Michelle Williams Debuts Her Video Blog

Published: Tuesday 1st Apr 2008 by Sam

Following the debut of Michelle Williams’ great new single ‘We Break The Dawn’ yesterday, the singer kick-started her official video blog on Youtube. Thanking everyone for their support, she also discussed the video shoot for the single, as well as her new look. I’ve long felt that Michelle’s personality is very magnetic. {Thanks Angel!}

Your thoughts?

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  1. D. Lewis-Thompson April 1, 2008

    Michelle is so humble. I can’t wait for her album to come out.

  2. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    michelles cute her personality is really enjoyable. im buying her cd . but i wish it came out july!

  3. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    Can´t stop listening her song, fantastic! go on girl! She looks great!
    And Sam, thanks for everything…your web site is the best man!
    Well Castro

  4. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    michells has a wonderful personality and is always making jokes and being silly. but no one ever really got to see that because she was outshined by beyonce as the lead singer.

  5. Walley April 1, 2008

    the new song is great and michelle is great but i think the album should be released earlier. August is too far away. They should promote the new single and album like crazy in the next 2 months then release the 2nd single STOP THIS CAR and the Album on the same week, like late june or early july. The album would definetly sell alot like that. just my thought

  6. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    she’s definitely hinting that the album may be released sooner (around 1:25 mark).

    i’m so glad she started the vlog. it’s a great way to connect with the fans :).

  7. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    That girl is so sweet and humble, I hope she does real well with her new album.

  8. k April 1, 2008

    Michelle girl that was a cute video, keep doing your thang and be blessed.

  9. DA April 1, 2008

    I know Michelle will do very well. She is very intelligent and seems to be the most grounded of the three.
    She is also business-savvy so I dont expect her to take crap from the Columbia Records or Mgmt.

  10. BriceIzyah April 1, 2008

    Yes Someone Please Tell Mr. Knowles To Move Up Michelle Project to june….. I love you Michelle your bringing the fire….its so true…. great things come to those who wait and Michelle Has waited in Line…… Summer 08 belongs to Michelle Williams!!!!

  11. Dwayne April 2, 2008

    Sooooooo cuuuuute soooooo humble…..Michelle….wow….I’m really looking forward to this new project, can’t wait for the video and more singles….she’s doing great so far, anticipation is building 🙂

  12. Anonymous April 3, 2008

    Now. I like Michelle, she has soo much confidence for someone who really can’t sing. But, I have to admire and respect her for her innovation and selr confidence, and for just being a real woman. Michelle knows the business, she makes her own decisions and, she is not a yes person.Now, I know for certain Michelle’s album will get much more publicity then Kelly’s, because Michelle…. Will not stand for the B.S.

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