Darkchild Speaks On New Beyonce & Ciara LPs

Published: Thursday 26th Jun 2008 by Sam
Our good friends over at Rap-up.com recently caught up with hit-maker Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and quizzed him on his contribution to two of the year’s most anticipated releases – Beyonce and Ciara’s forthcoming albums. Check out the pretty insightful mini-interview below:

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I kinda felt a little short-changed with ‘B’ Day’, so I’m interested to see what Beyonce’s new record will be serving up; as with all her releases, a new Beyonce LP is an event in itself, so roll on November lol. More over though (at this point), after Tuesday’s night’s BET Awards, I’m amped for Ciara’s triple-disc ‘Fantasy Ride’; I really feel this will be her legit ‘evolution’ as opposed to to the ‘.5’ treatment her last album delivered.

So in view of that…

Whose album are you most looking forward to: Beyonce or Ciara?

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  1. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    Although I am usually a Beyonce hater…I am kinda anxious for the new LP. The leaks that I’ve heard so far, no matter how I feel about B, are just very powerful and in-your-face brilliant. I hope the rest of her tracks will prove me wrong in my ‘she needs to go sit the f*** down’ attitude (and PLEASE have more than 10 songs on your s***.)

  2. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! novemberrrr pleaseee!!!! omg omg omghjfriewgiewhi;ewhewiohewihiow……………….BEYONCE’S ABOUT TO TAKE OVER ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!…im also looking foward to cici’s record since the concept sounds kinda hot.

  3. ND June 26, 2008

    It aint a competition.. BOTH!!! I’MMA COP BOTH…
    Obviously Bey’s will sell more…
    My love for CiCi grows every live performance I see from her…

  4. Soufian June 26, 2008

    CIARAAAAAAA WOOOOOH I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT S*** ….beyonce’s LP is obviously gonna be hot there’s no doubt there… but im really anxious for cici’s

  5. Kid-K June 26, 2008

    After THE BET AWARDS Last Night, I went to watch the Beyonce Experience. So that shows how much I’m lookin foward to Beyonce’s Next Album! Beautiful Nightmare, Forever To Bleed, New Shoes & Kick Em Out, Usher Remix, they all hot. It was sorta like a little Beyonce Mixtape Type thing this year, Buzzin all over Youtube and all that. LOL! So I cant wait for her album and tour!!!

    I’m feelin that Click Flash joint to from Ciara. I’m lookin foward to both of them!

  6. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    I’m lookin foward to it! She’s an Event Artist just like the others, MJB, Alicia, MC etc!!!

  7. Heavenseventeen June 26, 2008

    If they’re hot then I’m getting them both, but I’m definitely waiting for Beyonce’s. I can’t wait to hear more tracks because the ones so far have been great!

  8. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    I’m actually way more excited for Ciara’s, definitely.

  9. jonnyhco June 26, 2008

    rodney is the best.i cant wait for that new beyonce.and i love ciara

  10. Cristy June 26, 2008

    Can’t wait for Ciara’s album.I simply love her.

  11. PEBB June 26, 2008


  12. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    Eh. Not really excited for Beyonce.
    I’m amped for Ciara tho. I thought “The Evolution” was sick, minus the slow songs (of course with the exception of PROMISE!).

    However… that opera sounding “high price” isn’t cuttin my meat right now tho…

  13. Soufian June 26, 2008

    ‘However… that opera sounding “high price” isn’t cuttin my meat right now tho…’

    You will, believe me .. i thought it was whack when i first listened to it … but after a few listenes i can’t freaking stop .. so damn hot. And the courage to try something new like that is something the R&B fans/community has to support right… even i’m supporting her from holland; )

  14. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    Definitely interested in what Beyonce brings this time around. I wonder what Rodney meant by “Big”? Either way I’m going to have to cop her album ASAP because I live in Houston (her hometown) and her cds are always sold out by noon of the release day. I may cop Ciara’s album if she has joints like “Promise”, “My Love”, and “So Hard”. That “High Price” joint is not doing it for me but “Supernatutal” is okay. They should’ve asked him about Brandy too!

  15. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    I really can’t wait for both. Along with Alicia they are my favorite female artists. I will deff cop both! I’d really like to hear Beyonce and Usher take on a new song for her album and on Ciaras i think she should collob with Chris Brown so they can do a music video and turn it out!

    Producers Confirmed For Beyonce:
    Tricky Stewart
    Krucial Keys
    Ryan Tedder

    Producers Confirmed For Ciara:
    Tricky Stewart
    Polow Da Don
    The Clutch

  16. Phabian June 26, 2008

    Beyonce is wrong if her album is coming out in November…I thought it was Michelle’s turn?

  17. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    Ciara sucked at the BET Awards this year, she can’t even sing live, it’s pathetic.

    I can’t wait for Beyonce’s album, she always delivers both on the stage and in the studio.

  18. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    Michelle Album? Thats coming out at the end of this Summer, Bey is damn near at the end of Fall!

  19. SamIsA… June 26, 2008

    bey is played out…

    ciara all the way

  20. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    can’t wait to hear beyonce’s new album.

  21. Trey June 26, 2008


  22. Ciara#1 fan June 26, 2008

    Im excited for both of them, but definately Ciara’s more. I cannot wait. I dont know why Beyonce is doing a November release she should come out in the beginning of 09. She needs to rest a little, between movies and music she’s gonna have a breakdown. I cannot wait for Ciara she is a GREAT performer and her style is so different from anyone else’s. her album was supposed to be out in September, Im hoping she comes out with something HUGE.

  23. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    I am going crazy waiting for that Beyonce album she just has that IT factor that pushes ppl to go get the album.. where as Ciara her last album was alright but she lacked that IT factor u know what I mean.. They are two different artist love them both but Beyonce just has one up on Ciara Maybe its the singing I dont know but Beyonce lets do this

  24. manman81133 June 26, 2008

    Im definitely pickin up Ciara’s album, “Fantasy Ride”!!! The BET performance was like an EXPLOSION!!! This new era CiCi got looks like its gonna be PHENOMENAL!!! And hell ill be gettin a raise in nov so ill pick up beyonce album too!!!

  25. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    I Like both Beyonce and Ciara. I’m getting both of there albums they put out good music. I would love to see the both of them to do a song collaboration. I know it will be fire if B and C collaborate on a song together. I’m most Anticipated on really getting the Beyonce album though. But I’m going to get both because they both are great entertainers. Beyonce she is just an amazing singer with the whole package. Ciara may not have a great voice but she have hype songs and she can dance. Can’t wait for yall albumns Lady’s.

  26. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    Beyonce of course…..

    Now watching that BET awards, clearly Neyp had the best performance of the Night.

    Ciara performance was creative, but her out fit for the CB performacne was amazing,..a true janet outfit….

    But lets be real, that show was a snooze with Beyonce, and has we can see the ratings was low…

    Beyonce was in need of that show, and that goes to show you that Beyonce is still that Raining chick in the industry…..

  27. Anonymous June 26, 2008


  28. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    I’m lukin foward 2 both albums. I’m a huge fan of both women havent heard from my girl Bee in a while so i’m anxious 2 c wat she comes up wit… I agree wit da very first comment on dis post, Bee please have more than 10 songs on your s*** dis time aroud. LOL!

    And i agree wit Sam after seein Ciara at the BET Awards I am very, very, very anxious for her Fantasy Ride 3 disc album… Also, after hearin ‘Supernatural’ i’m kinda anxious 2 c wat other material she has come up wit. O & Sam u mite b tired of hearin dis, but wen r we gonna get dat ‘High Price’ download?

  29. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    Ciara & Beyonce shud collaborate on a song… There were rumors statin that Ciara & CB did a song for her upcomin album, hope its true, cuz dat song is gonna b fire!!!!

    I’m patiently waitin 4 both albums. Love both artist. They r 2 amazin talents. As i’ve said b4 Beyonce has the voice & the dance moves & even tho Ciara’s voice may not be a strong as Bee’s, it still has a unique flavor to it, dat i like anyway & she can dance her ass off… Hurry up October & November!!!

  30. Anonymous June 26, 2008


    MICHELLE WILLIAMS(hope she sells)

    BEYONCE(i hope its good cause bday was a hot mess)

    KELLY ROWLAND(ms.kelly was a GOOD album but people slept on it but her new album is gonna be hot 4 sure)



  31. Anonymous June 27, 2008

    Good for me I get two new albums from the best ladies in the game!

  32. Anonymous June 27, 2008

    Ciara All the Way…She IS the future remember!!!!

    Fantasy Ride Will Be Huge…But i need to know hus shes collaboratin wit..shes keepin it tight-lipped but i heard there huge!!!

  33. Anonymous June 27, 2008


  34. Marcus June 27, 2008

    BEYONCE!!!!!!! i love Beyonce to deathhh and i’m so amped to get the album. that is no disrespect towards Ciara because i am almost just as excited to get her album too. they both will be classics, I can feel it!

  35. david June 28, 2008

    they’re BOTH gonna suck just as bad as their last albums did, which is why they didn’t sell. these aren’t gonna be big sellers, either. and since when is a beyonce release an event? LMAO.

  36. Anonymous June 28, 2008

    David is deff. an idiot!!..B’s album sold very well ( check the records pimp) Ciaras album did Ok..i dont think it did as well as she thought it would..but im deff. checkin for B’s album although im a huge beyonce fanatic i do wish she would take more time off…but hey either way im ready for another beyonce album

  37. timbalandfan July 2, 2008

    I love CiCi and Bee, too, but Beyoncé’s last album (B-Day)caused disappointment. I love her since “Crazy In love” but I think B-Day is a very spoiled disc coz the songs are not good… CiCi is cOOOOOOl!!! 😀 and “High Price” is a very very gooood song. I can’t wait for their albums!

  38. step225 July 21, 2008

    Im exicted for both manly Ciara cause im a bigger Ciara fan from the leaked songs beyonce songs sound too much like irreplaceable but i still love her so i will be copin that album as well

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