Mariah Performs At Japan’s Music Station

Mariah Carey is still in Japan doing the promo rounds for her new LP ‘E=MC²’. Check out her performance of ‘Touch My Body’ at Japan’s Music Station:

Wow….that was terrible…as in like really really bad. It was a sad sight and an even sadder listen. This officially has me thinking that the performance of ‘I’ll Be Loving You Long Time’ at the MTV Japan VMA’s earlier this week was lip-synched. I mean, this is the first time she has sung ‘Touch My Body’ live unsupported by all her studio/backing wizardry and it sounded like a train-wreck. So how was she able to turn in such a tone-perfect performance all on the same promo trip? Suspect as hell.

Anyway, back to this performance; she evidently didn’t sound appalling all the way through, however the parts that were bad, were cringe-worthy. I dread to hear what her voice will sound like in 6 months, speak less a year. Some may think I’m over-dramatizing but if her voice continues its downward spiral, who knows what her future studio recordings will be sounding like. SMH…

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Philly June 1, 2008

    Sam you’ve really opened Pandora’s Box now.

    That was really poor though.

  2. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    she sounds like a mouse
    i really love her but , i thought she has a better voice :S

  3. Matt June 1, 2008

    I don’t think it was nearly as bad as you made it out to be. This is a pretty difficult song to sing because it’s empty-sounding. Really, there isn’t much of a beat… It’s just Mariah’s voice / the lyrics. I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time seems to be a much easier song to sing live as the beat and background is fuller and the lyrics flow easily, contrasting Touch My Body, which seems choppy and forced.

  4. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    She did fine. And she’s sung it live countless times. IBLYLT was completely live. I mean i only heard sound a little bad twice. And even then she was a cut above what Whitney is now.

  5. KC June 1, 2008

    You are absolutely right horrific at the least

    On top of that marrying Nick Cannon after a short time she’s really acting crazy

    BTW I don’t wanna sound stupid but what does SMH stand for Is it “Shaking my head”? im just wondering thanks Sam LOVE THE BLOG im on it everday

  6. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    Sam.. You’re fukkin PATHETIC and you don’t know shyet about music!
    Yes she messed up a little during the performance.. but you bring drama!.. So what if she did???
    Why make it sound like someone had dropped a bomb somewhere??
    It’s just a great arist who messed up on a performance!!.. But it doesn’t mean that she can’t sing live!!!
    This proves that you don’t know anything about music!.. Coz this is not a type of a song to be sung live!..
    Grow up Sam.. Go listen to your Janet and someone else coz you can’t even write down a review!
    Be fair.. if someone messed up.. you’re always there.. but if they do great.. you don’t really pay attention to that!.. So be FAIR!

    It’s sad i used to be a fanof Ur blog.. But it doesn’t matter anymore!.. I won’t even think about visiting this blog coz i lost intrest!!!!

    And hey.. just so you know.. I’m not writing this because I’m a Mariah fan or anything.. No.. I’m just writing it coz i’m sick and tired of what you write down! so i’ll say this again… BE FAIR WITH ALL ARTISTS!!

  7. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    Nah, I don’t think it was as bad as I was expecting after your review Sam.

    She improvised some of the notes-big deal.

    I will say;
    I think her breathing technique is poor – Touch My Body is a pretty wordy song to sing live.

    She didn’t nail it – but it wasn’t un-listenable…

  8. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    A person can have a bad performance and a good one both in one promo trip. Singers’ voices experience different levels of strain daily according to the amount of preparation they do before the performance and the type of song they sing. Just because she sings one song poorly and one greatly, that does not mean that one is lipped; two different types of songs and different days. By the way, she did an okay rendition of TMB; not her best but she pulled it off. It’s strange how when she does poorly you rush to point it out but when she excels, you try to find fault.

  9. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    Shut the f*ck up Sam, I am sick of your full of sh*t comments.

  10. Anonymous June 1, 2008


  11. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    Everyone who thinks that perormance was good is delusional..yeah it wasn’t as bad as Sam made it out to be…but it was still cringeworthy. Exspecially coming from the “LEGEND” lol.

  12. The Ant & Mike Show June 1, 2008


    Mariah, I know they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but sadly, its broke.


    The Ant & Mike Show
    “We Do More Than Gossip”

  13. Keith June 1, 2008

    OOOOOOOOOh, Sam seems like the “lambs” have teeth on this one :-). Mariah’s been getting (and continues to get) the “H** SIT DOWN” from me since E=MC2 was leaked. Hope LA Reid’s payola can keep this CD afloat because its star can’t…

    Seriously, though, I am glad you add some balance because her fans are quick to tout her accomplishments much to the chagrin of many of the rest of us.

    Gimme “Madge” and her granny’s-dancing-in-her-panties again-thrusts over mentally unstable, vocally talented anytime.

  14. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    Sam, as a Mariah FAN – I agree with you. It sounded bad for Mariah, and it further confirmed my belief that the Japan VMA’s was PRE-RECORDED to SOUND LIVE.

    And if fans believed it, then she did her JOB RIGHT!

    That’s right. I SAID IT!

    Her Job is to make it sound like shes singing!!!

    Key words: MAKE IT SOUND LIKE

  15. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    ^^^^ Shut the f*** up you low life. It was LIVE. As a “Mariah Fan” you would know it sounded completely different. On the ad libs you can here her voice in difference, you f****** pathetic dumb ass. Step up to me b****.

  16. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    jeez, why does she even have a band w/ her, they don’t do anything.

  17. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    why are ya’ll getting all mad when someone says Mariah lip synchs?! Don’t act like shes never done it before! She lipped a ton of her performances back during the TEOM Era.

    Move on.

  18. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    Ok, it wasn’t that bad, gosh, talk about making drama.

  19. jer. June 1, 2008

    LMFAO!!! how queened out can you get? I commend Mariah for TRYING to sing live so many times. She’s already outdone the live to lipped proportion she had going for The Emancipation of Mimi. She mimmed so many notes in that era. At least she’s really trying and she’s ACTUALLY hitting a lot of those ridiculously high notes very well. Others.. well. not as much 🙂

  20. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    Sam, it is getting a little too obvious that you are a Mariah hater. It’s can admit that you like her the way you do Rihanna.

  21. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    Sam, after reading your review I thought this was going to be horrible but it wasn’t bad at all. Sure a few notes were bum but overall it was solid. IBLYLT was live as well IMO.

  22. Anonymous June 1, 2008

    Good Sweet Lord in Heaven!!!!!!! My soul just cried alil!
    That was Terrible I mean point blank when U can only sound good singing live with backup extra stuff then U are a Studio Singer and that is what Mariah has become I mean comeon I loved her too but she is just not Great at all even a Fan has to admit when there Fav singer is sucking at what he or she dose from the first performance of Touch my Body she just went down hill I mean to be frank and come to Sam’s Defense that was just terrible she needs to SAT DOWN somewhere and keep Nick company and pop out some Puppies! And Sam aint a Hater obviously he know REAl Music from the Crap that gets put out there NO I don’t like Mariahs new album or RiRi last album either who ALSO needs to SAT DOWN and make some music worth my time to listen to.
    Please People and Fans Calm down and Shutup and see real for real….and that was some Real Crap for the masses! Get off Sams back, he can have his Opinion.

  23. Antertain June 1, 2008

    Sam is not on this Mariah chick LOL..

    This is a fun kinda song & not a song for singers.
    You can tell by the way she dosen’t know how to deliver it in full effect to match her tones.

    These songs are made for the Cassie type non-singers & Mariah jus needs to go back to doing her.

    Mid-life crisis admit her hot new look & marriage.
    I never liked this SONG!!

    If Mariah must sing this she may as well just sing it the standard way rather than try play with certain notes on words like “I DO & You TUBE” it makes it sound off key. If she does sing it standard way it’ll sound alot cleaner & clearer

    Mariah is a singer (a great one really) & can sing its jus the bubblegumness of the song IMO.

  24. Robert June 2, 2008

    Hmm, I was expecting to hear cats calling the way Sam made it seem, but it wasn’t that bad at all. I actually think it was better than most of her other performances. Her voice cracked once towards the end, but it was an okay performance in my book.

    P.S. – We all know the voice isn’t as good as it used to be, but she can still hold her own and still has the ability to sound great, so I don’t doubt the IBLYLT performance.

  25. Anonymous June 2, 2008

    It’s so queeny of you to act like that!!!
    C’mon she wasn’t great in the video but she wasn’t that bad at all!
    The way you talk about it is so queeny.. And jeeeeesus.. Sam you sounded like a girl sittin down in a locker room whisperin to her girlfriend before a ballet performance.. Grown the f*** up dude!
    leave that for the girls!.. okay?

  26. jbnee June 2, 2008

    Oh laawd! I dunno bout this performance.. It was a bit.. Hmm.. As for the i’ll be loving you long time performance it was mostly live but that high note wasnt methinks.. wat the hell was going on with the camera??? every video ive seen of that performance has that weird mariah/crowd/mariah/dancers/mariah angle thing goin on.

  27. Fame June 2, 2008

    boy you had me thinking it was beyonce horrible like her career was ova…shut the f*** up! let that my b**** continue to s*** on the game her voice is tired…lets see ya oscar the grinch sounding ass get up there and sing it..? didnt think so go to bed..

  28. Fame June 2, 2008

    jbnee u sound dumb as hell…why in the world would somebody sing and entire song live and then lip never before heard high notes at the very end of the song..? go the f*** to sleep for that one..-dead

  29. Anonymous June 2, 2008

    LLS wow look at everybody attack that man, now i am abig fan of MiMi, but i must be real the performance wasn’t that great, and she nneds to go back to singing songs for her voice not these kiddy songs, no i don’t think her voice is gone it is not a strong as it used to be though

  30. Anonymous June 2, 2008

    I don’t think it has anything to to with, interviews, warming up, lazyness etc etc.

    if you look back old performances , mariah really gave her all.. just like whitney.. Through the years I think they just damaged their vocal cords.. And i dont know if it can be fixed… But they’re not the only ones.. did you see what happened to Usher last friday? and also look at Kelly Clarkson, her voice started having trouble before her 3rd album came out..and dont forget Lauryn Hill

    I think that all those amazing vocals start having trouble after performing so many years..

    It’s a shame because they still have the drive to keep performing and make great music.

    And in Mariah’s case I dont think they want to admit that the voice isnt there completely anymore, because they would definitely lose sales. But I think that if she would just admmit it , it wouldnt be that bad… and just do some live performances once in a while..

    I dont even understand why se decided to sing live in Japan, she almost never sings live abroad.

  31. bdavisthedancer June 2, 2008

    Why cant’ yall just admit she did bad? This just wasn’t a good performance. This was like kareoke level. Mariah Carey should never be kareoke level.

  32. Anonymous June 2, 2008

    Sam seriously!.. after reading your review then watching the performance im thinkin u posted da wrong video.. it was sooo not as bad as u said it was..
    this song isnt really a vocally challenging song anyway
    and even as a Mariah fan i admit..i’ve seen worse performances of it

    just admit it sam.. u hate Mariah.. your always finding negative things to say bout her.. always bringin the drama..
    u blew this totally out of proportion and u know it.. just leave Mariah alone

  33. toons June 2, 2008

    LOL @ “studio/backing wizardry”! Sam I LOVE YOU! You nailed your critique on this one as you always do. Don’t listen to these teeny boppers on here that don’t know anything about music. You are completely fair in your judgments, I actually thought u were overly nice when u commented on her last performance.

    I think Mariah fans don’t know how to seperate their love for an artist from their work. When some one you like does bad, they do simply that…bad. Get over it. She’s still getting paid, why are you shitting your draws it’s not that serious. You fans always have an excuse for something. How are you going to blame it on the song? Don’t you think she is experienced enough to know what songs to sing and not to sing? She chose this song because it’s easy and doesn’t require that much vocal effort, however she still f***** up. She SUCKS point blank!

    No wonder she lost all that wait, so our attention would be focused on her body and not her singing…or lack there off. Mariah CANNOT SING ANYMORE. How many more cat screatching, pitchy, tone deaf, flat performances do you need to hear in order to reaslise that???

  34. Anonymous June 2, 2008

    that was great

  35. Yinka June 2, 2008

    You know what it sounds to me like she got a sore throat the night before or on the same day, probably after she signed the contract to do all these shows in Japan [im being serious]….eg Amy Winehouse in portugal…Give MC a break!! shes been doing this sh** for over 10 years shes a professional!! And she sounded great in 40% of the song however when some notes were bad they were BADDD!! lol
    we all know shes done/will do way better

  36. Anonymous June 2, 2008

    Mariah CANNOT SING ANYMORE. How many more cat screatching, pitchy, tone deaf, flat performances do you need to hear in order to reaslise that???

    that performance shud be sum kind of Guinness Record.

    For Mariah:
    Worst performance done by a diva

    For her fans or sheep or wotever they’re called:
    Most deluded fans in music history

  37. BUTLER_84 June 2, 2008


  38. Anonymous June 4, 2008

    Sorry guys 🙁 ….she’s lost it.

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