Rihanna & Maroon 5 – ‘If I Never See Your Face Again’ Video

Published: Tuesday 13th May 2008 by Sam

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  1. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    well that was interesting…

  2. jonnyhco May 13, 2008

    that is officially the worst thing i have ever heard.i expected more from maroon 5.but not rihanna

  3. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    That was boring and on Rihannas voice…..No comment.

  4. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    that was hot!!!!!!
    people are just HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    Not a big fan of this song, but at least it’s better with the video.

  6. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    I thought the collaboration was great and it was very catchy. Damn, its funny how people can be so damn condescending just because Rihanna is featured in it. Meanwhile she is still handling her business. Her voice is very distinctive in a good way and it helps on this track. Hot!

  7. Anonymous May 13, 2008


    im not lovin it now but i suspect when radio and mtv drum in down our ears we’ll be singing it like umbrella.
    its probaly a grower

  8. k May 13, 2008

    Me likey!

  9. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    I thought it was HOT. That scene on the bed was kind of weird, but erotic at the same time. I love Maroon 5. Rihanna was icing on the cake!

  10. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    The original version of this song is so much better, Rihanna ruins it.

  11. Zzzzzz May 13, 2008

    ^^^^100% agreed the original was better

  12. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    i loved it i aint kno y ppl hatein

  13. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    i think its a great video if ppl would stop hateing on ri ri then they would like the song/video cuz that the only reason some of u dont like it is cuz she in it ….but she aint let ull phase her she makein it to the top

  14. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    i aint kno why dey hatein cuz by 2 more years she be u ppl fav singer……just look at how we all hated ciara,beyonce,mariah carey,cassie yet we still watch all dere videos and listen to there music and we love dem now it just took us a while to realize there all not that bad and really want to make it in life and workin hard to do it ….Cuz i must say rihanna hasnt stop work from she came out in 2005 she had a album ever year had a song out like ever 3 or 4 months she always on tour if not in the states some where round the world and she only 20 she even had a year off to just chill and s*** and be her so y’ll stop hateing

  15. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    um actually rhianna CANT sing, neither can cassie or ciara. When you wake up & listen to some real artists let me know.
    I will leave you will some homework, go look up Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald. Now those are real singers, no one is “hatein” on rhianna we are simply stateing real fact. She CANT sing.
    Class is dismissed. Thank you.

  16. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    ^ your a dumbass for listing those people..

    rihanna, ciara and cassie (to a certain extent) CAN sing… just because you cant shatter somebodys ear drum dont mean you can’t sing.

    YOU do homework and actually look for videos of rihanna live… recently… at glow in the dark… girl can sing…

    ciara dont need to sing… she is an entertainer

    cassie… vocally improved studio wise.

  17. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    The original was better. She brought nothing to the song. RiRi lacks swagger for some reason. It’s not hating (that word is overrated)it just what it is. Maybe it has to grow on me like weeds or something lol.

  18. Anonymous May 13, 2008

    actually i did do my homework & that is why i stated what i did, if you werent such a “dumbass” you would see that the singers that i listed you would see that they dont yell and shatter there vocals. they made music that was reletive to people. im sorry if i dont like rhianna she does absolutely nothing for me. she lacks vocal ability, and i have watched pleny of her whiny videos & i went to the glow in the dark tour-half way through her show i think i fell asleep, when i woke up kanye was on. boy was that a great nap. the best i had in a while. the day that ciara can sing is the day pigs will fly. & when they do i will personally deliver a pig to your front door. the music biz has changed so much anyone can get a record deal nowadays. hey do you want one 2? i am giving them out for free. no vocal training needed.
    so please save your speech, i’d rather take my “yelling, shatter vocal” music any day then your lame rhianna & ciara.
    thank you.

  19. Anonymous May 14, 2008

    from – all the gyal pon the dance floor wantin some mo’ore – to this. hate the song but its obvious that she or her management or whatever keep making the right choices. She just becoming more of a star every day

  20. Anonymous May 14, 2008

    ^Brilliant, especially the pigs part.

  21. Anonymous May 14, 2008

    I like rihanna
    I think that she is diffrent and that’s why a lot of people hate on her
    Her cd GGGB was off the chain IMO
    I like this song

    I wish her all the success

  22. Anonymous May 14, 2008

    Rihanna has a unique voice and style and people should regonise that. Her music is for different audiences all tha time, so get used to it, cuz she’s here 2 stay woo!

  23. keith May 14, 2008

    Rhianna’s voice polarizes people, but she is the ONLY reason this video has any spark. The song itself may be better without her but she turns a forgettable song IMO into something you at least pay attention to.

    Having said that, Rhianna is the current “it” girl – catchy tunes, image driven persona….many haters, short career. Thankfully, her team seems to know how to strike when the fire is hot.

  24. Anonymous May 14, 2008

    I agree with Keith. People place too much focus on “becoming a legend.” Many people who I thought would become “legends” in the 90s aren’t even around. Strike when the fire is hot, when it’s done so be it. At least she had a good run.

    Also, this is pop music people. Did somebody really bring up Bille Holiday? I love her but still, that’s so random.

  25. Anonymous May 15, 2008

    Rihanna looks spectacular, but I don’t like how they white washed her in this video. I’m a big fan of maroon 5 and since this albulm released, they’ve chosen the wrong songs as if their trying to get dropped from their record. Although I think there were far better candidates for a single, with the help of Rihanna, this song is likely to hit number 1 on the charts. Hell, ‘take a bow’ is number 1 right now, Rihanna is on top of her game right now.

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