Young Jeezy Covers Vibe; Talks Keyshia Cole

Published: Tuesday 1st Jul 2008 by Sam
Young Jeezy Covers Vibe; Talks Keyshia ColeYoung Jeezy features in the August (All-Rap) issue of VIBE magazine. As well discussing music, his presidential vote and his family life, the rapper spoke candidly about his rumoured relationship with R&B songstress Keyshia Cole:

“To be honest, it was more what she wanted. She was cool and we had a cool friendship. The media made it out to be something crazy. We kicked it. We hung out. Thing is, you can’t be cool with somebody you wanna be cool with [without the media thinking it’s a relationship]…I was grown enough to tell her, Look baby, that isn’t what it is right now.”


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  1. Anonymous July 1, 2008

    It was obvious Jeezy is not feeling Keyshia when on last weeks BET Awards while she was performing “Let It Go” & the camera panned to the audience he wasn’t standing but sitting down and laughing to his friend.

  2. David July 1, 2008

    He didnt need to air it out in public like that, but at least he kept it real. That’s how it goes sometimes – one person wants more (usually the girl) and the other doesn’t. At least he was honest. Hopefully Keyshia was smart enough to just “let it go!”

  3. Anonymous July 2, 2008

    yes thats true but he never had to do it like that

  4. Anonymous July 4, 2008

    The way he did it was disrespectful, not “real”. He could have easily kept it at, the media blew it up. And then @ the BET awards he wants to laugh and giggle like a little girl? Yeah let it go! She needs to find a grown ass man. A grown ass man (Jay Z) would keep his personal life personal and I’m hear to tell you, fellaz be trippin just as much as woman, so take that 1 sided BS somewhere else.

  5. Anonymous November 2, 2008

    he kicking his ass now cause she hotter then him

  6. Sozo December 3, 2008

    Um……Yea that was kinda messed up but she’s cute and talented so I’m shore the Lord will send the one she’s looking for when the time is right. I guess Jeezy is chillen right now, I’m glad he didn’t lead her on.

  7. Anonymous March 9, 2009

    whats the other song they did together besides dreamin’… its got a wicked beat..? any ideas

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