tomorrow
    i’m a big fan of mario
    and he is way underrated
    i would love to see the video for kryptonite but music for love is my jam i usually listen to it when i go to sleep
    he is underrated b/c he is humble and keeps a low profile
    he isnt like the artist these days with all the girls doing crazy stuff in his videos
    mario doesnt like doing what everyone else is doing
    and thats what makes me always go back to him
    he has a wonderful personality
    and a s*** body
    he can sing to me anytime

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